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  1. Hi hwonhwon_stv, Based on my understanding of some weibo posts, basically JZ, back during the time when she was filming for the drama "And The Winner is Love," and JZ was in Hengdian for the Tomb Raiders (not sure if I got the title correctly or not), turned out he secretly went to visit her filming location riding a tricycle, in the middle of the hot summer day. He invited her for hotpot, which she agreed. But when she was about to leave the hotel to go to the restaurant, he sent her a message prohibiting her to come because there were fans in the restaurant (not sure why he was so worried to be seen eating hotpot with her by the fans ). So, it's been an ongoing questions on whether they finally managed to eat hotpot. I think Xiao Xue mentioned/hinted that they had indeed had the chance to finally eat that hotpot. (I am guessing it's back in January 2020, after she finished her "Antique Bureau 3" filming. At the time, JZ should have already arrived in Hengdian for his new project. I think YC left Hengdian on the 2nd day after she completed her filming. Perhaps Lauren can also provide more details.
  2. Nice!! Wonderful to see all these accolades. After those negative (and unfair criticism, in my personal opinion, especially against JZ), it great to let these numbers and recognitions and achievements speak for themselves.
  3. O wow. Congrats to JZ, YC and also Lin Yushen. Beating Wang Yibo, Xiao zhan, and Deng Lun too. He is indeed very charismatic as Yang xiao
  4. Congrats to Joseph and Yukee. So so glad they can get some recognitions for their portrayals of ZWJ and ZM . May this new year brings in more good luck and happiness!!
  5. Gorgeous pics. I am so happy to see these two hardworking young actor/ress got the recognitions for their delightful portrayal of WJ and MM. Hope this can curb those hateful unfair comments from haters
  6. That look from JZ toward YC . Short but sweet Congrats to both of them. It's good to see ther hard work beinG recognized
  7. Thank you So much @hwonhwon_stv For those wonderful pics Both of them look so happy, very daper and very beautiful May they can always climb higher, while keeping their feet grounded. And may their cute friendship can bloom even more and last loooo~~oong
  8. Wuji and Min-min (hope I can post the link here. All credit goes to the owner of the video and weibo account https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4451295526153336 Congrats to JZ and YC for winning the awards at thw Good Actor award (i think it's the name). Seems quite big event too
  9. Haha...he "choose" live broadcast in Chengdu, doesn't he? this is his 3rd live broadcast, if I am not mistaken? The first one was in Shenzhen on his birthday? I don't know if this is possible but hopefully JZ and yc will walk the red carpet together as the main leads for HSDS19. I feel that They deserve more attention for their roles as WJ and ZM. I don't understand why the exposures seem to be very limited, although the award (at least nominations) they got for these two roles are encouraging.
  10. Seems like both of them will be attending. It's great that YC can be back home too. And JZ once posted back in 2017(?) that he loves Chengdu. (crossing my fingers that they got the chance to finally eat hotpot together, even if we fans will never know it ) Awesome update!! Thanks so much Lauren. Kudos for your efforts
  11. Thank you for the information It's awesome achievement for HSDS19 considering HSDS has been remade for at least 10 times in the last decade or two. Congrats for the series
  12. Thank you for your hard work. You all are awesome!! Hope we can convey our hopes to get JZ and YC working together again. And yes to the hotpot , so they won't "complain" as to who actually owe the other that hotpot meals hahaha. (though we likely will not know whether they will go out and eat hotpot. If not because YC and then JZ shared the stories themselves during their recent Weibo lives, we won't know that JZ actually went to visit her, riding tricycle for almost 30 mins, drenched in sweat to visit her ATWIL filming site at Hengdian. Then he actually invited her for a hotpot dinner that he had to cancel because he found out there were fans in the restaurant as he arrived there ) I am re-watching HSDS 2019, especially from episode 43. Almost 7 months and I am still hooked on this series because of the brilliant chemistry between the two main leads
  13. Thanks Lauren. I'll check it out Congrats to Joseph for the recognitions that start to pour in (seems like end of the year is like awards season). If I am not mistaken, he was also shortlisted as finalist fot Huading award? (don't quote me though , but I thought I read it on weibo ) Joseph and Yukee are also nominated for an award (forget the name. Good actor and actress tv award or something like that), and the ceremony will be held in Chengdu (Yukee's hometown). Seems like YC is confirmed to attend, while the schedule for Joseph seems to indicate he will attend some award ceremony but no detail for him (my apologies if I misunderstood these info though ). Maybe both of them should attend and they can pay back that owed hotpot meal to each other haha. Sichuan hotpot is quite well known.
  14. Wish you all the best luck with the letter Lauren. Who knows this time we can get the wish of many fans across . Perhaps we get response, likely we won't, maybe even get unwanted response, or got lucky and got support from JZ, YC, and/or HSDS 19 teams, but Whatever the outcome, I really want to commend you. You take your promise to fellow fans seriously and really really Kudos to you. Also, kudos and Shout out to all the fans who have been trying to ensure that such a gem (especially the brilliant chemistry between JZ-YC) are not wasted. All of you are seriously awesome!! Fighting!!
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