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  1. Just a nice composition from this person Cr: 溺爱_1129x0511 https://m.weibo.cn/status/4643634283285886? This one I'll just put it under spoiler since I couldn't find the owner, also I'm not even sure whether it's photoshop or not. It looks legit to me, the clothing they wear, the background nothing weird, the timing for them to record Tian Wen seems about right, but couldn't verify so take it however you want. Maybe one of y'all seen it before, but this is the first time I stumbled upon it. I wish there were more scenes of ZZS
  2. I don't really know about how the audio drama production goes but it seems like they are finishing it soon, This is the cover for their final season of the audio drama I guess they are able to finished it finally, good for all Tian Ya Ke fans.
  3. There's some on youtube not complete though and yes it follows the novel The rest of it you have to pay for it on the official chinese website, if you want the latest one
  4. Happy birthday to Priest! 06/13, creator of Tian Ya Ke, luckily not too late yet This is the cover picture from the audio drama. The one thing I'm always sad about for any BL adaptation the authors never said too much about their live action drama adaptation. I hope Priest actually like WoH, even though it's quite different from what she wrote. Too bad she will probably never answer any questions about it, I really want to know what she thinks about it.
  5. Zhou Ye also won as one of upcoming actors of the year, she's also trending on weibo for a while as "Zhou Ye cold beauty" lol, no wonder she can become WKX's ward
  6. Douban have all kind of review for movie, books,musics, anime, manga, etc. But yeah concert is rare, whoever upload it put it under movie category. So I don't know maybe it just fulfill all the criteria for uploading the concert to be rated in Douban, that's why the moderator cannot exactly not allowed it to be rated.
  7. Correct, the series still 8.6, which I think is an excellent rating especially in douban, which is notorious for being very harsh on rating anything. I love WoH, but even I can see some plothole, bad fighting scene, rushed editing, low production value, typical storyline etc. But WoH, for me anyway, just have something that I just can't explain that I love, the found family, the relationship between WenZhou, Chengling and ZZS, Ah Xiang and WKX, Ah Xiang and CWN, Chengling and WKX, even Xie'er and Zhao Jing (not my fave since I just see it as child abuse but it is an interesting relationship t
  8. Final review from AvenueX, just got to bring it here, because of her recommendation I give this series a watch
  9. WoH concert got 9.5 on douban with 95000 plus and counting rating it, and I think they deserved it, with all the love and hard work the concert production teams and WoH cast and crew and all the guest singers and Youku put into the concert make it one of the most memorable for all the fans around the world. https://movie.douban.com/subject/35430794/
  10. @miaka fy Welcome back!! Hope you, your family and friends got vaccinated, stay safe, stay healthy. So nice, my country has just started to ramp up the vaccination, even though we always have low case counts, so not too worried. Yup it's finally on netflix, too bad they don't have episode 37, enjoy watching it on netlfix!
  11. Hahaha, have to go back to my own post to find it. Luckily can still found it Oh you still have your Ultimate pass? I guess Youku plan worked One of the funny thing, if you haven't watch the interview yet is GJ in real life is totally different from WKX, according to Ma-jie, when she saw GJ is very quiet and didn't talk much she's like "We're screwed" lol
  12. Original video: https://live.media.weibo.com/live/show?id=1022:23205087f1a1384d11b7b81edaf169aa8a6e1b But this is the whole interview with other director, producer, writers, scriptwriters from other series that has the same circumstances like WoH, not famous IP, no "traffic" actor. It's very encouraging to see so many women on stage that handles the management sides and all of them achieve success even without having big IP to adapt. If you want the translation and just snippet about WoH go to this person twitter they have a good translation on most WoH contents. Cr:@love
  13. I think, if it's a BG drama yeah that's a plausible scene if you want to put in a kiss scene. Is he serious about it? Maybe, which for me there's nothing wrong with that suggestion, an actor if it's a real LGBTQ+ drama he shouldn't mind kissing another actor, irrespective of his sexual preference in real life. @Yumiyue Also you will be happy Netflix also change the summary from royal magistrate to disillusioned former leader of assassins. Why do they need separate channel for different languages seems a bit dumb for me, to spread out the viewing number to different v
  14. Yup, saw that, finally finished Imperial Coroner!! I think maybe the writer wants to make Jin Yu more equal with Chu Chu since both of them are from the same family that was falsely accused of treason. I'm fine with either Jin Yu or Jin Li as the adopted son, but they kind of already set it up when Chu Chu said that Jin Yu facial feature is different from Princess Xiping and Jin Li. So about the ending I actually like it, finally Chu Chu become a coroner, I don't feel it's rushed, it's actually a good satisfying ending. Even though that means she and Jin Yu is not married yet right
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