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  1. I think that PSJ is way too considerate to go all the way to Europe to see PMY if she purposely went there wanting to spend time with her mother on a mini vaca whilst arranging her photoshoots to be done there. They are professionals and even though that would be really sweet and uber romantic. I just don't feel that they are at a point where they really need to do that kind of thing BESIDES that would be so beyond the realm of low key and keeping his and her private life private. *Thank you @pellucid7 and @twoparkcouple for the update/confirmation
  2. PSJ “I think talks of the dating rumors will continue to be had. I have confidence to deal with it." cr: Soompi https://www.soompi.com/article/1207945wpp/park-seo-joon-talks-working-park-min-young-possibility-actually-dating I cant help but be amused by this entire statement because even if you don't ship this couple, viewers cant help but feel that something bizarre is happening. They really are letting fate work itself and shhhhh fate apparently has two personas (PSJ & PMY) Seriously tho, its hard to deny just how connected their actions seem to be, regardless if its intentional or not, it really shows how connected one is to another. It reminds me of when PSJ said that his ideal girl has to be able to "match my communication code." I don't know if this is some sort of way to hit two birds with one stone, (one for her fans and one for him). Either way it's making people talk and this is definitely NOT the type of things rumored couples do to put out the fire. What happened in Phuket will stay in Phuket as long as they want it to. The instagram posts or lack thereof when they are with eachother is one thing where fans can tell, this is not an ordinary friendship like V, PHS, CWS and dare I say even KJW. He and PMY are ever so tight lipped about posting private pics of each other where his friends he has no problem posting or even mentioning. If they were really just friends they would have no problem being open book. PMY using the line "mouth stop lifting" in her caption on IG shows that she must have put some thought to that caption which means that she was thinking of that moment in WWWSK which means she was thinking of LYJ which then ultimately means she was thinking of PSJ. Now PSJ singing "Two people" could also just be pure coincidence and it wasn't his intention to ignite PP-shippers hearts but that doesn't mean that PMY did not pop into his head prior to making that decision to do so(since it was so instantaneous). Typically when someone is put on the spot like that its more often than not the last thing you think of or someone you have on your mind would be the reason for your choice. So with all that said no matter which way you slice it PSJ had PMY on his mind last night and PMY had PSJ on her mind when she decided on that IG caption. Knowing that, well thats a sign, distance really makes the heart grow fonder. Let the dating rumors prosper!
  3. @parkparkloveu I guess it is all in perspective, since I would say that I consider over 432+ posts in 4-5 years pretty generous, since he has been working non-stop and he is a Korean actor who isn't expected to post promotional ads to the degree that I have seen other celebrities do or contractually forced to promote on their IG's. A lot of the times when you take a look at other actors who have higher posts its due to some photo shots that come in 3's or its nothing of interest. Anywhoo for me I generally say if my bias can at least post once a week I am thrilled. I think that if he is the type to post a lot it really has to do with self promotion of products and such, not necessarily wanting share a little bit of his life. I used to follow alot of the big name actors and I stopped because I would get tired of them being absent for a month and posting multiple photos that isnt a selfie or its just a selfie that has been taken at different angles. Thankfully PSJ doesn't do that. I would consider PSJ one of the most popular and active actors right now and I can't really think of any other actors on IG that have come to his current success that would represent the latter. Again my perspective, not trying to banter just thought I would expand on the topic.
  4. @parkparkloveu Actually it was up until this year between Jan 21 - Feb 13 (My timezone) where he deleted a substantial amount of his pics. If anyone is curious this is how PRIVATE he got. So he DID post a lot prior too, just as much as PMY but he has a right to protect his private life now, which means very little pics. I have followed him for a number of years so he was known to be one of the actors that wasn't stingy with posting like some other Korean actors are Dec 11, 2017: 378 posts | 4.4M | 78 Followers Jan 21, 2018: 384 posts | 4.7M | 78 Followers *Feb 13, 2018: 200 posts | 4.9M | 78 Followers* Feb 15, 2018: 203 posts | 5.0M | 79 Followers Mar 9, 2018: 206 posts | 5.1M | 79 Followers . June 30, 2018: 250 posts | 6.4M | 92 Followers . August 31, 2018: 258 posts | 6.7M | 92 Followers Compare it to PMY who has............................... August 31, 2018: 383 posts | 2.9M | 0 Followers *Ever since WWWSK casting/interest he decided to change things up, he has always been very generous with sharing his pics cause he considers himself a fashionista and loves sharing pictorial and travel pics. It's his way to reach out to his fans. So obviously something changed in his perception on how he was going to go about things back then (Jan 21-Feb 13) in terms of his instagram. My opinion is that if PSJ and PMY were casually seeing each other prior to WWWSK than between those dates he decided that his relationship with her was far more important so he limited everything he possibly could have.
  5. Their timing is impeccable, like I said I love how today he will be filming out of Seoul (Cheongju) and she’s also scheduled for photoshoots leaving Seoul (Berlin). Reminds me of when YJ left for Europe on a business meeting and Miso was just as busy herself but when they were reunited they showed eachother just how much they missed one another. Just a working “couple” but making sure they have time to see eachother like Phuket and the Commentary yesterday. * @parkparkloveu I still wouldn’t 100% say that she wasn’t able to make it for a little bit of the dinner since it was 11:30 by the time it was uploaded. If she was there she would have made it for a couple of drinks and went home. Hence no photo
  6. Well thats what was said in the news that he was responsible for the cost to host the viewing party and the buffet. He was also thanked by PMY's staff for taking care of the bill when they went out for Korean BBQ on the last day of filming. He also took care of the bill during the get togethers that the Hwarang cast would have. He said its just a natural habit since he was always treated by his seniors back in the day. So he does it out of consideration and he feels its customary. I am sure there is other examples where he is known to foot the bill but yeah he's generous and kind. *PMY was also very generous on the WWWSK filming site where she gifted the staff and fellow actors Shiseido products.
  7. My interpretation is this..... For me we are definitely missing one other person in this photo, due to this, if I take a look at the seating arrangement. The cast members on the other side are crammed next to eachother, thigh to thigh. If this was truly only that many people we wouldn't be seeing so much space between PSJ and the director. PSJ isn't the type to demand that type of personal space exhibit.2 . I believe the following occurred, PMY was sitting between PSJ and the Director-nim. If she had sat across the table then I believe she would be more inclined to have taken the picture with the group. If they both werent in the picture than it would have created more interest in where they were. In terms of PSJ stance I can agree with the consensus that he was either on his way out or he was making his way to probably take care of the bill (he is known to foot the bill more often than not) Again this is the type of thing we should get used to since this is exactly the type of thing that PSJ was speaking about in terms of "I have a right to my privacy". With how Phuket played out and yesterday we can be sure that in terms of his relationship with PMY she is definitely a part of his private life he would rather protect than display to the world like the rest of his friendships. I too believe that PMY wouldn't skip out on this get together for most of the reasons everyone has mentioned, so I will assume she was there until proven otherwise. Also Im not assuming just because I support them, I am confident due to I see no other explanation. I feel its actually more common sense than any detective work needed. Exhibit 1: This picture was posted at approximately 11:30pm From the above picture, you can clearly see PSJ just getting up from his chair hence the chair legs with that said I do see the gap between his chair and the Director's chair but not the vacant chair itself (PMY's supposed chair) so if someone can kindly point that out to me that would be great. Exhibit 1.1: Different lighting and Angle Exhibit 2: Reference
  8. Newly released article by the same editor/reporter as the one yesterday: http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=267168 Main points: The reporter mentioned that PSJ didnt express himself as honest as he should have and that he avoided giving an immediate answer Regards to enthusiasm for them to date he said "I have a right to protect my private life and I don't think I will know until that moment (future tense)" He would like to work with PMY again (On the topic of Love) Further in the article he said the response to the drama in regards to him dating PMY is natural and common due to the genre (Romantic Comedy) he had the same response back when he filmed Fight for my way. However he emphasized his right to privacy and he doesn't know what's going to happen in the future so well have to wait till that moment comes.
  9. I believe we have already had this type of discussion but I just want to reiterate the article was quoting a time before the leads where confirmed for WWWSK, so to me they had a healthy transition from Noona/Dongsaeng back when they first were "acquainted". So from the beginning of the year to the PC he has never used the title "Noona" and now where they have spoken personally about one another he is using Banmal speech. Fans really need to stop worrying about the term Noona or Dongsaeng because they can't hide behind the term because that is in fact how anyone would describe the relationship leaving aside any romantic feelings they feel for one another (2-3 yr age gap). I dont really understand why some put a negative connotation behind using those terms. It is a "honorific" driven society so its completely normal that he had used the term before and "had" is the operative word. This sort of thing is nothing to be sensitive about in the slightest. Like any friendship turn to a more romantic relationship there needs to be an acknowledgment of respect and addressing one another in an appropriate manner prior to engaging in that sort of intimacy. Its been just over 9 months where there first legitimate sighting/interaction has been witnessed and captured so to me this is one ship that has proven itself to be worthy of its support. PSJ doesn't want to live in regret so to me I love that he was confident in himself to woo PMY where even she can't deny a possible future romantic relationship with him. Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon aren't the type to fool around with love so I feel confident that these two know exactly what to do and what to say in front of fans and the media as they have done so far. So going forward I am anticipating anything and everything and taking it with a smile. Ship on!
  10. News Article: http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=266755 The interview was done the same day as the rest of the interview BUT it just got approval today, so I'm not sure on whether the reporter needed more content to the article itself because after reading, it definitely is a really good article which doesn't soley focus on the rumor. This new/old/different article was done very well and I can see why the reporter just didn't want to release it with the other ones but like many of you are wondering why today? I mean why today really, anywhoo I'm not going to over think it but it definitely is interesting. The reporter isn't the type to wait so long to release articles about current trending news. (I scanned all of his articles and only this one article is almost a month behind.....) *High probability that the reporter made efforts to contact PMY about the new article being released today to ensure that the material and her quotes were indeed to the agency and her liking. Once he/she got approval from the Editor in Chief then yesterday would have made it the day of approval.
  11. @saved2K The likely-hood of PSJ & PMY having a joint WWWSK promotional PC is very slim due to both being very busy with other contractual obligations("The Divine Fury/Busted"). However if the areas that it has been broadcasted spark a huge interest (were talking DOTS/GOBLIN huge) where a promotional tour is needed then it could prove to be financially worth it for TVN to present the opportunity/offer to PPC. It can be quite tricky in situations like this when the lead actors are immediately scheduled for another project like a film or a drama. I feel that both are focus orientated actors(one project) to ensure outstanding results ~ so there is a 70 to 30 chance they would turn it down. Like many of you, my take on Knetz reaction to PSJ airport arrival is they definitely sound quite bitter. The comments are absolutely hilarious because for me he was very fresh faced and had this non-chalant IDGAF kind of aura to him. Thats his charm where he is completely real whether its filming/promoting/leisure. He isn't manipulated by comments or media exposure which has made me appreciate him more than I already do. Tons of celebrities don't look nearly or even half as good as him which baffles my mind how they can call him average looking. They must have "sleep" in their eyes if they said he looks like Lee Seung Hwan (I almost choked reading that comment ~ the immaturity at its finest, wouldn't expect anything less) Truth be told these comments are a direct reflection of Knetz level of maturity ~ childish and immature. I was reading the comments and my immediate reaction was to look at his airport pics again and even try to level with them but nope cant, not even for one second cause honestly what is he supposed to get off the plane looking like? he just came back from vacation in which he departed at 12:00 am and having arrived a 5-6 hours later ~ wow the comprehension level is out of this world. (BTW I took a flight from Thailand to Seoul a couple of years ago at 2:00 am and there was no possibility to even look half way decent getting off the plane) Kudos to Mr PSJ you proved that "average" isn't just "average" anymore. Because of him the term average his turning out to be the next standard of greatness. Cheers Knetz for making me look at PSJ in a whole other way ~ Brava! PSJ is a very good looking man and he takes care of himself well. He isn't a Wonbin type of attractiveness (Wonbin is ridiculously handsome - 9.5) but there is a uniqueness about his appearance that you just can't help but feel mesmerized by. I've watched his dramas and more times than not he was ridiculously handsome. Those other times were due to the hairstyle but at the end of the day he shows through his performance that its not about what he looks like thats is the deciding factor to why I like him but the entire package. If Knetz are going to call him "average" then i'd take his "average" look any day over some of the male celebrities have been "done up." Its quite amusing just how two faced people can get when they don't get their way which is why if celebrities aren't thick skinned they would slowly go mental and slip into a depression. The dark side of being famous, but for PSJ and PMY they have put up with a lot of criticisms in the past and even now and I can tell they have each others back for support. He even said he's a human being and with being human you will have natural desires such as being a husband and a father and there are days where you will look like absolute crap and days where he could be smothered in dirt and he'd still pull off a modelesque appearance. It's all in perspective and soon the negativity will pass towards them both. It takes time and it will slowly get better. According to PMY, PSJ is a lot more similar to LYJ than people know. LYJ never loses, so whatever issue will come up PSJ can and will handle everything. PMY is a beautiful woman inside and out and now she has PSJ in her life who can put up with it all for her. Nicholas Sparks where are you?
  12. I think this ship has a lot of promise even though they might not have many events where fans of them will see them as a pair in the future. After the end of filming both really proved to me just how much of a team they are. Ive noticed in my last ship that even though the skin-ship was out of this world during filming, the aftermath of filming was the feat that became the hardest to overcome as a shipper. There is a lot of points that I can mention that are extremely comforting as a supporter of PPC so this thread should be quite alive and kicking regardless if the reward trip is over. Both attended the after party in which they did sit at the same table (straight across) and even were seen viewing the last episode slightly next to each other lol of course PD-nim remained in the picture. Both Agencies responded as a team regarding the rumor Both PSJ & PMY responded the same way regarding the rumor and the future of their relationship (Planned responses) Both were very busy overseas with PMY in Paris and Singapore and PSJ in London and the film PC of "The Divine Fury" Both managed to still go on the Phuket Reward trip on the August 13 and departed the same day August 17. (10/10 Effort level) Both will be a part of the DVD commentary which will be filming very soon within the next couple of weeks. Both literally live 600m away from each other so despite their commercial filming/events they will still have the ability to spend time with one another since the area is very private without the media being piranha's. Both of their stylist teams are very very close and enjoy spending time with one another so future meet ups is very possible Both will be busy with their respected other projects by the start of September "The Divine Fury" and "Busted- Season 2". (This is a good thing since they will be able to cheer each other on and having both busy at the same time is actually very healthy for a relationship versus one partner isn't able to do anything. They are both career focused actors so both will be able to understand how to manage this dynamic. All of these points are a great reflection just how life works in mysterious ways with just how coincidental their schedules are, how determined they are to see one another and spend time with each other with group or no group. I am sure there is a lot more to look forward to and I am confident that they both are committed to this public calling of their "somewhat" stage relationship and determined to make it work. I love and appreciate that they are both the type to go all in when they feel they really have met their match regardless of how it affects their fame. Its difficult to see a pair you support that doesn't have the same ideologies which is why celebrity couples tend to fail. Recently I just finished watching "Youn's Kitchen-Season 2" and my impression of PSJ was that he is more than ready and capable to start a family and PMY mentioned she will hone in on her cooking skills in her time off ~ so wife like So I'm excited and can't wait to continually cheer them on. We all have a countdown of 2 years that maybe, just maybe fans will see another beautiful wedding by a beloved onscreen couple turn real couple! Cheers!
  13. @mtc02 Hey, so for me I just didn't want the hassle of trying to override the DVD region error code when I put the DVD into our standard DVD players. So i decided to purchase the Blu-Ray Version but if you manage to have or purchase a DVD player that can play a Region 3 DVD than you wont have to purchase the BR. Another option is check if your DVD player is a Region-Free player then you will have no problem playing the dvd or if your technology savvy you could always change the DVD region on your laptop or PC which will allow you to play the DVD. So lots of options for you even if you bought the DVD so no worries if you decide not to do what I did. Hope that helps
  14. Hey Quick Disclaimer! So I just read on the Daum Secretary DVD site that the DVD region codes are the following: ● "Region code used in South Korea is A (Blu-ray) and 3 (DVD). In case of Blu-ray, Japan and North America has same code as Korea (region A), and for DVD, Southeast Asia except for Japan and China has same code as Korea (region 3). Blu-ray : Region A (Korea, Japan, North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, etc) DVD : Region 3 (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, etc) ● Japan has code 2 for DVD, but it is difficult to have code 2, according to production company. ● China has code 6 for DVD, and it is possible to discuss having code 6" *So unfortunately for us living in North America it will be one hefty purchase, my heart just sank having to cancel and re-purchase for the Blu-ray version. I had a coupon and the discount code/points that did help just a wee bit so if you recently opened up a YES24 account you should be able to download a coupon thats worth ($7). Message me if you had any questions regarding any of this. @minseojoon I would continue doing so, mods aren't necessarily very strict with that type of stuff but if it was a drama thread thats a different story, individual events/news are perfectly fine in a shipping thread. Shipping threads would die if posts had to pertain to BOTH so I would keep on keeping on.
  15. So this is for International fans to purchase the Directors Cut DVD (I didn't even realize that the picture quality was quite different from 480P to 1080P For the Blu-Ray. Although fans should shoot for DVD just because its alot close to hitting its quota then the Blu-ray version (270 units to go I believe) First click this link below http://cafe.daum.net/secretaryKimDVD STEP 1: On the left hand side there is links that should say the following below (Click on which ever one you want) [Pre-Order] Blue-ray [Pre-order] DVD STEP 2: These links will automatically take you too the purchasing website for example "YES24.COM" Click Add to Cart, then Checkout STEP 3: This will prompt you to make an account which I had to so I suggest you do in order to track your purchase. STEP 4: Fill out your information as you would any other online purchase order. It is pretty simple however I stumbled upon something rather annoying, you must have an alternative address that you would write in "Address 2" even though it may say optional. It did not allow me to leave it blank. Other than that, choosing your method of purchase, etc, etc. STEP 5: CLICK PURCHASE ORDER!!!! *I will share this as much as possible to get more fans to order the DVD through my "shipper account", I believe there is not a whole lot of awareness in terms of the DVD and its potential contents with international fans which is why fans are hesitant to order. Hopefully fans can pull through and influence others to get at least the DVD made.
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