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[Drama 2018] Terius Behind Me/ My Secret Terius 내 뒤에 테리우스


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Son Ho Jun Transforms Into A Secretive Villain For “Terius Behind Me”

by esspee

Son Ho Jun will turn into a villain for his role in MBC’s upcoming drama “Terius Behind Me.”

“Terius Behind Me” will tell the story of a legendary secret agent who disappeared and a woman who is his neighbor and gets swept up in a war of espionage.

Son Ho Jun will appear as Jin Yong Tae, the CEO of a luxury imported goods shop named J International. On the surface, he seems to be importing and selling handmade Italian bags, but he’s also carrying out covert tasks.

In the stills, Son Ho Jun is dining at a high-end restaurant with someone and looks at the other person with a cold, strong gaze. He’s dressed in a luxurious suit and sporting a neat hairstyle that accentuates his perfectionist personality.

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Actor Jo Tae-gwan turns into a brutal killer from MBC "Terius behind me". 


Jo Tae-gwan plays the role of a gunman 'Kay' . With the poison injection, the technician who cleverly conceals the murder, and the psychopath without the expression, was announced. It will be a threat by hovering beside Black Agent  (So Ji Sub) who hides his identity and ordinary woman Ae-rin (Jeong In-sun) living in his front house.

In the photo released on the 29th, Kay's suspicious movements across Poland's streets were caught. (Google translation)




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20 hours ago, Prettysup said:

One question, is the premier date for this drama fixed already? How is it able to premier on Sept 19th when its predecessor 'Time' only end on Sept 20th ??


It is September 26th acording to Wikipedia. I will corect the day of premiere. Thanks.



UNIQ’s Sungjoo And Jasper Cho Are Two Very Different Kinds Of Agents For “Terius Behind Me”


by nature1010


Though they may not be on the same side, UNIQ’s Sungjoo and Jasper Cho (Cho Tae Kwan) show that they are completely different types of agents for “Terius Behind Me.”

The upcoming MBC drama is about a legendary black ops agent and his neighbor who jump into an information war as they work together to find the truth behind a conspiracy.

Sungjoo will be playing genius hacker and NIS data and communications agent Ra Do Woo. Though he has deft hands and the brains to take apart complicated devices like they’re toys, he is the type of person who does exactly the opposite of what is expected, making it his motto to live a “crooked” life. He also is interested in NIS agent Yoo Ji Yeon (played by Im Se Mi).


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1222427wpp/uniqs-sungjoo-jasper-cho-two-different-kinds-agents-terius-behind

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Watch: So Ji Sub Is Black Ops Agent Gone Rogue In Intense Teaser For “Terius Behind Me”

by jeeelim5



MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” has dropped a new teaser video for the upcoming series.

On August 30, MBC shared a charismatic and thrilling teaser video of black ops agent Kim Bon (played by So Ji Sub). He has a steely glint in his eye as he is surrounded by high tech equipment, with determination and weight of responsibility emanating from him.

The beautiful scenery of Warsaw, Poland, and the grand scale of the drama also leave a deep impression on viewers. Warsaw will be a key location to unlocking the secrets of Kim Bon, a former black ops agent for the National Intelligence Service who disappears without a trace.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1222583wpp/watch-ji-sub-black-ops-agent-gone-rogue-intense-teaser-terius-behind

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In Poland with So Ji-sub for spy drama Terius Behind Me

by tineybeanie


Hunkalicious ajusshi So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus) is coming back to the small screen with a new spy drama called Terius Behind Me. It’s being brought to us by the same writer from rags-to-riches drama Shopping King Louis, so I’m expecting there to be a ton of wacky humor. The teaser is super serious and a little typical of the spy genre, but I can’t help being suckered in by So Ji-sub’s lost puppy dog eyes.

Terius Behind Me is about a legendary black ops agent who disappeared from the intelligence community. The newly released 20-second teaser shows the charismatic spy side of So, as he disappears perfectly into the crowds of Warsaw, despite the satellite-cam tracking him as its primary target. The copy then reads: “Black ops agent Terius has disappeared!”




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Guest belami-js

As someone said before how a tall, gorgeous, Asian man like SJS could ever just blend in with the crowd in Warsaw or any other city!!

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 Yep. Tall dapper handsome well built man stood out. Just look at him!




I didn't watch his previous drama Oh My Venus but I'm gonna watch this cos I like the spy action story plus he's like Korea's James Bond with this drama.


No messin' with Terius. He's a spy! globe trottin around..  beginning in Poland



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Jung In Sun stills



In the public photos, there is a busy morning routine of Chung In-sun, roaring with a scoop and a flap in both hands, reminiscent of a busy morning




Jung In Sun Transforms Into A Busy Single Mother In Upcoming Spy Drama “Terius Behind Me”

by blessedkpop



MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” released new stills of Jung In Sun as a single mother.

“Terius Behind Me” is a spy romantic comedy about single mother Go Ae Rin (Jung In Sun) and her neighbor Kim Bon (So Ji Sub). The two are involved in a mysterious incident, to which former con man Jin Yong Tae (Son Ho Jun) holds the key.

Go Ae Rin is a character who gave up on her dreams and social life to focus on raising her two children. Although she wanted to pursue a wonderful career as a full-fledged programmer after graduating from the Department of Computer Science at an engineering college, her marriage at an early age led her to become a single mother.

The photo shows Jung In Sun’s busy morning life as she holds a ladle in one hand and a spatula in the other. Judging from the flour on her face, a little girl’s pink hairband on her head, and a cranky grimace on her face, it is obvious she’s having a rough morning. The war-like routine, which has made her into a spiteful, stubborn woman, will fill the viewers’ homes with pleasant laughter.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1225171wpp/jung-sun-transforms-busy-single-mother-upcoming-spy-drama-terius-behind

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11 hours ago, triplem said:

@supergal99 Glad to see you here. Looks like our baby Sol’s mama, is putting her mama skills to good use . Two kids!! Where got time to romance the hawt neighbour:lol:


Ooiyoo triplem, of coz she will "squeeze" some time to squeeze her superhot neighbour's abs ops ops erhm.. i mean to romance her very hot neighbour hahahaa...:grimace: (our single mom need a "kindergarten cop" heh...hee...)


*uh oh u mentioned BB Sol -> no choice she need to rap*:tounge_xd:


:P mmm... ya her kids in this drama so much "older":grimace:


Oh this funny actor (not sure of his name ops...) is in this drama too.:lol:

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Im Se Mi stills



Im Se Mi, who plays the role of NIS Elite agent Ji Yeon, who has cool judgment and leadership, showed an infinite affection for her work, saying, "It was so fun that I had read it all at once in the first script."

"I was especially attracted by the fact that the job of 'Ji Yeon-yeon' character is NIS agent. I'm excited because I think I can show a new face. "


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September 7 2018

Teaser trailer #1 for MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me”


Teaser trailer #1 for MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me” starring So Ji-Sub and Jung In-Sun. The teaser trailer has agent Kim Bon (So Ji-Sub) sitting in his apartment when he begins to hear a Morse Code like tapping against the wall. He puts his ear to the wall and responds. Meanwhile, two daughters in the next door apartment are playing with the wall, when their mother comes by.

Meanwhile, here’s still images of So Ji-Sub from the drama series. So Ji-Sub plays a legendary NIS agent. 3 years ago, an operation he was working on failed and the woman he loved died. After that, he disappeared. But his neighbor gets him involved in a new case.

“Terius Behind Me” first airs September 26, 2018 in South Korea.



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