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  1. Happy Valentine's Day stories from Ms Han Hyo Joo 14 Feb 2020
  2. Thank you @frozentundra for the clarification and to @jongkkot , I do agree with you somewhat on media making the article bigger than it actually was. Oh well, now I feel relieved.
  3. Hi @ibru - thanks for this! I chanced on this in IG and then saw you have re-posted this. Thank you for sharing and credit as tagged Was there a typo error in the Eng Sub? on the part which Nara replied "Also, it's now just JS but ..... " , the word should be read as NOT instead of NOW? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Another lovely clip with a beautiful song credit as tagged above I wonder howI wonder whyI wonder where they areThe days we hadThe songs we sang togetherOh yeahAnd all my loveI'm holding on foreverReaching for the love that seems so farSo I say a little prayerAnd hope my dreams will take me thereWhere the skies are blueTo see you once again, my loveOver seas from coast to coastTo find the place I love the mostWhere the fields are greenTo see you once again, my love
  5. Jong Suk in SBS Drama “Gogh, The Starry Night” , back 2016 cr withlee may all be well and happy
  6. Thank you @kiyimae for the compliment - am trying my level best to do a past chrono on Jong Suk. I have to admit I can't cover all as he was so active in so many engagements and projects, including the 1 year he mentioned that he was taking a rest from filming. As much as I enjoy doing it, I have to try to juggle my time Secondly, on any person performing in the MS , be it active or non, question on early discharge due to good conduct, I thought I read it somewhere but sorry, I do not keep track of that source. I might be wrong, so don't get any hopes flying high please. Else we just have to wait for Jong Suk to come on 2 Jan 2021, hopefully without further extension. One key reason for him being so low-key of which he is guarding it so "intimately" , could be to ensure that he comes out ON that date, with no issues. We know that there are some out there who just want to spin rumours / scandalous stories about K-celebrities, of which may have negative impact on the length of the service. And yes, pretty sure most of us are very grateful for his love and concern to us fans. I am so glad that he built his dream Cafe89.mansion, now giving him an avenue to share his "presence". I shall respect his privacy to be "away" - ( 1 year to go) though at times, I kinda tease a bit on my wall. Let him have his way. He has been working so hard since he was 15. #wewillwaitforyouleejongsuk
  7. Repost from jsgs0714 Source Lee Jong Suk WithJS JAPAN A beautiful card with calendar
  8. Happy New Year to everyone here! Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Happy New Year.May peace, love and prosperity follow you always
  9. Thanks to js5959phk for sharing her posts while on a trip to Sokcho-si1st autograph by Lee Jong Suk on 22.12.20192nd by Lee Si Eon on 12.09.20183rd by Jung In Gi on 18.04.2016
  10. Thank you @asiaren for sharing - nice to recap that post from Jong Suk-ssi. As always, he humbles himself much and put the fans first before him. We are so grateful to him for giving us Cha Eun Ho before he entered MS. That charming , never-give-up-on-your-love Chief Editor is one of a kind!
  11. Awww @Rania Zeid That lil Jong Suk is so adorable ! Wish I could understand what she was saying, seeing her giving massages to that lil cute guy! You can even buy clothes to dress him up. Thank you for sharing.
  12. credit owner - thank you for sharing Eve of Christmas ~ Our chingu js19892013 got a "Christmas" greeting from @jongsuk0206 - ssi on the cafe89mansion mug.
  13. Yea @frozentundra The feeling of hopping over to 89M is so tempting! So many hand-signed mugs to-date. Not to mention the lovely, yummy dessert and drinks Cafe.89mansion putting up on their walls! The festive mood is in the air. I know most people take leave during Christmas and the Year End season, be it for celebrations, travelling or just clearing leaves. Looks like Jong Suk is also in his festive mood, pray he signs and share more messages. Wonder whether he gets to be on leave, like some of us. Happy Merry Christmas , a season of joy, the season of giving and sharing
  14. Another new hand-signed message from Mr Lee Jong Suk, Cafe 89 Mansion, credit sojung7189 Thank you to leejongsuk.sunnyshining for sharing with her translation : 2019 .. 12 개월 2019 잘가라. Translate 2019 .. December.. 2019 Bye bye.
  15. Han Hyo Joo, Han Ji Min, and many other artists participated in a fundraising event on Saturday, December 21 at Gangnam Station. The fundraising organized by the UN International Relief Society and JTS (Join Together Society). is to support food and medicine around the world for children with chronic malnutrition and who are dying of simple diseases. Sorry, the earlier link was broken, hence this is a new post, credited as tagged.
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