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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记

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Congratulations to Joseph


TOP 30 artists Commercial Value List in 2019 :

Joseph Zeng NO 30


According to the text of the annual calculation Deta TV boom and the contribution of artists, artists as well as the addition of the last two years performance, competitive commercial value of TV actor list to be born.


Joseph Zeng became the only 95th-generation actor to enter the top thirty, and the leading actor in Yi Tian Tu Long Ji helped a lot. But overall, the market value orientation in 2019 is biased towards realism and middle-aged actors.













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I'm completely gobsmacked by the criticisms of young Joseph's performance. So far he's nailed the role in all its essence.  He's probably the most age-appropriate ZWJ that I've seen. And I love how he

About to get sentimental on you guys. I think I've finally realized why I'm borderline obsessed with this version of ZM/ZWJ, as opposed to just being a passerby viewer in the previous versions. This v

@kur4p1k4 thank you kurapika for the information. ZM and ZWJ are indeed the best couple beating all the odds. I think they are representing most of us people so we can feel the love.   

Congratulations to Joseph won "The most popular actor of the year / Annual popular male actor" at Golden Bone Awards because his works Yi Tian Tu Long Ji and Over The Sea I Come To See You










Congratulations to Yukee won 'Breakthrough of the Year Actress'








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2019 TV series awards, Top Ten popular male actors are released!

Congratulations to Joseph Zeng,  Joseph NO 10

Representative works: Joseph Zeng as Zhang Wu Ji  in "Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2019"








Congratulations to Lin Yu Shen, he is no 2 

Representative works:  Lin Yu Shen as Yang Xiao in "Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2019"








2019 TV series awards, Top Ten Popular Actors TOP 1-10: 
1.  Gao Yixiang/Godfrey Gao


2.  Lin Yushen 


3.  Lai Guanlin


4.  Wang Yibo 


5.  Luo Yunxi 


6.  Ma Tianyu 


7.  Xiao Zhan 


8.  Li Xian


9.  Deng Lun


10.Joseph Zeng 

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