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  1. Definitely everyone has their own preferences, some might like whichever version while others don't. It's expected For me, this version surpassed 86. So, my lists of favorite HSDS now: (1) 2019, (2) 1986, (3) 2000, (4) 2009 (uugh, I was so excited when I heard the 2009 version as I quite like Deng Chao. But the editing and the ending ruined it for me. Ady An is good as ZM though. My favorite ZM: (1) this version sliiiightly more than Gigi Lai. (1.5) Gigi Lai (2) Ady An. (3) Kitty Lai. My favorite WJ: (1) this version, (2) Tony Leung. (3) Deng Chao. I also enjoyed Lawrence portrayal but he lack some charisma, I guess Now, regarding ZM that seems to be out of character, I think this version did good job to portray both the strong and weak sides of ZM and WJ. Sure it seems like it's out of characters since they are mostly portrayed as strong characters in previous versions with less display of weaknesses, but I feel that it is not really realistic to always be strong, especially in the midst of situations they are facing. They are human, but most importantly, they are still young people thrust into all the conflicts. When I was young, I associated strong with never shed a tear, never show desperation, and even never make mistake, but I guess now that I am older, and 10 years have passed since the last adaptation, I changed a lot of POVs, including what it meant to be strong. ZM is an example: she's strong, no denying that. She command her crew with confidence, wit, and she can foil Ming members plan with calculative shrewdness, but when it comes to her loved ones, she can cry, she can be desperate. But it is the fact that she didn't give up that easily is the strength that I like in this version ZM. I am not sure if her holding it against WJ at the finale would be better, but they have been through a lot, and it is indeed a lot, of hardships and sufferings. Long separation with no knowledge of how their loved others are doing is among the worst worst things to go through. They cannot move on, and they cannot stop wondering . Emotional turmoil is among the worst, sometimes even worst than physical hardship. In this case, WJ didn't know where or how ZM is, whether she is waiting for him. He is taking a huge risk travelling with such uncertainties, and their partings are not a happy one either. Not including the possibilities that his journey will end in extreme heartbreak. Similarly, ZM, I presume, might not know if WJ survive the war, or if he can ever extricate himself from the struggles and from his Ming sect responsibility. I guess these tortures, even though they are not directly shown or spelt out, are enough for me Sure this version dwell more on the melodramatic sides, but it doesn't change the fact, at least for me, that ZM, and even WJ are two strong people who shouldered their fates heads-on. They stumble and fall, but most importantly, they stand back up and march ahead. They even made mistakes as they are not perfect, but I feel it is part of their journey to grow up, to truly know what their hearts really want without just throwing away their responsibilities. But I understand that everyone has their own preferences and that's perfectly fine. Peace all
  2. I got no weibo account, sorry . Not sure too if WJ made the MV At the beginning of the video, there's a voice over. Are they WJ and ZM voices? Anybody can recognize what they said? Thanks first and foremost
  3. I somewhat agree that WJ should express his love toward MM more, but in the last few episodes, he has stepped up the game. Going against his own uncle after his own grandpa died, going against the rest of his members, he even going against the members of the 6 sects to defend her. It speaks volume of his feeling toward ZM. This might sound cruel, but l somewhat glad that this version make him go through the heartbreaks and disappointments and longing before he can finally be with his MM. Through it all, he can finally learn how precious she is for him and it truly emphasis the strength of his feeling toward her. I kinda thought previous versions should have amped up the "evidence" that he truly love ZM, and this version did). Thank you again Lauren for the wonderful post and translation. Spot on and I agree with the POV. To defend WJ a bit On lighter note: Did the horse bite CYQ hand in the bts clip? I guess the horse got "scolded" by WJ. Don't mess with his Minmin. CYQ sounds so worried when she thought she accidently hurt Shuo Bude actor. I wish they released more BTS of CYQ with or without Joseph. I want more ZM Edited to add: Have anyone watched the MV posted by Joseph in his Weibo? It's heavily focused on WJ/MM and I love the song used. Nicely done MV
  4. Thank you for the translation of the weibo post, Lauren. I like this post. It captures one aspect that I really like in this version: a more realistic take of what the situations will be for WJ and ZM. At the earlier episodes, they are younger and more carefree. Perhaps they are still the young people with idealistic views of what their future will be, laying out their plans with youthful dreams. Unfortunately, reality was not as simple as their dreams. They have to grow up, mature up and carried all the burdens that fell on their shoulders. I guess like in real life. We have to grew up and past dreams might not be feasible anymore. ZM and WJ have to adjust their dreams to fit to their reality. The fact that WJ never gave up on her, even after the long and difficult search, even when the odds might not be in his favor after she kind of gave up on him, is a testament of his love and loyalty to ZM. If he didn't really love her to bone (if I remember correctly, one of the iconic line in the story is when he confessed to ZR that his love to ZM is the one that is engraved in heart and bone/unforgettable), he can just give up. He didn't, and no need to say it out loud as his actions speak louder. I have been thinking as to why ZM who's usually smart and calculative agreed to return to Ming headquarters, and I put them in spoilers as it miiighy get loo~ng. Sorry folks, I never realized I like to write essay hahaha (nope. I actually hated writinv essay in college ) I could drone on and on about this version hahaha. Sorry for the loooong post all. Peace
  5. I guess I might again be in the differing opinions on this version overall But i love this version! I have watched several versions of hsds and this is the first that got me so emotionally invested . Sure, the pacing should be Focusing more on the later and finale arcs and many aspects can be improved, and the cuttings can be better but I take what I have and I am pleased with the overall execution of this version. My favorite version, even more than 1986 and 2000. Spoilers ahead!!! I really love this ZM. In the last episode, she really shows the anger and betrayed looks really well. The fact that she can let go of WJ emphasis her loyalty to her father and family, something that somehow lacked in the previous versions. She has this pride as her father's daughter, and when her father was brought down like that, she stood by her family and able to let go of WJ, the man she has loved and sacrificed so much. This make her more matured to me, not just a wide eyed, drunk in love youngster. She can love him but she can also let go of him. She is indeed a very smart lady who can see through the schemes of the Ming members. Marrying WJ would be her dream, I am sure, but she can really see through the ruse. Aargh.. So much reasons for me to love this version ZM I think killing RYW was a necessity in the eyes of the Ming members. He is a war general, he and eventually WBB commanded troops and troops of armies. They are the fortress that protects their dynasty. Ming members need to take him down to reduce the strength of the Yuan army before they can target/weaken the emperor and eventually brought down the dynasty. This plot actually make me despise the members of the Ming sect in the story. Hsds theme that stuck with me is that the good wasn't necessarily good while the bad wasn't necessarily bad, and this plot actually an example for that. Ming members resort to such underhanded tactic to advance their agenda, when WJ has been trying to steer them to better path (i think). It rankled me to see how They resort to underhanded method to gain their goal. Even ZM said so, her biggest anger was that her father, the military general was ambushed not in the war, but by underhanded and unfair method. I also thought that WJ didn't just leave because he is bound by his promise as the leader in the fight. To make clean cut with his duties, he needs to first finish the tasks before he can join ZM peacefully. This actually feel better for me, since it actually shows the maturity of this version ZM and WJ. They don't just drop everything and cut clean from their families or roots in the middle of the fights. Even ZM, despites all her sacrifices, she still doesn't abandon her root as RYW daughter. I really like Yinli here too. At least she's happier here and her interactions with ZM are so sweet. I also love the fact that WJ came to Wudang when he was troubled (I guess). I always felt in this story, Wudang is the one that can truly support him without much baggage or string attached. Of course, the uncles and grand shifu have their own wishes for WJ too, but I felt their love, respect, and care for him are more genuine than Ming members who seem to want too much of him. Now I want to gush about ZM and WJ: I looove the scene when WJ was closing his eyes as he was about to push the paper lantern boat bearing ZM name. It truly shows his sadness and how he must have missed her. When he barged into the room, he looks so cool there. These two actor and actress really need to get togteher in another project asap. Their chemistry is no joke. Regarding the surprise, I thought some said that Yukee said the ending will be different instead of surprise? (i might remember wrongly though). I thought the ending is indeed different from the previous versions. Instead of traveling the world together, this time WJ has to travel the distance to find her after the war is won. Aargh... I am going to re-watch again and again. Peace all Edited to add: WJ was smiling so widely when he was walking toward ZM after he found her again, when he wanted to give her the hairpin before ZM planned to leave. He also smiled so happily when he brought ZM to the Ming headquarters and when he was so ready to start his and MM's wedding ceremony. He smiled so widely there that his teeth were showing, seemed different than his previous almost wedding.
  6. Hahaha.. I can see WJ as a tad henpecked hubby, especially wen they are in private. When ZM was grilling the chix, she already scolded him for not helping with dinner . That conjured up the inage of wifey nagged hubby for not helping dinner . He also listen to her and trust her judgment well. When they are traveling with the cart after they changed their outfits to simple clothing (after he was resued from the wedding he didn't really want ), he always stole glances toward her sitting at the cart behind him and She also just loves to tease him, much to his annoyance Lol. I like it. They are equal: they love each other, they can scold each other, they can take care of each other, they can be mad at each other, but they can also rely on each other, and they can share their dreams and heart wishes to each other as well. On the ending, I am hoping for smooth happy ending for them. Although, I was wondering whether the different ending yukee mentioned simply meant that they did not travel to Mongol/ explore the world together as in the novel or previous versions? I wouldn't say no to the sweeter scenario though P. s. Thank you Regina for the answer on the birth year of ZYQ
  7. Thank you for the translation. Very good writings, and I agree. For me as well, his early refusals toward Min min is because he has think about their situation. He knew it will cause great pain for her (well, indeed they, especially her have to face a lot of hurts just by being with him). He mentioned it couple of times when he tried to push her away. It's never: "i am sorry, I dont love you like that" or "I consider you as my sister", but it's always his reluctance of the definite risks of hurting her. It actually shows the depth of his feeling toward ZM. Hurting her is something he cannot do, even when his trust toward her was at the lowest point due to ZR scheming after the Snake Island. I have to applaud Joseph and Yukee for their brilliant chemistry. Their body languages, their exchanged glances, their expressions really convey the conflicts that have been plaguing their journey to finally be together. With the latest bts where they showed the clips from their photoshoot, No wonder some fans can really ship them. For me personally, I feel Yukee is the best out of all the young actresses, and I like her acting the most (at least in this series as I haven't really followed her works) . She can really convey the different emotions of ZM very well. From playful, flirty, cunning, and jealous to sadness, defeated, and tired/burdened with all the conflicts between her loved ones, she managed to do them very well. She portrayed the different phases of ZM: the beloved daughter of the prince with command on sizeable armies of warriors at her disposal, to a more matured and lone fighter in her quest to prove her innocence. Some improvements here and there, but she's promising. I also like her type of beauty. It's not typical, and some might feel on the plain side, but she has camera presence and charisma. Quick question, anyone know year of birth for Yukee?
  8. I actually agreed that pacing of the final arcs are some of the aspect that this show can improve on. Perhaps including more episodes can be better for the pacing. For example: while i can tolerate ZZR better in the last arcs of this version (better than in other versions), I still feel ZZR got away way too easily in this version. The pacing on last few episodes seems like it's going on steroid. a pity since they have potentially epic storylines that might push this series to even better quality. But so far, I can still tolerate this issues. Somehow, the version whose editing irked me the most is the 2009 version, and I was so looking forward for that version. If I remember correctly, they tried to avoid using the word "shaolin" at that time (?) but the editing process was just horrendous for me. It actually feel disruptive for me on the flow of the show. A disappointment since I really like Deng Chao and Ady An there, and was initially excited that they actually filmed at real Wudang mountain (if I am not mistaken) At least This version's other aspects outweigh the editing and pacing issues for me, and I can still enjoy the flow . (Sorry if this sounds petty, offensive or rude. Not my intention and also, no other ill intention whatsoever too please. Peace all ). I also notice YX absence. I don't know whether it got something to do with the plot? For me, he's been a question mark lately. (well, ming members are question marks as well in the later episodes. But YX stood out for me. Perhaps I look into it too much though). It's interesting take on his character though. Hoping perhaps for a good mini storyline for him too. The actor has this charisma and screen presence that nicely fit Yang Xiao. Another interesting aspect of HSDS, especially this version is that it focus on how some characters seems to be much more complex than what's shown in the surface. It make you second guess your first impressions. Is he/she actually good? Is he/she truly bad? Some theme that I liked from HSDS throughout the years --> what you see might not necessarily be what you get, don't judge the book by its cover, and don't pin your love and your happiness on someone whose heart doesn't belong to you. Why must we wait until Wednesday to wrap up this series? Aargh!! I have been re-watching snippets of past moments to tide me over
  9. Disclaimer: super loooo~~oong post. . Sorry folks. Okay, I might be in the minority but I actually liked these two episodes (47-48). This version is not perfect, and there are aspects that can be improved of course but so far, this is by far my favorite version followed by 86, 2000, and 2009. The war between Yuan and the 6 sects+Ming are actually the highlights for me, especially the one at the end of ep 48. You can actually feel the desperation. They are at the end game (okay, sorry, just want to put this out there. Been waiting for Avengers ) On a serious note, the fighting scenes bring out the sadness and horror of war. It's very sad to see those characters, even the minor characters fell, including I actually like most changes these series did. Perhaps i am not a stickler, but I like that this version presents an old, heavily remade and retold stories from a fresher point of view. Major storylines and arcs are still there, but they were packaged with new details. This can backfire (and most of the times, it does backfire). But for me, these changes quite work for 2019 HSDS. These new takes still make people wonder and generates speculation, which is good. It still creates buzz even though this is the 10th time(?) this series is remade into film or tv series. Quite a feat. Of course there are aspects they can improve but I'll take what I have now Why did I feel ZR might know more about ZM's fake death? I might be wrong though. It's nice to finally see WJ stand up for ZM. I agree with some other posters, I actually feel he indeed should feel the pain that ZM went through. It's the first time he really went against his own uncle YYW and even shouted at whoever want to hurt ZM. I am very sad when WJ When WJ returned to the war after I also like that this version included the conflict between Yuan and the 6sects+Ming as the final arc. I feel it's better than just the love squabbling between WJ-ZM-ZR . It gives more depth on the conflict that WJ and ZM must endure. I always felt that they got away together a taaad too easily in the previous versions. When thinking about it, they came from two very different backgrounds. Their situation couldn't be any worse: one is the leader of the rebel while one is the princess who is trusted by her father and even her dynasty to br involved in the forefront in their attempts to quash the rebel. Giving up their name might be the easiest thing that they have to do, but they cannot just give up their loyalty, their familial bonds, their allegiance, and their emotional responsibility and guilt toward their sides. Their conscience will be beaten too. Even worse when the side that one has to abandon is one's family whom one love. So, I can tolerate the angsts included, I guess. Hoping finale episodes will tie everything nicely and our WJ-ZM finally, finally got their happily ever after, roaming the green grasses under the blue blue sky.
  10. I really enjoy the latest two episodes. The pace is quite fast. I guess this series trim quite a lot of details about ZZR and this saving xiexun arc to focus more on the Ming vs Yuan fights (i might be wrong though). I personally like this approach. Previous versions seem to focus a lot on the conflict between ZWJ-ZM-ZZR as the climax arc that I felt these last arcs are the messiest. This version feels cleaner and the flow better in finishing out the arc so far I like that WJ is not wishy washy. It's clear to whom his love is and to whom his regret is. Cannot wait for more episodes although this series soon end. This version overtaken 86 and 2000 versions as my favorite so far.
  11. I also thought at first that the death of her father will be after the eyebrow scene. In the scenes when they met with ZZR and SQS, ZM didn't wear the hairpin WJ made. i thought maybe somehow ZWJ got a hold of the hairpin, and returned it to her before she went back to Mongolia (like he suggested they do on the preview 49). However, en route somehow someway, the fight between WJ vs WBB and eventually death of RYW happened. Hence WJ look quite angry in preview ep 50? He felt the members went against his order? Maybe the part where he ask ZM not to leave her referred to episode where WJ cannot seem to find her? I forgot which ep preview it is. But many plausible theories so I am not sure anymore
  12. Many more reasons for me to love ZM as a character and, especially in this version. (My favorite ZM now, on par with Gigi Lai and Ady An for me) She knows that what she wanted and what she needs to do are two different things, and all she did with the person she loves in mind. She fights for them openly, without hesitation, and she faces any consequences bravely. It doesn't matter if she got vilified and hated, as long as she can give happiness to those she loved. THis version make ZM more mature, I feel. For example: My take on why ZWJ feel uncertain about marrying ZZR and the flashback Now I am curious how do they fit the storyline of ZM's father death. Will it after the eyebrow painting scene (hence, WJ looks quite angry in the last episode preview)? Also, can someone translate the writing on the lamp when ZM and WJ are looking at the mirror in ep 49 preview? They seem to put it on prominent spot so curious what it means. Thank you first and foremost. Peace all
  13. ZM truly understand WJ. She sacrificed so much for him so that he can find quickly found XX. Instead of hindering him, she Really love when she muse about the possible future for them, where they can
  14. When I was scrolling though internet (i think it's either weibo or ig. Not quite sure at this moment Credit to whoever post this), someone mentioned that ZZR told WJ something about cooking for the person you love, and then afterward (?) there's scene that WJ brough food for ZM that he personaly cooked. I found this very sweet to emphasize his feeling toward ZM that he personally cooked nice food for her. Guess he will be the one who cooks better food than ZM when they are married Yeah, I also read that the writers also involved in 94 version, and they seem to be quite fond of the characters ZZR, if I am not mistaken? I don't really follow the 94 version . Luckily so far, they haven't overdone this version .
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