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  1. @kur4p1k4 Yes yes yes for this article on Zhao Min. It eloquently spell out why I super love Zhao Min character. Thank you for translating and thanks for explaining the terms "wo ke yi", been wanting to understand the context used in the interview. Warning: looong post, mainly gushing about ZM For me, ZM is bada*5s, even though she's not an angel. She had done deeds that are deemed evil (although for some of the things she did, I felt that these schemes were more on the grey area as to whether those things were purely evil or not. Depending on which sides one was looking at these things she did. From her enemy's POV, everything and all she did were evil things, but from her side, the views might not be similar). I also agree that she never gave herself up despite giving up so many things for WJ. One thing I really like about ZM is that she's confident in herself: in her ability to command her subordinates, in her ability to carry out plans for her cause, and in her ability to fight for the one she loved. This confidence has allowed her to establish herself and also allowed her to be certain of her feelings toward WJ and vice versa. She didn't need to isolate WJ from the other girls despite her annoyance of how he was too indecisive (heck, I would be annoyed too), because I feel that ZM valued and respect herself more than just a damsel in distress who hang all her happiness on WJ's shoulder, who would wallow in self pity, play victim, and went on extreme jealous rampage toward any women who got even one step closer to her love. Nope. She was secure in herself. She knew she could hold herself up against the other women in his life. Hence, she didn't need to stoop low just to get his attention. No way. She knew she's worthy of and can definitely win his love, fair and square. My slight disagreement with the article was when it said that WJ didn't value ZM at first. I might be wrong but on the contrary, I felt WJ had started to admire (or at least felt intrigued with) her since their first encounter. In her, I believe WJ saw a lady who is more than just pretty face with meek demeanor (nothing wrong with this though. No offense please) . In ZM, he saw a girl who is pretty but also smart, even cunning. A formidable opponent with strong charisma who dared to unapologetically challenge him. And I feel he appreciated, and got annoyed too perhaps with this quality of ZM since the get-go. This, in my opinion, was one of the reasons that quickly catapulted ZM, who came into his life the last compared to the other three ladies and at the most diadvantaged position, on top of his heart and mind. With her, he is fierce, I also agree. For me, It showed how he could be himself more when he's with ZM. He could be mad, be angry at her sly tricks (although some might be albeit based on his impressions, perhaps), be shy from her teasings, be exasperated with her wittiness. He didn't have to always tip toeing around her feeling at the expense of his own happiness, but he could be honest. And this is one of the reason why I have always rooted for WJ-ZM to be together, since I first came to know HSDS. It would not be fair for WJ if he have to always sacrifice his own wants, needs, and happiness to make others happy, especially when it comes to life partner, where he would spend his days with. When it comes to WJ-ZM, they were more compatible. Perhaps she sacrificed a little too much for him, this I also agree (and I wish he could express more of his dedication and love toward her) . But at the end of the day, when it comes to compatibility, WJ and ZM shared the most similar visions of what would be a happy future for them. At the end, they both can sacrifice and let go of everything for each other. Spending their lives at her homeland together. When it comes to life goals and visions of future that one wants, of course compromise between couples are necessary and important. One can take but also needs to give. But at the end of the day, compatibility is one of the most important aspect. No matter how much compromise there will be, if a couple lack compatibility in their life goals and visions (what I felt was the case of WJ-ZR that was showed in 2019 version) , that would be troublesome. If one have to be the party who always walked around eggshells, having to "betray" oneself for the rest of one's life? That sounds very tiring. Additionally WJ-ZM are more equal. He could lead but he also knew when he should take a step back and listen to her advice. I believe that In his eyes, she is also his trusted advisor (especially once he overcame his prejudice and suspicion againts her in the attempted murder of his cousin). All the ladies shared deep feelings toward WJ, that's true. However, for me, it was not just the depth of their feelings that counts, but also how they love WJ. Jealousy is normal but jealously to the extend of going ballistic and seriously harming others are not okay. ZM loved him fiercely, actively chasing him but as she matured up, she could also love him selflessly, like the article mentioned. Besides Huang Rong, ZM also reminded me of my other favorite heroine: She Saihua, the matriach from the Yang family of Song Dynasty stories. They were all strong, confident, and smart women who could take a step back to let their men lead, but could also step up and lead themselves. With these heroines at their backs, their spouses/partners knew they could be at peace, knowing that various other matters were in capable hands. They also found capable advisors in these ladies, confidantes who could exchange ideas with them, who could give them inputs whenever they faced tribulations, and who could accept their flaws. But being strong didn't mean these women couldnot cry. On the contrary, they could also showed weakness, they cried. But they got back up again. As a woman myself, I felt this is the one of yhe various aspects of empowerment. Ugh, I could go on and on about ZM haha. I guess she's my ultimate heroine among JY's stories goddesses. Sorry for the wall of text all. And no offense or ill intention whatsoever please. My personal opinions folks. Peace all
  2. I think the names on the board are: Sun honglei (the actor who played JZ's dad on his latest modern drama), another name I am not sure (perhaps an actor, not sure though), then YC, then Huang Hou (which is the name of JZ fandom). Now the words on the other column, I am not sure the meaning within the context though. The one JZ selected for YC is "wo ke yi", which, if I remembered correctly, means "I can" or something like that. According to google translate too, one of the suggested definitions (which I think quite make sense) is that this term can also be used to express possibilities. Again, perhaps someone can confirm the meaning in the context use during the interview though as I might be wrong @ildizyes, that emoji! Regarding the lipstick, There was rumour sometimes back (I saw some mentioned in weibo) that YC once mentioned wuji gave her a lipstick. Though some also said it's his fans who gave it. But I have not seen the source though so not sure how legit the info is (it would be great it is though haha) Peace all
  3. Yes, i remembered this. He was so giddy when he saw her name haha. If I understood correctly, he later said he really couldn't spill out the reason as to why he select those answers for each of the names right? And also he mentioned that he felt annoyed when he saw an actress he liked have romantic scenes with others on screen? (sorry if this wrong though haha). If my understanding is correct, it reminded me when JZ posted an emoji (the emoji was someone raising his hand) on YC's weibo when she posted about "And the winner is love (ATWIL)." My first reaction was: "wait, why I felt this emoji give the vibe of jealousy? Is he jealous?" (sorry, that thought just jump out without warning the moment I saw that emoji). I might be wrong (heck, I am most likely wrong ). Although, I think I mentioned this before, if I was an actor and I like an actress, and this actress was working closely for the 2nd time with another actor who was 4 years older, oozing on-screen charisma, came from the same city, had good friendship, and shared birthday that was just one day apart, I might feel threatened hahaha. Okay, sorry for the nonsense. No offense please!!! I have to say, I am quite interested to see ATWIL. Leo Luo had that charisma and interested to see how his chemistry will be with YC. Ugh, I've been pulled back in the pit. I thought I had graduated from watching episodes (42-upwards), browsing Weibo, gobbling MVs and GIFs, and reading fanfics to just browsing weibo and reading fanfics. Now I am back to square one: episodes 43-onwards and MVs on loop, browsing weibo everyday at the mercy of google translate, plus devouring fanfics, GIFs. Oouch No offense or ill intention whatsoever please. Peace all
  4. I believe he's from Shenzhen, which is very close to HK. And I think he's Cantonese so Cantonese should be his native language. Correct me if I am wrong though. In JZ Weibo post when his new drama started a couple days ago, he himself wrote that when he started filming for this new drama (which should be shortly after filming of HSDS wrapped), his mind was still filled with Jianghu and Min-min. For the latter, I guess someone still very much remember ZM until now . Someone is reeeeally impressed with ZM . (Not blaming him, I am also still very much impressed with this character) @sophiesyc i was also surprised he said he's shy. I always got the vibe that he would be the actively chasing one when he likes someone, Not quite like WJ hahaha
  5. He's definitely the most decisive and dedicated (to ZM) "Zhang Wuji" of all, and definitely the best WJ in my book. Plus, JZ is very persistent and consistent when it comes to "jie jie" type as his type of girl . There's another interview, I think it was live interview conducted at the same day of this interview (judging from the same hairstyle and clothes he worn). He also mentioned that he likes older sister type (if I remembered correctly). I think in this live interview, he described his criteria for a potential gf (he was so adorable in this interview. He almost said that "his girl..."(some fans speculated he was about to mistakenly say gf before quickly changed to something that means if he's looking for a gf, these will be the criteria he's looking for (or something like that? I am sorry If this is wrong. I blamed it on my rusty memory and super limited understanding of Mandarin ). The way he was trying to hold his laughter afterward was just adorable. Sometimes when I watched his interview, I forgot he's just 21 years old. But in this live interview, he looked so boyish and adorable hahaha. Peace all
  6. O my. I never realized this habit too (and here I claimed of watching this series on repeat hahaha . Which I did, especially ep 43-44 . Guess I was too captivated by their sizzling on-screen chemistry lol I've been wanting to comment a bit about the songs from this series for a while, so here it is. The songs used are awesome! My favorite is Hu Xia's and Zhou Shen's piece (although I also enjoyed the third song sung by Li Qi), and also the instrument used on ZCS-YSS death scene and when MM brought RYW's coffin. So eeriely and sadly haunting. In this series, the song by Hu xia (ending song) was used during ZR stabbed WJ scenes. I felt this song did not match ZR and/or her relationship with WJ that much (No offense to ZZR fans please). Instead, it really suits ZWJ personal journey and life. He had endured so much since, yet he did not crack, he did not abandon his humanity , and he still manage to look at people for their good qualities instead of focusing on hates, jealousy, ambition. He still retain that innocence after all the hardships. I think this song is perfectly written from WJ's POV. This song nicely reflect ZWJ's journey from his younger years to his Ming's leadership periods, and eventually his relinquishing all to reunite with ZM, and Hu Xia's voice fit perfectly. Why I feel this song match better (in term of the relationship aspect) for WJ-ZM is the lyrics that mentioned the "I" in this song is willing to drop "my" name and identity to give the "you" some peace of mind. I personally felt this reflect ZM-WJ situation. They cannot be together should he still retain his Ming leader position or she's still a princess. It's only after they let go of these that they can be together. I believe this song is also used for YLT-YBH, and their situation can somewhat match some parts of this song as well. And Zhou Shen's voice is so unique and heavenly haha. This series has three songs with lyrics and they are all sung by singers whose voice had captured my attention: Hu Xia, Zhou Shen, and Li Qi (hope I got his name correctly). Kudos to the music department On a side note, Lin Yu Shen is married?? I always thought he's still single . @kur4p1k4Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. That's awesome!! Peace all
  7. @kimmortal I think the 2009 version had that scene where ZM said she never killed anyone to Wuji, if I remember correctly. Now, I know that ZM dynasty had done a lot of things that eroded the trusts of the people, and I wont justify those. This is strictly about ZM character in my opinion . She has flaws, she has done wrong things, but at the end of the day, most her actions were done for her dynasty. I also don't remember if she ever intentionally killed anyone. I also agree with Lauren. Plus, I also don't think cowardice fits ZM character. To think about it, she's a leader for her vassals/subordinates, and just like most leaders, she has to make sure that she comes up with plans/strategies that can benefit the cause she's fighting for. She's like the brain that keeps the efforts going. Sure she has dozens and dozens of people doing the deeds, just like most leaders do I would think, but she woman up and owns her decisions. As Lauren said, she didn't throw others under the bus for what her subordinates did. She acknowledged their actions and took responsibilities. Even ready to own up the evil things done by her subordinate long before she was born. When her vassals were down, she insisted to give them proper burial, showing that she actually cared about them. That's definitely not a coward in my book (perhaps I am biased? But definitely not coward though haha) You raised up an interesting aspect about HSDS, which is how some characters are quite gray. The bad not necessarily evil while those that comes from good sect are not necessarily better. Examples of don't judge the book by its cover. Looking back, I think Wan An temple was one (only?) grander scheme that ZM plotted. ZM is someone who knows clearly what her goal is, and she focused on that goal. I personally don't think she let her personal emotional state affect her schemes too much (there are some influences, of course, but when it comes to reaching her goals, she focused all the actions to reach this goal, instead of reaching the goal plus carried out personal vendetta againts love rivals to get the person she wanted, or to get her hands on the previous sabre, for examples). Her goal is to ensure her dynasty could survive. The main heroes and heroines from the major sects were the biggest threats for her dynasty. Once she got them, she could opt to eliminate them and greatly reduced the power of her dynasty's opponent. If not, when it's clear that those heroes/heroines would not join the government, she could eliminate them. But she didn't. Instead of ordering them to be killed after their staunch refusals, she still didn't want to kill them. It shows that she actually has a kinder heart that would prefer to avoid any killing if she could. Unfortunately, when it comes to long battles against two warring sides, like circumstances that she was caught in, there will be victims, and the two sides would have opposite views on what constitutes as evil doings. I personally even think ZM's heart is more compassionate than those so called disciples of good sects, whose outer experience exude meek demeanor, benevolence, and kindness but deep inside hid hearts capable of commiting murders for the sake of getting his/her/their hand(s) on the sword and sabre, and/or to bring glory to himself/herself/their sects. The hypocrisy of those "good heroes/heroines," calling ZM "evil demoness" when they themselves had done worse thing than her (e.g. murdering people just because of a sword and a sabre) sometimes really grated me . @polar15 Agree!! I also really like how this ZM is both strong yet vulnerable at the same time. She's still a young girl at the end of the day, but her courage to face such a big obstacles are amazing. @Mr Horse If you are interested to watch the 2009 version, there used to be episodes with eng sub published in YouTube. But gotta say though, I was super hyped when I knew there would be another version of HSDS coming out, but was very dissapointed with the overall editing of the series. Plus they used a lot of yellow/blue tones that for me make the series seem on dreary side for me. Gotta say, for me, Zhang San Feng in this 2009 is the most formidable and most charismatic ZSF among all versions I watched. Peace all
  8. @Mr Horse Loo~~oong post so sorry for the wall of text. Liking a celebrity is perfectly alright. They are real while the characters they played are just fictional. I have seen a lot of married or unmarried men/women become fans of celebrities who are handsome, pretty, funny, and/or any characteristics that appeal to each different individual. And That can add more fun to life hahaha. Agree that ZM, ZR, YL all had flaws, although if I can argue, the context at which they did the evil deeds are what set them apart (at least for me). At the beginning, ZM did the evil things, that's true. She did that mainly for her country. Before she knew WJ and started to understand his POV, the 6 major sects and Ming sect are her enemies, just like she is one to those who were fighting against her dynasty. From her side's POV, what's wrong and what's right are not necessarily the same with Wuji's and the opposition's POV. I guess it depends on from which side are you looking at. And a member of this forum had elaborated quite nicely on the timing of the rise, fall, and eventual redemption of these characters, and how it shape up the stories and why WJ-ZM worked out. Strictly from entertainment/fictional story purposes, having a more complex characters are more interesting for most audience. These type of characters can provide more organic grounds to develop story/create conflicts, which are one of the most important aspects of a drama/fiction. Hence, ZM, ZR, yl for me are more interesting from this POV than Xiao zhao. (in contrast, in real life, i prefer no drama at all haha. less dramatic and less drama the better) I also agree that western shows and even some asian shows nowadays have less than the "perfect" happy ending. Although it might also be dependent on the targeted audience. I am not an expert in this so I might be wrong, but there seem to be an unwritten and unspoken expectations that majority of classical wuxia series like HSDS had hero who ended up with one heroine. Now this is my personal POV here but I, myself, would be personally very pissed if the hero or heroine ended up in ambiguous relationship. Unlike perhaps a more modern series or some western series, classical wuxia series that I can enjoy has always involved a more traditional approach/POV when it comes to relationships, among other things. And for some drama, including HSDD, I prefer it that way. Hence I am never a big fan of Duke of Mount Deer, no offense to the fans please. For me, it provides a nice break from the reality nowadays where a lot of relationships seem to lose its value and meaning. A nice diversion from my more cynical point of view regarding relationship in the real life hahaha. (I often think of it as "meh" type of thing. Sorry all if this is rude ) Honestly though, in reality, I don't think I could, and I definitely will not tolerate a partner like indecisive WJ. It's like, if one cannot be sure to whom his/her love belong to, how would one be sure he/she could avoid hurting the partner in the long run. It's a major nope for me. If reality is like the indecisive WJ, then I would show this person the door now rather than spending my lifetime in limbo worrying whom he/she is thinking about inside his/her heart. Too tiring even when I think about it. But that's my opinion though so peace out haha Regarding why WJ eventually fell for ZM: I personally feel that resembling his mother might be one factor but I felt that WJ is drawn to her because of more factors. She's not a typical lady at that time, I would guess. She, a young princess, has commanded her troops, she's smart, she fought with him, she annoyed the heck out of him at the beginning, she teased him, but she's also very brave in facing the consequences of her actions. She own her mistakes while she steadfastly rejects wrongful accusations against her. Plus, she is more direct when it comes to her feeling toward him and he could be himself more when he's around him. In other words, she's all around bad-a##. If I am wj, I would choose her too haha. Anyway, like mentioned before, HSDS 2009 used the 2nd version ending. I personally quite like Deng Chao who played wuji, but I saw many complaints about this version. Zzr in this version was a bit disappointing and the editing kind of butcher the overall quality of the series. But you might want to try it out if you want to have a more ambiguous ending. And agree with prev poster, Bambi was in the Three Lives Three World: ten miles of peach blossom. (my favorite in this series is Dilraba Dilmurat character, which will have her own series coming out). Peace all
  9. Thank you for sharing the link, Lauren. Hope they can enjoy it, as the story is quite (or very) dark and characters are super out of character/faaar from the source material. when I wrote it, i have my doubts and I am kinda worried how it would be perceived. Still got one more part (part 2 of 3rd chapter) and an epilogue and this story will wrap up Actually, I decided to start trying to read Chinese fanfic to improve on my mandarin, so will start with yours!! It just take me loo~~ng to read one piece, considering it took me like 10 minutes to understand one sentence . Uugh, my regret of being so lazy to properly learn mandarin as a kid knows no bound lol @kur4p1k4 Looove the GIFs. She's definitely so petite compared to WJ. They matched perfectly when they hugged, when they hold hands, and when they stand besides each other. I also love to see her hand on his hand. Her hand looks so tiny compared to his. I lol'ed on the flower part. WJ is so adorable hahaha. Well, he said it himself that he didn't know why but in front of her, he's more befuddled hahaha. I think the make up and costume department of this series did great job in styling JZ as WJ. In real life, I personally feel that JZ had this boyish look and he's like 5 years younger than YC but in the series, he looked much more matured and perfectly older (slightly) to play WJ, and well-matched with ZM played by YC. (no offense intended please). So kudos to the team!! Peace all!!
  10. Very well said. . The love and bond that is strong enough to withstand all the obstacles, like those endured by ZM-WJ is the one that should be treasured and protected. As much as possible, both sides should be willing to sacrifice some and gain some (meet midway type of thing), should be able to be themselves (including being angry to each other, bicker with each other, voicing their disagreement, their wants and their hesitations), and should be able to be honest with each other. Looks/physical attractiveness are temporary, but true bonds last. peace all
  11. We have similar thoughts haha. *high five!!* Actually, I remembered you mentioned that you also wrote fanfic that ZM-WJ returned to Wudang? (I also saw other fanfics that have this idea. High five to you all as well ). When I was planning for my fanfic that explore WJ-MM life after their reunion in the grassland, I have also planned to incorporate their return to Wudang. Wudang heroes have always been my bias in all of the HSDS versions, and I am not really satisfied at how 2019 version did not really show any closure between ZM and WJ's Wudang families. I love the bond between WJ-Wudang heroes, and this version did very good job in exploring this, but for me, it lacks the development of bonds between ZM and the heroes. It's a pity, since I always felt WJ really respect and love his Wudang's family and vice versa. So, I could only turn to fanfic to satisfy my craving for ZM-Wudang family interactions haha. Uurgh..I wish I could read longer Chinese writings. I really regrets my youthful folly of always trying to skip my mandarin lessons , and now I have to struggle and highly dependent on Google translate (which, most of time, distorted the true meaning of the sentences). Keep writings for all who enjoy them, as we did it for our fun and enjoyment too. Fighting all!! P.S. I just posted the next chapter of my dark Wuji story. Not that good but hope you can enjoy
  12. Wow, that's quite a lot of starred words there. If you want to watch ambiguous ending, I would think 2009 would be closer to your taste. You said it yourself that it's unrealistic for ZR to just suddenly changed like that. I feel that If no seed to cultivate, no result can appear. I personally felt it's easier to act according to the high moral and etiquette when you are not faced with many things that didn't go as you wished. But sometimes it's harder to repress one's true self or what one is capable of doing when faced with adversities. I've said this before, from my personal POV what ZR had for WJ was not love but obsession. She's obsessed to have his love and the glory for Emei, and her obsessions that eventually pushed her to do all those crazy things in Snake Island. Feel free to disagree but that's my stance. You can like the actress and/or the characters, it's your prerogative. I think both actresses are pretty. I like YC type of beauty more, but that's my opinion. (while I think GYY who acted as ZR is prettier than ZM in 2003 version, but ZM remain my favorite. Again, That's my opinion though). But let me ask you this: Would you rather WJ enter a marriage built on lies? Only realizing when it's already too late and no way out? No matter how "hot" the person is, you are ready to enter a lifetime commitment like this? Lies that deal with attempted murder of a cousin (zhiruo really should thank her lucky star that her plan to kill Yinli didn't get through) , attempt to hurt a godfather, all for the sakes of a sword and a sabre to "bring glory to the sect" that she belongs to? ZZR had the choice to commit those crimes or to refuse, especially after MJST died (like Ji xiaofu refused in front of MJ at the expense of her own life, but ZR opted to commit those crimes). Not only that, this fiancee had also slashed WJ cousin's face, went on crazy rampage against the villagers who didn't even do anything to harm her, trying to kill Xie Xun (WJ godfather that he loved and respected) during the lion slaying event even after she obtained the secrets from the two weapons, and cowardly dump all the evil deeds she did on Snake island on another woman who didn't do any of the crimes. While continuing to play that victim card, even threatened to hurt herself when she felt that she might lose him and he try to leave the relationship. She couldn't even find a peace of mind when she's with him. She kept on fearing about ZM in his heart (guess conscience is hard to be lied to) . Would WJ be willing to enter this kind of marriage? Would you be willing to enter this kind of marriage? At least that person you called "evil b***h" is brave enough to own things she did, instead of hiding behind lies upon lies to get what she wanted. She took him away from his wedding for her own goal, but it was also for him. I believe in the novel it was mentioned that he felt relieved to escape the wedding. Unfortunately ZR was not willing to understand his predicament even when he begged for her understanding. The "kind and gentle" ZR for sure could understand, don't you think? ZM was also ready to own up the deeds done by her subordinate years before she was born (at least on the 2019 tv series) . What ZM did at Wan An temple was wrong in the eyes of the 6 good sect and Ming sect, and she's not an angel but in the eyes of her side, what she did was for the greater good of her dynasty. I am not condoning her crimes, but she did what she could for her side. She did bad deeds too, but she was brave enough to own up her "crimes." My response is harsh so peace all!!
  13. Hiya all!! I am back after several days off. Well, back to real life now Welcome to new members and new fans of the series. Glad you enjoy the drama Finally got my AO3 account up and running, and just finished transferring my fics to the account. Looking forward to explore more of this fanfiction communities (thank you all who had introduced me to AO3)!! https://archiveofourown.org/users/ChooChooChooZ03/pseuds/ChooChooChooZ03 (link to my profile) Currently editing my 3rd part of the dark Wuji fanfic, will post them as soon as possible (by tomorrow, I hope ) Will comment more later on, and back to be more active in the forum. Peace all
  14. Sorry for back to back post all. While waiting for my AO3 account to be up, Here's Part 6 (7?, I lost track haha) of my previous fanfic that chronicles the aftermath of WJ-ZM's reunion at the grassland. This is completely separate from the dark Wuji piece, and this piece is lighter to some extend. This part seems like a filler without plot though hahaha. There's some part of this piece that is inspired by the last episode of Legend of Zhen Huan (one of the best drama about back palace 'hou gong' intrigues starring Sun Li. I highly recommend this drama), on the I was thinking this bit from Legend of Zhen Huan could fit nicely (in my mind, at least ) since in real history, Wang Baobao did not have sister named Min-min as well. So, I took the inspiration and incorporated in this part of my fanfic. I plan to write a sliiiiightly more rated (nothing explicit though) story for the next (or one after next) chapters, but I will likely just post them on AO3 though
  15. Thank you Yitian, see u at AO3. Btw, love your fanfics too. Keep up the good works!!!! I really hope we can see YC-JZ soon in another drama. At the very least, their chemistry is just too good to only be showcased in one drama. A short clip of YC interview. I think she talked about the BTS bit when they were filming the boat pushing scene. I tried to understand what she said, and with my limited understanding (please correct me if I am wrong), I think YC said that during the of the filming, because of the sad nature of the materials, she didn't feel that good (??), so JZ came to her and told her to be happier because if she was sad, there's no way he could be happy (if this is indeed correct, that's quite sweet that he is happy when she is happy. Oops, sorry for the rambling ). At the end, when they were actually filming, he ended up making them laugh? (???) All credit go to the owners of the vid, account, and other relevant parties https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4379178054878659#&video Peace all
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