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  1. Maybe we can request on Netflix for season 2! haha https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest
  2. I just finished ep 15. It's bad enough to wait a week for 2 eps. Can't imagine how bad the wait will be for the next season (I am just gonna assume or make sure they give us a season 2 LOL). It's a pity the show didn't live up to expectations in Korea but like everyone else here, I hope the international reception helps to ensure the story can continue. I find it so refreshing and fascinating, with a lot more potential in so many characters' arcs and backstories and more. More people need to love it!!
  3. I love the show (AOL) very much and I love Yukee's character in it. Her character's love story is actually very sweet too. But yeah I ship our dear Min Min and Zhang Jiao Zhu the most haha!
  4. @Yitian_fan Here is the BTS interview of Yukee for AOL for more references of her kiss scenes in the show. Hehe! First time posting a link. I hope it works. https://youtu.be/qtlxRSTVhVM
  5. I’m all caught up here now. What will I do if this thread activity stops?
  6. We need to petition for the DVD to have all 70 eps! Withdrawal is always worst when you know of what could have been.
  7. Omg where? I want to buy them too lol! This thread moves very fast! It keeps me going at work, before work and after work! LOL
  8. Hahaha! Watching the 94 version now makes me cringe. It feels more like a comedy but I was very hooked then hahah!
  9. Yes! I'm from Singapore What about you? By the way, I really love reading everyone's analysis and comments! I analyze a lot in my head too haha but it's all a mess to pen down in words. I love this version the most for most of the reasons shared by those who like this version too. My first was the 1994 version (LOLLLL) and second was 2003. I like Ady An but I could not watch the 2009 version (I tried).
  10. LOL I've always been obsessed with good dramas/characters or dramas/characters since I was really young... and I am 36 now ahaha! You're not alone!
  11. 1992. Besides HSDS being my favorite wuxia story, another reason why I started watching this new adaptation is because I like Yukee after watching her in “Ashes of Love”. What’s more she’s playing my fav character Zhao Min. Heehee! It’s my first time posting here so don’t mind me if i’m doing it wrong. I don’t know how to use the quote function
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