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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

Hyesun in filming! Im not sure if that one is L in the second photo 

FanTTTaaasTIC!! Thank you @Ni Wen!


8 hours ago, immorethant said:


Let's looking forward to Myung-soo's translation from her too (coming soon !)


"Dan, Only One Love" is coming to find you!

Universe's Top Full-of-Self Rude-As-Hell Ice-Witch***

I'm told She is the only One who can see and feel Me.

Oh God, this nothing-but-trouble Angel shall make trouble one last time! For real.

I shall make her love!

A ballerina who believes not in love...

And a troublemaker angel who fancies himself a cupid - their fantastic heavenly romance

KBS 2TV Wed/Thu drama, "Angel's Last Mission: Love" on May 22, 10pm, first air.

*** "Heaven/Earth Full-of-Self Ultra-Mannerless Ice-Witch"
*** "In the whole universe only I exist" Ultra-Mannerless Ice-Witch


6 hours ago, rocher22 said:

Looks like Dan will be in a bit of trouble, until

YS starts believing him. :D

But, I like these fun scenes between them. :wub:


Both of the actors look so handsome and pretty while smiling.

I hope there will be scenes like that too. 

Yes!! Hi again @rocher22 - this is going to be such a treat for our eyes and our corazon ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  Already is!!


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Saw this on IG, it has tag of ALML drama.



This child actor is Ko Woo-Rim (고우림) the one who played in Mr. Sunshine as Do-Mi (Eugene's errand boy).

Not sure if he will also in this drama or which role he will play ?  (Possibly a young Dan Kim, when he was human :phew:). 

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Dear chingus,  I used to write articles about the history of Classical music in magazines. I read so much that I  even contributed with about 300 entries in Wikipedia and another free Encyclopedia in my native language in that field covering the period from the Middle ages till the modern age. This drama came to me at the right time 

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From below 3 IGs  posted today

- someone spotted SHS and L shooting drama (https://www.instagram.com/p/BxHOvcfJFVK)

- SHS's manager posted by herself  (https://www.instagram.com/p/BxH3L2pJBfA)

- another person (I think it's drama crew) posted clip of a child actor (https://www.instagram.com/p/BxHOzYwBCih)


There's 1 common word , 청산도 (cheong-san-do) which is an island off the south coast of Korea. It was also a location of drama 'Spring Waltz' (봄의 왈츠) and was designated as the first Asian "Slow City" in 2007.


 I love the way this drama production team tried to find various beautiful & romantic shooting locations :wub:




PR videos from Wando County Office



Really want to visit once.   I hope our OTP and all the crew have a good time there. :love: 

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This is such a fantastic and utterly beautiful poster - I'm in LoVe....



(click for larger image and just behold!)


Just stare at the colors and hues of that picture Chingoos!

If there were any lingering doubts or concerns about whether oori Shin Hye-Sun-ssi had chosen the right next project - all melted away with that one portrait for me. A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed. So much I want to say, will have to pace myself....




Quick - somebody make a logo like that from Dan's shirt!


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OMG !!! at KBS building.


(Many many thanks KBS for all great efforts to promote this drama, really impressive  :love:)



(credit: @soojinchoidance  IG story) 

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Posted (edited)


Anticipating the preview... 6pm!


Edited: KBS changed the release time to 5pm Korean time.



Edited by Ni Wen
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I hope Myung-Soo fans will not hate this ballerina. She may be cruel to him at the beginning, but for me, inside she's still Woo Seo-Ri :P

I believe she will gradually show beautiful and lovely side of her to all, and to Dan.









Oh...my poor angel. (credit to twitter's owner). 


And so handsome.  :love:





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It's actually so funny seeing Yeon Seo hitting Angel Dan all the time! Seeing poor Dan sweeping the floor got me laughing so hard. They're so cute! :joy:


I'm sure L's fans won't hate on her right, it's just a drama and they are doing their job according to the script and director. :D I bet they had lots of laughs and fun filming these scenes. I wish I could see those Behind the Scenes especially the throwing cake ones lol!


Apparently, they recorded this greeting first before throwing cake at each other! :joy::mrgreen:

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, immorethant said:

credit to HanCinema)


LYS: (whispering as in a dream) "Don't go..." "No, don't go...."

Caption: That day when everything disappeared
LYS: (very serious tone) Who are you?


Caption: He found me and came to me.

Dan: I ... will do it for you.
Dan: (after bell tolls) The person who exists only for you


(scratching rewind sound) (Dan gets his ear yanked)


LYS: (very serious tone) Who sent you?
Dan: (yelling looking back) Hey, you, gosh for real, you...!
Dan: (voiceover) I should not have done that.


Caption: A guardian angel full of trouble-making

LYS: (very threatening look and tone) Sweep this up completely!
     (walks back in while Dan sweeps with broom)


Dan: If ever an angel was capable of having something like a regret
Dan: Then my one and only regret ....


LYS: (very scary look and messy face) Shut it! (slaps Dan hard)

Caption: Most unfortunately I've met her.


Dan: (holding LYS's face with hands)
     Look only at me, in this whole world only just you and me,
     You are to think as though only we two exist


LYS: (whispering as in a dream) 가지마 ... 안돼, 가지마
Caption: 모든것이 사라지던날
LYS: 당신 누구야?

Caption: 그가 나를 찾아왔다
Dan: 내가 ... 해줄게
Dan: (after bell tolls) 너만을 위해서 존재하는 사람

(scratching rewind sound) (Dan gets his ear yanked)

LYS: 누가보냈어?
Dan: (yelling looking back) 야 이 정말 너! 니가...!
Dan: (voiceover) 그렇지 말았어야 했습니다

Caption: 사고뭉치 수호천사
LYS: 너여기 싹치워놔! (walks back in while Dan sweeps with broom)

Dan: 만약 천사도 후회라는 것을 할수있다면 ...
Dan: 내 유일한 후회는

LYS: 시끄러 (with frosting? on her face, slaps him hard)

Caption: 그녀에게 잘못걸렸다

Dan: 나만봐. 이세상에 딱 너랑나, 둘만있다고 생각하는거야


Thank you everyone for such faithful updates on every little thing going on with this drama - what seems to me to be an epic fantasy story unlike anything I've seen.

A unique happiness is this time leading up to the actual first broadcast! I'm celebrating every bit of it! :w00t:

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