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  1. Just watched the first two episodes and I have got to say, I'm impressed!!! This drama has the perfect combination of lightheartedness mixed with solemn scenes that move you to tears . I especially liked the scene where woo seori woke up from her coma and was so confused and in pain that she started crying saying she didn't want to 30. Shin hye sun did an amazing job in that scene. Although this kind of situations don't often occur in real life, when they do occur it's really heartbreaking. Most people don't wake up from long term coma. And the lucky ones that have the privilege of waking up from their coma after many years are forced into a reality that they no longer recognize and into a life that they didn't choose. At that scene, Eventhough I don't have the experience of this kind of trauma, I understood and felt everything that shin hye sun's character was feeling. The child actors also did a wonderful job. They embodied their characters very well. I loved young woo seori's dedication to becoming an accomplished violinist. Even though her path to getting there is now changed, I am eager to seeing how she's going to make her dream come true.Young woo jin determination to getting to know young seori was heartwarming. I also enjoyed the scene where young hyung tae proposes to young wooseori . He also didn't forget her and became a doctor and is now looking for her ( as I saw from the preview). And ofcourse, yang se jong , ahn hyo seop and ye ji won also did a good job in their scenes too!!! Overall, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I can't wait to see how their story unfolds. P.s I was really worried that shin hye sun's character would be too childish but I was wrong. So far, her character embodies the emotional capacity and behaviour of a 17 year old girl. And shin hye sun did a really good job portraying her.
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