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  1. I tried to watch other Cdrama and nothing can get through my head. I’m also watching the Viet dub beside the Mandaand the Cantonese version. There someone on FB Viet Fans post there another TVN version didn’t cut the sense where MinMin smile before WJ pull her down in the trap. So I’m not sure is there 2 versions of the TVB.
  2. WJ told ZZR he will protect her but instead on the wedding day he fight with her and many more times after that. He only keep his promises to MinMin that he really protected her since the LXD.
  3. This scene isn't in the Mainland version. So, this is an ADD scene. Also a slow motion when Wuji return to the Green Lu Liu.
  4. Do you guys think that ZZR thought that WJ love her, maybe his action lead her to the point that he like or love her.
  5. Is that actually JZ real voice in the TVB. I heard that he fluently speak Cantonese.
  6. Sad for ZZR as WJ never cried for her. Thank you very much for posting. I can’t seem to dL from VOD file.
  7. Is the picture above where WJ rubbed his hand on esp 42.i don’t remember seeing it.
  8. Just wonder if you guys spot the scene where WJ-MinMin was walking and MinMin saw their shadow from the water. She try to move her hand to like they both was holding hand. Did you think WJ see them from the shadow. Because the their shadow is pretty big and I notice that WJ hand was far away from his body. I thought he did it on purpose for MinMin to hold his hand. hahaha
  9. i just wonder if they cut some scenes and still keep 50 eps. That mean there will be adding some scenes.
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