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  1. Allignment chart for the main casts cr: twitter @wordofhonorENG for translating and editing from the Chinese version @Wuzetian https://pipi.carrd.co/# That's the link to most of translated Priest works, if you want to read the BL genre click on Danmei. For Word of Honor, the original title is Tian Ya Ke/Faraway Wanderers, in case you're confused why there's no Word of Honor in Danmei section. They also have Priest other works that's not BL, good luck and have fun reading. Also after watching ep.8 finally get why some of you was making fun of the mask lol
  2. Can't wait for this guy to come out, still 2 more weeks for Youtubers though The sass Ye Bai Yi has towards WKX lol, love it PS: Don't watch the trailer if you don't want to be spoiled about what happened in ep.13 onward I think, there's some slight spoiler
  3. So, in ep.6 there's an advertisement for real peanut company 沃隆, is that normal now for c-drama? That really took me out for a second, I mean it was almost at the end but still... The last drama I watched, joy of life, usually just had normal ad break for a few second, this is like k-drama subway ads level bad. @miaka fy Kurapika is even more awesome in the last chapter of HxH, just don't read it if you don't want to be tortured waiting for the hiatus to end like me Sadly I like to torture myself lol. I'm waiting for the episodes in Youtube so I'm only until ep.7, waiting
  4. @linhlinh111 I think what people like from a tv show is subjective, as long as it does well with the chinese audiences that's more important for the drama. International audiences are just bonus. But I think at least in Youtube the international audience is big enough for Youku to subbed it faster and in various languages. Even though we are always late by 5 episodes at least than the Youku VIP They also got interview with Bazaar in China which usually does it for the current CP hotness so I hope they keep doing well
  5. So apparently Chinese sleuths in weibo has been doing lip reading lol and apparently what WKX said to ZZS might be spicier than what the dub said. This is on twitter that compile most that was found in weibo. Quite interesting and once you actually took notice of the lip movement they are pretty correct some of it just don't match the dub https://twitter.com/manggaetteok96/status/1365024616612327429?s=20 @miaka fyYup one of the best character in HxH series imo. Just glad to help all the watchers
  6. Well episode 5 just aired on Youtube and Youku has the English sub immediately. So I guess they speed up the sub process, no more lag I hope for future episodes
  7. @UnniSarah That's right, ZZS did injure the assassin but he did it by using his internal energy. Which is bad for him since he got that Seven Nail thing inside him since it kind of implied it messed up his internal energy frequently and he will eventually die because of it. That's why he also technically got injured, even if he did win against the assassin.
  8. @JoyceDreamer I don't read the book so just based on the episode, my understanding is when the party was attacked by the assassin, both Zhang Chengling (the kid) and ZZS got hurt internally. ZCL because he has no internal energy training, ZZS because he pretty much brute force using his energy fighting the assassin, as WKX said ZZS is tone deaf. WKX already suspected since the massacre in Mirror Lake that ZZS has some trouble with his internal energy. So to help speed up healing their internal injury he plays the flute. In wuxia genre usually when you help somebody to heal their internal
  9. @UnniSarah I don't read the novel so I can only give you my impression based on the episodes I watched. I think it's implied that ZZS is Prince Jin most loyal subject, the fact that he build and train his private assassins army, execute his own brothers when Prince Jin order him to. Prince Jin also saved ZZS life once I think based on the convo, so yeah I think Prince Jin expect ZZS to always stay by his side to help him become emperor. So he feels betrayed that he rather leave and die in 3 years than live in glory if Prince Jin become emperor, I guess. About the Ghost Va
  10. Well this is actually quite interesting, the wuxia is still too many slow mo imho, but WKX pretty much carry me through all current 4 episodes, he's such a tease to ZZS lol. Gu Xiang also wonderful, I was afraid she was going to be the annoying sidekick, but she's actually quite adorable as the episodes goes along. The plot is actually quite interesting, standard wuxia trope but still fun in execution, I think for now I'll keep watching and see how it goes. For anybody watching in Youtube at Youku channel just wait for 12-24 hours they should already have the English sub by then. I
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