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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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WS realized his feelings for HS in ep 7! Ep 7 ya all !! 5 episodes earlier ! When the hell will HS realize it as well? On her death bed for example? When he marries YH ? When ? I've already been back stabbed by favorite dramas this year, don't make me hate you scarlet heart writer-nim, I remember IU saying that the love story between WS and HS has a slow development, but this is not slow, this is snail slow, get your act together for god's sake.

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I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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27 minutes ago, briseis said:

Moon Lovers - Quick (UNINTELLIGIBLE) thoughts after watching episode 12

First of all, I’M NOT OK!!! EVERYTHING HURTS AND NOTHING IS OK! I still haven’t even started to process what I’ve just witnessed. Each episode of this show is like a concentrated dose of pain and torment, which I consume against my better judgement and self-preservation instinct. 

It’s not even about BA because from the long preview it’s clear he will live. Show, I tried to be understanding and use logic, but seriously HAE SOO’S DELUSIONAL FIXATION WITH WOOK SHOULD HAVE ENDED 2 EPISODES AGO AND EVEN THEN IT WOULD BE ALMOST TOO LATE! She clearly has strong feelings for So, much more profound and deeper than her infatuation with Wook, but is denying them to the point of obnoxiousness. 




 I beg to differ the last statement.

NO ONE deserves Wang So but US,Eclipses....hehehe

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15 minutes ago, SizzlerZ said:

















AND.. AND... AND..

I don't want all of that... I want to back dreaming of them at this scene with different feeling with more romance LOL  29


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Okay, watching the raw (w/o understanding) makes me more sympathetic to Soo. I can see pretty clearly that she cares for So. Like a lot. That scene where he came to her after a year away and she was worried about him and the mask shows pretty clearly that she does have feelings for him. She worries about him, thinks about him. But for some reason, she's decided that he's better off forgetting about her. I can understand that being a barrier to their relationship.

What I can't stand is that it appears she has lingering feelings for Wook. I just can't understand that...

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Hae Soo has needed time to make the adjustment in her thinking -- I don't think most of us would understand the level of violence or lack of civil/human rights that existed at the time.  Most of us would be shocked at the notion that we were "less" than someone else due to social rank.  How many of us have ever seen someone whipped or beaten in front of us (NOT including what is seen on TV)?  We don't expect to see someone killed in front of us - we don't expect to see violence of any sort and we certainly don't expect to see our government officials using violence against us.  We believe in equal rights, we believe in civil rights, we believe in human rights ... Hae Soo was no different when she entered the past.  

Hae Soo entered Goryeo with the belief that Wang So was a violent, murderous psychopath who killed his brothers in a cold blooded fashion to get the throne.  Events needed to change her thinking -- violence is a part of the times she is now in and that Wang So isn't a psychopath but rather a warrior in his environment who has to fight to survive.  

The stage is now set -- the King will have Hae Soo return as the head of Damiwon (we know this because one of the various previews shows Hae Soo wearing the same uniform as Lady Oh).  Hae Soo will help Taejo and then the Crown Prince when he becomes King for his short 2 yr reign.  Hae Soo may (or may not) remain in the palace when Wang Yo becomes King after the Crown Prince -- Hae Soo will be protected by Wang So because Wang Yo will need Wang So's help to stay King.  At some point, Hae Soo will realize that she had been judging Wang So by 21st century standards and will begin to accept him.

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My heart is broken, because of this episode. And its not even what happened in the episode, but the fact that this episode is such a letdown. 

In the last episode, the action was ramping up, the main romance was about to begin, and the wretched 2nd romance was (finally) going to die out. This episode, everything took two steps backwards. Honestly, the first thing she said to a guy who turned his back on her at the time of her greatest need is "did you miss me?" and she said "leave with you? do you want me to die?" to the person who sheltered her in the rain. One of my guy friends who was watching commented "This girl is a prime example of why it is impossible to understand girls." 

Also, I'm not sure if its poor editing or poor subs, or just poor writing in general, I did not understand anything at all. What happened in the King's throne room? How did he know that she came from the future? What are his plans for her? 

Why does the 3rd prince need to kill the king? The man is already withering faster than a plucked flower, don't need to waste your effort finding an assassin?

Why did we cut to the 10th prince? Just to see a shampoo advertisement? There has been little progression in this relationship, and I'm losing patience. 

13th and Woo Hee are cute, but once again, it is difficult to understand. How did it come to him coaching her on the dance? Did he know that she was going to be dancing for the king? 

When did Hae Soo and Woo Hee meet??!?!

Of course, there were some brilliant parts:

1. Yeon Hwa turning the tables on Queen Yoo. I love it when richard simmons fight HAHHA

2. The confrontation between Wook and So was just brimming with tension and angst, wew

3. When So rejected Yeon Hwa, awwww yis take that, scum princess

All in all, a disappointing episode. Why does the show raise my expectations only to let me down so forcefully?

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7 minutes ago, dramu51ch0c10ve said:

Ok...chill ppl.I dont think BaekAh got stabbed.Even if he did,I don't think its very serious.Remember the scene in the preview last week?BaekAh was the only one without armour standing with the other princes.He'll be fine don't worry:)

No... i think he still got stabbed but she nursed him back to health. He was not wearing his armour in one of the scenes, so i think he was still recovering then. Then time may be passed when he finally wore military armour and sat on the horse, but if the stab scene turns out as a red herring, Ill be so disheartened. 

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Hae Soo and Wook definitely deserved each other. They have to be the true OTP of this drama. An emotional true love story where the female lead has unconditional love and unrelenting understanding for her man even though he has abandoned and forsook her a few times. How 'touching'!

Wang So should just marry Yeon Hwa. She is intelligent (good trait for a queen) and is devoted to him (which I m sure she will be when he becomes King). 

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One more thing, I cant believe they let last weeks EPIC ending scene (So shield Hae Soo in the rain, and she falls in his arm) be in VAIN just like that.. Because their relationship now seems like back to that very episode where She starts seeing those visions!! so wasting time, with only 8 episodes left..

How I wish it were to Wook Hae Soo said please forget me, but why to So? And instead she aksed "Do you miss me?" Is that even important when He clearly turned his back to you like TWO times already? That is when I feel what So did last episode becoming so wasteful.. T___T

Give me back those old good days where they are happily being friends without judgement and angst between them..

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1 hour ago, qwenli said:

wook to 14th: you lead me there to show me that?

14th: its been a year. arent you going to do anything?

ww: she is a laundry maid

14th: i know everything. u loved her once.

wook: i cant die for her. our father sent her there. be careful what you do.

at night.

hs by the river.

wook came to see her. 


sad piano music....

ww: your leg still hurts? jung said he sent medicine.

hs: i limp when i am near wtaer. am ok

ww: are you angry? do you hate me?

hs: i missed you.


ww: i cannot promise anything thats why i cant visit. i am such a fool. i cant do anything for you.

hs: even then i still missed you. 

wook: oh's death irritated the king.....

hs: do you missed me? did you ever for once want to see me?

ww: every day, every moment.

hs smiled: then all is well. thats enuf.

ww: now, things will get better. when i have more power

hs: dun go too far for me, dun endanger yourself. i have seen enuf.

ww: pls dun get sick. dont make me feel worse 

then he turned and leave.






I do not care what WW says to her because he is a real coward , I blame her because she's real stupid girl. 

"Hae-soo aa .... you'are STUPID :angry::angry::angry:

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As much as I enjoyed watching the sweet swoony moments between Hae-soo and Wang Wook, for the sake of the story their romance should have ended when Lady Hae passed away. Or at the very most, it should have been over and done last week, and closure for Soo this week. It doesn't make narrative sense for them to have her pine for him. However, the reverse is true because at this point we need a legitimate pressing reason for Wook to really want to fight for the throne apart from just wanting to protect his family.

I am trying very hard to understand why the writers are choosing to drag this storyline further, but I'm desperately running out of excuses. I can definitely understand Wook pining for Soo, but not vice versa. You'd think she'd have learnt by now. I would have been happier if the "I miss you" line from Soo was her attempt to be cruel, and more along the lines of "you made your bed, now you have to lie in it". But this? The pining? The waiting? I can't understand this. 

The 1 year time skip would have been perfect for closure + the setting sail of the Hae-soo/Wang So ship, and it's very unfortunate that the romance didn't pan out like I wanted it to. 

This aside, however, the rest of the story was on point today. I actually rather enjoyed the episode despite my frustrations with the romance. 

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Actually, after watching ep 11 a while ago, I was already frustrated by that damn HS's actions towards WS. I really wanted to smack her down but I tried to relate to her as I also experienced the same thing with her, which is blind love. She was blinded by the gentleness of WW, the sweet yet empty words from him, and the many promises from him. Yeah, she was blinded by those actions by WW. I could relate to her as I was also blinded by my love for a man that was very much like WW, but after he turned his back away from me for twice, I already knew that I was just a fool if I was still pining for him. But in HS's case? She still asks WW if he misses her?? OMG, I can't believe it. I know she's in depression state. She might not love WW as much as before he turn his back from her, but she still expected a lot from him. The writer should have just ended this ship since ep 10. Isn't Wang So the male lead character of Moon Lovers? Why does it seem like WS the second male lead character who always gets rejected by the heroine? So sad for Wang So.

For me, because I've been a loyal fan of this drama from the beginning and always waiting for the new stills, teasers, and trailers even before the drama started airing, I will still be loyal to the end. Even for me, as the fan, I still find the writing of the HS's character to be kinda annoying. Sorry, no offense to HS's fans or IU's fans. I have no comments about IU's acting as I still find her to be likeable and acceptable. However, for the K-viewers? They've already been finding this drama to be lacking (eventhough I still don't know why they have such hates for IU. ckck. I don't find her that bad though), then this drama's still making HS pining for Wook. Wouldn't the K-viewers be complaining more and more? I'm just worried about the future of this drama. This drama is great. Just the romance part. I hope tomorrow will be the last episode of HS having feelings for WW.

one word for HS: Stupid!

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Maybe it's time for us to take a rest and make this thread move slower than usual, save the energy for tomorrow... Wang So will do his task to take revenge for us, and kill them all T_T nite.. (but how long i should wait for the boat scene..i need to bomb Joon Gi or IU's IG to ask them why this drama so cruel to us kkk...^^)

@briseis @MoOnLoVeRz thank you for sharing, at last this song released...sad melody again.

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14 minutes ago, MiisOh said:

Ohh i also shout at my child...just now

My anger ohhh like one to smash the tv....


Oh..please..don't do that to your child..you don't want him/her to become like WS, right? I know it's unappropriate for me to say this...please forgive me..(though I'm sure you already feel sorry for your child right now :) )

Again..please please forgive me..


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23 minutes ago, Yippeuni said:

Never imagine that this man who is capable kill a whole temple and burned it down


Can look this sweet and lovable in front of the woman he love

because love change people when they fall in love, wait until someone try to take his girl.

he will turn to that dark WS again...

Love rule ws world :phew:

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2 minutes ago, honeyapricot said:

How I wish it were to Wook Hae Soo said please forget me, but why to So? And instead she aksed "Do you miss me?" Is that even important when He clearly turned his back to you like TWO times already? That is when I feel what So did last episode becoming so wasteful.. T___T

Because the writer is a WookSoo shipper. 

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