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  1. Am translating the first three sentences of the post. Sweet HaeDal couple fisherman (a bit lost in translation for 어부바). From father, oppa and soon to be honey. Start your tiring Monday sweetly.
  2. The individual character posters are out! Can't wait to meet them on 19 Nov Poster of the cast of the film 'Mount Baekdu' The Action Adventure genre film tells the story of people who are struggling to prevent the eruption of the Baekdu volcano in North Korea. Bae Suzy as Seo Ji-young: Cho In-chang's wife who is struggling in Seoul to survive in the midst of a disaster. Lee Byung Hun as Lee Joon-pyeong: Secret agent of the North Korean armed forces who have important information to prevent the last explosion of Mount Baekdu. Ha Jung Woo as Cho In-chang: South Korean EOD member included in a secret explosion prevention operation. Ma Dong Seok as Kang Bong Rae: A geology professor who has studied preventive measures and anticipated explosions. Jeon Hye Jin as Jeon Yoo Kyung: South Korean government official.
  3. HEOL! Go read the synopsis for Ep 14! The one who got Oh Sang Mi released from prison is the Prime Minister And what is this... Ep 14 is showing tonight?? Quit playing games with my heart, SBS!
  4. Yup, I'm aware. And from the new pictures that surfaced online yesterday, I am sure there will be that scene of them seated facing each other. Can't wait
  5. New still cuts, possibly for Ep 14 NIS agents including Go Haeri, Ki Taewoong, Kang Joochul, Gong Hwasook and Kim Sehun all gathered together to pay tribute to their colleagues who lost their lives in Morocco. Production company Celltrion Entertainment praised Suzy’s passion for doing the best in the scenes. “Please pay attention and watch until the last broadcast of Vagabond, which will bring Go Haeri’s fierce performance with variety of charms." cr. foreverbaesuzyy
  6. Hahahaha... he is very YUMMY indeed If Oh Sang Mi is the killer, she really wasn't convincing enough that she cannot defend herself against the cell mates. Hahahahaha Either that or just another assassin. She was fantastic in Assassination, so she would make an interesting cameo if it is indeed the case.
  7. BTS pictures of Seung Gi, Suzy and Teo Yoo I am really curious if we ever gonna see the light of the first picture (possibly a scene). Wonder what's all that about DITTO! I thought it was kinda weird that the pace of discussion is extremely slow. Was wondering perhaps the English subbed episode is readily available on Netflix within an hour of its broadcast in Korea. Maybe that is why not many viewers are active to do a live recap. Anyway, I am looking forward to Ep 14! Instead of Season 2, I would very much prefer a movie spin-off and end it off with a Big Bang! There are plenty of loose ends which I would like to see answered. Yes, that opening scene in Kingdom of Kiria, North Africa where Dalgun is aiming to take a shot (unknowingly) at Haeri. I would like to think that they are secretly working together. There is that one particular scene whereby Haeri slung a pistol underneath her dress. Were they planning to take down more than NIS and VIP? 1. Did Micky kill Michael? Was Micky his mistress? 2. How in the world, is Jerome still alive? I really don't mind that at all... and was he the one who took a shot at Lily? 3. Who was the one monitoring the screens of what's happening in Morocco? Edward? 4. Who is the tattooed killer which Kim Woo Gi warned Oh Sang Mi about? And why is it she is released early? 5. So far, we have only seen one cameo appearance. What about the supposedly cameos by Jun Ji Hyun, Yook Sung Jae, Yoo Dong Gun, Sung Joon and Cha Seung Won? Ooohhh... come what may, I will do a marathon of all 15 episodes before the finale! Gonna enjoy the last three episodes and hopefully, they will achieve even better ratings
  8. 'Vagabond' Jang Hyuk Jin; Lee Seung Gi will apologise every time he hit me Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003227329 Just translating the juicy parts of Jang Hyuk Jin's recent interview Whenever Seung Gi cursed at me and even beat me, he would say "I'm sorry... hyung, are you ok?" I said, "Don't worry. I'm fine, so make yourself comfortable." Such consideration made Lee Seung Gi more immersed in acting and he was able to express his feelings better. "When filming in Morocco, there were quite a lot of scenes riding in the car together with Seung Gi, Suzy, Shin Sung Rok and Shin Seung Hwan. We (the actors) have talked more often after the shooting. And recently, we met again at Suzy's birthday party and we became even closer."
  9. Lee Seung Gi And Suzy Dial Up The Romantic Feels In “Vagabond” Read the article here -- https://www.soompi.com/article/1361289wpp/lee-seung-gi-and-suzy-dial-up-the-romantic-feels-in-vagabond Can't wait for this scene! Am sure it's gonna be funny amidst all the drama onboard the ship and what awaits them upon docking
  10. The corners of Chief's lips... you're mine! You're mine Most definitely referring to his smile
  11. Check out the still cuts for Episode 11... gaaahhh! Gonna be thrilling once they reach the port
  12. I thought I was seeing things... Haeri shooting with her left hand. And indeed she was! Can't wait to see her development in the remaining six episodes
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