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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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7 hours ago, ruizaio said:


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The team has opened a Tumblr page to communicate updates with international fans better! I have created a FAQ page with some of the common issues brought up in the responses so far. I'll keep posting links here when there are updates.


The leader might be able to contact the creators next week. Help spread the word so that we can impress them with the volume of responses!



*If you want to be notified about further updates and are not included in the tags below or do not wish to be mentioned again by this kind of posts, PM me and I'll add/remove you from this list.

@13701693478 @12blbl @40somethingahjumma @adijnpu @Adnana @ahriev @ailee2 @ain83 @Ainee Etp @Akiddo @akinahana89 @am420 @andy78 @angelangie @aniliaz @antoniaclamens @aparr @aprilslily @arabela @Artheusa @atsu-chan @AuroraSky @AyaA @Bambiina @bebebisous33 @berny @bim2 @bingewatcherinsomniac @blue003 @brielover @briseis @Buttercups @cancergirl87 @car148 @Carmarie @carmens @cedarwood @Chaeul @chdom @chelseab @chi13lou @chickenchopflipflop @Chickpea @chrissylee @ChyuuNyuu @clarissasan @cmluv @cmoirae2 @cosmogirl77 @dash9 @ddeokbokkii @deabakdrama @dears @destinywitch @dfun @dhia205 @DJG @DoozyWho @dramu51ch0c10ve @dwookie @edensor @ElleSor @esma-div @evie7 @evok @faeriealice @FarHanah MiSeu @fathiayunia @feignedreality @fengari @feverdrama @fidda868 @flower4junsu @freckledbelle @frostfire @fuyukoneko @Gabi Bros @Gitakawaii @glacial @Glamour90 @hallyus @hanatanada @Hanazumi @haneul1992 @Hapiangle @hazzle @heartforkdrama @here4da0ppas @hiluna @hitomebore08 @hobeverly1212 @honeyapricot @hrkharis @IAmSoulReader @icesnowman @ilia @ilovekorearocks @inner @innrukia @iridescentmoth @irilight @Isache @itzibitzispider @jerboa83 @jetsu @jlover1001 @Joongier @juenmyrue @junee22 @junejungki @Juno JUno @kawaiibooty @kdramakrazy @KdramaSwimmer @kilovekyo @kiotzo @kriswu @ktcjdrama @ktiminie @kuanphing @kyar7jizhenll @Lady_Lara @larinalove @lavendre @Le_Amarant @leejoongi1trash @leekyuphii @liddi @lilac_alex @lily_white @lisethvr @littleloony @Lmangla @lolalarue @lostmymusic @louisawatson @lovedrama11 @LoveSG @luci13 @luvkstyle @lxands @Lyna @LyraYoo @mabelialong @MadraRua @mamamya88 @marbhurd @MAROSA_JIN @Mau_Cherry @meahri_1 @mewtwo @MiharuD @millie10468 @minmar @mintkiss @mitheone @momono7 @Mona Ys @moonlover399993 @MoOnLoVeRz @MrKobegiant @MyMindIsASnowflake @mynameiswat @nchoerunnisa @nearsea @Niki Azia @novemberschopin @omiki @onemella @ossy91 @outofspace @owlcat @patoi @penelop3 @peny @pigsflyy @potatohead @princess16 @PrincessMe2515 @privio @Putri Dewi @pwnkl @q4q4 @qwenli @redfrommars @redlion @rei_smasher11 @riuenu @Rose34 @Rosemary83 @RoxanaR @rtl @ruizaio @rumasa79 @runitaaa @ruzikie @Sarang21 @sarasona @sebnem @shabbychic @shairli @sharreb @shiqin3381 @shiraru @simplyme_crazyme @SizzlerZ @skxz @Sleepietake2 @smitten1710 @snowglobe147 @snowy21 @solelylurking @sooji28 @soorani @soph_t @special_bee @sriskaddict @staygold @Sue Lee @sunl0ver @sunshinefate @sutcliff @syeramy @Table122000 @tanaqvi @Tang Soon @Tata Lata @TeBe @tessieroo @thenagain @thunderman1 @Tinkiebell @trizha @trizha1 @Umi_ni_Sora @UnniSarah @USAFarmgirl @uuugogirl @valentvcd @valsava @vangsweetie637 @violet90 @wackeemarie @whyo @winterbubbletea @winwin12 @wordsmyth0253 @xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @xiaozhu @xoxobleach @Yeekrfan2 @YeongYi @Yippeuni @zagigirl @zi4r @Wynn Wenjie @Evangeline Yang @sriskaddict @gobsmack @frostfire @t3nt3n @ratgirlina @AuroraRain @marbhurd @zshinymoon @redenzione @snarkybum @Angiiee @enigmatic_zephy @Misstwilightfan1416 @msgolightly9608 @missjade @Sleepietake2 @mmrod_04 @Aramyas @missluxedo 


Can't thank the team and Ruizaio for this!!

*spreadin' spreadin' spreeeaaaaadin' the words*

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KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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3 minutes ago, jaslinnj said:

ohhh, thank you for clarifying this. I was going nuts trying to find that image and thinking that i missed looking at a spoiler image. thanks :) 


so far there is no clue whatsoever about what would happen to HS and WS after she departed from goryeo to modern time...maybe they will show us some snippets in ep 19 or final ep...

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5 hours ago, zi4r said:

Hey, Eclipses! I'm the crazy LJG fan that kept spamming here about hallyuvote.com and calling for reinforcements Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, I was rotating on 4 different networks to vote (home, mobile and 2 vpns) to avoid blocking. Last night, work went crazy so I couldn't go back to the site. But today, whole day, I haven't been able to access the site at all. At first, I thought it was temporarily down or something, so I went to sleep for a few hours... but when I woke up this afternoon and realized I still couldn't access (And it seems you all have been able to?), I realize it's just me.

I don't know how they can ban me on all my devices (different IPs). All my network addresses (including the VPNs) are SG & Malaysia... so, can any of you from SG & Malaysia access? Have they geo-fenced it? Sigh... I dunno what's going on.

Anyway, if any of you chats there, please let other LJG Angels know that zi4r apologizes. I'm so pissed. :bawling:

@car148 @KdramaSwimmer @chi13lou @qwenli @rei_smasher11 @MadraRua @meahri_1 @Hanazumi @kyar7jizhenll @Yippeuni @gayatritunggadewi @soorani @dramu51ch0c10ve @MiharuD @Diana Blanche and whoever else that voted (I might have missed out a few of you that have messaged me), thank you so much. Fighting!!!


EDIT: In case you all are voting there and there's no one to coordinate, the way to do is

Vote again & again until "We've already counted your vote" appears on the yellow bar. That means, you've been blocked. If that happens, DON'T VOTE ANYMORE (your vote won't count), wait 3 minutes, refresh, and you can vote again. Don't do too fast; you'll get banned (The "cooling off period" message will appear when you're banned. It takes about 20 minutes to a few hours to get unbanned). 


I'm sorry that I answer you so late! I spent the whole day with this poll and I managed to cast about fifty votes in twelve hours. Didn't let me vote. It doesn't matter who will win! This poll has already lost it's credibility. They have not been able to fix the problem (they don't want) for more than 12 hours! SHAME!


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12 hours ago, q4q4 said:
  25 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

@faeriealice and @yongwonhi4jfc

Excuse me while I chime in. You were having such a fascinating discussion that it led me on a particular train of thought.


There were two things that were said in Ep. 15 that I'd like to relate to this discussion about Su-So's romance and how an "epic romance" might play out in relation to that:

"Wolves are known to follow one female wolf until death" -- Super Baddie Yo

"For you feelings and marriage are all just silly games. They aren't life and death like they are for me. Don't be confident that you
will not change, no one says such things in the palace." -- Yeon Hwa


With reference to the above quotes, there is evidently a clear message that this romance between Su and So is an anomaly... an anomaly of Goryeo and perhaps an anomaly of history. Their romance shouldn't exist and can't exist in the midst of an epic game of thrones battle royale and brutal palance politics. This is absolutely no rom com. Their love may be a refuge from the storms of palace gamemanship but that's all it is. (Sorry!) Such a love doesn't belong in Goryeo and as it turns out very dangerous in the wrong hands. Love like that holds people hostage and is potentially explosive within the system. There might be moments of respite for the couple but their romance is one that cannot thrive in such times without grand gestures of defiance that have serious consequences.

When Yo (sorry, can't take him seriously as King but he's still loads of fun) calls So a wolf, or a beast and juxtaposes that with monogamy, it's a bit of a shock to the system for us modern types. For him monogamy is only some thing some animals do. A rarity... an abnormality. Polygamy is the norm... it's a true human instinct to mate endlessly and to corpulate with multiple women because it is a privilege offered only to men. 

For a prince to dedicate his entire life to one woman is a completely radical concept. In Goryeo at least. It's so radical that Yo attributes it to So's animalistic tendencies. For him it defies convention and it defies reason. It isn't just an insult but an observation that what So is involved in is not the norm. For that So will pay and he (Yo) will make sure of it.

Yeon Hwa whatever her faults are has a high degree of self-awareness. She knows exactly what she is. She also acknowledges that she needs love but in order to that, she needs to survive first and foremost in this male dominated dog eat dog environment. So she plays the game. However, Su comes along and proves her wrong on a certain level. So being in love with Su shows that it is possible to be so loved by a man that he will throw away everything including his own pride and ambition for a woman. This is earth-shattering stuff for Yeon Hwa has been nothing but political marriage fodder. However, although envious on a certain level, Yeon Hwa is also correct that Su doesn't understand fully the ramifications of what it means to be loved by So and what that will do to him and to her in the long-term. Especially now that So has completely tied his identity/destiny to hers. Love is this unadulterated form is dangerous... and potentially explosive.

And explode it will... judging from the next week's preview... 

I might add that the writer is super clever picking one of the least polygamous kings in all of K history to drive home this point. It is surely no accident that history records that Wang So had one wife and a concubine.

For Su marriage is about love but for everyone else around marriage is about expediency especially in the political arena. Marrying for affection doesn't compute,,, in fact frowned upon and scorned. These people are playing for such high stakes... Love?... Pooh! That's for kiddies who don't know better.

In a real enough way their romance is epic because it is bigger than what they are capable of handling. To love so openly and freely in Goryeo is to bring upon yourself not only world of hurt but the whole world against you. It defies a certain kind of logic, political commonsense and pragmatism. It's a powder keg waiting to be lit.

I imagine that this is what Uk was trying to insulate himself from. Admittedly he did succeed, while failing at the same time. While he did shield himself from the attacks of others, not being able to express that love, however, has set him on a road to self-destruction and implosion.

I suppose in a real enough way, the writer is saying that love is a gamble. The stakes are very very high.  To tie yourself to one person so closely is to make yourself vulnerable and yet when it happens it can be the most beautiful thing.

Like a rose that grows in a middle of a cesspit.

(Herein ends the essay)

Beautifully said chingu @40somethingahjumma. So very true and that is what mkaes their love so dangerous in the wrong hands. 

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18 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:


OMG. And here I was preparing to recap the next baseball game again for everyone. :lol:

THANK THE DRAMA GODS!!! Perhaps they're also following SHR.


  Hide contents



Get ready to recap the baseball game on Oct. 24 just in case SBS decides to broadcast it! It would be a waste of your talent if it is just a one-shot deal!LOL

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1 minute ago, amisyka77 said:


Patpat is actually WS's tree friend. the huge strong tree that sacrificed itself by letting ws burnt it to fend off the pack of wolves in Shinju. i remembered the jokes in DB eons ago in comment segment for the recap of ep 2 or 3 i cannot remember but the scene is WS was trying to cheer up HS by telling her his story of him befriending trees . This great tree got burnt and apparently got reincarnated as this genius fella giving genius insight to SHR storyline...lol


Haha this person is smart! Lol, I will have to rewatched the 15 episodes before the next two episode, a lot things going on I have missed a lot of things. Will hang out in dramabeans more lol. :)

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1 hour ago, stevii said:

sorry... when is this...? i dont recall this, as i remembered, her visions started at episode 8 on the rain ritual? correct me if im wrong please thankyou :) 


1 hour ago, amisyka77 said:


which version did you watched?

in ep 6 sbs version, when she was waking up after she fainted after she cut herself, she had her first visions..but the image of gwangjong was not clear. that"s why she kept guessing which prince will become GJ..she thought it was wook..but on ep 8, during the rain ritual, the vision came again which show it is WS who becomes GJ...


57 minutes ago, Rose34 said:



You are right! Omg I rewatched episode 6 her visions are first Taejo dead, second Crown Prince Mu dead, 3rd Yo will die ( I saw him kind of drop dead to the floor) then is red and dark Gwanjong though she's not sure who. Then episode 8 ending at the rain ritual or specifically at ep 9 beginning she see the vision of Wang So as dark, evil Gwangjong. And middle of ep 9 he saw the vision Wang So slashed Eun who already being arrowed and his wife died and his kind of dark laugh. 

So all her visions are going to be true. Yet, how things get to the visions she doesn't know and therefore why it occur. 


Hae Soo has had 7 visions like @Rose34 pointed out above. Her visions in order of when she saw them are:

1) King Taejo's death

2) Crown Prince Mu's death (as 2nd king)

3) Prince Yo's death (as 3rd king)

4) Herself looking at the throne

5) Gwangjong, but unable to determine his face

6) Gwangjong again, but this time able to see that it's Wang So. Interesting that the background is different though????

7) Wang So laughing w/ blood on his face, Wang So delivering the killing slash to Eun, Eun dying reaching out to SD

Pictures of HS's visions under a cut since there's a lot of them.


1) King Taejo's death


2) Crown Prince Mu's death (as 2nd king)


3) Prince Yo's death (as 3rd king)


4) Herself looking at the throne


5) Gwangjong, but unable to determine his face


6) Gwangjong again, but this time able to see that it's Wang So. Interesting that the background is different though????



7) Wang So laughing w/ blood on his face, Wang So delivering the killing slash to Eun, Eun dying reaching out to SD






So far HS's visions have come to pass as is (#1, 2, 4). There have been no deviations. One could argue #4 didn't happen, but it DID - WS just joins her a second later. (This is about missing context~)

#7 (of WS killing Eun) will come to pass in the next episode. However, the circumstances/context is unclear. We the audience know that WS isn't doing this because he's crazy or out for the blood of his brothers (which is what HS initially thinks). It's been a point of contention, but I'm also in agreement that HS failed to tell WS about Eun's whereabouts b/c she was trying to protect both parties. If she kept them separated, then the vision would have no way of coming true. However, Episode 15 did HS's character a HUGE disservice because we were not given her POV/actual thoughts on the subject, so the audience is left to make excuses for her. I think it's made clear that she does love WS (even after seeing a flash of #7 vision again) because of the conversations that happen afterward with SD and YH. She does trust him, BUT in this one regard, she is hesitant because her visions so far have come true. Of course she would be wary - I had high hopes that she'd confess to WS after her convo with SD but nothing happened. >.>;;;

I'm very anxious about how vision #7 will play out. Whether WS is inappropriately laughing out of grief OR if his laugh is CUT OUT altogether, which would be the FIRST deviation from her visions. (Also, still hating on Jung b/c he's going to blame So for everything, I can feel it in my bones. I wish the drama would have him open his eyes.) SD will be killed by soldiers first, then Eun shot by arrows (most likely Yo judging from the previews) and THEN the killing blow comes from WS. I'm honestly hoping that WS arrives late on the scene just in time to witness both SD dying and Eun being shot by arrows. I can't see him being there already and not doing anything to help unless HS ends up in the hands of the guards. :/ WS either ends up killing Eun because Eun asks him to (which is what I hope happens) or he is forced to by Yo.

I find it interesting that HS's Gwangjong visions have different backgrounds? lol Is this a production mistake or done on purpose? It's interesting if on purpose because it could mean her visions are already deviating. The editing makes it feel like her two Gwangjong visions are supposed to be connected (because of how Gwangjong turns around - 1st with his face unclear, and then clear). BUT I might be giving the production team too much credit because if anything, the editing and music have been the glaring flaws of this drama (in the international versions in particular) so a mistake like this is not unlikely.

Honestly, I'd like to know what triggers HS's visions and WHY those Gwangjong/WS visions in particular. And WHY only visions connected to WS? (I know she has visions of the other kings but their deaths are what eventually lead to WS's reign so that's the WS connection.) I think it's because their fates are obviously tied, but at this point, I wish HS would freakin' wonder about this too - either by herself or with JM. I wish there was some logic behind the visions because then we'd also have a reason for why she hasn't experienced a vision since the one about Eun's death. :/ However, I think this is a huge plothole that will never be explained. It's a shame because then the visions merely turn out to be an obvious plot device rather than something seamlessly woven into the story.

I also wonder if she'll experience another vision again.

Anyways, when JM was talking to WS about there being a "deviation" in his readings, how something went wrong that wasn't supposed to, I don't think it's a coincidence that immediately after, the show cuts to WW repeating HS's warning about WS to him. :/ HS's warning to WW is the catalyst for things happening differently and this realization will come back to haunt her.


47 minutes ago, kdramawriter said:

The same person from Dramabeans answers this really well: KUDOS TO PATPAT WHOEVER YOU ARE

100 patpat October 12th, 2016 at 8:47 AM

I keep wondering about Soo’s premonitions even since eps 6 and so far most of them come true. I may overthink this but if the writer uses them as how I think he/she does, then he/she deserved loud applause.


Ahhh, I wrote everything before I read this amazing analysis from Patpat lol. I definitely love this interpretation - I hope this is what the writer intended, but who knows...

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34 minutes ago, jaslinnj said:

ohhh, thank you for clarifying this. I was going nuts trying to find that image and thinking that i missed looking at a spoiler image. thanks :) 


Are you talking about this? This is from her stylist's Instagram  


I think this was taken in May. The scene when Ha Jin jumped in to the lake to save the kid was filmed in May. IU dyed her hair back to a darker color to film the rest of her scenes.

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57 minutes ago, kdramawriter said:


The same person from Dramabeans answers this really well: KUDOS TO PATPAT WHOEVER YOU ARE

100 patpat October 12th, 2016 at 8:47 AM

I keep wondering about Soo’s premonitions even since eps 6 and so far most of them come true. I may overthink this but if the writer uses them as how I think he/she does, then he/she deserved loud applause.

So I rewatch eps 6, and apparently right after Soo collapsed from cutting her wrist, she had 4 premonitions and remembered that Gwangjong was the 4th king of Goryeo. I wonder why she got those ONLY RIGHT AFTER she cut her wrist. My theory is, by cutting her wrist she had caused something much, much bigger than just simply cancelling the marriage. If she got married to the king, it would cut her tie to Wook and So and everything that we see from eps 7 to eps 15 would not exist. By refusing to marry the king, she had triggered the chain of reaction that would eventually result in the events that she saw in her premonitions (King Taejo’s, Moo’s, Yo’s death, and Gwangjong with blurred face) and also result in Yo becoming the 3rd king, and So becoming the 4th king, instead of 3rd king like Jimong’s prediction and how the original history should have been. It explains why she remembered that Gwangjong was the 4th king ONLY AFTER she cut her wrist, because before that, the history shouldn’t have gone that way. That moment she cut her wrist is exactly the moment the whole history changed its course to the history that is now unfolding before our eyes.

On the rain ceremony, Soo got the same premonition of Gwangjong as before, only that this time he could see his face clearly. That’s because only on that precise moment where So succeeded bringing the rain that the future of So as Gwangjong was completely set, hence no more blurred face. So’s fate as Gwangjong had been sealed.

On Eun’s wedding, Soo got the premonition of SD lying dead and Eun being slaughtered by So. Their wedding was exactly what brought that tragic event to them. If Eun didn’t marry SD, then he would probably be slaughtered along with his family by the soldiers during Yo’s riot. SD wouldn’t have to die, and So wouldn’t have to kill Eun. That wedding pretty much sealed their fate and because of that, there Soo got the premonition.

The premonitions for King Taejo’s, Moo’s, and Yo’s death are pretty set up already, we’ve seen that two of them had happened exactly the same with her premonitions. But for the premonitions that involve So, which was her standing alone in front of the throne, we saw that So was actually standing with her in reality. And the premonition of So slaughtering Eun, from the preview we see that So doesn’t laugh frantically like he did in her premonition. The reality basically differs for these two.

IMO, these two premonitions show us how significant the change that Soo inflicted on him. The moment Soo saw these two premonitions, I believe So still had ambition for the throne. It was clear on the hell dinner with his mom, Yo, and Jung after Eun’s wedding that he did have his eyes on the throne, even if the reason was because everyone fought over it.

That version of So wouldn’t stand with Soo to defend Moo, and would happily slaughter Eun to get the throne, hence the premonitions come true. But from eps 10 to 15 we see how his feeling for Soo had been growing to the point that if he had to choose between Soo and throne, he would forsake the latter. He even became 0% interested with the throne. Therefore the premonitions don’t hold true anymore, and that’s why the reality differs. So stood with her in front of the throne, and he would still kill Eun but not with laughter, only horror and grief.

Soo’s wrist cutting basically changed the direction of the history, that is So to became the 4th king instead of 3rd, but he would still be the same ruthless Gwangjong who killed her brothers, nephew, and loyal subjects for the throne. It was her influence and love for So later that changed him in the way that instead of killing his brothers for the throne, he would become a king to protect them.

@kdramawriter... I too saw the difference in the visions. But I think you are right chingu Soo's presence and love has changed the course of Gwanjong becoming a horrible king. Her love has changed him somehow but his ruthlessness is just buried underneath that light Soo represents in him. She is what makes SO want to be a better person because her opinion is very much important. I agree now So did want the throne even General Park knew So wanted the throne. I think the changes in So occurrered before the wedding to king. The chain reaction started when she tried to stop him from hurting himself after killing those monk. He had already chosen Soo before the wedding because remember he told her he was willing to runaway with her the day of the wedding. Her cutting herself just way for her to see what was to come it wasn't about the marraige but the injury. When So is around her she see the visions more clearly but without him they are blurred. For example after talking to the king ... She heard noise of fighting but she couldn't see anything that was because she was leaving the place for good. 

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1 hour ago, irene123 said:

I was just thinking, what did WS do to have to marry YH and live with her for at least 26 years!!! Poor WS! If the writer wanted to create a mean character, she should have made that character be in love with the 8th instead!!! The queen of 4th in the c-version BBJX was very gracious, kind and understanding (even tried to make RX (or HS in k-version) yield towards 4th and stay with him)). Even so, 4th died not long after RX (apparently because he was very lonely and sad, and missing RX). Imagine what it must be like for WS to have to live with YH (and especially if he finds out about all the bad things she did to HS...) for so long! (maybe WS believed HS was from the future so he wanted to build a strong country and follow the course of history to ensure HS will live in the peaceful future that is now present day Korean? (but so many things can go wrong in between though, even if he tries...) Can't believe I'm ranting about a fictional character like this...haha

I liked the Queen (wife) of 4th prince in the C-Version. She was so nice and understanding with Ruoxi. I think Wang So will never know about YeonHwa's attempts to kill his beloved Hae Soo or his brothers (specially crown prince that he loved). Maybe is better for him to never know her true self so he can have a bearable life (with YeonHwa as a Queen) after Hae Soo's death. Maybe is better for Hae Soo not to know either all the things YeonHwa did so she can rest in peace, at least thinking YeonHwa is not that bad of a person. Is better specially for Wang So not to know but, as a viewer, it doesn't feel right. YeonHwa suffering of unrequited love is not enough of a punishment. Unfair... But life is more unfair than fair, so I think it would be realistic that way.  

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3 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:
5 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

someone give me link to 14 kiss



No body is gu=iving me the link :(

not sure if you got the link... here it is


4 hours ago, riuenu said:
4 hours ago, penelop3 said:


Everybody's wearing BLACK... :huh: Dress code? :lol:

that is what I tot also...is it a dress code anot...cannot be all in black coincidentally right? hahahahahhahaha

lol.. so many Men - women in Black...

May be inspired by Wang So's black outfit...

5 hours ago, pauexclusive said:
6 hours ago, dears said:

Just finished watching the kiss scene BTS.

I use more than 40 GB of internet in a month. That's how much of an addict of Korean drama I am.


My provider disconnected me for over usage :D

and to avoid that I upgraded my monthly usage to 8- gb just to be on safer side...i cant live without my SHR dosage...lol

6 hours ago, itzibitzispider said:

When JiMong says "It is time" in the preview

well honestly, I wish he would mean babymaking,
but I guess he either means for So to take the throne
or for Soo to tell So the truth about hersel

hahaha...thats exactly what I thought and that Passionate kissing shown in preview is also in same dress and set up..so can it be possible...???

10 hours ago, jerboa83 said:

I have made my very first fan mv, but Youtube blocked it immediately for copyright issues... Ottohkké!! :frown: How can so many mv makers upload their videos with no problems? Is it just luck? 

I had found a song that was perfect for "the Wolf"... :bawling:

the suggestion i got here that worked for me... keep audio of some of the parts intact (lower the volume)  that can make ur video pass the policing (just suggestion and hope  it will work)

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i think its beautiful that WS that we all know in 1 eps who did't care about other and so hurt in so many way now changing to the person who want to protect everyone and its all because of HS.. the moment HS entering WS world she is the true light and salvation for him... everything else is not important for him and its not just because he loves her but because he know without her his world will be as dark as its used to be... 

but remember when HS told WS to forget about her in eps 12?? HS also said caring for only one person will make his life difficult.. up to that point what WS care is only her and HS can see that.. the little thing that she said is being carve permanently in his heart... WS slowly changing when he protect the throne for CP and when he save the princess by marriage... now WS even sacrifice himself in order to save someone... HS not changing WS but she bring the real WS to life.. the one who destined to be a king who will be one of the most famous king in history..

but above everyone else and himself HS will always be the one that he cherish and love the most.. he will do anything to protect HS because without her he actually nothing.. his word to YH really describe perfectly HS is for WS.. the throne is something he will get because he want to protect HS and everyone else but for WS to see HS being treated like that by WY will leave a big scar on his heart.. the woman that he love and swore to protect is being hurt in front of his eyes and nothing he can do.. that's why WS will go as far as fighting his brother for throne and WY make it easy for WS to hate him when he push WS to kill Eun... 

HS will make WS a better person and because of that he can't abandon the throne because he care about the people and also once you sit on the throne it will not be a easy thing and like HS said its a scary seat... so that's why i think even when HS is gone WS will hold to what HS believe and been teaching him... he will build the Goryeo with HS believe and nature in his mind..

this maybe a fiction but in this fiction i think WS will live everyday in his life as a king thinking about one person.. the person who long gone and people forgetting about but in his heart and mind she will always be the only person he loves and the first person that he care... and its the name that he will breath everyday 'HaeSoo'

its a love story that i think its personally perfect... its heartbreaking but yet perfect in every way that a story can be...

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16 minutes ago, krysyuy said:

I find it interesting that HS's Gwangjong visions have different backgrounds? lol Is this a production mistake or done on purpose? It's interesting if on purpose because it could mean her visions are already deviating. The editing makes it feel like her two Gwangjong visions are supposed to be connected (because of how Gwangjong turns around - 1st with his face unclear, and then clear). BUT I might be giving the production team too much credit because if anything, the editing and music have been the glaring flaws of this drama (in the international versions in particular) so a mistake like this is not unlikely

Thanks for the screen caps!! I think this is an intentional background change for the simple fact that if they intended to be the same shot of WS as Gwangjong, they could have easily used the same footage again, but a different background requires a different setup, extended take times, and different files to access when putting together footage. So why do it unless there was a reason to do it. My theory is that when Gwangjong was obscured, WS was still going to be king, but the second vision of Gwangjong was cemented by HS's involvement in his life (by removing his scar and making it easy for him to be in the rain ritual). I trust in the writer, because when you review all the actions that have taken place up to this point, the logic is very sound and follows it's own inherent in-universe reasoning (meaning that the show has created its own universe and follows it's own logic). 

The real issue does lie in the editing of the story and the broadcast format which makes it very difficult to retain all this information. I think if this were somehow a Netflix show, we'd be putting the piece together a lot faster than waiting from week to week. Traditionally, Kdrama provide this information in a iterative way (that is, over and over again) and this one doesn't. I think that's what's causing a lot of confusion for the audience. 

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8 minutes ago, millie10468 said:

I'm browsing Tumblr, right? And the number of people who believe Eun and Sd will be "just fine" (apparently because of the pic Z.Hera posted that makes her look pregnant and also based on 10th Prince's happy end in C-BBJX) amuses me greatly. Their theories that Eun and Sd will fake their death with So's help amuses me so much that it makes me want to roll on the floor laughing.

Then I feel like crying.

Dammit, why do the good and pure always die young.

Note to self: if you ever got transported into a saguek, be as evil as you possibly can. That's a guarantee you'll be safe.

Just look as Wook. So evil to the very core, and yet he'll probably not die because historically, Wook didn't die until sometime in So's reign.

On the plus side though, I am so ready for that weasel Won's death. So's going to end him (as history goes) and I'm thinking at this point So's making a list of people he hates. Won is probably in the top 10 for taking Soo hostage. So doesn't forget.


Yeah, I too am surprised to see the number of people (on tumblr) believing Eun and SD will get out alive. It's one thing if Yo didn't know that WS knows how to avoid the fatal points, but since he knows based off first hand experience, you bet your dollar he is going to make sure they are dead dead. And I think that costume shot is most likely could be a dream sequence of what it could've been during their dying breaths or a similar scene we had seen with Lady Oh in the fields free and happy.

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