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  1. I guess we’ll be having more recap party cause I’ve signed myself in too
  2. somehow the ending felt like it’s open for either another season or a movie sequel to tie everything up... I mean, they still need to catch Park Hong Joo, right!? ...or I’m just not ready to let them go yet, heh.
  3. ... I can’t stop smiling. At least they’re all alive!
  4. I can't help it but I'm cackling at how Dark Lord alike Harabeoji looks like I mean, he doesn't exactly look that intimidating in his pyjamas ROFL
  5. While guess would be Park Il Do's body! It should be him
  6. The thing that YG found buried behind their house, it's a corpse and on it's eye is an upside down photo of Hwa Pyung and harabeoji...
  7. OH. So Harabeoji got possessed after the relative killed himself!
  8. DED. Is there really something in that food harabeoji left!?!
  9. so... anyone know when’s the wrap up party? there should be one right? oh oh, @Dramanoona @ellelyana88 I’ll be streaming too! I’ll be your back up in case there’s some scenes you missed out
  10. come to think of it, it’s possible that GY would end up dead. I mean, everything’s possible when it comes to this drama and Park Il Do’s obsession with the boys - ok mainly Hwa Pyung - aside, she doesn’t have to die because he wants her dead, I mean he’s been killing left and right for god knows why so we basically don’t need any concrete reason IF she should end up killed. It will be a blow to the boys though...
  11. THIS. THIS. I feel like the editing went slightly off? Not that I want them to drag out the episode more on how the hell Kil Young and Hwa Pyung managed to drag him into the car but it could've been edited better imo! @mrsj3n if we end up not getting any answers we can always turn into deranged zombies and wait in front of writer-nim's house LOL
  12. Was rewatching episode 14 after finishing last night’s episode with subs and then I wondered if we’ll ever find out what’s “still at the house,” and if we’ll ever find Yuk Gwang’s body and if Park Hong Joo’s just going to get away by running abroad... wait there’s more question but I can’t remember because there’s still so damn much unanswered stuff going AND TONIGHT’S THE FINAL *screams* but no seriously, at the very least can they just reveal what’s still at the house and how did it even get there?
  13. Oppose the writer's limited work, the director's portfolio is much longer... he directed Voice - ah figures why KJW got the numerous stabbing scene again LOLOLOL - Liar Game and Warrior Baek Dong Soo and many more. holy hell now I'm panicking for the ending
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