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  1. Yeah, totally agree with you. I was completely mesmerized by her awesome acting especially in emotional scenes. So happy for her that 3017 is quite a success till now.
  2. I got goosebumps watching Yoon Jin in the face-to-face confrontation with her aweful mother-in-law. Really love how the story is developing and the way Yoon Jin and Eun Young step by step collaborate in their attempt to uncover the truth beneath Min Ji's hit and run case. In previous episodes I felt angry whenever Han Jae Yeol showed up but now I find his dumb face so hilarious LOL. Don't know whether he is so naive or stupid that he thought a bunch of flowers could mend his broken relationship with his wife .
  3. Wow, it will be really interesting to see SHS in 17 yo part. I like her look in Five Children, super adorable. I haven't seen any dramas of Yang Se Yong but he is told to be a good actor and of course quite handsome man LOL. July is coming. I am so excited
  4. @larushaha, I guess Han Jae Yeol kept Min Ji's stuffs there. The creepy ending of ep 10 may make us think about Hyeon Joo (dead or alive) but it does not make sense to keep a dead body in the warehouse and HJY does not seem to know where HJ is, either.
  5. I like the scene when Yoon Jin grabbed the shovel with her eyes filled with anger . It looked like she was gonna kill him. I want him on his knees begging for her forgiveness LOL. It is too hard for Yoon Jin to make a decision now but towards the end of the drama we will see if he deserves her forgiveness or not.
  6. These two eps are interesting and intense. I really hate Han Jae Yeol. He is a loser as a husband as well as a police chief. He has gone against the ethics of a police officer when he turned a blind eye to his mother's wrongdoings. He knew his mother fabricated the footage but did not do anything to defend his wife. He should step down from his post as police chief (though I know for sure he will never do that). Whenever I see his face on the screen, I feel so irritated . I am glad that Yoon Jin still have a doctor by her side as a good friend and detective Ha believes and helps her. I am confused whether it is detective Ha or director Park's man who grabbed Eun Young. I do not want to see Eun young in danger again. She has just waken up and is still very weak. It is good that she does not lose her memory.
  7. Thanks for clearing my confusion. So there is a little likelihood of HJ being alive. Can not wait for next Saturday.
  8. I also think that Hyeon Joo is dead but there is one behind-the-scene picture of her with Kim So Yeon and the orphanage headmistress makes me wonder if Hyeon Joo is alive and living with her there ??? And why one shoe was in the garden? Whether she is kidnapped, killed and buried there or she managed to escape? As one shoe was left on the accident scene. Walking with only one high-heel shoe is not realistic ....... Han Jae Yeol seemed unnatural and distant with her wife. Maybe that is the reason why we can not feel any chemistry between them. I am also a fan of Song Yun ah thanks to her performance in Hotelier aired so long ago. I think Hotelier is far better than many Korean dramas nowadays. Han Jae Yeol is really a cunning man. I also got chills when he made use of Lisa's kindness and sympathy toward Yoon Jin to stop her from going to tell Yoon Jin everything she knew. If the affair happened before he met and married Yoon Jin, there is no need to hide his wife cause Hyun Joo was ex-girlfriend. Hence, in my opinion, they were in an extramarital affair. Both he and his mother are my prime suspects. I hope Yoon Jin will not tell her husband what she knows. If she does that, I am sure Han Jae Yeol will find other ways to cover up it. She had better collaborate with Lisa and detective Ha to find the truth.
  9. I guess the mysterious man who pushed Lisa over the rail works for Han Jae Yeol or his mother. It does not matter to me whether Han Jae Yeol is a good or bad person, in my eyes he is such a pervert. He blamed Lisa's sister for what she did to his family but he did not acknowlege it was wrong of him to start a love affair with her. He is the one who is also responsible for his daughter's death. Had he not entered such relationship with Kim Hyun Jeon, nothing could have happend. He sure has reasons to conceal the truth. His mother may know everything but in order to save her son's face and protect his career, she hid the CCTV to prevent Yoon Jin from investigating more. It is so painful for Yoon Jin to know that her husband betrayed her. Poor Lisa. She must have thought her sister got hurt because of Yoon jin, now it turned out that it was her sister who had caused so much pain for YJ. After watching ep 8, there is only one thing I can be sure of that is Lisa will be alive. How can a main lead die when the drama is still in its first half ?
  10. Exactly it is. Whenever I see her with the gold digger, I feel nervous as if I was the one who is having an affair LOL. With her naive face and funny gestures, she knows how to convey her emotions very well. I do not remember her in any dramas before but I think she is a good actress
  11. @larus I hear you are calling me . I have to zoom in to confirm who are in those above pictures . I laughed out loud when realizing it was the swimming instructor aka gold digger .
  12. Though controversial as this drama is, I am satisfied with the ending as well as the whole drama. It is the first time I saw Kim Myung Min in small screen but he absolutely surprised me with his excellent performance. Kim Hyun Joo and Ra Min Ran are both versatile and seasoned artists. There is nothing to blame about the cast. P/s: the ending is beyond my expectation LOL. Congratulations to the screenwriter who was very brave and adventurous to develop a weird plot into a successful drama!
  13. I am so glad to see all my favourite actresses coming back this summer. Love Bae Doona to bits in Sense8. I haven't watched the Japanese version but I hope the remake will have its own beauties and values.
  14. With these two talented and beautiful actresses as main leads, it is a pity if they don't have a chance to show their charm in a romance Yes, though controversial as K2 may be, one thing can't be denied is that SYA is still the star of the show.
  15. Though this drama is of thriller suspense genre, it is still a weekend drama. So I think they will add up some romance and hilarity (like the trio Gangnam moms LOL) to make it look less heavy. P/s: You can see in the drama Lawless Lawyer, the rating skyrocketed when the main couple had bed scene . Our drama seems not very popular among Korean viewers. Does it need something extremely surprising to help increase the viewership
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