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  1. are both links for the same preview? i can only watch from the weibo link.
  2. please dont appologize. you are so kind already by translating for is. i know it is very time consuming, Thank You
  3. @poptartz thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions. for us non chinese speaking, we are lucky to have kind soul like you taking the time to answers and translate.
  4. FF most of ep 42 too. yang mi and ethan looks thin, they have so much screen time, not that i am complaining, but they look tired. how's the drama doing in rating and popularity? not that i care much about it. but it matters to them.
  5. good ep 35 and 36 now that subs are out. another 24hrs of tortureous waiting for 37-38 subs. FY and WJ all out with their feelings and fears. come on day, hurry get to the next day. i only realise after reading here that the original novel theme FY travel thru time. i am glad they changed it. there are enough emotions and problems that gets explore fully without having to get around the time travel/slip logic.
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