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  1. Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong 'Secretly Greatly' soft power amplification Korea split into two, conducted in the House of Culture May 9 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxytw19FxEM/?igshid=yz09noncbdjx
  2. The male artist who is about to retired, what is the expected person? Voting time: 2019.03.29 - 2019.04.02 Although there are also evasive Artists who have been accused by the nationals for military service, but there are many artists who have joined the army in active service and lived honestly in the army. Then, who is the most anticipated person among the male artists who will be retired this year? Kim Soo-hyun won the first place with 7397 votes (33.4% of the votes) and became the most anticipated male artist.
  3. Kim Soo Hyun will be retired on July 1 this year. Kim Soo Hyun has been low-key since he joined the army and concentrated on being a soldier. However, some netizens have recently revealed their new status as soldiers, only to see that Soo Hyun seems to be in shape. When the soldiers were a lot bigger, it seems that he has adapted to the life of the soldiers. Mainland fans have also bought advertisements to prepare for the return of Kim Soo Hyun in July.
  4. Your appearance brightens my eyes; your smile warms my mood! Happy Wednesday! Choose to smile, choose to be happy
  5. You're welcome Unicaunnisansu That ranking for this week. Every week Baidu update the ranking list
  6. "If you want to, you could find a million reasons to hate life and be angry at the world, or if you want, you could find a million reasons to love life and be happy. Choose wisely."
  7. [Korea star list] male star TOP 5: 1. KIM SOO HYUN 2. Kim Jong Kook 3. Hyun Bin 4. Hwang Chi Yeol 5. Park Si Hoo
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