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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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Thank you @me040298 for the news. LDG looks so handsome in those pics :wub:.

Now it's getting harder to choose between this art director and the angel.

Don't know why his shirt is like that, probably director-nim, costume staffs thought it will help add the look of an artist ?







(google translation)


'Dan, One Love' , Lee Dong Gun's still photos, charisma of  'strong' (masculine) art director.


In the public released photos, Dong Gun is watching the practice of the ballet. Lee Dong Gun is a dancer who has the ability to raise the potential of dancers with a unique artistic perspective. He is going to struggle to make Shin Hye Sun, who lost his sight in a shocking accident, to become the best ballerina again. (*** does it mean SHS is still training for a ballerina despite her blindness ?!?).


The most eye-catching thing is the strong eye and manly charm of Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun is playing a perfectionist who does not tolerate any mistakes. Lee Dong Gun's sharp, glancing eyes and concentration is a perfect illustrator of Ji Kang-Woo character. Not only that, his distinct charm of mature man, a firm posture and solid arms, have already begun to shake women's hearts.


'Dan, One Love' production crew said, "In every shooting scene, Lee Dong Gun emitted chic charisma and masculine charm that every staffs could absorb (sink and soak into  흠뻑 빠져들고 있다). Lee Dong Gun's fatal charm/attraction is expected to appeal (aim) to the heart (마음을 저격) of female viewers'. So I hope (audience) to look forward and expect how Lee Dong Gun will play for this role of charming man 'Ji Kang-Woo'.




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As I read some comments saying bad things about the script writer Choi Yoon-Kyo (최윤교) of 'One and Only Love' that this is just her second work and the first one (Lucky Romance) is not good.  Reading that makes me curious because personally and scientifically I don't think we can judge a person from only a single research specimen.  Therefore, I want to know more about her past works so that I can assess the quality level of the script of 'One and Only love'


I tried to trace back and found that in 2013 as amateur writer, she won the grand prize from a  '1st Purple Romance Contest Competition' awards sponsored by Kyobo book from her writing story 'Single Ville' (싱글빌).  Her award-winning work was published to a book later. 






From the interview article, she said that she graduated and worked as a drama assistant artist.

Before her first novel, she wrote a part of original script for MBC's 'Triangle (트라이앵글)' drama (before it was made in 2014).





In 2015, this first book of her was made into a Chinese drama called 'Singles Villa'






In 2016, she wrote her 2nd book,  'Festival Lady'  (페스티벌 레이디) , a music romance about rock festival.






And the rest are as we knew, she was a script writer of 'Lucky Romance' which was adapted from a webtoon by Kim Dal-Nim. So I don't know how much freedom she had in doing this work and how much original story she had to maintain in the drama script. (As I didn't read that webtoon, so I don't have opinion to compare this).


That's all for the facts I can find within given time. I hope 'One and Only Love' will be the work that 100% created from her using her experience in writing romance and music novel. Let's put our faith that she will write a wonderful script in this drama (and probably will win another award).  Fighting !!! :blush:


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Added security team lead Ki Joon-Soo (by actor Lee Je-Yeon) to cast.


7 hours ago, immorethant said:

KBS released introduction of this drama in the form of 'Last report of angle Dan'.

Bless you, @immorethant such important find. I updated the top page with the translation starting from your great effort!


(reposting here)


"Observing a human is truly interesting work. If eternity (time w/o end) were an endless grey (black/white drabness), humans shine so colorfully in frail brilliance." - Angel Dan's last report


Humans are such interesting beings.

Doing indiscriminate violence to a passer-by because one felt a sense of belittlement in that person's gaze - is a human,
(but) throwing oneself into the blaze to save a stranger from a fire - that, too, is a human.

For love, (humans) take away another's life,
For love, (humans) give one's own life completely, too.


In our drama,
Through the process of [observing] a flawless angel's desire to become an imperfect human,
What it is about 'humanity' ('human nature') that a person, as only a person (can and) must, aim for (aspire to) - this we want to try to grasp once more.***


That is love.


A cold-hearted woman and an inexperienced, immature angel meet,
(and) in the face of unexpected tragedy and perilous trials,
(I want) to tell the lofty (noble) story of choosing to forsake all for the sole (benefit of the) other.
No matter how that story ends,
(I want) to dream (imagine) of people who can be angels to one another thru such love.


Here, in the midst of cold and cruel reality, to touch their hearts dreaming of (such) fantastic love,
'Only(Dan) One Miracle' is granted.


***[Here we distinguish between nuances, person (사람) and human (인간).]




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Lee Hwa-Ryong joins cast of "Dan, Only Love" - Do Ji-Won's Right-Hand Man*** role

(***Henchman if put negatively) - I guess I'm OCD about making sure every cast member is given due credit.:phew:

Says Mr Lee Hwa-Ryong will play the role of Park Kwang-Il, operations manager under company CEO/director Choi Young-Ja (by Do Ji-Won) and is ordinary company man, but becomes tormented by Choi's increasingly evil deeds.:ph34r:


이화룡, 드라마 '단, 하나의 사랑' 캐스팅… 도지원 심복 연기

이화룡은 극 중 발레단 운영실장 ‘박광일’ 역을 맡았다. 박광일은 발레단장 최영자(도지원 분)의 심복으로 성실하고 평범한 회사원이지만, 점점 심해지는 최영자(도지원 분)의 악행에 괴로워하는 인물이다.


Welcome @nohamahamoud2002 and @Flowerroad_infinite :w00t::w00t:  This is getting fun!




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'One and Only Love' - Kim Bo-Mi , actual dancing native/background to be expected.


Actress Kim Bo-Mi who is actual native dancer is considered as a perfect choice to play the role of ballerina 'Keum Ni-Na'. In the drama, Keum Ni-Na is sweet and gentle to everyone. She is a cousin and friend of Lee Yeon-Seo (Shin Hye Sun's role) who lived under (Yeon-Seo)'s shadow since childhood and becomes the lead ballerina after Yeon-Seo lost eyesight.


The production team of One and Only Love' released Kim Bo-Mi's first still photos which she turned into a ballerina perfectly. In the photo, Kim Bo-Mi is dancing ballet with an elegant appearance creating amazement. Especially the image of Kim Bo-Mi in practice with beads of sweat catches viewers' attention. Those sweating demonstrate well of Keum Ni-Na's character who's trying to catch up with Lee Yeon-Seo.


The drama production team said, "Kim Bo-Mi, who has a real background as a dancer, has been practicing day and night for perfect expression of ballerina Keum Ni-Na's role. As a sincere and hard working actress, she received high regards and anticipation from the production team. You can look forward to Kim Bo-mi's to give solid acting and impression through the drama 'One and Only Love' "


(** So, she will be Yeon-Seo's cousin, a friend and also a rival. This drama's getting more intense and exciting just seeing how hard she's been practicing.)   :scream::love: 




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Teaser beautiful! It is impossible to look away from ballet. Dance movements are fascinating ...:wub:Is the actress dancing, not an understudy ???
But I did not understand the plot ... the ballerina will be blind, right? Or did she practice ballet before becoming blind, so that the ballet will be shown to us only at the beginning of the drama?:blink:

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43 minutes ago, Friendly kitty said:

Teaser beautiful! It is impossible to look away from ballet. Dance movements are fascinating ...:wub:Is the actress dancing, not an understudy ???
But I did not understand the plot ... the ballerina will be blind, right? Or did she practice ballet before becoming blind, so that the ballet will be shown to us only at the beginning of the drama?:blink:

 Yes she was a ballerina before lossing her eyesight after an accident :) So I belive the main story will be while being blind and meting angel, so I guess we only gonna see her dancing in the start of the drama and the main story gonna be about how this accident affected her and how she recover from that.

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4 hours ago, Friendly kitty said:

But I did not understand the plot ... the ballerina will be blind, right? Or did she practice ballet before becoming blind, so that the ballet will be shown to us only at the beginning of the drama?

I'm curious about that too. Before she becomes blind, she was a lead ballerina. But after that, if she still practices and tries to dance despite being blind ?!? or will her eyesight be recovered at some point of the drama (because of the angel) and then she will start her training again ?


I just hope SHS will not be blind and be cold-heart woman for most of the whole drama,  probably just 1/4 is enough. **

I just want audience to see the thaw of ice and realize how beautiful, warm and lovely this Yeon-Seo could possibly become and finally win the angel's heart.




** Note - comparing with my favorite '30but17',  in terms of 16 episodes, the cold and heartless Gong Woo-Jin gave audience first glimpse of smile in the 3rd EP and full bright smile in the 4th (the rooftop window opening scene). And at the end of 6th EP he accepted his feeling for this girl, this is the point of no return, which he completely became her guardian and did everything for her.


So I just hope that 6 episodes maximum is enough for the cold-heart ballerina.  After that I want to see more sweet and fluffy scenes of them both.  :wub:



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3 hours ago, immorethant said:

I just hope SHS will not be blind and be cold-heart woman for most of the whole drama,  probably just 1/4 is enough. 


My only hope is she will not be blind for too many episodes, please! 


Counting down to Trailer 2!

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31 minutes ago, immorethant said:

I'm curious too about what makes her blind.


Car accident ?

Stage accident ?  


or onions ? :joy:


@immorethant You rreaally made me laugh out loud! :lol:


I guess it's a car accident from trailer 1. 


Don't know why time is crawling so slowly now. Can next week be May 15? :crazy:

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from http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/04/24/2019042401755.html




The article also mentioned about 'Special Event'

(google translation)


In addition, a surprise event was held for viewers who are waiting for 'Dan One love'. It is an event that leaves the impression of the drama of 'Dan, One Love' teaser. Event participation is possible only in Naver form by subscribing to Naver TV 'Dan, One Love' channel and watch the teaser video of Shin Hye Sun, Kim Myeong Soo, and Lee Dong Gun and make comments. 
If this Naver TV 'Dan, One Love' channel has more than 3,000 subscribers and more than 300,000 views of the 3 teaser videos, there will be 2 persons lucky draw for each teaser (total 6 persons) whom will be invited to join 'Dan, One Love' production presentation (제작발표회에 not sure that this word mean 'production presentation' or 'press conference', different dictionaries give me different translations). The participation period will be from April 23 (Tue) until 12.00 pm ofMay 7 (Tue), and details of the teaser videos event can be found on the KBS official SNS.
(credit to owner)
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