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  1. I am still thinking who will be selected to be guo jing huang rong for Movie version LOCH. Still hold the wishful thinking that they can select Joseph and yukee hahaha in my dreams perhaps Edited add on: Seems like they already selected the actor and actress for the movie version LOCH, not sure if its true https://3g.163.com/idol/article/EAQ01KQK0517SKD7.html
  2. Oh yes, it could be. Anyway both scenes are same episode. I was thinking why they don't ride on the same horse at the last episode, kinda sweet, just like the wedding clash that time. (not that I want to be so cruel to the poor horse, haha)
  3. It was just words of anger i presume It was probably when min min told him of her wishes that she want to wander the world with him (on the ox cart). Then he smiled as if he won jackpot, because her wishes align with his wishes
  4. I intend to save all the short clips of my favourite scene of WJ min min on my YouTube account for rewatching pleasure Can't get enough!!!
  5. So far, for HSDS I love the 2019 followed by 1986 For LOCH I love 1984 followed by 2017 The rest of other adaptations to me, are like not too bad but no deep impression You know what i love the most hahaha I love that ZR threatened to void the marriage agreement and WJ kept quiet lol, its like, "ok she wants to void it herself, even better, i better keep quiet in order to protect myself"
  6. Well said Everyone has their weaknesses and its normal to cry. Jinyong may not have indicate his protagonist weak side but it doesn't take a genius to understand that as long as they are human, human have emotions. I am sure Jinyong would have approved of the producer idea of showing the protagonists inner turmoils. Sometimes when you quarrel with a love one, and he or she ran out of the house. You feel regretful for being harsh. And it so happen that your love one who quarrelled with you in the morning, is still not back home at night. Your first reaction, its so late now, where is he or she now? Can't help worrying? At this moment, you are panic probably and thinking to yourself, As long as she come home now, i promise to be nice, i promise to say sorry. It's a few hours parting and one can already feel so much. Let alone years of separation. Both of them lost their families. They learnt to cherish and treasure each other. Years of separation, its already a blessing and relief to know the one you love is still alive, even more touching to know that he went through all odds and bear with the uncertainties to look for you endlessly. Hahaha being in royal family, her father may have many concubines haha one or two of the smart alec may used the suicide tricks before lol
  7. I rewatch the lu liu manor last night all the way up to snake island. Somehow i nearly forgot their childlike expression until i rewatch again. Suddenly feel that their portrayal of wj minmin are amazing. From two little kids, they became matured adults
  8. Actually both sides lost their families and loved ones. Come to think of it, based on their maturity level, they should know that they must cherish those that are still alive. They only have each other left now. This explain why minmin forgive him
  9. Nice that the gold hairpin and gold box are lost, in return comes wooden hairpin and wooden box that symbolise them giving up status for simple life But this husband and wife really cute One throw box One throw hairpin Lol
  10. Hi Lauren

    I tried to download your link in youtube but it not working. Do you know which software that I can use. thank you

  11. Indeed! In normal couple relationships, its not easy to maintain long distance relationships, not to mention that its even tougher if you did not see each other for years. There are plenty of uncertainty. What If she does not forgive, what if she is married to someone else, what if she is not alive Anymore... So many what if, but it does not stop him from looking for her without definite address.... I would definitely forgive if its me.
  12. Initially i do have the feeling that ZWJ gets ZM forgiveness too easily But come to think of it. It could be years later that they were reunited. Time heal the wounds. Zm always had some soft spot for him. Moreover, she did not blame him for her father's death, she knows its fatty Zhu doing. She knew he would not leave with her, she is probably just suggesting and see his reaction. But stilll, she is disappointed that he did not leave and decided to give up on him. She stilll wish to protect him at that very last minute by suggesting him to leave. So eventually leaving him is her only option to avoid her seeing WJ and her bro fighting each other in war. At the very last part, she ask, why did you come so late, shows that she miss him very much, and she must be waiting for very very long time, probably YEARS. At that moment, her feeling is "very relieved" to see WJ safe and sound, although she sound like grumbling softly. The path towards looking for her in Mongol endlessly is not easy. It is not as if he has an address as a guideline to look for her. To be able to even show up in front of her, already prove his sincerity being a sufficient reason to get her forgiveness
  13. Come to think of it, you are right. I always felt RYY is only his second best priority. Ok let's petition for new series
  14. I fully agree with you and i also thought the same when i first see the critics I mean ZM is after all just a youthful teenager, she is human. Its normal for her to air her thoughts ZWJ in this version made me like the character i never did when i read the novel. In fact i seriously dislike him as a character. Very irritating to see him sweet talking to very much every girl in the story That version has my top favourite huang rong.
  15. The LOCH i love is 1984 version. That version was the one who made me read Jinyong novels
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