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[Drama 2018] Terius Behind Me/ My Secret Terius 내 뒤에 테리우스


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When I heard that Lee Yoo Young accepted the role in Dear Judge, I thought that she turned down the offer from MBC drama too. “Dear Judge” first airs July, 2018 and we assume that Terius Behind Me will start filming in August, at least. We`ll see which actress will take the role.

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32 minutes ago, jongski said:

I wonder why. Perhaps her character in Dear Judge appealed more to her?


Yes, it must be this. Or she will take both dramas if the schedules will permit. I doubt it through. Asianwiki said that Lee Yoo-Young also received an offer to play the lead female role in MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me,” but declined that offer to play in “Dear Judge.”


Whatever it is, we`ll have another heroine soon. I am really curious who will be their other choice.


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On 26.05.2018 at 3:09 PM, jongski said:

Gotta be someone out there that can complement SJS age wise, character wise.  I'm confused mostly about the character so I don't know.


I hope for an actress close in age too. Lee Yoo-Young is in her late twenties but she looks mature. She is a good actress too. She would have been a good choice.  There are lots of actresses who could take the role. Let`s see who they have in mind. The casting director knows better what it will be the best for this drama.


They still have time to cast the heroine and the other supporting cast. In a way I will like when they had the final casting and then announcing the actors but I wish for more news also.

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Son Ho Jun And Yoo In Na In Talks To Join So Ji Sub In New Drama



Son Ho Jun and Yoo In Na may be joining So Ji Sub in a new drama!

It was reported on May 28 that Son Ho Jun and Yoo In Na would be joining the upcoming MBC drama “Terius Behind Me” (literal title).

A spokesperson for MBC responded to the reports by stating that nothing had been confirmed yet and both actors were still considering their offers. A source from YG Entertainment also responded and said, “It is true that the two actors received offers to appear in the drama. They are grateful for the offers and are currently in talks.”

If Son Ho Jun and Yoo In Na agree to join the drama, they will be working alongside So Ji Sub, who confirmed his appearance earlier this year.







Son Ho-joon will play Jin-yong Tae if he will confirm. Jin Young Tae is a notorious business man who has been a multi - stage business and former cheater and has been a shameless passion without conscience or guilt. I guess he is the husband and Yoo In Na will be the wife,  the heroine who will investigate his disappearance with Terius. 


I read earlier that Yoo In Na has another offer for the heroine in  Hitting on the Blind Boss a secretary who falls in love with her boss who has facial recognition disorder.  Let see which ofer she will choose. MBC Terius Behind Me has already an airing date but KBS2 drama has yet to be be decided. We`ll see which project has more appeal for Yoo In Na. On paper MBC drama seems to be more interesting but who knows?

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2 hours ago, triplem said:

Yes...is Yoo In Na confirmed??...I really don't mind. I like her.....


Not yet but it is a high possibility.


YG entertainment officials and MBC officials said that they are not confirmed yet, saying that the proposal for Yoo In Na and Son Ho Joon is correct but it is under review.



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It looks like Yoo In Na did not accept the role in MBC drama Terius Behind Me. Maybe she decided to appear in the other drama she had an offer.  But let see other articles to confirm the news for sure.



A drama official said on the 9th day of the sports day, "The final screening of Terius' after the MBC new drama 'Yoo In Na' was finalized."

I was ahead of myself, and I was talking to him in a positive way, thinking about his appearance on 'Terius behind me', but he did not appear at the end.


So Ji-sub, Son Ho-joon, and Im Semi decided to appear earlier and they are reviewing the heroine.





Let see who will receive the offer next.


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@larus I'm familiar with her face, I've seen her in some dramas. but not really familiar with the actress.  So  she's the second one that refuses the offer. . What's with the character in the drama anyway?  The first choice actress did not accept and now this one too. I guess actors/tress doesn't commit to a drama until they can compare another offer see which one weighs more or which character appeals more. I wonder how they choose w/c drama  and character to take on.. is it the story or is it the character?


Sorry for the off topic there in a way. Just odd like another atcress decided to take another offer.. so wondering if the character is not that  appealing.

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2 hours ago, jongski said:

What's with the character in the drama anyway?  The first choice actress did not accept and now this one too. I guess actors/tress doesn't commit to a drama until they can compare another offer see which one weighs more or which character appeals more. I wonder how they choose w/c drama  and character to take on.. is it the story or is it the character?



I won`t worry too much. I have a fresh memory of last year with the drama Falsify where 4 actresses refused the role until it was sealed with Uhm Ji Won. It was a good role.  They`ve started filming and they did not have a heroine on board. :lol:


It looks like both Lee Yoo-Young and Yoo In Na had multiple dramas offers. (Sometime actors/ actresses don`t have offers for years and other times they have too many). The other roles could have been more appealing for them. It doesn`t mean it is something wrong with this one but there is still a risk. We`ll see when the drama will air if the female role or the drama in its entirety was a good choice for the actors.

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No news about the heroine yet.


Another translation of the article about Yoo In Na not taking the role in Terius Behind Me



The meeting between actress Yoo In Na and actor So Ji Sub failed.

Yoo In Na has finally rejected appearing in MBC's new drama "Terius Behind Me”, an official from the drama department said on Saturday, June 9th.
Yoo In Na was thinking about appearing in "Terius Behind Me" with so earlier and was talking positively, but it was concluded that she did not appear in the show.
"Terius Behind Me" is a romantic spy comedy between Go Ae Rin, a woman who raises a child and lives a lonely life, and Kim Bon, a mysterious neighbor. So Ji Sub has been cast first in the role of Kim Bon-soo, an NIS agent, and Yoo In Na tried to play Ko Ae Rin, a woman with two children.
So Ji Sub, #SonHoJun and #LimSeMi have decided to star in the film early on and are reviewing the female lead.
This September will be an episode of MBC.



From that translation, it looks like Go Ae Rin has a child too? Or two children? Maybe it is true or maybe not. A  Google translation is not accurate.   I did  not know that. Her husband is a jerk if they put them in such situation. He is dead or staged his death/ dissaperence?


I don`t worry about this role because I know they will find a suitable lady for the role but I am curious who will get the part.  I wonder if Lim Soo-Jung is available. Or maybe Kim Ah Joong, Kim Ok Bin? 

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Jung In Sun Confirmed For Leading Role Alongside So Ji Sub In New MBC Drama


Actress Jung In Sun has accepted the leading female role in MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” (literal translation).

“Terius Behind Me” will be a spy romantic comedy about single mother Go Ae Rin and her next-door neighbor Kim Bon.

So Ji Sub had previously been confirmed for the role of Kim Bon, a legendary black ops agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Jung In Sun will be playing the role of Go Ae Rin, a single mother who finds herself getting caught up in solving a conspiracy with Kim Bon. Yoo In Na was also reported to have been considering the role, but she eventually turned it down.

This will be her first project since appearing in the popular drama “Waikiki” earlier this year. A source from the drama stated, “Jung In Sun has been cast in the role of Go Ae Rin, and we believe she is the perfect actress for the role. We believe that So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun will have great chemistry, and they will create a high-quality spy romantic comedy.”






I don`t know the actress. The only drama I have seen her was Circle but I don`t remember her very well but she looks familiar.



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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung In-sun Joins So Ji-sub as Heroine of "Terius Behind Me"

by Vasia Orion on 2018/06/15 at 16:58 PST


Upcoming drama "Terius Behind Me" has finally secured both of its leads, and Jung In-sun is the civilian heroine whose luck is changed when stumbling on to the much more complicated hero. MBC previously confirmed that So Ji-sub had been cast as the legendary black ops spy, Kim Bon.

On Jung In-sun's casting, MBC officials have stated "In addition to So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun has been cast as the best possible actress to play heroine Go Ae-rin". That's some praise right there, so I'm glad the production got someone they wanted, and someone well loved, especially after "Laughter in Waikiki". The actress plays Go Ae-rin, a woman who suddenly loses her husband, and becomes involved in a huge conspiracy alongside Kim Bon, after moving next door to him.


more https://www.hancinema.net/orion-s-daily-ramblings-jung-in-sun-joins-so-ji-sub-as-heroine-of-terius-behind-me-119583.html



June 15 2018

Jung In-Sun cast in MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me”


Jung In-Sun is cast for the lead female role in MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me” (literal title) co-starring So Ji-Sub. For the drama series, Jung In-Sun will play Go Ae-Rin. Her husband suddenly passes away and she tries to uncover a conspiracy with the help of her neighbor Kim Bon (So Ji-Sub).

“Terius Behind Me” first airs September, 2018 in South Korea.





It is not clear for me. The husband will dissapear or he passes away?



K-actress Jung In Sun Cast as So Ji Sub`s Leading Lady in Drama Terius Behind Me



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Jung In-sun joins So Ji-sub in spy rom-com drama

by javabeans


I’m pleased to hear that Jung In-sun (Woohoo Waikiki) has scored a big role with the upcoming MBC series Terius Behind Me, which puts her in the leading role opposite So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus), who signed on earlier this year. She’s one of those actresses I’ve noticed every time I’ve seen her, whether it’s a lead role or side character, whether she’s being funny (Woohoo Waikiki) or paranoid (Circle) or vengeful (Mirror of the Witch), so I’m looking forward to seeing her here.

Terius Behind Me comes from the writer of the upbeat comedy Shopping King Louis and is described a “spy romantic comedy” series featuring a mysterious neighbor named Kim Bon and an unstoppable ajumma named Go Ae-rin. (At 27, I’d normally think “ajumma” is a bit of a stretch for Jung In-sun, but she did just play a single mom in Waikiki, so I can sort of see it. The “unstoppable” part especially!)


More http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/06/jung-in-sun-joins-so-ji-sub-in-spy-rom-com-drama/



12 minutes ago, MeritaG said:

She is the one who recently just broke up with her boyfriend, right? With the other supporting actor in the Laughter in Waikiki. 


 Yes. I did not watch Laughter in Waikiki but I read about her relationship and then broke up news. I did not know that I have seen her in Circle. I remember what character she played there now. It was a suporting role but she did well.


She looks young. I imagined an older actress for this role but if the casting director thought of her she must fit the role well.

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