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[Drama 2018] Terius Behind Me/ My Secret Terius 내 뒤에 테리우스


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:lol: new teaser - exchanging some "secret codes" hahaa:D



Thks to IG:


2 hours ago, plappi said:

They are not Go Ae Rin daughters, isnt it?


U mean the kids??:grimace:

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Watch: “Terius Behind Me” Shows What Happens When So Ji Sub, Rogue Spy, Is Neighbors With Children

by jun2yng



“Terius Behind Me,” a romantic comedy spy drama starring So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun, released a new teaser on September 7.

In contrast to the previous teaser, which has all the airs of some serious action and espionage, the newest teaser gives us a taste of what’s going to happen when rogue spy meets single mom and children.

In the teaser, So Ji Sub (as the rogue black ops agent Kim Bon) sits alone in his apartment, as various scenes of his life as a spy flash before his eyes. Hearing a mysterious sound through the wall, he goes to investigate. Cut to the other side of the wall, and Jung In Sun (as Go Ae Rin) and her children are also doing some investigating of their own of the noises from beyond the wall.

 more https://www.soompi.com/article/1227161wpp/watch-terius-behind-shows-happens-ji-sub-rogue-spy-neighbors-children
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[Orion's Daily Ramblings] So Ji-sub Meets His New Masters in Second Teaser for "Terius Behind Me"

byVasia Orion on 2018/09/07 at 17:24 PST

2018/09/07 | 1124 views | Permalink


There's no time for brooding and remembering one's dark past when the overlords come a-calling, and agent Kim Bon's new bosses are persistent. In what is an incredibly cute, and promising teaser, "Terius Behind Me" gives me everything I've been wanting in terms of the dynamics between the agent and his neighbors.

The death of Kim Bon's (So Ji-sub) lover in Poland has been pretty much confirmed with this video, but our hero has no time to contemplate about that for too long. Someone is knocking on his wall, and the text "Black ops agent Terius, respond" pops up. The dormant 'Terius' asks "Who are you?", and is rightfully alarmed over the possibility of an enemy when all that comes is more knocking.




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Mixed messages with the spy next door in MBC’s Terius Behind Me

by tipsymocha


I love some good spy hijinks. When the first teaser for MBC’s upcoming drama Terius Behind Me dropped, I had been a little disappointed at the lack of comedy, but this newest teaser has made up for that, and now I’m so looking forward to So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus) and Jung In-sun (Woohoo Waikiki) getting up to all sorts of spy trouble.

So Ji-sub plays the titular Terius, which is his code name, a legendary black ops agent who has withdrawn from the intelligence community for reasons I’m sure we’ll find out in the show, though I suspect it has something to do with a mission gone wrong abroad. In the teaser, Terius broods in his apartment as we get a handful of scenes intercut of him in Warsaw, Poland, including him holding an unconscious woman and a bullet casing.

He’s interrupted by a series of knocks through his wall, which he translates to code for, “Agent Terius, answer!” Cautiously, he then sends his own message, asking who it is… And it turns out to be Jung In-sun’s children, who are being the kids they are and banging on the wall mindlessly. Jung In-sun scolds her children for making so much noise, but they point out that their neighbor is banging right back, just as Terius asks again for an answer, lol.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/09/mixed-messages-with-the-spy-next-door-in-mbcs-terius-behind-me/

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Orion's Daily Ramblings] Jung In-sun Springs Into Hardcore Action as Single Parent for "Terius Behind Me"

 By Vasia Orion on 2018/09/05 at 17:14 PST


Secret agents are impressive, but you haven't seen skill until you see a single parent juggle two kids and a household. As the younger demon-child of one, I'm very looking forward to Jung In-sun's Go Ae-rin and her domestic superpowers in "Terius Behind Me", which we can see in brand new stills.

Ae-rin is someone who is completely devoted to her children, having left dreams of a stable career behind. She wanted to lead a brilliant life as a programmer for a great IT company after graduating from the Computer Science department of her engineering college, but life turned her into a single parent after her marriage at an early age.

I'm curious if the early premise of her having lost her husband still stands, and I'm even more curious about how she'll fit in with a secret agent. I'm hoping for a great dynamic here. I'm picturing her judging his dusty weapon collection and filling him with awe and terror when her housemom powers show their use in espionage. Give that to me, "Terius Behind Me".



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September 11 2018

Teaser trailer #2 for MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me”


Teaser trailer #2 added for MBC drama series “Terius Behind Me” starring So Ji-Sub and Jung In-Sun. Meanwhile, still images below is of So Ji-Sub as legendary NIS agent Kim Bon.

“Terius Behind Me” first airs September 26, 2018.




You Tube


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15 hours ago, triplem said:

Eeeeeeek. Watching SjS with the kids might cause ovary explosions @supergal99


:sweatingbullets: ooiyoo.. triplem u n your ovary explosions (again:P) hahaaa..:lol:..ah...wait.. i guess hers also exploded ...ahhh




Ok ok chill.. looks uri single mom super happy:




This set of pics for those who might suffer from...*cough~~* SLS (second lead syndrome):


:sweat_smile: the caption mentioned "sweating man" .

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So Ji Sub, Jung In Sun, And Son Ho Jun Raise Intrigue And Curiosity For “Terius Behind Me”

by jeeelim5


MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” has shared new stills of So Ji Sub, Jung In Sun, and Son Ho Jun falling in to their respective characters!

“Terius Behind Me” will tell the story of a legendary black ops agent who disappears and the woman who lives in the house in front of his who finds herself caught up in an espionage battle. So Ji Sub will be playing Kim Bon, a secret agent who has no choice but to hide his identity after a plan gone wrong while Jung In Sun will be Go Ae Rin, a woman who had given up her dreams and economic opportunities to focus on being a mother.

Their characters show as new stills follow So Ji Sub into a secret room where he keeps a board full of various pieces of information and a chart connecting a number of people to each other. He has a stern look on his face as if he’s trying to piece together all of the scraps in his head to create a cohesive story, and his charismatic aura reflects his former status as the best agent in the National Intelligence Service.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1229331wpp/ji-sub-jung-sun-son-ho-jun-raise-intrigue-curiosity-terius-behind

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Watch: So Ji Sub Is Full Of Tension In New “Terius Behind Me” Teaser

by jinaleee
Watch: So Ji Sub Is Full Of Tension In New “Terius Behind Me” Teaser

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” revealed a second teaser video with a funny twist.

So Ji Sub will play the role of secret agent Kim Bon, and Jung In Sun is Go Ae Rin, a single mother of twins who lives next door.

In the teaser, So Ji Sub is hiding from someone, and tension rises as the shadow approaches.

The dark and gloomy mood suddenly shifts when it is revealed that the shadow was of the twins next door. So Ji Sub’s expressions are soft and playful towards the kids, and the clip ends with Jung In Sun’s warm smile as she watches them.



New stills also show So Ji Sub’s secretive life as he hides his identity with various disguises.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1229715wpp/watch-ji-sub-full-tension-new-terius-behind-teaser


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