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  1. I've been revisiting Choiza's and Sulli's past relationship now that she's sadly gone. Choiza used to blabber a lot about their relationship and they were spotted together several times. Total opposite of our two stars whom I'm not sure had much of a relationship going on at all considering their song's lyrics and how they were never pictured together. Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver (Sulli excerpts) How have you and Sulli been doing? "We're having a fun time like most normal couples. My ideal type was never a pretty girl, nor anyone particularly young. I've never developed feelings for anyone who was both young and pretty but Sulli and I clicked. Our relationship is doing fine." Would you rather not have gone public? "I think it was for the better. There was a time where we had to hide it because of Sulli's CF deals and so we were careful but it was really hard on us. Now it's comfortable. We can go out to eat delicious things, drink coffee out on the streets. We still can't freely do most things but I'm glad we can go out on dates. At least we don't have to wear masks in public anymore. It's so stuffy having to walk around with a mask on. Although those are all happy memories for us now." Let's get one thing straight here: If they're together or with someone else, they're both hiding it and lying about it. I feel YoonA has definitely been hiding and lying. I have little doubt about that. Based on everything we've seen since and near his discharge. I'm thinking outside the box here, but if there's a 3rd person involved on one side or both sides, this could be a case of who falter's first. She's on the losing side here. LSG knows he's got nothing to lose, while Y has some major face to save. What's she's doing is merely borrowing time, but like I've said repeatedly, this is a ticking time bomb, and some day it will explode. I don't see anyone saving her unless it's him. Even in that case, she won't get off unscathed.
  2. It boggles my mind how some so called "fans" still have no idea what happened between them and what's been happening. LSG, YoonA, and those around them can't possibly make it any more obvious. You only have to conclude that they haven't been fans for long, that they aren't the most intuitive, and that they don't follow them that closely. Or more simply, they refuse to acknowledge it and cover their eyes and ears. Thankfully there's us here, otherwise you'd all be lost lol. I believe we covered everything and we'll continue to do so. I'm pretty sure some, if not most of what we said will end up being correct/true. It already happened and will most likely continue to happen. This is like ocaam's razor. Don't look for complicated answers when it isn't. It's all very simple and straight forward.
  3. This is something that's been annoying me. The use of wiring has been obvious at times. CDG may be super human, but floating and flying is a power he doesn't and shouldn't have.
  4. So it's come to this. HR you watching? Whose side are you taking? lol. That should be an obvious one at this point.
  5. @Lawyerh didn't word it right. He/She meant not to allude that there's something going on between them in this thread, which is mainly what you've been doing. I don't mind you by the way. It's all amusing to me lol.
  6. Brooding and pining CDG is unbearable. The awkwardness between them reached sky high levels. Is this justifiable because of an innocent kiss on the lips while HR wasn't herself? Maybe it's not that innocent, but CDG shouldn't let it affect him so much. It all seems a tad forced to me. Thankfully it looks like he brushed it off and decided to forget all about it because "she doesn't even remember". Either way, this is only getting them closer and closer to each other.
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