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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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I guess it would be better to watch again with Eng sub?

But perhaps it wouldn't be much of a relief...

I remember a funny comment before that those who view MLSHR are emotional masochists to themselves...or sadistic something...my gosh...

it hurts...it pains us...what is this :tears:


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7 minutes ago, nikiazia said:

agree .. the writer is WookSoo shipper. i think she/he will drag WW & HS relationship until Episode 20

WS no choice & agree to marry YH. the lady who's will help him become a strong king

Not that I give up on So-Soo ship but if Soo still rejects him until ep 14, then I'd rather him marry YH. She's a strong and smart girl who could make So a king and cherished by everyone. I also agree. The writer must be a Wook-Soo shipper:crazy: I will still be patient. I keep telling myself that my ship will sail soon. I just have to close my eyes for a while:sweatingbullets:

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After reading the live recaps , I can't seem to be able to calm down. 

I am losing hope that things will get better. How? After the king speech with HS , I don't know, if she will ever openly accept WS's love. It is clearly against "heaven's will", if she gets involved in his life any further. He is the destined powerful king of Goryeo and she , HS, had no place near him as History told us. She found multiple reasons to reject WS, first because she was scared if him to become Gwangjong , second because she is in love with WW, then because she wants to not get involved with him so that he won't get hurt,  after all what WS did to help her , he richard simmons drank poison , stand by her side on the richard simmons rainy day and said good bye to her before leaving and gave her kiss, the moment he turned from his mission the first thing he did when he saw her , he hugged her and he told her he missed her . this woman doesn't seem to change her mind and keeps staying faithful to the coward WW. To add more reason to her cold behavior and upcoming richard simmons, she will put WS through,  now after the king is knowing her secret and warning her not to get in the way of WS becoming the King , I can't imagine, how  are we supposed to see HS dare do the opposite and will stand by WS's side and accept his love? Why would she all of a sudden accept WS? She even nearly had lost him , after the poisoning, however after all the richard simmons she went trough and all kind of hardships she faced, she managed to ask WW , if he missed her, and throw a tantrum at WS , who did every possible things to help her out. I am confused, frustrated and worried about how the drama will develop from now on. I hope I won't be greatly disappointed. It would be really a waste, if HS will reciprocate WS's feelings at the very end of the drama and then we will have one single episode with mutual love and the rest is the battle about the throne, the YH , WW and evil Queen tearing WS and HS apart . WS and HS suffering until the very end. Plus HS death and return to the future .

I will pray to the Drama God to prevent this Drama to turn into a total disaster..

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8 minutes ago, sunshinefate said:

I don't know if it is because HS's character written like that or other reason, but up until now, I don't see HS having any romantic feelings for So. Not even in denial. She surely cares for Wang So. I can see that, but not romantically. I don't know how to describe it. But, I do find IU and Jun Ki's chemistry to be sizzling and electrifying but I still don't see HS fall for WS yet. I'm just afraid that when HS starts to fall for WS, the viewers will think that she is just feeling grateful to him, not love:tears:

Yes..its more like haesoo will support soo, guide him to become a king. Not even a bit love sign between from haesoo. The thing upsetting that should be sweet moment (the kiss, the backhug) become very meningless bcos haesoo too depressed and so cold toward soo. Maybe she still need time to console her feeling..hope one day she can smiling for soo. 

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I think the only weakness from this drama is that there are SO many things going on that all of them make the main story kinda blur. You know that feeling after eating a lot, I feel full after watching this drama. Not a bad one, but more like a confusing one. Every time I finished I must recalled what has happened. There are so many things @__@  It's not bad but if the writer make an inconsistency it will be easier to notice. 

First, I was really surprised when suddenly it's 1 YEAR LATER, whattttt?! (will it be like my prediction that the plot will be skipped many times?)

and Yeonhwa asking So to marry her, whattttt? 

There are so many 'whattttt?!'s  in this episode.:dizzy:

For me, the one who makes this episode interesting is WOOK! Like, wow, he's such a smart-logical yet (amateur) evil guy. Why he become evil yet can be more attractive than before!? I love the way he thinks and how he answered Yeonhwa that he doesn't want to be a king that has a 'traitor' mark on him. He wants to rise as a hero. His strategy of secretly obey Yo, and will betray him later is also excellent. You go Wook! 

The 'fight for the throne' story is getting more intense!


The 'love story' is getting more confusing. (and hopeless lol) </3

The scenes of Wook and Soo always break my heart. I support that couple but on the other hand So needs a woman like Soo with him. It clearly shows that Wook and Soo are still in love with each other and I feel sorry for Wook.

and that rejection(S) from Soo to So makes me like :expressionless::confounded::cold_sweat:  :flushed::grin::heart: lol why I'm so happy in the end because this drama make something OUT OF ORDINARY!! <3 The writer-nim must have thought that many people will be disappointed because the 'love story' is so slow, but I respect him for his bravery to write a troublesome love story :)) You know how man these days doesn't want to try hard to get the girl he love in this present time. Watching what So has done is so interesting. That's how man supposed to be. If you keep thinking something should happen between them ASAP then I just want to say let's just enjoy So's effort for Soo :D . I think the romance between them will occur in episode 14/15.




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3 minutes ago, yuhotarubi said:


I'll be here, I'll be here all the way till the end :tears: but I want to be compensated for all the frustration I am feeling right now. HS better make it up for WS big time, the amount of patience he has for her is admirable.


Let's reserve judgement until episode 13. Who hasn't made made bad life decisions after a bad breakup? But at least we know that So and Soo willl end up together (and die and then reincarnate in the modern world) because the series will wrap up. It's more frustrating when it's season after season like in a North American show. (E.g. Rory and her never ending bad decisions on Gilmore Girls)

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i've been a silent lurker ... but after seeing the episode 12, i want to let out something in my head ...

so about hae soo that keep repeating turn down wang so, i think part of its perhaps she didnt really let wang wook go but another one is she understand if she choose to leave with wang so, georyo wont have their king ... i mean the total history will change and that could be good but also bad

i love wang so didnt tatter with the rejection but keep on going, and i think it make him more on fire

as for wang wook ... woow man! thats cruel, waiting until three times asked him about missing her or not ... not good at all 

baek ah as we know from the 6 min preview standing still with wang so, so i think he will be okay and i think the love will blossom in weird way with woo hee 

ah, yeon hwa ... i guess even with her will to making wang wook as king and becoming more than a king, she still a woman with heart that goes to wang so 

really cant wait until tomorrow :D


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Is HS hanging cloth diapers? Can't help but think who in the palace wears these towel size white fabrics.

The preview seemed like :

The king is ailing but his room is blocked from everybody, not allowing anyone to know his situation. Maybe at this time Wang Moo is not around in the palace and the King's condition must not make known to anyone until WM returns. Hae Soo attended to him and the only one knowing his condition.

WY realised this and sent minions to catch her. WW happened to be that minion and chase after HS which is when HS said "You have changed".

So HS asked WS "Do you want to be the King?"

Evil Queen visited the King and sad over his death (years of jealousy is an indication she loves him) but WS gets into the room to confront her or make a deal with her?

At this point I still don't know what can make HS love WS for who he is, instead of feeling grateful and like him as a friend. The "drinking the poison" and "standing in the rain" did not seem to work. I don't know what else he can do to make her love him.


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I have replayed episode 11 ad nauseam and then of course it is back to reality. I was/am hoping that the Koreans would/will make a much better and more romantic drama than the Chinese version and so far it has made me a huge fan of LJK. His character so far has not disappointed with his unwavering love for HS. I watch both historic dramas which are shown at the same time, and today was definitely angst day for both! So darn frustrating! I know that there will be no changes to this drama since it has already been completed but I hope it turns out to be a much happier ending somehow than the C. version. Who has not fallen in love with WS's character, I totally have! I hope he will not let us down! The reason that so many people loved "Secret Garden" was that the leading man was in love with the leading woman from episode 1 through the end, that's why it was a such huge success! So I am hoping that WS will love HS till the very end even though right now she definitely does not deserve it!

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Urgh...I don't want to think negatively and start bashing characters but...today I have to say that I'm disappointed in HaeSoo.

I get it if she doesn't want to be involved with any of the princes.I'm even okay in this episode (ONLY this episode.After this I want SoSoo ship to sail for real) if she still pushes WangSo away.Because I know how traumatising Lady SG's death was for her.And she remembers her advice.I'm alright with that reason for her to distance herself from the princes.

But SERIOUSLY?! "I missed you" to That guy? Has that incident in the rain and 1 year of distancing yourself from so many guys not given her enough time to reflect,get over it and move on?I know SoSoo is the endgame but I'm getting a bit frustrated now.

Omg it's moments like in this episode that makes me wish WangSo end up with YeonHwa and WangWook with HaeSoo.

WangSo,I guess you'll have to be patient like us shippers and keep pursuing her...So sorry you had to go through poison and near death experience only to be rejected by the one you tried to save.She's one girl who is hard to get.

Speaking of saving,BAEKAH!!!Omg he sacrificed himself.I'd like to believe he did it for the sake of WooHee so that she won't end up suffering for killing a king.BaekAh is so like So.Sacrifice himself for the one he loves.Let this BaekHee ship sail too!

Omg...the king knows.He has an inkling that HaeSoo is like JiMong.He isn't that bad after all...He considers HaeSoo's safety all this time.And did HaeSoo say the KING was Like HER GRANDFATHER?Can this mean something?Like maybe the king REINCARNATED into her grandfather in the future or Something...Omg here I go with my wild theories again.

Ok my rant stops here.Will watch again with eng subs for more clarity.See you again tmr SHR Lovers!:heart:

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Just now, qwenli said:

Scarlet heart feels like cheese in the trap to me all over again.

nope, in BBJX, I never hated Rouxi. But here I am beginning to wonder what's wrong with hs's head. 

i lost my faith in this drama because by now in the c version. RX had broken up with the 8th clearly and gone with the 4th.

i know we had this mathematical calculation that the hs ws love will only start about ep 13 but after tonight's ep, even if hs is to say she love ws tomorrow, how am I going to believe her? How? What sort of plot twist would be needed for hs to love so? Wook slashing So?

i am in Yeoh hwa's camp now, for the very few times she met So when he is back to the palace, she was genuinely interested in him. I believe that since she is now pressed to marry Yo, she really dun want that and rather bet her luck with So.

I need therapy, I really do.


Yeah, the same case with me. I also did not have any complaints about RX's character. Not even once. I just thought that the c-version was quite long and actually I could not watch long dramas. But I did not even blame RX's character, not even once. However, with Soo, I don't know how to describe my disappointment towards her character. I'm just very disappointed with the writer. This drama had so much potential. It's been fast pacing except for the romance part. I know that no drama is perfect, there will always be flaws, be it major flaws or the minors one. But, the title of this drama is Moon Lovers. The beginning of this drama showed how HS and WS were tied to each other even they were in the different era. Then, they should have just shown what it should have, which is, the passionate romance between them without dragging the 1st love story up to 3/4 of the story. We, the viewers, already got it that WW was HS's first love, so the writer didn't really have to show us this long. What we want to be shown is the battle of the throne and the romance between our OTP. I'm afraid that this development of the story will refrain Jun Ki to accept the awards that he deserves.

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40 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

Yes, Hae Soo should love So not of gratitude but because of his personality. I believe, she is pushing him away because she knows, he will become the king and she was asked to witness the events and not to be part of it. She can't accept his proposal because this would change history. But  now, since we know that JM and the king are aware that she comes from somewhere else, I understand why both tried to separate Hae Soo from the princes and especially from wang So as they both know about Wang So's future. But they might have made a mistake: Hae Soo will be the reason why he will want to become the king. By sending her away, they did a mistake because this had the total opposite. He would drop everything for Hae Soo and he is even less interested in the palace life. His father has noticed that he has no control over Wang So any longer. Before, it was different as Wang So was longing for his father's love and recognition. Yet, when Wang So fell in love with Hae Soo, he didn't need his father any longer. Maybe that's why we see Hae Soo again close to the king... since she is next to the king, she might become a target of Yoo and her son. That will make Wang So realise that he needs to be king in order to protect Hae Soo. 

The king and JM can actually HS to make sure WS stays and goes for the throne.

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16 minutes ago, moonloverssssssss said:



Episode 13 Preview (Chinese Version)

WY: That girl is the only person who knows about the king's situation. Find (her)! Quickly!

YH: (I) really don't know what you are thinking.

WW: I am prioritizing. Who (should we) attack for (our) advantage? To become king, (I) cannot permit any mistakes.

WW: (to HS) Why do you still lie to me?

HS: You changed. 

WW: I have to be the king.

WS: I have to be the king.

side note: sorry, didn't realize it's already been subbed >_<

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25 minutes ago, Diana Blanche said:

Very well said! And if Wang So will turn his attention towards Ywon Hwa I will not blame him. Probably this will be the beginning of a relationship between them. Hae Soo will wake up too late.

But as I can see in the preview of ep. 13 Hae Soo will run towards Wang So. Maybe she will want to tell him something. Anyway I will wait to see ep.13. For now I'm too upset to comment more.


I dont like YH. So much. From the start. I rejoiced when WS rejected her marriage proposal. And i hope it will remain like that. But then again i can only hope. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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