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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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13 minutes ago, Lyna said:

And thank goodness I'm not the only one thinking LJK voice is sexy. I swear I could listen to that man voice day and night even if I don't understand Korean. I would just have keep talking non-stop and swooning at it. LOL! 


Yesss, LJK voice is sexy :blush::heart:

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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2 minutes ago, riuenu said:

@SizzlerZ No u are not! I nearly smash my TV too as I am watching SONE...I am like some insane women keep chanting...where is the SoSoo moment, and my mum was looking at me like I went haywire...and when she freaking shout at him over at the bridge... I went !!@%#%!!#%#^#^ as well..but this is the journey of BBJX as well...just that 4th doesnt show so much emotion as compare to So...so our heart will tend to go out for So more, before that, his "I missed you" when backhug Soo, and after backhugging her..So realise Soo become thinner by his expression and the way he feel her arm, and him, looking at her ruin finger...I melted...

Anyway, dont be so upset chingu ya...Rouxi had rejected 4th at least 2 times as well, even after she gave up 8th, she still rejected 4th..only till the CP in BBJX wanted her, then she keep asking 4th whether do he want her...

I know it is frustrating..but hold on tight...after that, it will definitely turn into SoSoo love line...since the preview had already shown,,,Soo saying to Wook, he had already changed...mean...she is giving up him already..and in the preview..I guess Soo had automatic went to find So, and even standing side by side with So, mean she had already start talking to So... Let's hope for a better episode tml


I'm glad I'm not the only one that's putting up with this. During the start of the series I was willing to accept it with the hope that we would get more scenes as we progress further but NOOOOOO!!!
The only thing that's going to satisfy me now is that the rest of the episodes are non-stop So-Soo scenes. The whole episodes should just be dedicated to the two where there are no HotEvilPrinceYo, TraiterWook, NoBloodNoTearsQueenYoo, RidiculousKing *Rolling eyes*

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3 minutes ago, junejungki said:

How does the king know HS is from the future??  I saw the video clip posted here slightly different from SBS. The part where WS propose to HS and handed her the hairpin. Ws told her without HS the crown is meaningless. They have more dialogue compare to the video posted in this thread. Now my head is spinning. Today is already episode 12 and no romance yet between HS and WS.

@junejungki Could JM be the one who tells the King because he knows HS has the ability to see future things. 

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Okay everyone..I'm off from here..at least until my heart is ready to accept all of this...oh my precious times..I know I said that I will have faith..but after tonight eps..I just don't know anymore what to do...hhhhhhh.

Thank you @qwenli @Yippeuni @LyraYoo @MoOnLoVeRz and everyone else (sorry..couldn't tag all of you..) for the recaps and pics..I guess there's no differences of the 2 vers in this eps also..oh wait..there is..WE & SD scenes..I think one vers.is in the early eps..and the other vers.is in the middle eps (and maybe BGM too). Thank God Lee Hi's ost will release tonight..at least it could help for me...

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8 minutes ago, LoveSG said:


Bye bye! But the turning point may come at the next episode and you'll miss Hae Soo's moment of enlightenment. :glasses::glasses::glasses:

You feel like hating her today but in tomorrow's episode you'll like really proud you stuck with her to find her moment of clarity - the truth. Climax happens when things go down to the lowest level, like today. 

100% agree with your positive thoughts haha :) Obviously we can see in the preview ep 13 that Soo said to Wook "you 've changed" . She finally gets enlighted and probably stick to So 's side . I"ll keep my fingers crossed for this :(

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Why HS can't see WS.... I wish she can see him for what he is and not what what he would become.  Why can't love just conquer all... no expectation just love... I want to see HS to treat WS with love with all the shortcomings... and be what the future should be like.... just stand by him... I wish I could be that person... stand by him... 

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1 hour ago, qwenli said:

yh: yes thats why i stayed away from you. however i didnt consider something else. am also a woman. i have loved you for a long time.:crazy:

 Eeekkkkkk :crazy:

I have no words for WW-HS scene.  I want to slap her silly.  I'm just curious on how the 'power that be' is going to make HS falls in love deeply with WS at this point with 8 more episodes left.  I'm frustrated. :blink::crazy:  More time jumps I guess.  :w00t:

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10 minutes ago, LoveSG said:


Bye bye! But the turning point may come at the next episode and you'll miss Hae Soo's moment of enlightenment. :glasses::glasses::glasses:

You feel like hating her today but in tomorrow's episode you'll like really proud you stuck with her to find her moment of clarity - the truth. Climax happens when things go down to the lowest level, like today. 

You're certainly more optimistic. I hope it turns out like that. :)... I Just can't accept anymore of the current track and certainly won't be able to handle any more disappointment. Safe to let go while there's few good memories left for me.

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16 minutes ago, smitten1710 said:

Soo still rejects So because she's traumatized by everything that has happened : Lady Oh hanging for saving her, the killing committed by WangSo that HaeSoo saw in her vision of the future and she doesn't want to change history.  She knows she's not supposed to be there, she's from another century.  It's not only because Su can't forget her love for Wook, it's that and many other reasons.  And she also doesn't want So to be in danger or to be driven toward being the ruthless and brother-killer Gwangjo that she read in history book.

The kissing scene under the tree, the furtive kiss (we have forced kiss and now furtive kiss :wub:) between So and Soo.  Oh how I love that! WangSo being playful.  And he asked Soo how's your heartbreak? (if the subtitle by S One channel is correct).  Because he knows Soo is heartbroken by Wook action of leaving her in the rain when she was kneeling asking for the King's pardon for Lady Oh. WangSo knows HaeSoo's love for Wook.  He's so tender and understanding.

Wook on the other hand....:angry::angry: He pretend not to care for Soo in front of Jung.  Instead he came to visit her at night when nobody's around. And he still has the nerve to tell Soo, "Don't get ill, don't make me suffer more than I have already" WHAAAAATTT??? And Wook blaming So for what has happened to Soo, well you all have already comment about that a lot.  

And the King suspected that HaeSoo is from the future like JiMong. I wonder what he says to HaeSoo when he said, "I regard you as my daughter like Lady Oh did, so I'm going to tell you something..." And he had prepared WangSo to be king in the future, is it because JiMong told him or because the king has seen that WangSo has the talent to be king?   

Ah! don't forget YeonHwa suddenly asking WangSo to marry her for the pretense of "because as a woman I love you".  She did that only because she doesn't want to be that evil prince with eyeliner (is it Yo? I forget his name) woman just to seal the contract between her brother Wook and Yo/Evil Queen.  I'm worry that WangSo believe her words even only for a few minutes out of his desire to be loved :tears:

The scene between So and Soo during airing the laundry.  So touched her arms, felt her hand, I bet he's noticing how thin she has become and she's walking with a limp now.  The look of deep concern on So's face. And another refusal from HaeSoo. 

This episode made me cry! I can't wait for 13th ep. tomorrow :bawling:



@smitten1710 you voice up my tot! the tree kiss and the laundry scene capture my heart most:heart:

Come to think of that...Soo had constantly been scared...before she even overcome the vision of So been ruthless and kill everyone when he become king...Lady Oh died for Soo. The only one she can talk to, a mother figure to Soo, become the scapegoat and died because of her. How can one in the right mind still function normally...and after these 2 event...the king summoned her and asked her who she is...actually I believe we havent seen or hear what the king say to her, it stopped at his advise towards Soo as a daughter, and we been cut to the scene she walk out...(that is Sone version, not too sure about SBS), she had been dazed after that, she is even hearing the fighting(now we got future hearing instead of future vision) that make her even more scare...

If she need to come to her sense..either people stop scaring her...or she really got to take a very big courage to overcome that herself...that is my 2 cents of tot...

PS...after I replied one comment...I got 2 more additional pages to read...blame it to...I start writing essay as well >.<

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I'm not into this thing about Wang Wook and Hae Soo, is tired and boring, even when there are other things happening we still stuck in something that has no end. What is the idea of the writer, develop the love between Wang So and Hae Soo in the last two episodes and in fast speed? I'm sorry but it seems that they have been stretched too much this matter when the K-version needed to resolve this in less episodes since the drama is only of 20. Is not that HS should love WS, you don't fall in love with snap of a finger, but is unbelivable that after so long she still tied to a man who has been a coward and who continue meddle in her life to ruining it more. With what happened today I would rather WS marry Yeon Hwa instead of still chasing HS, is true that YH has been evil but at least, in the incident of the poison she acted concerned about him. 

Unless the writer develops this part in a coherent way, I'll keep watching this situation with more critical eye. I know that they just follow the line of the novel, but I don't see how HS will put aside forever her feelings for Wang Wook. Is not that she has to fall in love with WS, but at least I want the character had a little more common sense.

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15 minutes ago, honeyapricot said:

Is it just me or the relationship between Baek Ah and Woo Hee is so damn fast? I mean, they just met like few times and now he is willing to get stabbed for her??This drama is so trying to develop so many pairings, and beginning to be unconvincing T___T

Also, that scene between Eun and his wife (don't get me wrong, they are cute together) is so out of blue shown, and taking the screen time we need for development of main relationship who seems like do not move anywhere...

How many times So is rejected today? I cant even count!!! Why is Hae Soo so forgiving toward Wook but not toward So? I wonder how this will be redeemed in next episodes.

*disappointed here*


Yeah, I was like wondering if we had some missing scene on how Soo met Hee? As for the development of their relationship, I believe in that because one year had passed and we do not know what happened in between. That's not important enough to show. The timeskip happens for that reason maybe? but Eun's scene with his wife and father-in-law was just so hilarious! We still see Eun thinking of Soo but he looked guilty that he blurted out her name and his wife turned her back on him. He was so cute!

"Were you crying?" :grimace::grimace::grimace:

9 minutes ago, outofspace said:

Baek Ah, next time, please don't run in front of people holding pointy objects. :P

Well, the episode was a significant slowdown from the last episode, but at least things were set into place once again and I am amazed at the reveal they had with the king + Jimong. Personally, I still have no problems with how the OTP is developing. A lot of people have been trying to discredit Soo's feelings towards Wook, but honestly, she did love him to some extent. They never exactly did talk things out either, even though he did leave her, so I can't fault her for trying to hold onto the past, especially as things have turned out this way. Despite their brief talk by the river, it's not like Soo asked for a hug and kiss from Wook, or for him to do anything for her. She's no longer head over heels in love with him, but rather, it's a bittersweet moment of her looking at what's left between them.

Also, the way I see it, So does not "deserve" Soo's love just because he's done good things for her; I don't think that love is something that should be earned or given out as some kind of payment. You don't have to love someone just because of what they've done for you. Soo should give her love when she chooses to do so. She does have some feelings for So, I think that's pretty obvious at this point with all of the times her voice overs have mentioned how it's hard for her to turn away from him, but there are so many other things involved. She's suffering, grieving and alone. She's sad and frustrated, and yeah, in a way, taking it out on So, but I can definitely forgive her for that because everyone has those moments. Isn't that part of what makes her a good, flawed character? I feel like their relationship has grown so much, the foundations are definitely in place, but now is not the time or place for it; the feelings are there, but it's not yet the season for their love to grow into the kind of love that everyone wants to see. It needs time. It may be short according to some standards, but so far the journey has been nice to watch, and as long as their moments do end up passionate and meaningful, then I'll be happy with what I'm given. 

True. They slow down the pace of the drama today to prepare for the insane pace tomorrow, I guess. The moment of enlightenment falling unto Soo regarding Wook, the intense battle for the throne... romance takes a backseat but I don't expect the fast pace to continue for the remaining seven episodes. Most likely two then five to truly expand on the epic loveline bwteen SoHae. 

3 minutes ago, snowy21 said:

Omo my couple !! and 13th prince got stab T.T Why must she stab the king? Sorry I didn't back read but I assume she has some bad blood with the King..


OMG I love this screenshot so much I gonna paste it outside.... 

Q0I9k2t.png Their expressions - both DAEBAK!!! My heart gets broken by the sword :bawling::bawling::bawling:

3 minutes ago, Yippeuni said:


hhehe sorry to cut your post...if HS end up with Wook, then what will happen to my So??? he is indeed destined to be marrying YH ... I really need another glass of wine now....  54 I need to get away this headache because Hae Soo is really acting up today for So...


Ji Mong is really the man in goryeo that come from the future.He is the only person who has smartphone, why he is not lend it to HS so HS can do browsing and learn goryeo history perfectly befpre she is accusing So with murder....

Err.... sorrie but no wifi how to surf the net? :crazy::crazy:

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