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  1. I think u will like the 2009 version. ZZR came at the end to interrupt ZM and ZWJ. However I think most people dislike the 2009 ending. It's probably the worst version according to many people. This applies to any genre and film, no audience wants to see a half hearted man in love with 2 woman. The general audience wants to see dedication and complexity to a relationship, not just a love triangle for the sake of a love triangle. And rooting for a character b/c they're "hotter" is kinda shallow in my opinion, no offense lol. That means anyone will do for you simply because they're hotter, regardless of the actions of the character.
  2. I'm watching the beach scene and it's so funny when WJ says "Are you angry with me?" He's like a little kid. Same with the scene after the island where she runs out after he accuses her of the murder and he told her "Don't be angry anymore". He can't stand her being angry at him.
  3. What was the convo between ZZR and ZWJ about after he rescued her from the gang? She's mad?
  4. Thank yall for your efforts. Your subs will benefit years to come as more people find the drama later. Thank you!
  5. It was you who subbed ep 45? Omg thank you. Slowly waiting for subs.
  6. Watching the scene after the wedding in the cave where ZWJ was healing ZM after confrontation with her brother. The scene ends with Zhao Min falling in his arms and him closing his eyes. I didnt understand it at the time. Why did he close his eyes? Serious answers please, Im trying to understand lol.
  7. About to get sentimental on you guys. I think I've finally realized why I'm borderline obsessed with this version of ZM/ZWJ, as opposed to just being a passerby viewer in the previous versions. This version of ZM/ZWJ seems to have a unexplainable intimacy with each other by themselves and/or in front of other people. An example of that is when they were hiding in the cave as his Wudang uncles talked about their scandalous relationship rumors. He looked at her and she looked at him. Kudos to the actors, cause I've felt an unexplainable intimacy between them in that scene, an understanding that, yes ZWJ knows ZM likes him. Yeah thats part of the reason how he got to rescue the sects so easily. Yes, it's true she has influence on him, Wudang uncles are scared she will use that against him. He has such a longing look in that scene for her. He understands what is and what cannot come of it. And ZM staring back with the same look. This is all the while he still believed she hurt him and his cousin, by the way. Her touching his face to comfort him after finding out the real murderer. Her trying to cover his mouth to keep him from making noise. Him staring back at her. The romantic undertones of that scene. Him lending her his shoulder to sleep on. And being quite content with it as the fire continues to warm them up. Him picking her up cause she was being stubborn. They have all the tell tale signs of being in a full blown relationship.This version of ZWJ knows how to handle ZM. He is her equal. Previous versions of ZWJ just stands there, not knowing what to do or say. This version walks the walk and talks the talk. They criticize each other when circumstances warrants it. They have a silent understanding of the situtation. Both of them just touching each other whenever they feel like it. Their intimacy continues after their kiss. Her just casually treating his wounds in front of the elders with barely any clothes on. Seriously though, side note, something MUST have happened after the rain. Cause given multiple scenes in the past of emphazing men and women should keep their distance, it's odd to see that scene without assuming something happened between them. Did anyone else realize how gentle ZM becomes after they establish their relationship? He asks her to pour tea for his uncles, and she does it. It's quite romantic and endearing to see her gentleness in a way to suggest that ZWJ "tamed" the sassy ZM. He is her equal. It's a contrast from what happened on the boat. ZWJ looked shy and shocked of ZM touching him, tackling him down. Him, being leader of Ming Sect, the best martial arts artist at the time, scared of a little girl half his size. To now holding her hands and kissing her.
  8. Forgot to add, in 2009 version, ZWJ kisses ZRR on the cheek AS ZM WATCHES from afar, count ur blessings with this version lol.
  9. If you actually watch carefully in ZWJ/ZRR scenes, every couple scene of theirs is tainted with the constant bringing up of Zhao Min into the conversation. In every version of the show, actually. So I actually dont mind their scenes as much in this version because compared to other versions, this one is pretty tame. In 2003 version, after the tavern, ZWJ actually talked about having kids with ZRR, so count ur blessings with this version lol. Also, in every version in the past, the reason ZWJ married ZRR right away was because she tried to commit suicide after seeing him with ZM. However, in this version, the reason he decided to marry her right away was b/c grandfather forced him. Practically pushed him into the room to apologize lol. And this is the only version that didnt run after her right away after she sees him with ZM. So I'm pretty satisfied. I guess we're all just being nickpicky with the details since we've been so spoiled with swoonworthy scenes between ZM/ZWJ. But again, coming to ZWJ's defense, he did "break up" with ZM. So anything after that is him trying to live up to the marriage contract. He was happy introducing ZZR to his elders. I believe he was truly happy. Why? Here's a girl who EVERYONE approves of, destined to become leader of a respectful sect, which is what they all want to associate themselves with at this point. It's less burden on ZWJ as well. He doesnt have to go against the grain of constantly fighting his family to approve his girlfriend, not like what he had to do for ZM, which I think takes a bigger toll. I dont think he loved her, but I think she would have at least made him happy. She's great with his cousin, cooks, and waits for him. So in that regards, I can see how that could make him smile when introducing her to his family. But again, that's not love, that's taking the easy way out.
  10. I think for sure they cut maybe like 4/5 episodes. But 20 episodes is crazy. I've never heard of that in drama filming history lol.
  11. Did the team actually confirm it or is it just speculation? 20 episodes worth of cut scenes sound crazy and unrealistic.
  12. Anyome familar with TVB know if they add new scenes? I know they edit for sure, but not sure if they would add new scenes. So far no new scenes since ep 8 on tvb.
  13. Oh my god 1994 version of ZM/ZWJ was just so bad. There's even a scene after the wedding where ZM was almost "forced" upon by a couple of guys and ZWJ sat there looking at that, indifferently, b/c he was angry she ruined his wedding. I dont know what the writer was thinking. It's almost crazy to think this is the same writer that wrote the 2019 version of ZWJ/ZM.
  14. Please let me know what your favorite ZM/ZWJ scene is in the show. Im still waiting for Eng subs so this will help while I'm waiting.
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