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  1. @hwonhwon_stv Thanks for all the updates mate! Lin Yu Shen! Yes! He's not even the main protag, so happy Hope he'll do another costume drama he's so good in it
  2. This drama really take a downturn after Xuande Emperor arc is done. They really take a lot of liberty with the current emperor (younger brother) capability, historically he's actually quite capable (never as great as Xuande) especially with Yu Xian at his side, in here he acts like a weakling and an idiot . @sssf the current emperor just went mad because his wife and son murder-suicide and it was implied his mother is abusive towards his wife and that kind of pushed her to kill herself and her son. But yeah for anybody watching this just be warned, for me personally it's only good until Xuande emperor arc which is episode 43 after that the story starts to get boring. It showed so much potential at the start, but oh well I'll probably just skip a lot just to see the ending
  3. @hwonhwon_stv Thanks mate for all the news. Glad to see a classic story is still watched and beloved by audiences. Hoped it's a good sign DGSD/TLBB will come out soon.
  4. @LaurenPanna Wish you all the best with the letter!! Maybe you should also try sending it to their agency. Cheers, good luck mate
  5. I would be more careful with Malaysia version, even though I only have experience with anime blu-ray/dvd, but they have a higher chance to be bootleg, even the one with Malay government certified sticker can still be bootleg, my friend bought one when they were on holiday, it got govt sticker that's why he thought it was legit, but the quality sucks, and it was obvious they rip it from Crunchyroll. So if it's not a store that you're familiar with I wouldn't recommend it, but again this is anime and it was a couple of years ago, maybe they got better, I cannot guarantee. Singapore usually more strict about bootleg so usually you can trust them more when you buy it from them, but again be mindful if you're not familiar with the store, it can still be bootleg.
  6. @chipz03 @sophiesyc Please take my translation of the "我可以" with a grain of salt, hahaha. That one is the hardest to find which one is the most likely meaning since this is the internet everybody is a jokester and always trying to make memes and meta commentary I'm still not sure that's what it really means in this context. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the article. This will probably the last article about HSDS so I'm glad they talk more with Yukee and Bambi. Especially about ZR, as confirmed by this article I guess everyone who watched it know that she got whitewashed a lot. I don't know whether it's the right way to write/portray ZR, imo it actually makes her a weaker character overall than all other previous versions. And her reasoning, it just makes ZR a weak character with no self confidence and always blaming her circumstances rather than taking responsibilities, it just makes her bad, I don't remember the other version was this petty and self deprecating imho Also I'm not really sure about the article heading ZR met the right person at the wrong time whether it's about SQS or WJ. I feel like it's about SQS since I truly believe at least in this version SQS attitude towards ZR (not the attempted rape one, that one still unforgivable) overall really fits ZR, since he never asked her of anything but only to let him love and take care of her. I don't think ZR really fits WJ since she's too insecure about herself and about WJ, in this version anyway. And also for ZR's attitude "有我没她“"I exist, she cannot" I don't know how to translate that properly, it doesn't really mean she wants the other women dead, but more like if you already have me, you can't have any relation/friendship with other women (who could be a love interest), not just ZM. When the article said that "赵公子“ "Young master Zhao" I lol'd so hard, when you think about it she does keep spending money/gifts/boats for WJ everytime they go out since the beginning to woo him I think what the article imply is WJ did not value her as a love interest/a girl who could get jealous maybe. Even though I couldn't really blame WJ for that, since he's inexperience with this kind of feeling. WJ gave the hairpin to XZ because he thinks it's embarrassing to have a girly stuff as a man and at this point he still doesn't know that ZM is interested in him, he really thinks ZM is playing around/making a fool of him. When he knows that ZM is unhappy when you don't take good care of her stuff, he did change his attitude (the golden box). I think he only knows that ZM is not just making a fool of him and really like him when they were fighting about the bite mark, after that he becomes very docile in front of her since he just can't believe this beautiful and smart girl like him Before that he really is frustrated and embarrassed that he keep getting played by ZM who always has more foresight than him, but he's still attracted to her. That's why it compounded his frustration, how can he show his good side if he keeps losing to her lol. And he still thinks that ZM never saw him more than a toy to be play with and thrown away after she's bored.
  7. So what does that mean? Are they going to stop at episode 24 and the next season is until 48? Or are they just going to keep going until episode 48 with the current schedule?
  8. Translation for Bambi's part, I apologise if there're mistranslation or incomprehensible English grammar Zhu Xu Dan: Zhou Zhi Ruo meets the right person at the wrong time Zhao Min is together with Zhang Wu Ji and Zhou Zhi Ruo becomes the loser of this romance play. New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre has made a quite substantial revision towards Zhou Zhi Ruo. As a result, we will only discuss this version of Zhou Zhi Ruo, this make Zhou Zhi Ruo’s actress Zhu Xu Dan anxiously said, “Why do all of you think that she’s a bad person?” Before both of them break off their relations with each other, Zhang Wu Ji with full of yearning told her: “After our great undertaking is done, both of us will clean our hand off secular matters and become a pair of vigilantes and live in recluse as knight-errant.” Zhou Zhi Ruo answered: “I am the Headmaster of Er Mei and I carry a heavy responsibility. Teacher before her death gave me her ring and asked me to glorify Er Mei.” On the other hand, Zhao Min said to Wu Ji: “If you can give up everything and travel the world with me, that would be so wonderful. We can travel all over and dispense justice everywhere. When we’re old and don’t want to travel anymore, we can live in seclusion, till the farm and tend to the flock, not caring for any worldly affairs. Just thinking about it, I feel so happy!” Just because of these differences in values, these three people relationships undergo a change -Romance is never just a one person’s affair- Is Zhou Zhi Ruo in the wrong then? She was born in a peasant household and was orphaned when she’s still young. At Er Mei she can only suffered in silence from bullying. After years she can finally have a chance to have her own world, all of this is not easily gain by her. She’s different from Zhao Min, she must struggle to get all of it, while Zhao Min can get it effortlessly. Zhao Min is a royalty, she always has power and wealth and a father who gives her full authority, since childhood she’s always surrounded by masters of the martial world, her ambition is to capture all the talented heroes and unify the realm. She is also different from Zhang Wu Ji, he has a very smart mother, a righteous father, a mighty godfather and a once in a generation intellectual as his Grandmaster. He comes from a righteous sect, villain also treat him very well, both sides (orthodox/unorthodox) is friend with him, his family background is illustrious, he is also a suitable candidate as the leader of the martial world. The only thing Zhou Zhi Ruo can count on, both Zhao Min and Zhang Wu Ji can attain it easily. Even if she is Zhang Wu Ji benefactor and his childhood friend/sweetheart, from their inner feeling to their outer personality, both are inherently unsuitable in term of social and family background, to say nothing of the difference of the Three Views* of Mie Jue Shi Tai. Therefore, rather than talking about who is the better partner, Zhou Zhi Ruo or Zhao Min, it’s better to first make it clear, whose Three Views* that match with the other person. (*Three Views in China is like the basic value you look for in other person/partner, but it can also be used for setting up the basic tenet of a party, religion, work, etc. However, for this article I think the writer just means the most basic Three Views: Ideology, Outlook on life, Value that you hold) Why does Song Qing Shu love Zhou Zhi Ruo? His love can cause him to renounce his sect and lost his own self. Let’s first look at his experience growing up then his personality. He is originally the eldest of his generation, he’s descended from a good family and a popular child, yet his limelight got stolen by Zhang Wu Ji. The pain of gaining and then losing it, if you don’t have enough mental guidance, most likely nothing good will come of it. Wudang seven heroes perhaps never experience this kind of feeling. That’s why Song Qing Shu can understand Zhou Zhi Ruo’s pain, he can sympathise with her cautiousness, to him loving her is like loving himself. For Song Qing Shu, Zhou Zhi Ruo is like the sun on a cold winter day, he understand how her love can become hate, he understand her viciousness is because she feel wronged, that’s why to him she’s always beautiful, he is attracted to her like a moth to the flame. If he did not do those impulsive actions to attain what he wants, if he has more open-hearted personality, Song Qing Shu might be the most suitable person for Zhou Zhi Ruo. Even if it got called in jest by the audiencec as “Whitewashed Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre” of 2019, later we can only look at the fated lofty Zhou Zhi Ruo and Song Qing Shu, who have turn over a new leaf, together, she also can only hold his urn and said to it “Let’s go back to Er Mei and achieve enlightenment.” Zhou Zhi Ruo’s towards love affair, she is always beating around the bush, from the beginning she’s not fortunate enough to meet the right person at the right time. Just because that she has no romance in her life, isn’t she still worth to be celebrated? -Lost a lover, there’s still work as companion- Breaking off the wedding is the turning point for these three people ‘s fate. Zhao Min has decided to give up her work for Zhang Wu Ji, on the other hand Zhou Zhi Ruo reaches her peak on her career. When Zhang Wu Ji left the wedding, Zhou Zhi Ruo almost immediately become evil. She did not make a scene, she did not preach to anybody, she also did not wait for him. She immediately chose to cut off this relationship and give up on this man. Firstly, her ability to do her work, she teaches a lesson to Ding Min Jun who always refuse to obey her order and able to stand with her own two feet at Er Mei. She also immediately put consideration on setting up groups: She let Ding Min Jun to command a group to go to the war zone and find any orphans to be brought back to Er Mei, they can stay in Er Mei as their future disciples; She sends Jing Xuan to Beggars’ sect and discuss a join operation with the Four Elders; She will set up a system of review and personally impart the teaching, to heighten their martial art abilities; “Er Mei is not a place for useless people, you cannot depend on luck, nobody is here just to make up the number, I want all of you to win honour and glory for Er Mei!” At the same time, she quickly admit Song Qing Shu as disciple, she demands him to learn Nine Yin Bone Claw, when she was questioned by Song Qing Shu, she coldly answered: “If you want me to think highly of you, then just follow my order.” Through these strings of actions that dumbfounded people, after losing her lover, indecisive young girl Zhou Zhi Ruo seems to take a new lease of life and become a resolute iron woman. “It’s true that love is important, but you also cannot give up on your loyalty to your sect, your responsibility to the common people.” She chooses another road to walk on. -She uses the stupidest move for love and the one that men dislike the most- Truthfully, when Zhao Min took Zhang Wu Ji away on the day of the wedding, he still had not clearly understand his own feelings, he’s still undecided whether he will actually give up his girlfriend. He still has some hesitation, there are two reason that seems reasonable: He promised Zhao Min to fulfill her three requests, one of them he cannot marry Zhou Zhi Ruo; He wants to understand the truth of what happened that night at Divine Snake Island. That’s all. If Zhou Zhi Ruo can be more mature, be smarter, don’t be that extreme and give him space to make his own choice. Once he understood the truth and come back to confront her, she can use their years of friendship and maybe if she truly repent, she can keep him by her side. If she can be more generous, more confident, she finds out that her rival in love always promote herself and never harm the opponents (plot to kill Zhao Min got exposed so she must kill Zhu Er and shift the blame to Zhao Min). She might unlikely to do all these irrevocable mistakes. But she is unable, at the wedding she wants her boyfriend to immediately make a choice, she also injured her love rival and then to all the people present she said: “It’s Zhang Wu Ji who wronged me, not I who wronged him. From this day forth, I, Zhou Zhi Ruo will have no more relations with Zhang Wu Ji, I will wipe away today’s humiliation.” Given the choice between winning or love, she chooses the former. She’s too apprehensive, also she has no self-confidence. Just like the saying in any romance drama “Love is for a lifetime” that kind of romantic love can mislead an innocent maiden’s heart. It’s her, in the end who personally pushes the boyfriend away. If Zhou Zhi Ruo efficiency in doing her work can make people revere her, after she suffered betrayal she can immediately and viciously picked herself up and make other people look with admiration, then regarding her young and immature love affair, she should also worthy to be warned. Just as the actress Zhu Xu Dan said: Regarding love affair, the method she used are the stupidest, not the most effective and they’re all what men dislike the most. It’s in women’s nature to be jealous, when your boyfriend like another woman it’s natural to see her as an enemy, there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not bright it’s also ineffective. It’s true it’s important to have a sincere heart in handling romance, but it’s also necessary to have the skill and method. Nobody can say that Zhou Zhi Ruo love is less than Zhao Min, she just uses the wrong method, at the end she just keeps pushing him more and more away.
  9. Left column: Sun Hong Lei (the dad in "Over the Sea") Hou Ming Hao (his friend, I guess) Chen Yu Qi Huang Hou (it means empress, I don't know why Joseph call his fans in weibo that ) Right column: (these are slang/shorthand I think that was used in weibo to chat) 好可 (爱)Cute 不可 (爱)Not cute 我可以 (爱)I can <This one means that I am willing to do anything for you or it could be taken as a shorthand I'm interested in you. I'm not too sure when it go started to be used like this in weibo, some said it was by BL readers, some said it was because of a TV series, so yah so take this with a grain of salt. Douban, Hubu, Baidu, even Weibo, etc. all have different interpretation of this slang> 可以 但没必要 Can, but don't have to <This one usually got used to say that you can do something but you don't have to or unneeded, it was frequently used in League of Legends in China or between friends when you're ribbing each others>
  10. https://mbd.baidu.com/newspage/data/landingshare?context={"nid"%3A"news_10274154486299978733"%2C"ssid"%3A"30177837"}&pageType=1 Interview and photo shoot with DGSD Wang Yu Yan and Ah Zhu, HSDS Zhao Min and Zhou Zhi Ruo HSDS part it's after the DGSD actress if all of you wanna read the original Chinese in the link. If you wanna open it click the arrow sign, just keep clicking it, it takes a while to open the whole thing. Don't click the box, that one is telling you to read it in the Baidu app. Translation for Yukee's part, I apologise if there're mistranslation or incomprehensible English grammar Chen Yu Qi: Magnanimous love like Zhao Min Both Zhao Min and Zhou Zi Ruo have to confront Zhang Wu Ji’s dithering and wishy washiness, however Zhou Zhi Ruo pressure Zhang Wu Ji with “I exist, she cannot”. Zhao Min on the other hand helped Zhang Wu Ji takes care all the other girls. Towards Zhu Er she said: You’re the person Wu Ji loves dearly; Towards Wu Ji she said: In the future we’ll go look for Xiao Zhao together. Zhao Min is firstly Zhang Wu Ji’s friend and comrade before she is his lover. She’s not the type that demand her man to give up everything, she will accompany him and together they can enjoy all kind of sceneries, and she never have any doubts that she’s different from other people. This kind of woman, if she obtains the man she wants then she’ll truly have his heart. -Love is not greedy, is not to be exploited, but is willing to give- Jin Yong wrote a great deal of female characters, Zhao Min and Huang Rong has the most similarities to each other. Both lost their mother since childhood, they are both the apple of their father’s eye. Both of them has a high intelligence, when encountering the man they like they’ll bravely pursue him Jing Ge Ge (Guo Jing) is honest, considerate and sincere, his countryman is family to him; Zhang Jiao Zhu loves peace, even though he’s been cheated many times, yet he never put up any guard towards anybody he met. Both Huang Rong and Zhao Min have seen through various circumstances, since they were a child they’ve learnt from their father how to see through people’s intention, they’ve learn since early on to read other peoples’ mind and has the ability to protect themselves, they don’t need a smart man or even a man that can give them even more fame and wealth. “She (Huang Rong/Zhao Min) can make money on her own, if you want fame or wealth, she can still help you attain it, she only seeks for a man with a pure heart” Rather than comparing their looks, their attitude towards works are the most similar with each other. Zhao Min and Zhang Wu Ji’s relationship is not established on the limit of man and woman role in a relationship. She is “I will pay for everything” Young master Zhao, He is "I am friendly with everyone from both sides (orthodox/unorthodox)" Zhang Jiao Zhu. She captures, he rescues, both of their business always intersects with each other. Not only she doesn’t ask for house, car and diamond ring, she’s the one who first send the gift. Black Jade Regrowth Ointment, so that both his uncles can stand up again. The first time Zhang Wu Ji came across Zhao Min, from his profession to his thinking and even his conduct in society all of them can never outdo Zhao Min. She’s also different from the weak girls he knows of his age, from what he knows from his childhood, Zhao Min during this time always has foresight and she looks androgynous; She’s also different from the villainous enemy he knows, Minmin Temür attack the opponents’ idea/prejudice, she takes initiative and can befriend even her enemies. A woman that ask for nothing and still willing to give, has capabilities, looks, and good family background, magnanimous and easy going just like your brothers, what man can resist her? -Love is not jealous, is not doubtful, it has patience- When Zhao Min met Zhang Wu Ji, in his life there are already Zhou Zhi Ruo, Zhu Er, also Xiao Zhao. One has advantage as a childhood friend/sweetheart, one is young married couple also his cousin, one is an inseparable attendant. Compared to all of them, there is no guaranteed success or advantage over them for Zhao Min. For a long time, Zhao Min did not receive any affection from Zhang Wu Ji, he also did not value her. Towards all the other girls he’s warm and tender, only towards her he’s very fierce; The things she gave him, he just conveniently gave them to other people; The sword he borrowed from her is used to cut off other girls’ shackles…… She waits for a long time, always observing, when other girls show up, she will retreat a step and start to jest “Hurry and sweet talk your woman “. Zhao Min always give Zhang Wu Ji a sense of contentment, she never demands or try to control him, even her conducts are different from the other girls. When she knows Zhu Er’s affection towards Zhang Wu Ji, she warmly says to her: “ You’re the one Wu Ji Ge Ge love dearly”; When she knows Zhang Wu Ji is reluctant to let Xiao Zhao go, she’s the one who suggested in the future they should go see her together; When she know that Zhang Wu Ji is hesitating between her and Zhou Zhi Ruo, she freely and easily walk away and let him look for his Miss Zhou. At the same time, she also told him: “I do not care whom you have an engagement with, I only know that I want to be with you and take care of you my whole life.” Zhao Min only care about her own thinking, she never cares for other people’s, she also will never change herself just because she did not get the response she wants. She of course has her wants but what she wants is not material things, not loyalty, but rather the future possibilities, when the unknown happens it can leave a thread of possibility for each other. Her three requirements: Borrowing the sabre, Postponing the wedding, Drawing the eyebrows, compared to saying “Love only me forever” all of these are more brilliant and superior. Borrowing the sabre to let me be nearer to you, we can share an experience together for a time; Postpone the wedding so I can take you away, give me a bit of time to charm you; Draw my eyebrows so I can keep you close in my remaining time in this world, where there is me there is you. -She feels that she’s compatible with everything- Chen Yu Qi just like her character Zhao Min is sharp, quick-witted, confident, relax and agile. In her eyes, “Zhao Min is very confident, very devoted to her works and very resolute. In front of her subordinates she has the assertiveness of a leader, in front of her father she gives advise like a good daughter, when facing her love, she will persevere. Just like a beautiful and impressive rose, people want to get close but are also afraid to be pricked. “I admire her confidence, she feels that she’s worth everything; Her cleverness, her ability to plan strategies; her decisiveness, she will never do a sloppy job. But I feel that she gives up too much for love, if Zhang Wu Ji does not exist, she can definitely obtain greater accomplishments in her works.” Zhao Min’s cause is different from Zhou Zhi Ruo, who cannot disobey her teacher’s order; Different from Xiao Zhao who must go to Persia to save Zhang Wu Ji. Zhao Min’s cause is something that she chose to undertake herself. The first time she can calmly set up a trap for Zhang Wu Ji; After she put more importance to her love affair, she can give up her works and her country without glancing back. Xiao Zhao, Zhu Er, Zhou Zhi Ruo all has a sense of insecurity that they’re “unworthy”, either because of appearances or because of status or because of “poorness”. But only Zhao Min who does not have this insecurity, just like Chen Yu Qi said, “She feels that she’s compatible with everything”. This confidence “I’m worthy”, it can let her look at an enemy but not treat them as enemy. This kind of aura when an outsider feels it, they can unconsciously feel attracted. When a woman has this kind of confidence, she can pursue magnanimously, she also can give you up without dawdling around. In the first place Zhao Min has a goal, she has a definite set of values, then she’s a woman, lastly a lover. Just like she clearly understands herself first then she can stand up, after she understand herself as a woman then she can face the other party, but the other person only notices more of her background rather than her affection. The love she has for Zhang Wu Ji is established upon an understanding of the affection that both have for each other, never asking for reciprocation for what have been given, to give up worldly possessions, to choose to be free. She gives up a lot, but she never gives up her true self That’s why, in the new version of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre, the dreg of the century, wishy-washy Zhang Wu Ji at the end gave up everything and chased after Zhao Min that has gone back to her homeland and live in seclusion and became her man. Zhao Min can obtain Zhang Wu Ji not because she steadfastly holds to never turning back, but is this: “Originally, I want to follow you without turning back and now I can also give you up without turning back. I, Minmin Temür always keep her words!”
  11. Cool, even though I'm unfamiliar with Chinese companies, but so far I've seen all the sets, costumes and production looks solid, all the actors act pretty well so far also. If they really going to separate into 2 seasons, I'd prefer they finish the Lantern festival conspiracy in Chang'an in 1st season and then go to the western region for the next season, cause I think there's an indication all the troubles are from the western region (if I don't understand it wrongly anyway, the conversation is pretty hard for my level and they all talk so fast) I'd prefer that anyway rather than too much flashback. I also hope it's not really 24 hours stretch into 60 eps, cause it's going to look unbelievable quite fast, imo.
  12. This looks really good from the episodes that's already out, don't know how they're going to stretch 24 hours in 60 eps was surprised also when this just aired suddenly. Is Viki really going to subbed this? I might just wait until it's subbed then
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