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[Drama 2019] Vagabond, 배가본드

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Lee Seung Gi Perfectly Pulls Off His Own Stunts For Action-Packed Chase In “Vagabond”

Sep 2, 2019
by J. Lim

SBS’s upcoming drama “Vagabond” has shared new action-packed stills of Lee Seung Gi!


“Vagabond” will tell the story of a man who is involved in the crash of a plane who tries to uncover hidden secrets and ends up finding a giant national corruption scandal. It will be an action-packed melodrama that follows vagabonds who have lost their families, affiliations, and even names as they embark on a dangerous journey.


Lee Seung Gi plays the role of Cha Dal Gun, a stuntman who dreamed of making his mark in the action film industry but then loses himself in trying to uncover secrets of a plane crash that resulted in the loss of his nephew. He not only specializes in 18 forms of martial arts, but he is overflowing with confidence and is ready to face anything head-to-head to get what he wants.


The new stills show Lee Seung Gi engaging in a fierce chase scene that involves him holding on to the roof of a car for dear life, running through the streets, and engaging in a fist fight where he gets choked by his opponent. He is said to have done most of his own action scenes, which required wires and complicated chase sequences. Lee Seung Gi is said to have mastered many stunts that even professional stunt doubles sometimes have difficulties with, and his preparation to build up his strength before filming started paid off as he was able to take on his stunts fluidly.




Lee Seung Gi is said to have put great care into ensuring that his scenes were perfect, rehearsing his moves repeatedly before cameras started rolling and immediately rushing over to monitor his work when cameras stopped filming. The production company stated, “Amazing scenes were created that only Lee Seung Gi could pull off. We’re confident that viewers will not be able to take their eyes off the screen for a single minute as they see Lee Seung Gi’s true potential and talents as an action star.”

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Lee Seung-gi is on the chase for Vagabond in new stills

by tccolb


New stills have been released featuring Lee Seung-gi (Hwayugi) in SBS’s upcoming action-thriller Vagabond.

Also starring in the drama, although not featured in this set of stills, are Suzy (While You Were Sleeping) and Shin Sung-rok (Perfume).

The story is centered around Lee Seung-gi’s character, who starts off in the drama as a stuntman working towards the dream of becoming an action star like Jackie Chan some day. But his life is thrown upside down when his young nephew dies in a tragic plane crash and he is devastated to have lost his only family left in the world. Although the government reports the crash as just an accident, Lee comes across evidence that points to a terrorist attack and he sets out on a dangerous mission to uncover what really happened.

In the newly released stills, we see Lee Seung-gi involved in some kind of a chase and they show him sporting facial injuries, fighting, and riding a top a car.

The shots were taken from this past year, when the cast and production team were filming overseas in Morocco and Portugal. And, in fitting with the role, Lee Seung-gi completed almost all of the stunts himself without using a double.




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11 minutes ago, lightbringer06 said:

Looks like the romance is as sizzling as the new teaser :lol:...


Lol! Yep looks like it. They look pretty~ :D


I want more SSR promos! Gimmmeeeee. I know he's a supporting character but I want more Ki Tae Woong info! Hahahahahah

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Lee Seung Gi And Suzy Bring Their Characters To Life In “Vagabond” Posters

Sep 6, 2019
by C. Hong

SBS’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Vagabond” has released character posters for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy!

“Vagabond” is an action-oriented melodrama about a stuntman (Lee Seung Gi) who gets involved in a national corruption scandal after trying to uncover the secrets behind a plane crash. Suzy co-stars as a secret agent of the National Intelligence Service.

The character posters for Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) and Go Hae Ri (Suzy) imitate the film aesthetic, not only in the imperfect quality of the photos but also by capturing the dramatic feeling of an action movie poster.

Lee Seung Gi captures his character’s determination and anger as a young man who lost a family member in the plane crash and is bound at any cost to find out the truth. On the other hand, Suzy’s expression captures the huge scale of the corruption scandal as she looks steadfast but afraid.



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39 minutes ago, incoty said:



The song in the subbed teaser is different from the teaser without subs. I wonder why the change. I prefer the bgm in the unsubbed teaser. Hahaha


I personally think the character posters are underwhelming/lackluster considering the hype and budget. Also other SBS dramas are ramping up promos but Vagabond promos are quite minimal in comparison. 

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