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  1. I do think that both Guo Jing and Yang Guo are powerful than ZWJ. Yang Guo also learnt partial jiuyin and manage to yield the skill to its best into his existing martial arts skills. Not forgetting other than DUGU swordplay, he learnt other martial arts skills from Ancient tomb, Hong qi gong, ouyang feng and huang yaoshi as well. And DUGU swordplay focus on cultivation of great inner strength, which is an advantage to his disability after losing an arm. Actually I even believe that his descendents the yellow maiden is powerful than ZWJ.
  2. I keep thinking if someone who learnt the Entire Jiuyin Manual, if he used the hallucination method, maybe ZWJ won't be able to win him. Lol
  3. I remember he is from Shenzhen, Guangdong province, that side of china which speak Cantonese. If i never remember wrongly, he also speak fluent Korean language
  4. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/76765135.html?weibo_id=4384630217722177 He said if he is ZWJ, he will choose ZM. He love big sister type of girls And he said his character is like zwj, abit shy.
  5. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/76551883.html?weibo_id=4383905920502593 I didn't even notice his tongue
  6. Omg u mean what? He is like exactly the same age as me? Why didn't I know him earlier? Perhaps we would have chance. I can migrate to China.
  7. I had an impression that ZM didn't really kill anyone except for maybe some persians as you mentioned, which is out of survival. In novel maybe she did but off hand i couldn't remember it, maybe anyone who read it recently can verify. Another thing i would like to emphasise is she Never Ever give excuse for what she did. She own up to what she did with no silly excuse, even if it is clear that she did everything for her country, she is just being loyal. Some others may just go *oh i did that because its my teacher's order etc*
  8. All of you are superb!! Good analytical skills!! To be honest, i read almost all Jinyong books except for three Stories that i did not. And i watch numerous adaptations. But i never once do deeper analysis like you guys did. I always read/watch and go on to the next. But i love reading online Jinyong chinese analytics and always go *Wow i never thought of that! * kind of feeling!! Its a totally different kind of feeling reading jinyong analytics in English!! Always learning something new from Jinyong, thanks to you guys!!
  9. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4381928220993221/4381928574362276 I feel like the memory part of zzr is kinda different over here. Is it added scene in tvb version?
  10. Yitian Fan thank you so much for your kind words, and never-ending encouragement for me. love you. I am contemplating on translating my Chinese fanfic into English one day. Hope i get the time. I learnt alot from reading other authors work, and really this is my first time writing, i am amazed by my patience. Coincidentally, today, i wrote a chapter all on Fighting scenes. So difficult ! Chapter 19, if you have time to read hahahahaha Thanks for sharing your Site, I will share it with other lofter users who are really keen in reading your dark Wuji fanfic. If you like to read chinese, currently in my fanfic, WJ and MM are in wudang, starting from chapter 12. And ZZR is there as well hahahahhaha i am struggling but trying hard to make the best out of the two girls.
  11. https://m.weibo.cn/6472129123/4379526303508947 Did anyone see this before? Look how agile Yukee is!!
  12. Great explanation!!! Very detailed. Which is why i really love jin yong novels as they follow history v closely!!! Qiao feng and Ah Zhu relationship is my next favourite couple of JY universe. I always cried at Ah Zhu death no matter which version i was watching They are really a pair of tragic couple. I always feel super heartpain for qiao feng
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