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  1. http://naver.me/FB6V4HVX Is this article explain about the conference or it just say that today they have conference?
  2. He used to be very quiet man because the company told him to keep character as cool guy and the company told him not to be bright or laugh when INFINITE just debut because he is infinite visual. But nowadays the company doesn’t force him to keep his image as cool guy. So now he is really cute. In infinite fandom we call L as two character. 1. L(his stage name) ( Chic and hot guy) 2. Myungsoo (his real name)( bright and clumsy) All of these I want to say that myungsoo like to cling and skinship to everyone he close when he’s shy or when he laugh esp. his member for example So I think myungsoo and hyesun are close This is the clip you can see how diffrent is L and myungsoo I write so long HAHAHA
  3. His is infinite Nam woo hyun and he comeback solo with the song “Hold on Me”. Thank you for translating the radio @meechuttso. I really like their chemistry
  4. Shin hyesun, Kim myungsoo and Lee donggeun rice wreath for press conference. I’m very excited
  5. Guerilla date cut save by fan . They are so cute In the clip it also said that eventhough it was a guerilla date, there were too many people turning up to see myungsoo and shin hyesun, so for safety reasons, they held the interview indoor first. Cr.@lusneverland
  6. Last night fans say that the 4th teaser is released after doctor prisoner end on TV and today they release on NAVER But can watch only who live in korea. . . . . This is saved and posted by fan Both of them look so good
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