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  1. I agreed with you on why is XX is so mean to MinMin in this version compare to the other version. In other version, he knew what happen on the Island and draw it on the wall when he were at Shaolin. In this version, totally didn't show that he knew what ZZR did to MinMin. Still toward the end risk his life to save ZZR. Make non-sense here. Glad that WJ confirmed with ZZR.
  2. I been reading the Vietnamese fan wrote quite lots of Fanfic but I'm not that good at translated. They are so interesting to see so many writing the Fanfics and I'm so appreciated all those people put in their time, their heart and mind when writing it.
  3. Our last hope to get the uncut scenes when they release the DVD and that have to be after TVB airing the cantonese version. I would think they want to have both audio on the DVD. Let cross our finger and hope they release the DVD.
  4. Until now I still didn't watch from eps 39-40 after MinMin left WJ at the lake. I just feel sad for MinMin when WJ told her to forget him.
  5. I think they just used the light to make it seem like daylight. But it the same scene at eps 43 toward the end at the farm house.
  6. He also HOLD her hand in front of this Ming's brother and even tell her NOT to leave. MinMin is the only person that he want and needed for the rest of his life. Poor WJ feel so uncomfortable when talking to ZZR and not happy at all when talking about him married ZZR.
  7. I tried to watch other Cdrama and nothing can get through my head. I’m also watching the Viet dub beside the Mandaand the Cantonese version. There someone on FB Viet Fans post there another TVN version didn’t cut the sense where MinMin smile before WJ pull her down in the trap. So I’m not sure is there 2 versions of the TVB.
  8. WJ told ZZR he will protect her but instead on the wedding day he fight with her and many more times after that. He only keep his promises to MinMin that he really protected her since the LXD.
  9. The Vietnamese dub version is the same as the TVB version for eps 24.
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