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  1. @Siomara Thank you for resolving my confusion about the reason why she didn't appear on the radio interview with SSH. You're Jjang !!! I have thoughts about SJH words in the Japanese interview, what do you think? When the question comes "Who comes to your mind when you're asked Would you like to eat dinner together"? SSH answered without a doubt "Seo Ji-hye", and he repeated "Seo Ji-hye comes to my mind". Hearing SSH's answer, SJH immediately laughed and said innocently to him "Why?" "We already eat together on set ". When SJH said that straight to SS
  2. This is my opinion. WDH accidentally spotted Jineul - a fitness trainer whose videos often seen by her colleague on 2NBox (Park-PD - in Moon River. She said (to herself) "Oh, It's Jineul" ..... "She's quite pretty". At that time they stared at each other then Jineul looked away, and she immediately responded by tossing her hair. As someone who has OCPD (Obsessive – compulsive personality disorder) and NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), at that time it seemed that WDH didn't want to be underestimated. This she also did in episode 12, when
  3. @mtdgmend Imaginary conversation between our couple (SSH and SJH) ..... One morning she receives a notification in her cell phone ...... He posted a cookbook on his social media .... She laughs happily because she knew very well that it was his secret love message for her.... The End ...
  4. @fiona628 6. They go on long walks or head to the parkCelebrities are more careful on camera and social media, so they use direct messaging to arrange dates but “accommodation is dangerous, so people enjoy dating in parks and around the Han River.“ 9. They upload cute photos with secret love messages Many idols begin posting cute love-related photos and messages on social media as a way to express their feelings. They may also become super cute and display aegyo on camera. The two also allegedly had many secret “codes” that fans have since
  5. The article below may help us identify our couple. Summarized from Koreaboo, February 15, 2019, full article can be seen at the link. 10 Ways To Know If An Idol Is In A Secret Relationship You can tell if your bias is secretly dating… if you look closely enough. Dating isn’t a sin, but in the idol world it’s difficult to have a relationship due to agency restrictions and, of course, being in the public eye. With many high-profile relationships breaking down once in the spotlight, a lot of idols prefer to date in secret – but hawk-eyed media companie
  6. Top 10 Korean Celebrities with the Biggest Real Estate Destiny October 31, 2020 In addition to their flourishing careers as celebrities, many Korean stars have also built impressive real estate with their hard-earned money! In the October 30 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly Live”, the program revealed the top 10 Korean stars with the most valuable real estate holdings. The list was topped by superstar duo Ren and Kim Tae, who together held real estate worth 81.4 billion (approximately $ 71.6 million). Second place went to anoth
  7. If SJH lives in Haengdang-dong (Haengdang-dong is a neighborhood of Seongdong-gu in Seoul), it matches what we saw in ILA where the view from her apartment window overlooks a branch of the Han river with a winding highway, such as on the map. Meanwhile, Hannam-dong, where SSH lives, faces the main Han River. From Haekdang-dong to Hannam-dong it takes 39 minutes. The view from SJH apartment window (I Live Alone) The map : From Haekdang-dong to Hannam-dong it takes 39 minutes. Popular places in Haengdang-dong such as;
  8. It's not easy to find out exactly where SSH lives. It seems SSH really doesn't want people and fans to know where he lives. He really values his privacy. Reading a lot of news about luxury housing where Korean celebrities live, the name SSH doesn't come up much. But with the appearance of the names So Ji-sub, Park Na-rae, Rain and Kim Tae-hee, PSY and other top celebrity names living in the neighborhood, at least we can know that SSH lives there. Why am I sure he lives in that luxurious neighborhood? First, in Lee Si-eon's video where he was waiting for SSH at the MBC
  9. Thank you @Siomara Brito You're awesome !!! After finding "someone" in SJH's eyes reflection, now you are showing the latest SSH post and last year's SSH post. Two different pictures with the same atmosphere, "BEACH" To fill our curiosity, as Detective Sherlock's assistant, we have to check out: - What was the caption "Happy New Year" in the first picture before he met SJH ?. In the second picture he wrote "I wish all your dreams come true in 2021". - In the "Merry Christmas 2020" video, he includes the word "lover". Can we find out what he
  10. I answered the previous question about supporting our couple. The question is whether we still support them after last night's awards. I just emphasize that the award ceremony has nothing to do with our support for them.
  11. Our friend @SexyDolceVita asked the shippers on this forum "Will you all still come to this thread next year?" and felt that our couple's absence from the MBC Awards may be the end of our shipping journey. My answer is the same as @fiona628, @Life Tee, @Yllas66, @mtdgmend, @yappy, @Jimmy Greene, @huckleberrymoonriver, @Siomara Brito, @airgelaal, and all the shippers here that "Of course, I will still come to this thread next year and I am still the shipper of our couple. The presence or absence of MBC award will not affect my support of them and will not end my shipping to their
  12. The MBC awards is not important to them and us. As long as they are okay, we are okay too. Trust us, okay? Quoting KHK's conversation with WDH after the accident
  13. I wonder, Is it because the drama was not popular in SK and Korean fans did not much like the DM? Hmm ....
  14. That's right, I've read in an article that MBC provides a small budget for DM. I appreciate Victory Content as a production company capable of making a drama that is very memorable.
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