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1 hour ago, sushilicious said:

@akiera haha, I kind of prefer actors to act in heavier genre, cause it kind of brings out their full potential when it comes to acting

Me too.  i just want him to act in a non-priestly/non celibate role. Otherwise, it feels like the character is off limit even for the leading lady/guy. I know its such a shallow thought but still. He can still do intense melo roles and break our hearts all the way. Have you seen KJW in "Another Way" with So ye ji?

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9 minutes till air time hahaha imagine the trio are watching it togther wuth us cause they are done with the project haha


@akiera "The character is off limit even for the leading lady/guy":joy:


Actually no, i first found out about him through Antique. I watched that movie because of Ju Ji Hoon. Then i was like hm..This guy looks nice. Then some how i never watch any other of his shows. Somehow i didn't watch voice,but i know of his infamous charater that @mrsj3n really liked. Mu Tae Gu (Low key i just watched the last episode for KJW) 


Somehow it turns around and i saw KDW in along with the gods haha then *snap* i'm a fan of KDW. Then later on realises that KDW is working with KJW for this series and they were in coffee prince. Such a small world.


KDW used to be so skinny! Like his jawline is to much for me. But now,oh. I love his face haha. KJW is still the same.Sexy.With the black nails and long hair *cough* can't believe i just said that. Haha

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Recap again from when the Trinity were kids and the exorcisms.

[I can literally see Mateo getting older and more tired as the episodes pass]


[I will miss the OST too]


The end has begun!

Scene of the man with the golf club trying to get to his family.

GY pushes into a hospital room.

GY says to quickly find F Yang.

Mateo is talking to F Yang and now he starts his exorcism prayer. He holds the cross towards F Yang but you can see he is struggling as he tries to speak the words. He walks towards F Yng who looks on impassively.


HP runs up and tells him to stop.

HP is now talking to F Yang and asking about his grandfather. He talks about his family.

I think the other two are getting an inkling of what HP is up to.

Father Yang is speaking now. (They are all still on the roof.)


There are interspersed scenes with the possessed attacking people.


F Yang suddenly shouts.

He is on the edge of the roof.

He says something about today. He raises his arms in the air.

And he falls backwards. EEEEKKK.....


And smooooooshhhhh!


Suddenly the possessed come to their senses.


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OMG! Priest Yang jumped off the rooftop, killed himself!

He said those trio are so pitiful, their fate did not changed.

The original plan was to have all the people in the village murdered. But the plan changed. Today only one person will die and he jumped off!


Hmm.. So, will Haraboji be the finale?!


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The Trinity run down to look at F Yang.

Mateo bends down and F Yang is somewhat alive.

He says something then....gone..


[I suppose I should warn people that there are spoilers galore]


GY  suddenly says haraboji and runs into the hospital. Mateo is still kneeling infront of F Yang.

GY runs to the family with the golf club father.


HP finds his haraboji in the hospital and he is relieved his grandfather is ok.


[I know this is not the end. ....yet]:blink:


GY and the other two are at the seaside. GY asks if it is really the end. HP mentions YK.


Looks like the Trinity are splitting up. HP is saying farewell. GY goes to her car and is leaving. HP speaks to Mateoa and says it must have been tiring.



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Mian. Not using spoiler tags.


GY and Mateo leave.

HP is walking along the road to Mateo's old house. He remembers Priest Choi saying something. He wakes up and he is beside haraboji. [Please don't tell me haraboji is end game] Haraboji wiggles his finger and he is conscious. He is mumbling something.


Mateo is sitting in front of the other priests. Ithink they are pronouncing judgement?

Someone called out to Mateo and passes him something from F Yang. It's an envelope of photos. Mateo remembers something he said as he was dying.


GY is at home and looking at her mother's stuff. She talks about PID being gone. [I realise that the production team also saves on the sets for the homes of the leads. very austere and simple] GY is crying and saying 'mianhae' over and over.





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GY's hairdo reminds me of Kim Jae Wook's manbun in coffee prince. :D


I really hope it's not haraboji. PID is so effin' sneaky. 

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GY meets up with Mateo after he calls her.

[In any other case, it would have been  a date. LOL]


They are talking about HP. GY talks about her mother.

[Not worthy of a 19+ rating ....yet]


LOL... I think Mateo asks since when did GY start talking in banmal.


GY wakes up to HP's call. [In any other drama, this would be a love triangle. LOL]


HP tells GY that haraboji is conscious.


HP and haraboji are back home. Haraboji just called HP 'ajusshi' [I am getting a really really bad feeling about this]


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