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[Drama 2016] W-Two Worlds 더블유


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6 hours ago, evie7 said:

@juju84I'm with you, I would pick all of the above. Really why can't she pick #2 it seems to me the combination of this and #4 would be a gi

@evie7 I totally agree with you - was hoping OYJ would pick #2 cos that would have the combi #3 and #4 in one package!
@Ahpheng Love your naughty strip!  What a way to greet my Sunday morning!  Hahaha!  TQ

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Hello Everyone!!!

It's my first time joining a forum and I'd like to start off by thanking everyone here who have made shipping this couple and obsessing over W so much fun. I used to be a silent shipper (literally have been for 16 years of watching kdrama) but I decided to crack the shell because I think I found the perfect drama that deserves more than just a lurking fan! (Honestly, I started to feel like a creep with the number of times I've laughed out loud over these wonderful posts and hilarious comments alone at home) My neighbors think I'm crazy because I live alone and is usually more like Park Shin Hye's character in Flower Boys Next Door but have been, and I quote, "laughing and shrieking a lot especially at 6 am." (that's when W airs on my side of the world...) 

I'd just like to say, please pardon my random and weird future comments, I wanted OYJ to pick 4 too :flushed:, and thank you for making me brave enough to stop lurking alone :heart:


Now on with my random thoughts:

I think KC has lost his cool after falling in love. He was so flustered (ep 7) that he asked the guard whether or not he knew how to knock first. The whole time I was like, "KC... you're the one who chose to get some action in a bedroom with sensor doors. How are they supposed to knock... wait... oh...:glasses: you naughty boy... 

I also thought it was sweet how he still wanted to make her happy by tying her shoe laces (scene from the ep 8 preview in the elevator) despite deciding to part ways. 

Lastly, I feel like it wouldn't matter if I miss MBC's recap special on Monday because I've watched the episodes so many times, IT'S ALREADY INGRAINED INTO MY SOUL. NOTHING CAN PACIFY MY CRAVING FOR W, NOT EVEN NEW EPISODES. I want a real life happy ending... or a happy never ending...

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If 10 more K-Drama pairings had babies

By alim17 


Once again, just for the fun of it, we decided to make babies from some of our favorite K-Drama pairings... to... questionable results?


Looks like everyone's got some 'splaining to do.  It's like a makjang drama (with secret identities, love affairs, the works) gone wrong down here.  Well, anyway, do you think these babies look like their parents?


'W' Han Hyo Joo x Lee Jong Suk




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Their chemistry is daebak. No wonder this kind of news came out. It happens everytime to all famous k-dramas. People busy pairing the OTP to be couple in real life. Real or not real, only Jongsuk and Hyojoo know about the truth. Me as their fan will always support them :D






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37 minutes ago, ilwoo_aein said:

Their chemistry is daebak. No wonder this kind of news came out. It happens everytime to all famous k-dramas. People busy pairing the OTP to be couple in real life. Real or not real, only Jongsuk and Hyojoo know about the truth. Me as their fans will always support them :D





@ilwoo_aein this is the actual article for the IG that you hav posted. while we should not demand that the OTP should date their co-leads, just like other dramas when we ship that characters to be together in the drama. we should not demand they date in real life. but but but....
they really LOOK SO REAL TOGETHER, HAVING SUCH CHEMISTRY, FEELING SO COMFORTABLE IN SKINSHIP EVEN OFF-SCREEN. so say if we can just dream a little whilet the show is airing is fine... say if they turn out together. we just strike Olympics Gold, else, its totally fine if they are not together. Let God give them whoever to love them in the best way.,... meanwhile, i ship Chul-joo, and also shipping JongJoo real hard.  just like Song-song couple, many truly wish them to be real, but will accept too if they move on in life to find their own One-true-love, other than each other in DotS,. Jongsuk has never look so daze and shy infront of any noona, or so comfortable in skinship with any.

enjoy the actual article;


extracted the words out, in case some can't open the article:

" The premise of MBC’s W-Two Worlds just might be what pulls Lee Jong Suk and Han Hy0-Joo together in real life. Much like the K-drama, the actors have been spotted getting closer to one another even after the cameras have stopped rolling.

Rumor has it that the two lead actors are seeing more of each other in real life, similar to how their characters on the show fall for one another despite being from two completely separate planes of reality. Not only are Hyo-Joo and Jong Suk completely comfortable with public displays of affection, they’re also very convincing acting just like a couple on social media.

This dating news follows the network’s announcement of the highest rating scene for W-Two Worlds to date, surpassing the ratings of another popular K-drama Uncontrollably Fond starring Suzy Bae and Kim Woo-Bin.

Soompi reports that the episode where their two characters reveal their engagement has garnered 17.3% ratings, just for that scene alone. The full episode comes out on August 17, as network officials decided to reschedule their air time in order to accommodate the Rio Olympics 2016 broadcast.

"Although their individual agencies have not spoken on the issue, Hyo-Joo and Jong Suk have unbelievable chemistry, even as they fool around in between takes. In episode 3, during the filming of their first kiss scene, the two are spotted poking fun at each other in an attempt to give each other advice. Hyo-Joo, who is an award winning Korean actress coming back to the small screen after 6 years, laughed at Jong Suk who could not stop blushing.

Hyo-Joo has also expressed her admiration for her co-star during a press conference, comparing Jong Suk to his TV counterpart. The 29-year-old actress described him as sexy, handsome, and someone with great manners. Suspiciously, Hyo-Joo has also said in the past that she no longer has a thing for bad boys, and would like to begin dating now that she’s made her comeback.

Similarly, Jong Suk has called her tall, pretty, and absolutely charming. He has also been vocal on social media about being together with Hyo-Joo, wearing couple’s sweaters and asking fans if today is the day they finally air their favorite episode. In response, viewers commented on how they seem to be in love, outside filming of W-Two Worlds. 

Are you a fan of the so-called Jong-Joo couple? Do you think a dating announcement from both their agencies will come in the near future? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!"

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today is my church-day, but i was so distracted, so i went straight home, not fellowship, presently in mini hiatus, to rewatch whole 7 eps, to savour the whole thing,
here's another article  about the same topics, (again, like to say i am not hammering thru that Jong-joo should date, just that happy over such reports, and will just delulu on my own. ) keke. don't scold me for indulging . in case it was posted by others, Ms Mods can kindly remove, its fine.

Here's another reports, on whether Jongjoo is dating for real>

extract article :
"W Korean drama cast members Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk were allegedly caught holding hands recently. Because of this, people have been speculating that the two are dating in real life.

The lead stars of MBC’s fantasy drama recently had a pictorial for the show’s promotional materials, as seen in the clip at the end of this story. It was during the shoot that the two were allegedly seen holding each other’s hands even though the photographer was not shooting them.


However, it may not be possible for the lead cast of W Korean drama to be dating off-cam. The report from Movie NewGuide pointed out how Lee Jong Suk is already rumored to be dating Doctor’s actress Park Shin Hye. The two reportedly became close while filming Pinocchio, but both their agencies denied that they are in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo has been linked to Full House actor Kang Do-Han. She and her agency have both been mum about the dating rumors. However, the 29-year-old actress has admitted to liking “bad boys” – a profile fit to describe Kang Do Han.

The fact that Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk were spotted holding hands could simply mean that they have grown fond of each other. Their undeniable chemistry in W Korean drama has reportedly contributed to the show’s high ratings and good reviews."


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"W" fb repost more about pokemon go "W" version ㅋㅋㅋ



@maryofbethany that's what i'm talking about. They look so real together. Their chemistry is amazing. I think i won't be surprised if they date for real. But i've never been a shipper of any couple. I don't ship Jong-Joo either. I never want to burden myself shipping them or any other OTP. But if any OTP including Jong-Joo get real i'll support them. But for now nothing can make me happier than enjoying the show and waiting for Kang Chul and Yeonjoo happy ending to happen hehehe..

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8 minutes ago, dramagirlslove said:

I just realized Kang Chul hasn't told Yeon Joo he loves her so when the moment happens in future episodes it's probably gonna be during a moment of danger. :tears:


yeah he hasnt  told her yet but actions speaks louder than words to him,, waah miss our otp:blush:

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