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  1. SEO JI HYE AND HER PASSION As an actress who graduated from Sungkyunkwan University majoring in acting, of course, Seo Ji-hye also has a passion for other arts fields that can support her career in acting. Her interest in books, museums and performing arts, both theater and foreign films has broadened her insights so that she can apply her knowledge in her work. Since she finished starring in the drama Dinner Mate, she rarely posts on her IG about what books she is reading, what theater shows and what movies she is watching during her break. Meanwhile, if
  2. The Story about personal cellphones. On October 14, 2019, SSH posted his picture on the set of “The Great Show.”. He was seen taking a selfie against a poster background of himself in his role in the drama. On December 12, 2019, SSH posted his black and white selfie with a hoodie. He took a selfie in front of a mirror and held his cellphone in both hands. On 25 May 2020, SSH attended the Dinner Mate press conference at MBC station. He brought his personal cellphone. In 2020, in the BTS D
  3. This is the camera used by Seo JI-Hye as Woo Do-Hee in the drama Dinner Mate. In episode 1 of Dinner Mate, Seo Ji Hye as Woo Do-hee goes on vacation to Jeju Island to meet her boyfriend, but her boyfriend has an affair with another woman. Since at the airport until arriving at her boyfriend's cafe on Jeju Island, Woo Do-hee is seen carrying a camera. What kind of action camera was Doo-hee carrying? It turned out to be the Canon Vixia Mini X Digital Camcorder, that appeared on the market since January 2014.
  4. Sharing thoughts about drama "Dinner Mate" Two days to come on 25 May 2021 will be the one year anniversary of the drama Dinner Mate. A year ago MBC held a press conference to introduce their new drama "Dinner Mate" which started airing that day. In addition, they also introduced the production director and the four main actors who had give their great acting in the drama. Unfortunately, at that time there was a pandemic around the world, including in South Korea, so the number of media present was limited. Luckily the event was broadcast live
  5. 7 Must-Wear Stylish Office Look of Seo Ji Hye in "Dinner Mate" BY Anna G We all love Seo Ji Hye not just because she's definitely a talented actress, but also because she's a fashion icon in whatever role she portrays. With her beauty, elegance, and style, everyone instantly becomes a Seo Ji Hye-wannabe whenever she appears onscreen. Her latest drama, the recently-concluded "Dinner Mate," she starred alongside Song Seung Heon. It talks about healing from breakups and finding romance by dining out and enjoying the food. Seo Ji Hye pla
  6. I think this picture was taken in the studio before or after SJH did the "Follow me" program. Because she posted a picture in the same outfit (plus an ivory long jacket) on her IG on February 17, 2017, with the caption: "Spring is here but it's hard to take a mirror selfie" It seems that her outfit is in one of the spring collections of Milaschön, an Italian clothing brand that sponsors the program so that on her IG she needs to tag Milaschön. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mila_Schön
  7. A little story about a ring Next month on May 25, 2021 will be the one year anniversary of the drama Dinner Mate. A wonderful plan has been prepared by the shippers. Can't wait for that moment. While waiting for good news from our couple, I try to reminisce on a scene where KHK comes to WDH's neighborhood only to return WDH's ring that she unknowingly dropped it in his car. At that time KHK awkwardly reasoned her that he went somewhere and then he stopped by coincidentally to return her ring. Imagining if at that time WDH didn
  8. Just sharing @shisashisanisha's post on her IG. @Shisashisanisha wrote in the caption: "Actually Kim Hae-kyung already met his father in law in previous life This is how Kim Hae-kyung and Woo Do-hee are called destiny". Vids: The Player ep. 9 and Dinner Mate ep. 12 Thank you so much @Shisashisanisha Credit : @Shisashisanisha Note: The veteran actor's name is Jung Eun-pyo. Apart from "Player", he also played with SSH in "Dr. Jin". He played with SJH in "Dinner Mate"
  9. I honestly don't know this Korean people who posted this on Twitter. I have never read this post either. I'm sorry @bmm serajim I reloaded your post This is like my analysis on page 136. Here are the highlights of my previous post: My analysis could be wrong but anything can happen when it comes to competition in the entertainment industry. It seems that O&Entertainment (KJH's previous agency) still wants KJH to join them, considering their contract will end soon. But it seems that KJH wants to try to improve his c
  10. This is my personal analysis. I've posted it on Dinner Mate message IG group. My analysis is based on all the articles I have read and the tough competition that exists in the entertainment world. My analysis could be wrong but anything can happen when it comes to competition in the entertainment industry. It seems that O&Entertainment (KJH's previous agency) still wants KJH to join them, considering their contract will end soon. But it seems that KJH wants to try to improve his career by moving to another agency. Incidentally he knows SJH well and finds that her age
  11. Thank you @fiona628 for the post. It turns out they both have linkage fate for a long ago. This was proven when they each traveled to Europe and visited the same place, the Basilica de La Sagrada Familia is only one year apart, SJH in 2014 and SSH in 2015. Imagining seeing a film where a woman and a man - without them knowing it - become connected by destiny. The woman first appeared to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain - and then the following year the man also came to the same place. They walked the same trail. Being reminded of a
  12. No doubt SJH is always beautiful if we look at her from any angle. Moreover, if we look at her face from a side angle, she is very very very beautiful. Agree with Park Na-rae that SJH exceeds the limit of beauty. Her beauty profile was sculpted like a goddess. Photographers and cameramen would love to shoot her from that angle. We can see her photos in magazines, still photos for dramas and videos during CF making. Like BNT video that posted by @janeozten earlier, camera man knows very well, the angles of her beauty. This is vi
  13. I found pictures when SJH was in Jeju island. She posted on her IG in 2017. It is not clear whether that time she was on vacation or shooting CF, she posted between June 23 until June 26, 2017. On the caption SJH wrote "Salyeoni Forest Road Deer" dated 23 June 2017. On 29 March 2021 SSH posted a forest scenery at night on his IG. It looks like these two pictures above are the same forest, Salyeoni forest on Jeju Island. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g297885-d13141957-Reviews-Saryeoni_Forest_Path-Jeju_Jeju
  14. The view from "Voice" shooting location. As Dereck Joe, detective Korean American, SSH appears in a black leather jacket with a slightly longish hair. It seems that the black leather jacket has always been a detective's trademark. Looking at these pictures, SSH's face looks very serious and looks exhausted. It was possible that he did a lot of action scenes chasing the villain. The roles he played this time were like the roles he had in the drama before Dinner Mate. A tough and masculine role. He's texting SJH? Credit:
  15. This is a video of a collection of SJH performances during her activities in the entertainment industry. Thank you to SEOJHYE AWARDS channel for creating and uploading this video on YouTube.
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