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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记

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I'm completely gobsmacked by the criticisms of young Joseph's performance. So far he's nailed the role in all its essence.  He's probably the most age-appropriate ZWJ that I've seen. And I love how he

About to get sentimental on you guys. I think I've finally realized why I'm borderline obsessed with this version of ZM/ZWJ, as opposed to just being a passerby viewer in the previous versions. This v

@kur4p1k4 thank you kurapika for the information. ZM and ZWJ are indeed the best couple beating all the odds. I think they are representing most of us people so we can feel the love.   

5 hours ago, LaurenPanna said:

I am so looking forward to 19 Dec and 22 Dec! Hope they meet! 


By the way Joseph is going to have a live streaming on 19 Dec! 




3 hours ago, polar15 said:

Wow...what a good news. I hope both can attend and some fan can take picture of them:wub:




They will attend 'Chinese good actor award'  on Dec 19 and  'Golden Bone award' on Dec 22  but Bambi too







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Haha...he "choose" live broadcast in Chengdu, doesn't he?  ;) this is his 3rd live broadcast, if I am not mistaken? The first one was in Shenzhen on his birthday?


  I don't know if this is possible but hopefully JZ and yc will walk the red carpet together as the main leads for HSDS19. I feel that They deserve more attention for their roles as WJ and ZM.  I don't understand why the exposures seem to be very limited, although the award (at least nominations) they got for these two roles are encouraging. :blush:

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16 minutes ago, polar15 said:

By the way....why they come with children?? Who are those children?? They look like happy family:wub: ... But i wish there only two of them...


Not only them but other artists also come with children. Maybe the event in Chengdu and the theme about panda, you can see the background



More pics










From fans







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