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[Drama 2018] Thirty But Seventeen, 서른이지만열일곱입니다


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SBS Drama

Thirty But Seventeen I Am




Thirty But Seventeen I Am / 서른이지만 열일곱입니다

Network: SBS

Episodes: 16

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: July 23rd - September 18th, 2018

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Director: Cho Soo-Won

Writer: Cho Sung-Hee

Official SBS page: http://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/30but17

Full Cast List: http://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/30but17/cast/55554#0_0




If one door to happiness shuts, another one opens.
 But at times we only stare blankly at the shut door
 not able to see the door that's opened for us.
                                      -Helen Keller


Here, a boy and a girl.
However one day, due to an accident
The door of happiness that was opened to the boy and the girl becomes closed.
The boy has already been standing still staring endlessly at the shut door and,
The girl, in front of the shut door, she falls into a deep sleep.


13 years pass.
That boy who in a blink has become an adult is still standing staring only at the tightly shut door,
And the girl who has only just now awakened,
Learns belatedly the fact of the door of her happiness's closing.


The woman, turning around and looking all about her, discovers yet another door of happiness opened to her and begins to walk towards that door.
By happenstance, she sees the man standing only staring blankly at the shut door.
Woman reaches out to the man her hand and says,
"Over there, there upon is another open door, and would he not go together thither?"
The man only then turns his head. And he learns for the first time.
The reality of the door that is wide open to his view, the other door of happiness...
The truth that he had not even known of this door's existence because he had not even bothered to turn and look...


As someone has once said, many a people are only looking back at the regretful past that has gone by,
Living on in a state unable to see another happiness that is in right in front of them.


This drama is,
(about) Two man/woman whose lives have been mangled due to a grisly accident,
Who together use all their might to try and open that other door of happiness.


This drama is,
A story screaming at you, since you don't know if there is for you another door of happiness but which since you will not turn around to look it might just shut itself, for you to turn your head a little bit.
Do not merely sit squatting there thinking it's over, jump up at once and walk one step after another towards that door, this is the story that will give your back that forceful push!



Drama Info (드라마 정보)


"Thirty But Seventeen I Am" - 서른이지만 열일곱입니다


    Broadcast Period: 2018.07.23 ~ 09.25 (20 episodes 70min each)
    Produced by: Bone Factory
    Directed by: Cho Soo-Won
    Screenplay by: Cho Sung-Hee
    Starring: Shin Hye-Sun / Yang Se-Jong / Ahn Hyo-Sub, Wang Ji-Won, Ye Ji-Won






Woo Seo-Ri - Shin Hye-Sun


▶Woo Seo-Ri (Female, 17→30 y.o.)


Seo-Ri is, thirty but seventeen.


At the flowery (youthful) age of 17, one day she is met with an accident and, just like that she lost her consciousness.


Opening her eyes (awaking), there's an unfamiliar woman she had never seen before staring right at her.


"Who... are you mam?" (ahjumma)


Oh My God! That woman is none other than Seo-Ri herself reflected in the mirror.


"With clear age lines on her face, that 'adult woman' is,... me (you say)?"


After her accident since falling into deep sleep, 13 very long years have passed, dear. In those long long years, still she was aging neatly year-by-year, and the once 17 year-old Seo-Ri has somehow become a 30 year-old adult, you see.


My word! How can it be this 30 Bolt Out of the Blue! Is life a 'jump to the finale'? A one-legged race? How can we skip so meaninglessly my entire 20s in one fell swoop?


A star violinist sparkling on stages the world over. The Seo-Ri she had in mind at the age of 17 was that. No doubt about it. About to early-accepted enter the top flight music conservatory in Germany was she. Flowery (not thorny) path and only the brightest future right in front of her, was hers.


But Seo-Ri, who has been summoned compulsorily to 30 years of age, with a middle school education and knowing nothing of making a living, has been put in a situation to live as a 'grown woman'. Somehow she has been handed a homework assignment to live out this cursed reality***, this Seo-Ri. To make up for the 13 years robbed wholesale from her, she must somehow run at 13 times the speed of others...
***[Ill-fortune likened to being struck by a lightning.]


Only the facade is a 30, mental state and perspective is that of a 17 year old girl, and in the eyes of others, her brain and her body can only seem to be seriously out of sync with one another. Not knowing whether 17 or 30, the daily continuing ambiguous identity crisis and confusion. By the end of twists and turns, Seo-Ri, with Woo-Jin - who makes her want to make him laugh and laugh, and with Chan-ee - who makes her laugh, has come fatefully to meet...


Someone has said it. You must be shaken a 1000 times to become an adult.


While others were steadily becoming adults, Seo-Ri who was only lying on her back during that time, for such a one as Seo-Ri (her),
Having been robbed of even a chance to dream legitimately or to love someone,
The world, and love itself, belatedly being shaken and very belatedly about to experience excruciatingly the growing pains in a spectacle****...


***['spectacle' might be mis-spelling or mis-use of the phrase 'in a spectacular fashion' - but we get the gist of what is being said here.]




Gong Woo-Jin / Yang Se-Jong


▶ Gong Woo-Jin (male, 17 to 30 years old / Set Designer)


Woo-Jin is, thirty but seventeen.


13 years ago, when at 17 one day, Woo-Jin's heart became shut.


After that day, that heart once closed has not grown since and,


Somehow quickly, Woo-Jin has become a 30 year old adult whose heart has not matured.


A set designer who shrinks all things down to 40:1 ratio from actual size to create a replica.

That is Woo-Jin's occupation.


Without fail taking out his tape measure, whatever his eyes come across he cuts things down to size - thanks to this occupational disease, being mistaken for a pervert or getting picked on into fights is all part of his day.


However the real problem is, even his heart that he must give to another he lives on with, in that shrunken down state.


When he walks the streets, he goes about with his ears plugged with ear-phone always.


Music does not flow. Merely a kind of signal he's sending others.


'Do not speak to me. Do not come near,' that smoke signal.


Finding out about others, letting others know about self, getting entangled with anyone, he does none of the above.


This Woo-Jin who is always ready to shut off the world,


In a word, is a 'Spam-Man'. [Haha, meaning 'Spam-Blocked Male', I believe.]


However he is neither a cold-wind blowing ice-blooded nor a boring man, in the end.


With a straight face, throwing out perfectly timed punchlines, matchlessly unique sense of humor that strangely draws your gaze, curiously making you want to comprehend him better, he is exuding with a particular peculiar fragrance.


According to his nephew Chan's words, Woo-Jin's is a "Half seasoned, half fried life."


After living about half a year in feverish working mode, the remaining half the year he turns into a Bohemian ('gypsy'), is why.


After finishing a certain number of projects, one day he would just up and leave, renting out a camping car and going fishing, taking photos, taking in performances. Going around to purchase work-related objects,*** etc., traveling the world over living a nomadic life as he feels led.
*** ["l'objet d'art" implied from Korean spelling - French pronunciation ob-je'.]


Towards the end of the half-year rest, because of his moppy hair and the beard covering his face, sporting a BaYa-Ba*** look, getting mistaken for the abominable snowman, but being away from the noisy world and spending that alone time, that half year rest for him is a much needed must time.
*** [Korean reference to this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBMUjdVgFQw ]


Thus having lived cut off from other people and the world, this 'Spam-Man' Woo-Jin. One day somehow somewhere gets to meet the much-weird 30 year old Seo-Ri and. And very gradually slowly 'Spam Recovery' process begins...




Yoo Chan - by Ahn Hyo-Seob


▶ Yoo Chan (male, 6→19 y.o.) Tae-San High School Rowing Ace


Woo-Jin's nephew (on mom's side). Bruce Lee's famous quote, "Don't Think, Feel!" is his life motto.


Why do such a thing as think? So complicated. Go with the feeling! "Don Sink, Peel"** is what he always shouts, but
In actuality an individual ill-informed on even the correct spelling of the word 'Feel' (with an F).***


** [How a heavily Korean accented "Don't think, feel!" sounds to our English ears.]
***[Because Korean alphabet/consonants lack an 'F' sound, many words are substitute-pronounced with a 'P', so Peel instead of Feel.]


Thanks to a parent who worked in Germany as doctor, he was German-born and lived there until the age of 10.****


****[This part doesn't mesh with not being able to distinguish between a P and an F if he's German born and supposedly fluent in German, but I digress.]


Having grown up much loved, there's no 'wrinkle' about him, not warped, is good-natured, optimistic and generous.


Currently at Tae-San high school, captain of the crew team, and as for his abilities, the very top of all high schoolers nation-wide.


As one with a physique larger than most grown ups and an 'energizer' overflowing with 'fighting' (spirited), with his natural-born athleticism*** within sight of Mongolians.****
In addition, with tenacity, effort, and mojo all included, this is a natural-born sportsman.


***['animal-like' athleticism it actually says, LoL.]
****[LoL, ignore this culturally cluelessly insenstive statement by a middle aged female Korean writer.]


Normally a jolly young man with an attractively vigrous laughter, but at least while doing sports he changes into an extremely competitive individual with a firey zeal to win.


This sportsman Chan(ee) reeking of sweat smells can seem rough and unsophisticated, but inside he is a high-schooler with an unexpectedly warm heart. Because he has lived just playing sports from early on, he is quite innocent (unspoiled/immature), above all else a beautiful child who already knows the preciousness of people around him, and in particular his love for his little brother, 'little chickling', is very special.


When both of his parents full of humanitarian ideals suddenly leave for Africa to do medical missions work, he gets to go live at Uncle Woo-Jin's house. He gets to meet the somewhat strange Seo-Ri who claims she's 30 in age only but in actuality just 17 years old. However this 'ahjumma' (Seo-Ri), when you watch her behaving and thinking so innocently bordering on looking like an idiot, actually 17 seems to be correct. The 17 year-old girl's pure/innocent look hidden inside the 30 year old outward appearance starting to show glimpses of.


Slowly she begins to feel (to Chan) like same-age buddy, nay, even like a little sister.


Ultimately, transcending 'age', Chan, who is becoming closer bosom buddies with Seo-Ri.
Thus Chan is becoming to Seo-Ri a faithful, dependable individual but...






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Don't quote images.

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[Exclusive] Yang Se-Jong x Shin Hye-Sun - SBS 'Thirty But Seventeen' Casting - ExtraTrendy Stars Meet




From: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/03/23/2018032301399.html


[Exclusive] Yang Se-Jong x Shin Hye-Sun - SBS 'Thirty and Yet Seventeen' Casting - ExtraTrendy Stars Meet (temporary working title in English)


Story written by Jo Sung-Hee, who last worked with SHS in 'She Was Pretty' (on MBC 2015)



more to come....



I am saving the first post for actual details of the drama when we hear more. That post will probably be edited, along with this one.


There's not much of any info on this at this point. But YSJ is set on it I think, and SHS is in 'serious consideration' of the offer, it sounds like.  So my guess WAS this is a 25 y.o. actor playing the role of a 17 year old teenage soul, trapped in a 30 year old man-body, in love with a 29 y.o. hottie actress (oori Shin Hye-Sun, hopefully) playing an extra hottie 29 y.o. office co-worker or o-god I hope not another desperate dirt-spoon.


Not exactly a novel plot, but hey, I'm easy. :phew:



It's about a 17-yo genius female violinist on her way to a German conservatory who has an accident and goes into coma for 13 long years, then wakes up suddenly as a 30-yo woman!  Woo Suh-Ree is how her name is pronounced!

:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub: + :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub: + :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:


This is DAEBAK NEWS!!!


This sounds like a done deal. Where do I sign?? B)


@cadymcbronzie @Ni Wen @Daisy Str @Nymeria289 @titania1000 @golden19 @mglthrw8 @larus @loveirina1 @Cache Sand 



In the meantime, there are about 50 articles with the same exact minimal verbiage in Korean media, all with slightly different pics of the pair, so let's collect those pics while we wait, shall we?



From http://www.xportsnews.com/jenter/?ac=article_nview&entry_id=955888



From http://moaboza.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=n1&wr_id=160721


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57 minutes ago, dulcinea1 said:

The plot sounds like Big (the drama starte by Gong Yoo).

I like Yang Se-Jong and I hope he acepts a comedy, he suffered a lot in Temperature of Love.

Woo Seo-Rhee (pronounced like  Woo Suh-Rhee) sounds like korean word, 웃어라 , or simply 우서라 , 'Woo Suh Rah', which is an imperative form of the word , to laugh. So you're telling her to laugh (or smile) when you say, hey, "woo suh rah". :smile::smiley::relieved::innocent:  Yep, sounds like a Rom Com. :kiss_wink:


At least I hope so, she probably won't wake up happy. If SHS takes this role, it'll be:


SF (Murdered) -> MGL (tried suicide) -> HoD (to be dead, April) -> 30y17 (13yo coma) !!!


That's definite uptrend in my book, ladies and gentlemen. Oh hi, @dulcinea1, Welcome !!









Just replace the saw with the violin bow already. There, my gifs of her high school years sealed the deal for her audition for this role, I am certain of it! :tounge_xd: Help me indulge my FANtasy, chingoos!




This is what I envision when she's doing the 17-yo part. No need for a stand-in 'young' actress part. See, she says 'deal'.


The more I think about it, this is gona be a killer role, but more realistic than 'Big' because she really would be only 17 inside - how would the 25 yo YSJ perceive her? It could be actually be an Aegyo explosion from SHS. So much to anticipate.... Sorry for the hyperventilation on my part - she's only just 'seriously considering' the role so far. :grimace:




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I hope this is a light hearted drama.... @meechuttso at least the drama starts with her waking up from coma not ending with it....our luck is improving

Also this will be fun....imagine being 17 year old teen stannig Fin K.L. , S.E.S. , Shinhwa, Sechs Kies to waking up to seeing Red Velvet, BTS, Mamamoo and Eric Mun, Eungene, Lee Hyori all married and Seung Jae, Lo Hee being on tv and famous. :D

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2 hours ago, triplem said:



Thank you! @triplem, you rock!


Ahn Hyo Seop In Talks To Star In New Drama Alongside Shin Hye Sun And Yang Se Jong


Ahn Hyo Seop may be joining Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong for upcoming SBS drama “I’m 30 but 17” (literal translation).


His agency Starhaus Entertainment stated, “Ahn Hyo Seop received an offer to star in ‘I’m 30 but 17’ and is currently reviewing it. His appearance has not been confirmed yet.”


“I’m 30 but 17” is a drama about a 17-year-old star violinist who gets into an accident and wakes up 13 years later when her body is 30 years old.


If Ahn Hyo Seop decides to accept the role, he will be playing Yoo Chan, the captain of the rowing club of Taesan High School. He is a high-spirited athlete with fortitude and strength. Although he is a boy with hearty laughter and a charming, cheerful personality, he is competitive when it comes to sports.


Ahn Hyo Seop is already confirmed for the web drama “Top Management” (working title) and JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” (literal title) although the latter has been postponed due to Kim Yoo Jung‘s health problems.


“I’m 30 but 17” will air sometime in July.


Oooooooooh, a most worthy 2nd male lead!  - two boys fighting over a 17yo girl trapped in a 30yo body.  Sounds so silly and absolutely ridiculous....ly FUN! :wub:


Welcome back to the thread everyone! Re-opened for business.







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Wow wee!!!!!!! :grin:  Thanks for calling me here! This is great news and @meechuttso you sure are fast to start this thread!!! Im liking this story and I hope she accepts this and confirms soon! Our girl is surely keeping herself very very busy! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Both of them confirmed for this drama, yayyy! :blush:




Shin Hye Sun And Yang Se Jong Confirm Casting In Upcoming SBS Drama




Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong will be the leads of SBS’s new drama!


“I’m 30 But 17” (literal translation) is scheduled to air after “Wok of Love” ends in July and will be directed by Jo Soo Won and written by Jo Sung Hee. On May 16, a source from the drama stated that Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong, who had previously only been in talks, had confirmed their casting.


This will be Shin Hye Sun’s second project with screenwriter Jo Sung Hee after they worked together on “She Was Pretty.” Her role is that of Woo Seo Ri, who has been in a coma for 13 years, giving her the body of a 30-year-old woman and the mindset of a 17-year-old girl.


Yang Se Jong will be playing the role of Gong Woo Jin, a stage designer who was the victim of trauma at 17 and has closed himself off from other people ever since.

Other actors in talks to appear in the drama include Ahn Hyo Seop and Ye Ji Won.



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Update: Ahn Hyo Seop Confirmed For New Drama With Shin Hye Sun And Yang Se Jong

Updated May 17 KST:

Ahn Hyo Seop is joining SBS’s upcoming drama “I’m 30 but 17” (literal translation).

On Mat 17, his agency Starhaus Entertainment confirmed that the actor will be playing the character Yoo Chan.

“I’m 30 but 17” is scheduled to air after “Wok of Love” comes to an end.


Original Article:

Ahn Hyo Seop may be joining Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong for upcoming SBS drama “I’m 30 but 17” (literal translation).

His agency Starhaus Entertainment stated, “Ahn Hyo Seop received an offer to star in ‘I’m 30 but 17’ and is currently reviewing it. His appearance has not been confirmed yet.”

“I’m 30 but 17” is a drama about a 17-year-old star violinist who gets into an accident and wakes up 13 years later when her body is 30 years old.

If Ahn Hyo Seop decides to accept the role, he will be playing Yoo Chan, the captain of the rowing club of Taesan High School. He is a high-spirited athlete with fortitude and strength. Although he is a boy with hearty laughter and a charming, cheerful personality, he is competitive when it comes to sports.

Ahn Hyo Seop is already confirmed for the web drama “Top Management” (working title) and JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” (literal title) although the latter has been postponed due to Kim Yoo Jung‘s health problems.

“I’m 30 but 17” will air sometime in July.


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