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  1. Those who are hoping our cast will appear in happy together. I think we can look forward to it. One of the MC (Jo Yoon Hee) is Lee dong gun's wife. She promoted this drama in yesterday's episode and mentioning that she asked them to appear in Happy together. I hope we will not wait for long for it to happen. Would love to see our main 4 cast in happy together!
  2. I am gonna have a hard Second Lead Syndrom for sure in this drama Even more, the highlight seems showing how JKW really do anything for LYS
  3. You should try to watch Queen for Seven Days, he is phenomenal in that drama. I was actually hoping the cast will be given interview outside the drama. Variety show, talk show or something like that
  4. so basically it is an open ending after all. I was hoping for a conclusive ending lol. BTW guys, Kim do jin is lee dong gun, not jang dong gun lol
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