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  1. Some still can't seem to get a clear picture of YoonA when it comes to dating and love. Once you go beyond the exterior, stop being charmed, bewitched, enchanted, entranced by her, and start looking a little bit further and digging a little bit deeper, you'll get a whole different picture. It's easy to figure out and see with your own eyes because she does nothing to hide it and because she never speaks, but relatively new fans can easily misunderstand or overlook this or don't give it any meaning or are simply clueless. Then there are those who deny the ev
  2. They also seemed happy, but we know that wasn't the case. We know they were putting up an act for the sake of it, and that went on for almost a year. LSG was entangled in a spider's web. He still is in a sense. Is he genuinely happy now, as of June 2021? That was October 2020, and that was also the case in the first 9 months with Y. Meanwhile they're cycling for their CF's.
  3. Remember this comment? It was posted in 2019. Minus them being together, everything was correct. It's to show that even random people who aren't particularly invested notice certain details. They try so hard to act like nothing which makes it the more obvious with the occasional dig here and there. She never talks and let's others or songs speak for her. Like the comment mentioned, no one ever asks her about her ideal type ever since Channel SNSD's Episode 1, nor people close to her nor interviewers, and if they do, she'd
  4. Lee Seung Gi’s New One-Man Agency Partners With Former Agency Jun 10, 2021 by L. Kim Lee Seung Gi will be partnering up with Hook Entertainment once again! The actor debuted in June 2004 and was with Hook Entertainment for 17 years. However, in May, the agency announced that he would be leaving to establish his own company. On June 10, Hook Entertainment shared that they joined hands with Lee Seung Gi’s new agency Human Made.
  5. Maybe he was in a relationship as well. Or maybe not. I posted that to show that when it comes to Seunggi and YoonA, their dating style doesn't change, things just repeat themselves, thus it becomes easy to spot whether they're in a relationship. P.S. Do not quote images. It's against the rules.
  6. I'm opening this as advised strictly to keep any talk and news pertaining LSG and LDI as a couple, and anything that concerns Lee Da-in to this thread. Feel free to contribute. Lee Seung-gi 이승기 1987 Lee Da-in 이다인 1992
  7. Naver trend weekly list for male celebrities. He was already up there but the increase due to the dating news is astronomical. 2M+ searches; an increase of 1258.6%! 순위 순위 변동 브랜드명 주간 검색량 전주 대비 증감율(%) ranking ranking change brand name weekly search volume Change from the previous week (%)
  8. In other news, Shin Sung-rok has recovered from Covid and he's back filming, and we have the first glimpse of LSG post dating news. https://story.kakao.com/_39KGm2/gNSFO4oS4w0/
  9. That's the question. Episode 83 was filmed on August 2019. How is that possible? They could've met earlier, LSG started golfing around that time, but the dating didn't happen until fall 2020. A Korean said his name on her IG as early as November 2020. Unless it was just pure guesswork, this was starting to be common knowledge over there, because they wanted it to be, just like Y's. Words travel fast. @b j I don't know if you were referring to LDI or if it's she who you had in mind, but the physical description does match with Lee Da-in.
  10. For the same reason she has most likely been dating since fall 2017/beginning 2018. We chronicled it all in this thread (dainty bracelet in 2018 - watch in 2019-2020). There's a limit to how much he can keep waiting around while years pass by until she finally takes a decision. Especially for someone who's telling him "I didn't know your heart". That's where you lose all credibility. I can't see how LSG can take her seriously after all that. Consider that this waiting game is also something he probably had to endure the first time around. This is all about t
  11. For the reason that she's incapable of reciprocating LSG's love for her in the long term. It's one of those: "I love you, but we can't be together", due to circumstances beyond their control or because something is stopping them, that something being themselves, because LSG thinks he's been wronged and all YoonA can do is say sorry and shed tears. A catch-22 kind of situation from which there's no way out, unless someone presses the reset button. But here's the paradox; As a consequence they seek others or others seek them, and they've no problem whatsoever being with t
  12. He told him why forbidden love and not allowed love. You can read it as Y being the forbidden love, and Dain being the allowed love. That is effectively how things have shaped up. That episode's filming was on June 29th/30th 2020. He would be dating 5 months later.
  13. Lee Da-in has removed numerous IG photos that could've been linked with him and/or that people were linking with him. I had them saved so I know precisely which ones have been removed. Some seemed completely unrelated, like her doing ballet. It's unrealistic to think he was there with her at all times and the one taking them every time. Among them were ones where she was sporting a certain watch on top of her sleeve. YoonA had also been wearing one type of watch on a very frequent basis until last year. It always stuck out like a sore thumb whenever it was v
  14. We mentioned Shin Sung-Rok a few times in this thread, and I think Seunggi has acquired a great and valuable ally in him. I don't know if he had anything to do with this, but as @ulfadeasy noted, he's been liking Lee Da-in's Instagram pictures since November 2020 through April 2021, meaning he was definitely aware. May: Boing! We can safely say that Seunggi is consistent with dating in the fall. Autumn is where it starts, proceeding into Winter and Spring. That's where all the mentions of seasons in their lyrics come in.
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