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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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'Dan, Only Love' Script Reading Revealed, Shin Hye-Sun * Kim Myung-Soo 'Glowing Fantasy Chemie'



From https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000079887&lfrom=twitter


'Dan, Only Love' Script Reading Revealed, Shin Hye-Sun * Kim Myung-Soo 'Glowing Fantasy Chemie'


Posted 2019.03.22 AM 9:04

[NewsN Kim Myeong-Mee reporting]

Heart-fluttering scene of "Dan, Only Love" script reading revealed.


Coming this May 15th in its first broadcast, KBS 2TV's new W/Th drama 'Dan, Only Love' (Writ Choi Yoon-Kyo/Dir Lee Jung-Seob/Prod Victory Contents & Monster Union), is an unpredictable, fantastic, heavenly romance portraying the story between icy ('toxic','caustic') ballerina Lee Yeon-Seo (by Shin Hye-Sun) without a hint of love [in her heart] and happy-go-lucky trouble-maker angel Dan (by Kim Myung-Soo). Feasts of dances to saturate our family room (theaters), ballerina and an angel's brilliant ('blindingly bright') meeting foretelling, is gathering our interest.

On January 18th on location at KBS, at the script reading for 'Dan, Only Love' were Shin Hye-Sun, Kim Myung-Soo, Lee Dong-Gun, Kim Bo-Mi, Do Ji-Won, Kim In-Kwon, etc., actors and director Lee Jung-Seob, writer Choi Yoon-Gyo, the entire cast appeared. The actors, already deep in their characters, showed off energetic acting already resembling an actual shoot, drawing our gaze.

First off, Shin Hye-Sun painted the prickly and formidable ballerina 'Lee Yeon-Seo' with colors as only she could have. Shin Hye-Sun, who had come with total preparation of the character, immersed herself immediately into the action, raising anticipation for her fresh ballerina transformation. Kim Myung-Soo, appearing as a happy-go-lucky trouble-maker angel 'Kim Dan' (he has a last name! LoL!), abruptly rising out of his seat to carry out his acting, heated up the location. Capturing the not-yet-ripe angel Dan's appearance with his overflowing raw emotions, was a preview of his fervent acting in the drama.


In fact, Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Myung-Soo's fresh collaboration in 'Dan, Only Love' is a particular point of anticipation. The two thespians painted with fantastic chemistry the meeting of ballerina 'Lee Yeon-Seo' spewing cold venomous speech versus angel 'Dan', full of curiosity. Raising anticipation from the very first moment of their synergy ('breathing'), how this meeting of Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Myung-Soo's will unfold on screen is indeed drawing our focus.

Lee Dong-Gun is artistic director of the ballet company, 'Ji Kang-Woo' (or Gang-Woo), showing off his charisma. In the story Ji Gang-Woo is a possessor of unequaled artistic sensibility ('discernment'). Lee Dong-Gun, with the foundation of solid acting skills, painted a picture of an attractive grown man and an artist. Too, the transformation of Kim Bo-Mi, from actual ballerina background, is drawing our interest. In the story Kim Bo-Mi will take on the role of 'Geum Ni-Na', a ballerina who feels an inexplicable ('peculiar') sense of rivalry from Shin Hye-Sun. With outstanding ballet skills and experienced (grounded/stable) acting, we can forecast her solid 'eye-imprints' from the viewers.

Neither can we leave out premiere actors Do Ji-Won and Kim In-Kwon's presence. Do Ji-Won is taking on ballet company 'CEO' Choi Young-Ja's role. Choi Young-Ja is a character overflowing with ambition who will stop at nothing for prospering of her company. Kim In-Kwon, appearing as the arch-angel 'Who' (Hoo), will create with Kim Myung-Soo the senior-junior angel chemistry in the story. The story full of synergy of actors full of dramatic abilities, is increasing our degree of anticipation (immersion).

Most of all on this day, at 'Dan, Only Love' script reading, (contemporary) professional ballerinas also participated, adding to the specialness of the occasion - drawing attention to the thorough preparation for a work that is complete as a ballet drama. Modern dancer Choi Soo-Jin, well known for her 'Dancing 9', as the one in charge of delivering the beautiful stage of 'Dan, Only Love', was present as choreography director on site and drew attention.


A script reading over 4 hours in length, yet without a hint of tiredness as each was immersed in their individual parts. Shin Hye-Sun, Kim Myung-Soo, Lee Dong-Gun, Kim Bo-Mi, Do Ji-Won, Kim In-Kwon, etc., the actors confirmed their synergies, and director Lee Jung-Seob led the effort with detailed orchestration. 'Dan, Only Love', from its very first day of work showing off fervent energy and immersion so brilliantly thus, just how fantastic a drama will be unfolded (for us) is adding to our anticipation.


NewsN, Kim Myeong-Mee




:innocent::heartbreak::glasses: -> :innocent::heart::glasses: -> :love::heart::innocent:






Just have to add that I love the pic above - Shin Hye-Sun looks so happy and chill, so content to be where she is (this way way back 2 months ago already).



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And this is from IG ofr 'Rexbody' , with ballet theater scene from 'One and Only Love'.


From what I read here (https://rexbody.wixsite.com/rexbody) , this company provided consultancy and exercise program of body alignment and movement to increase mobility performance and to prevent muscle and joint injury (especially for dancer).  I'm so glad that KBS and PD-nim hired an expert team to look after all ballet dancers and actors in this drama.





KBS drama 'One and Only Love' performance support.

Injury prevention massage.

With choreography director, Choi Soo Jin.

With Seoul theater dancers.

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Thanks @immorethant

2 minutes ago, meechuttso said:

Translated exclusively for oori lovable Minions :w00t: by @meechuttso - oori baby's love slave! :sweatingbullets:

(English put under words and captions for ease of reading)B)

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

00:08   대본리딩을 위해 한자리에 모인 배우들
               The actors who have gathered in one place for the script reading

00:14   미친 존재감 - 베테랑 연기파 배우들 총집합
                Crazy presence - veteran ace actors all gathered


00:24   cap: 한국드라마 사상 (지금까지)없었던 - 발레 전문 드라마
               Korean drama concept (heretofore) unseen - Ballet pro drama

00:29   cap: 이 어려운 걸 이분들이 해냅니다
              This difficult thing these folks will accomplish

00:30   cap: 연출: 이정섭
               Director: Lee Jung-Seob

00:33   cap: 그본: 최윤교
              Screen writer: Choi Yoon-Kyo

00:35   cap: 안무감독: 최수진
              Director of Choreography: Choi Soo-Jin


00:37   "이연서 역할을 맡은 신혜선입니다" (bows)
              (I am) Shin Hye-Sun, taken on Lee Yeon-Seo role

00:40   "단의 역 맡은 김명수입니다" (bows)
              (I am) Kim Myung-Soo, taken on Dan's role


00:42   SHS: 안녕하세요, 저는 '단하나의 사랑'에서
              이연서역을 맡은 신혜선입니다.
              SHS: Hello, I am Shin Hye-Sun taking Lee Yeon-Seo role in 'Dan, Only Love'


00:48   cap: 너 제자리로 돌려놓을거야 내가...
               voice: I will restore you to the place where you belong...

00:50   SHS: "제자리?... 어떻게??"
                          "My place?... How??"
               cap: 연서는 굉장히 남을 믿지않고
                         Yeon-Seo is very distrustful of others

00:51   SHS: "눈이라도 줄거에요?" (찌릿)
                          Are you gonna give me a pair of eyes? (glares)
               cap: 차갑고 독설을 서슴치 않으며 하는
                         Cold and not one to hesitate spitfire words

00:56   SHS: "한번만 더 아빠처럼 굴면" (싸늘)
                          If you act like daddy just once more, (sends shivers)
               SHS: "그땐 진짜 해고에요"
                          This time you're really fired.


01:00   SHS: 아픔이 있고, 또... 발레를 굉장히 잘하는...
                          She carries pain and... is outstanding at ballet...
               SHS: 그런 아이입니다.
                          ...is that kind of a kid.

01:05   # 까칠 + 도도           (# prickly + arrogant/haughty/bold)
               # 냉정한 독설가         (# aloof, one who spits out hate speech) LoL
               # 천재 발레리나         (# genius ballerina)
               이연서 x 신혜선         (Lee Yeon-Seo X Shin Hye-Sun)


01:11   L: 어리석은 자여 (한숨)
                    O ye foolish of heart (sighs)

01:12   voice: "뭐야? 귀신이야?"
                             What the heck? You a ghost?

01:13   L: "천사다, 이자식아!" (raising his fist)
                    I'm an angel, you punk!


01:15   voice: 지금부터 너는 천사 '단'이아니라 , 인간 '김단'이다
                            From henceforth Thou shalt no longer be angel Dan

                            but rather, human Kim Dan.


01:19   L: "선을 사랑하고 악을 미워하는게 ... 천사의 본성"
                    Loving good and hating evil... that is the true nature of an angel.

01:23   KIK: cap: "쟤 또 왜저래..."
                                   There he goes again...

01:25   L: "전 그저 본능에 충실했을뿐!"
                    I was only being faithful to my true self!


01:27   cap: 천사 단 앞에 나타난 의문의 여성(?)
                         The questionable woman who's appeared in front of Dan is(?)

01:27   L: "왜 하필 그 여자예요?" "네? 왜애!!!"
                    Of all people why her? Hmm? Why??!!!


[main exchange between leads]
01:29   L: "아니 난 이해가..."  (I can't understand wh...)

               SHS: "닥치라고 쫌!"     (Shut it! for once!)

               L: "야! 이연서!"        (Whoa, hey, Lee Yeon-Seo!)

               SHS: "넌그게 문제야. 쫌만잘해주면 기어올르는거."
                           That's the problem with you, if I'm even a little nice to you
                           then you climb all over me.

              CAP: 까칠한 그녀와의 만남, 천사 단의 앞날은?
                         His prickly meeting with her, what is Dan's future prospect?

              L: "어쩜이렇게 사람이 정이없어?!! ...씨"
                    How can a person be so devoid of affections, sheesh...

01:35   김단 X 김명수           (Kim Dan X Kim Myung-Soo)
               # 낙천주의 + 사고뭉치   (# Carefree + Troublemaker)
               # 깨 발랄 긍정남        (# Extremely energetic positive man)

               # 매력적인 천사         (# Attractive/Charming Angel)

01:41   DJW: "정식으로 소개할게요. 지강우 감독님입니다"
                          Let me introduce him formally. This is director-nim Ji Gang-Woo.

01:44   cap: 지강우 (30대) 예술감독
                        Ji Gang-Woo (30's) artistic director

01:50   LDG: "백조의 호수가 해피엔딩이라..."
                         Swan Lake is happy ending??...

               cap: 완벽주의자, 예술감독       (Perfectionist artistic director)

               LDG: "아동용 입니까?"   (Is this children's ballet?)

01:52   LDG: "연습 더 하셔야 해요 니나씨"
                          You need to practice harder, Ni-Na-ssi.


01:54   cap: 또는, 그녀 앞에선 사랑꾼(?)
                         But when with her, turns into a lover(?)

              LDG: "괜찮아요... 이젠" ... "다 괜찮아 내가 왔으니까"
                         It's alright, now.... Everything's OK since I'm here.

01:57   LDG: "좋아합니다"       (I like/love you) [confession to LYS?]


01:59   cap/LDG voice: 만지작 만지작 (towards L)

              cap: 뜻밖의 브로맨스(!)         Unexpected bromance(!)

             L: "아 왜그래요!"       (What you think you're doing!)

             DJW: laughs


02:05   지강우 x 이동건                 Ji Gang-Woo X Lee Dong-Gun
              # 강렬한 카리스마               (# Overpowering Charisma)

              # 키다리 아저씨                        (# Daddy long-legs)
              # 발레단 최연소 예술감독        (# Young Artistic Director Ballet Co)

02:10   SHS: 저희 "단,하나의 사랑" 5월에 ... (our DOL in May)
                          여러분 찾아뵈려고               (aiming to appear before you)
                          열심히 준비하고 있는데요        (working hard at it now)

02:16   KIK: 여러분들에게 감동과 재미를 선사할 ... 아주따뜻한 드라마
                        Will bestow upon everyone Feels and Fun... very warm drama

               LDG: 단,하나의 사랑!            Dan, Only Love !

               DJW: 단,하나의 사랑!            Dan, Only Love !!

02:24   LDG: 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다
               We would appreciate much attention and love.

02:25   KBM: 많은 시청 부탁드립니다     Please watch us much.

02:26   SHS: "5월달에 만나요!"          See you in May!
               cap: "춤의 향연 로맨스 드라마로 5월에 찾아갑니다!"
               We shall visit you in May, with Dance-ntric Romance Drama  :w00t:


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️






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At least we know what our lead couple doing today   




Drama 'Dan, One love'  shooting at Incheon Art Center.




(summarized from google translation)


Beautiful Incheon art center and concert hall will be broadcast in drama. The Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority held a MOU with the drama production company Victory Contents to support KBS drama 'Dan, One Love' shooting at the Art Center floor on Mar 27th.


The agreement ceremony was attended by Kim Jin-yong, director of the Incheon Economic Commission, Lee Hak-gyu, head of the arts center, Jo Yoon-jeong, Victory Contents representative, Lee Jeong-seop, drama director and actress Shin Hye-sun and actor Kim Myung-soo.


Another article (http://m.joongdo.co.kr/view.php?key=20190327010011698) also said that "The drama is shot in the concert hall stage, auditorium, lobby, plaza, multipurpose hall, rehearsal room, etc." 


So this art center will be the main location of this drama. 

Official website -->  http://www.aci.or.kr/




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On 3/27/2019 at 1:13 PM, Friendly kitty said:


I thought there would be little dancing here, as the angel should help the girl who lost her sight and stopped dancing. But now I see that we will be shown a lot of ballet. It is perfectly! I want to see more stories about the backstage of this art form.

Thank you and welcome, @Friendly kitty yes Koreans are good dancers too and there's much I want to see presented from pro ballerinas and ballerinos and all kinds of dancers thru this drama. If the episodes are such that we see great actual ballet performances, I would love that, too. :rolleyes:

On 3/27/2019 at 6:18 AM, immorethant said:


So this art center will be the main location of this drama. 

Official website -->  http://www.aci.or.kr/

And thank you @immorethant for the link to the vid. I love these modern performance venues with 360 view, much more intimate than a theater seating arrangement. :w00t:

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14 minutes ago, Flowerroad_infinite said:

Do you know who will create the page of this drama in wikipedia? KBS?? Or we can create it by ourselves. I haven’t seen it yet:bawling: 

Hi, I found the page in wikipedia Korea. But no page in English, I think wikipedia's user can create page by themselves but for me I think the steps are quite difficult.



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18 minutes ago, immorethant said:

Hi, I found the page in wikipedia Korea. But no page in English, I think wikipedia's user can create page by themselves but for me I think the steps are quite difficult.



Hi, thx u so much. I think too that it’s difficult to create page. I try it but fail:joy:  Hope there will be someone create the page in English soon. I want international fans to be interested in this drama too. :blush:

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We don't have to worry about our drama directly competing with Vagabond :-)



Suzy & Lee Seung Gi's upcoming drama 'Vagabond' pushed back to September

Suzy and Lee Seung Gi's drama 'Vagabond' has been pushed back to September.

On April 2, a rep from the drama stated, "The SBS drama 'Vagabond' originally slated for May has been delayed until September." The delay is reported to have occurred due to discussions with Netflix about airing times. 

'Vagabond' began as a project in June of 2018 when the script reading took place, and it's experienced multiple delays since then. Though it was scheduled to premiere following the finale of 'Big Issue', it's not set to premiere after the series 'Absolute Boyfriend'.


Stay tuned for updates.


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This pic is from Kim Bo-mi's IG.




I'm quite sure it was taken at Incheon Art Center which is the location of this drama.

Below pic captured from the art center introduction Youtube video that I posted earlier above, it's the same place.




Even from back shot, this ballet dress is so beautiful and elegant, really excited to see the dance troupe in the drama.  :love:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] One and Only Love 단, 하나의 사랑 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST - Shin Hye-Sun & Kim Myung-Soo L - Premieres on May 15th


Woo Hee-Jin Joins 'Dan Only Love', to Work 'Inseparably (closely) with Shin Hye-Sun'



Woo Hee-Jin has taken up  the role of Jung Yu-Mi, 'General Secretary' to Lee Yeon-Seo in DOL.

She is a live-in, comprehensive (총괄, takes care of everything) secretary and feisty/quick-witted work-a-holic, one who will help Yeon-Seo and Dan both materially and emotionally, this generation's all-capable*** career woman. Woo Hee-Jin aims to show inseparable bosom-buddy synergy with Shin Hye-Sun. :w00t::wub:

*** 츤데레 has multiple hip meanings, including 'cold on the outside but warm on the inside'. Arises from Japanese expression, and e.g. Lee Min-Ho was referred to as one in LotBS, etc.


우희진은 극 중 주인공 이연서의 저택 총괄집사 정유미역을 맡았다. 정유미는 저택 총괄 집사이자 야무진 워커홀릭으로, 연서와 단을 물심양면으로 도와주는 이 시대의 츤데레 커리어우먼. 우희진은 신혜선과 찰떡 호흡을 선보일 예정이다.


[She's been in so many roles, including more recently, 'Good Thief Bad Thief'.]




On 4/2/2019 at 2:53 PM, Flowerroad_infinite said:

I want international fans to be interested in this drama too. :blush:

Thanks and welcome, @Flowerroad_infinite. This is a better source for drama related stuff:



On 4/2/2019 at 2:59 PM, iffy21 said:

drama 'Vagabond' has been pushed back to September.

Thanks and welcome back @iffy21! Life is Short, we can't predict the future - so to borrow from a young man's motto from another of Shin Hye-Sun's dramas, "Don't Think, Feel!" - I don't worry about who else is on when SHS is at work - I FEEL great about what's coming soon! :rolleyes:


On 4/2/2019 at 4:16 PM, immorethant said:

Even from back shot, this ballet dress is so beautiful and elegant, really excited to see the dance troupe in the drama.  :love:

Yesss!!! :love:







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Woo Hee-Jin was also in 'Queen For Seven Days' from the same director of 'One and Only Love'. It's like this director prefer to select the same cast for his new drama (i.e. Lee Dong-Gun, Do Ji-Won).

Because she play as Yeon-Seo's secretary, is it possible that she is the one that Yeon Seo talked to in below script? (from earlier translated and posted by @meechuttso


SHS: If you act like daddy just once more, (sends shivers) This time you're really fired.


And again, last time we have 'Jennifer, tsundere housemaid'

This time we have 'Jung Yu-mi, tsundere secretary'



** Note tsundere (ツンデレ) is Japanese term. The word is derived from the terms tsun tsun (ツンツン), refers to someone who acts cold, blunt, or curt. The onomatopoeia itself is actually the sound of someone sticking their nose up in the air, or turning away in disgust. And dere dere (デレデレ) describes someone who is affectionate or lovey-dovey.




(edited) Kim Myung-soo was spotted today filming drama.  But as always, no one ever spotted our mysterious ballerina.


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