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[Drama 2019] Vagabond, 배가본드


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SBS Drama



Hangul: 배가본드

Network: SBS

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 48 (30 mins / ep)

Director: Yu In-Sik (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money)

Writer: Jang Young-Cheol (Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money, Empress Ki, Monster)

Release Date:  September 20, 2019 - December 7, 2019

Runtime: Friday & Saturdays @ 22:00 KST

Production Company: Celltrion Entertainment

OST: Part 1 Lee Chan Sol - Good All Days

part 2 Elaine (일레인) - Fallen Star

part 3 아일(I'll) - Breaking Dawn

part 4 A Yeon Baek (백아연) - Hello My Lover

part 5 Lee Ju Hyuk(이주혁) - Here For You

part 6 더 베인(The VANE) - Open Fire

part 7 IRO (이로) - Falling in love
part 8 Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten) (하현우 (국카스텐)) - Vagabond

Official site: HERE




The drama is about an ordinary man who due to external circumstances exposes national corruption and ends up embroiled in political intrigue. 



First script reading for the drama series took place on June 2, 2018.

Due to baseball broadcasts, the ending of the drama was delated.





Lee Seung Gi as Cha Dal Gun

Shin Sung Rok as Ki-Tae Woong

Bae Suzy as Go Hae-Ri

Moon Sung Geun as Hong Soon-Jo

Baek Yoon Sik as Jung Kook-Pyo

Kim Min-Jong as Yun Han-Ki

Lee Kyoung Young as Edward Park

Jeong Man Sik as Min Jae Sik

Moon Jeong- Hee as Jessica Lee

Kim Jung- Hyun as Hong Seung Bum

Hwang Bo-ra as Gong Hwa Suk

Choi Kwang-Il as Park Man-Young

Lee Ki young as Gang Joo-Cheol

Kim Jong-Soo as NIS Director General An

Shin Seung-Hwan as Kim Se-Hun

Kim Min-Seo as Han Gi-Su

Ryu Won- Mikki (Micky)

Kang Kyung Hun as Oh Sang Mi

Yoon Na Moo as Kim Ho Sik

Teo Yoo as Jerome

Jang Hyuk-Jin as Kim Woo-Ki

Park Ah-In  as Lilly

Kim Dae-Gon as Ui-Jeong's father

Moon Woo-Jin as Cha Hoon



Character descriptions



Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) is a stuntman who knows martial arts well that dreams to be an action actor. He is full of confidence and guts.

His role model of life was Jackie Chan. He entered the stunt world with the dream of becoming an action star. He knows 18 martial arts such as Taekwondo, judo, jujitsu, kendo, and boxing. However, due to his fear of the camera, his casting was canceled several times. Before “the event”, he was just living has an ordinary young man.

His nephew was on the Taekwondo demonstration team of 25 children who died on the plane crash. Cha DalGun is an orphan and he was raising alone his nephew on the behalf of his dead brother.

No one is talking about the plane crash where his beloved nephew, 24 children and hundreds of innocent people died. He has to uncover the truth.


Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is a national security agent whose dad was a top general (now he is deceased). She carries on the family training and she is a highly capable spy

To support her mother and her younger sibling, she decided to work for National Intelligence Service (NIS) as 7th-grade official. Her dad was a marine and died during an operation.

She is trying to support her mom who is being swindled and her brother who is a delinquent college student. She had to become the head of the family.

One plane crashed while she was working as a contract employee at the Korean Embassy in Morocco. She had to face all sorts of hardships with the furious family of the deceased. One creepy guy appears and says that the plane crash is a terrorist act.

Jean-Paul Sartre said “Life is C between B and D-Choice between Birth and Death”. She has to make a life-threatening choice between conscience and reality.


 Ki TaeWoong ( Shin SungRok )is team leader of NIS’s information team. He thinks like a ‘professional’, he does not show more of himself than necessary. The man shows off about being efficient at work.

His father is a hospital director and his mother is a university professor, he was born into a wealthy family. The NIS was facing frictions since the change of political party. His position was in jeopardy.

He was dispatched to Morocco to catch the accomplice of the terrorist attack of the plane crash. From the first time he met Cha DalGun, they don’t get along. He did not like the fact that he intruded the NIS operation. A prickly and uncomfortable but funny buddy relationship was formed.





Character chart



Other Posters














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A drama official said on the 29th, "Shin Sung-Rok confirmed the drama 'Vagabond' starring in SBS in the second half of the year."



Shin Sung-rok plays Ki-Tae Woong, the director of the NIS intelligence team, who boasts a handsome appearance that suits his style so well.

The story is about the dangerous, naked adventures of wanderers who have lost family, affiliation, and name to find hidden truths. From the premiere of broadcasting, the production cost was raised to 25 billion won. Sony Pictures is responsible for overseas distribution and is made by Celltrion Entertainment.



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Lee Seung Gi May or May Not Be Doing Thriller K- Drama Vagabond with the production Team of Giant







I did not get a proposal or received a proposal, but the name 'cast' came up?

In addition, the production cost of up to 20 billion won is known as the masterpiece, so the attention of the actor is focused on the main character, Lee Seung-gi is the main character of the news that the news on February 21 news was reported.
However, at the time, Lee Seung-ki was not offered a 'script', 'was not offered' or 'not true' through a number of media. Celltrion Entertainment, a maker of 'BIGBOARD', also said, 'I did not suggest a show.'


But is the meeting of the actors and the actors that are not proposed or received by the 'informal' process? On the 6th, the Gyeonggi Film Commission, which supports the production of film media such as movies and dramas, announced the support of shooting 'Vagabond' through its homepage. Lee Seunggi's name rose in the main column. Celltrion said that Lee Seung-gi was not confirmed on the news that he still did not have a 'public' proposal. At the same time, however, he said he had suggested Lee Seung-gi. To summarize, the PD who was in charge of the production suggested to the actor, but did not he have nothing to do with 'official'? It is a vague answer.




Let see who will receive the official proposal to star in this drama.



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I like the PD and the writer I've watched their dramas.  The kind of story and the genre (thriller.) I like..  I'm already thinking Jang Hyuk but  he's doing another drama already.  This is another one to wait and watch. Thanks for the thread.


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7 hours ago, jongski said:

I like the PD and the writer I've watched their dramas.  The kind of story and the genre (thriller.) I like..  I'm already thinking Jang Hyuk but  he's doing another drama already.  This is another one to wait and watch. Thanks for the thread.


 I knew that you will be interested in this drama. :D We`ll have lots of upcoming dramas to watch.


Shin Sung-Rok will play a NIS agent but he will be the villian/ bad guy?  Hope we`ll have more information about this drama. I think it will be a male centric drama but I want at least one strong and important female character.

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22 hours ago, jongski said:

I like the PD and the writer I've watched their dramas.  The kind of story and the genre (thriller.) I like..  I'm already thinking Jang Hyuk but  he's doing another drama already.  This is another one to wait and watch. Thanks for the thread.


Same here. I like the PD and the writet too. Now after shin sung rok confirmed join this drama, i'm waiting for LSG's decision.


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Shin Sung Rok Confirmed For New Spy Drama


Shin Sung Rok will be appearing in a new drama!

A source from his agency HB Entertainment said, “Shin Sung Rok has confirmed his appearance in the SBS drama ‘Vagabond.'”

“Vagabond” will be a spy drama about an ordinary man who accidentally gets involved in an accident, and will tell the story of his process of him digging up information on the country’s corruption.

The drama will be directed by producing director Yoo In Sik of “Romantic Doctor Kim” and “Giant,” and will be written by Jang Yung Chul and Jung Kyung Soon whose works include “Giant” and “Monster.” The drama will be produced by Celltrion Entertainment which houses actors such as Lee Bum Soo.

Shin Sung Rok has been confirmed for the role of the National Intelligence Service team leader named Ki Tae Woong. “Vagabond” will premiere sometime later this year.



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34 minutes ago, jongski said:

@larus is SSR gonna be the lead or the antagonist?  This is second half of 2018?


I am not sure if he will be the antagonist but if I want to bet.....I say he will be for sure. :wink:


The hero is the vagabond but he will need some help. Maybe the NIS team leader will help him. It would be nice to break the same pattern of the same bad guy roles but if he is the villian ...so be it.  He will play a thrilling bad guy.

The protagionist will be digging up information on the country’s corruption and let see where the NIS boss will tilt the balance. This drama will have several bad guys  in top position. Let see the other cast.

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Must say the credentials behind the drama are very very positive as i've watched most of the dramas made by the writer and totally loved them(fair liked the ones where he was a duo with his wife more) and for me usually matters the most who pans the story and after the PD(as i see many look more into the later rather than the writer) ....When i first read the casting offer for SSR i actually belived he would be the main lead but seeing he is a NIS Boss makes me indeed curious if he will play on the good guys side or be the main antagonist..We all know he plays villian roles amazing but i hope he will change the pace and get a "nice" guy role even more coming from a villian role just recently...I was quite suprised seeing Lee Seung Gi's name pop up sooo soon and i must say even if the name was used as promotion tactic(as it's quite known) or not i can say i'd be excited to see him tackle another genre and be on the screen again soooo fast...I do love Seung Gi as the romance/fantasy genre main hero but it would be soooo nice seeing him in such a intense role as well and having SSR as partner even more...


Gonna keep my eyes on this drama as i for sure be watching it....

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After a lot of articles that confirms Lee Seung Gi as the male lead in drama Vagabond, it comes the statement that "Nothing is settled".

I think he will sign eventually. 


Let see a little more information about the characters.


The confirmation articles...


Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for SBS Pre- Produced Drama by Production Team of Giant





According to a number of officials on November 11, Lee Seung Gi confirmed his appearances as a male lead character in the drama "Vagabond". It will be the first shooting in May. Lee seung Gi`s character was a stuntman and now he will be tracking  the trail behind the cover up an airliner crash. Shin Sung-rok has been cast as the role of Ki-Tae-woong, the head of the NIS intelligence team. The heroine casting is currently in progress.

"Vagabond" is a drama about a process in which a man living in a normal life is involved in a civilian airliner crash and digging up the national corruption. Before the broadcast, the production cost was raised to 25 billion won. Sony Pictures is responsible for overseas distribution and is made by Celltrion Entertainment. (Google translate)




No- confirmation

A SBS official said on the morning of the 11th that "Lee Seung-ki and Shin Sung-rak are discussing 'Vagabond' appearances", and "the first filming in May is not yet decided." Organizing is also a step in the discussion.

"Vagabond" is a spy drama about the process that a man living in a normal life is involved in an accident and digs up the national corruption. (Google translation)





Lee Seung Gi In Talks To Lead New Spy Drama With Shin Sung Rok


On April 11, a source from Lee Seung Gi’s agency told Xsportsnews, “It’s true that he received a casting offer for ‘Vagabond,’ but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

“We’ve been discussing it since February, but because it will be a pre-produced drama, we’ve been taking our time with looking it over. We have not made a decision yet,” they added.

Lee Seung Gi is in talks to play the role of a stuntman who tries to track down the truth behind a plane crash. It was previously announced that actor Shin Sung Rok will play the role of the National Intelligence Service team leader named Ki Tae Woong.

“Vagabond” is about an ordinary man who gets involved in a plane crash investigation and begins to dig up information on the country’s corruption. The drama will premiere in the second half of 2018.

Source (1) (2)



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Yes they're filming! Thanks for the update. Anything spy thriller mystery action drama. I'll watch it.  Oh plus I've watch all the dramas of the  writer and director.


@larus the lead actor confirmed? any supporting cast updates? Is there a female lead as well?

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1 hour ago, jongski said:

the lead actor confirmed? any supporting cast updates? Is there a female lead as well?


We don`t have any official confirmation. Even if the major roles are already confirmed, it is up to them( production team)  when they will release the information to the media. We don`t have a precise date to broadcast either. Maybe it is a production timing. Two different SBS dramas have a totally different promotion. If Vagabond start shooting, I hope we`ll get some information and not wait until the date of broadcasting.


I think Lee Seung Gi confirmed/ will confirm soon for this drama. I am curious about the other cast as well.

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May 8 2018

Bae Suzy offered lead female role in SBS drama series “Vagabond”


Bae Suzy has been offered the lead female role in SBS drama series “Vagabond” (literal title). Lee Seung-Gi has already received an offer to play the lead male role and he is still considering the offer. Currently, Bae Suzy is considering her offer. Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy previously starred together in 2013 MBC drama series “Gu Family Book.” Drama series “Vagabond” will air as a completed pre-production. Character descriptions of the lead characters in the drama series have not yet been revealed.



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 And I was just asking prev post if there's a female lead and who are the other cast. Is this confirmed? Why her? I thought she's supposed to do that Incheon Airport drama with Bo Gum? This is a spy action political thriller..... so yeah I'm scratching my hair.:unsure:

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