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  1. No, I think ZM misread ZR is because YL's death. ZR might be able to steal the swords and sabers and try to kill ZM by dragging her to the sea but YL's death kind of threw off ZM's reading of ZR, that's why she really didn't think it was her because ZR has no past grievances with YL it's not logical for ZM to even think it was ZR who did it. Wait, did Joseph just hold Yukee with one hand? If you see his right hand is not holding her at all lol
  2. I think it's also because ZM was berating WJ for being so predictable when he hold him back from chasing ZR. She pretty much implied that ZR will fake crying/despair/anger while WJ will hold her close and then try to appease her, which shocked WJ since it is what he's been doing ever since they got back from snake island. I have to go back and rewatch some WJ-ZR scene to confirm. Hahaha no wonder WJ face is so comical it's like "How the hell she knows?!"
  3. Joseph is too young to be LHC I think, he doesn't has that elder brother look yet I think Yukee wants to play as the woman that got chased by the man rather than keep playing the character that keep chasing after her love interest, hahaha, so no RYY please. Did she always play as a character that chase after her love interest? I never really watch her other tv series
  4. Yup, I like that one also, they got perfect casting and best OST ever. Sooooo many filler though that was not in the book.
  5. I personally do not recommend LOCH 2017 version the actress who play Huang Rong does not capture the spirit of Huang Rong for me. And for me Huang Rong is integral to my enjoyment of watching LOCH, if I don't like the way the actress play Huang Rong I don't watch it. The last LOCH I like is TVB 94' version. Which version of LOCH you watched @AppleBanana?
  6. I like this HSDS version and it will be my one of my favorite with the '86 version definitely, even though the ending will take time for me to ever accept. I feel like by the end where the WJ's subordinate plotting behind his back not only once but so many times should be a good build up for him to actually leave the Ming sect, and leave everything to a more capable hands. By staying it actually makes WJ put more self importance on himself than he deserved. WJ has shown again and again that he's incapable to distrust his brothers in Ming sect, but by leaving I believe it will actually make him grow up and realise sometimes people's goal and motives changes especially in politics, it can show a certain matureness in WJ. But by staying I think it just show how bad WJ in judging people and his own stubbornness to actually listen to people that actually care about him. And that's why I think ZM do worry that WJ can be pushed to accept the throne if his Ming's brothers insisted enough. As she said just because you do not crave throne does not mean the throne will not come looking for you. It's been shown at least in earlier episode that ZYZ is building up his own faction which should pave the way for him to become either Ming sect leader or breakaway and become his own man, which will bring the historical fiction back to the historical line. The biggest problem I have is that the ZYZ at the end do not become emperor which defeat the beauty of JY's Condor heroes trilogy novel, which is is he's playing around with history by inserting wuxia and fictional characters but at the end of the day history still has to be told and affirmed. Just like both LOCH and ROCH, not even the best, bravest and righteous martial artists can stop the end of the Song dynasty and the start of Mongol rules. And another thing why sometimes I'm a bit wary watching anything with political intrigue somehow I feel like the ending, the WJ in the throne room part, is something they have to do to compromise with the Chinese censorship board. Because if the ending we all want is WJ leaving with ZM it just gives an unacceptable moral lesson for censorship board, that you leave your duty to country and people to be with the woman you love, it just make you unpatriotic. I hate that I actually thought out this conspiracy garbage (Mod, if this last paragraph is not allowed please message, I'll delete it)
  7. @LaurenPannaThat's why also I love it WJ is back to his old hairdo at the end. It's like his back to his old self when they were traveling together with no political burden
  8. I think for this version anyway, the book might give the structure of the story but for WJ's personality you have to watch from the beginning, I believe they build WJ as a character slightly different from the book (maybe, never read the book). It was given in a few episode where he was with YBH where he saw the devastation of war and also later on when he was in GMD he feels Ming sect purpose is a noble purpose that he could believe in. I think ZSF also have some influence where he encourage him to do the right thing. So I think if you follow WJ's character arc from his childhood in this version, it does make sense that he really wants to kick Yuan out and have peace in for Han people. Only in this version though.
  9. 1st: Wishing the brave patriots fighting Yuan to rest in peace 2nd: Wishing the common people to enjoy long lasting peace 3rd: Wishing Zhao Min to always be by my side 4th: Wishing husband to always accompany me I hope I'm right
  10. No, she only said that WJ should look for her in mongol only no specific location
  11. I think it's a sweeter gesture that it was handmade all night and he carved it by himself. Also MM always appreciate the simple stuff more than gold (she already has that most of her life anyway). Ah still want to cry when I see them together finally
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