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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner


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28 minutes ago, trizha1 said:

Ahhh..it's like the best parts of Wang Wook died with Lady Hae too. Which, I cry, because I loved Wook too..and even now, even though he's cray cray it's like somebody you used to know going off on a downward spiral and you can't stop them. That's a heartbreak in of itself too.

Gosh, we've come so far from when Wook was the 'Romeo of Goryeo' and So was just the 'Wolf Dog' haven't we?

Adding these in to lighten the mood. MLSHR characters in another life!

Credit to: http://alexlandia.tumblr.com/post/151668835004/au-modern-where-everyone-is-happy-instagram-hae


I legit LOL'd at Wook's!!!  :lol:

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1 hour ago, trizha1 said:

Dearest friends,

I've just come to the stunning realization that there are only FIVE episodes left. This means that we will be with these characters only THREE more weeks before the journey comes to an end and...I am totally not prepared for it. 

On one hand, I am totally okay with having my life back but on the other...I wish these last five episodes will last forever. I am no longer worried that they will be able to fit everything in, because everything has been totally dial-ed up since episode 11 but it's going to be a rough couple of weeks. Things that are PROBABLY coming up the pike:



-HS miscarriage plot *prays it doesn't happen*

-HS and So's relationship starts falling apart

-So finally finds out Wook is Soo's Ex

-HS leaves the palace and goes to Jung

-Big sad misunderstanding and HS dies waiting for Wang So 


...all speculation but...did i miss anything??? We're in for a wild ride to the end, lets hope we're not derailed by baseball!!


Second part of the list? I really hope NOT.  :angry:

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5 hours ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

I watched interstellar like 10 times and everytime i watch that movie leaves me in Awe and i too thought SHR to be very very near to it.

And finally..here i am spent one and half hour (after spending 8 hours in office) back reading last 15 pages (and thats my limit...my brain is just not taking anythig in at all) so i have to give up now...

you people are amazing to keep this thread always alive and entertaning..


I need to go watch Interstellar soon. I like all these galaxy, time-travelling stuff. No surprise that I have a deep interest in strology,haha

@devotee Your pix of WS making a choice is awesome, he look so gorgeous in it. All that anger and tears rolling in his eyes....


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4 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

ah!!!!  i don't believe this... i'm being ignored :angry:

Where can I find BTS of ep 14 kiss ? 

PS: Dear GOd..if no one answers thsi post..make monday's episode cancel 


Actually all these stuff are all over youtube,twitter and instagram. if you bother to search for them

@MAROSA_JIN Kindly put multiple pix under spoiler tags. thanks.

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This is just mere speculation, but I was thinking of the scene in the long trailer where someone broke the bracelet Wang Wook gave to Hae Soo, if this has not happened yet I think it will have to do with the reason that So and Soo are going to separate (if this happens as some of you say). There is the threat of YH against HS and I'm pretty sure that will be her who will move the strings of the distrust between them. He doesn't know that Wang Wook is the man Hae Soo was in love, and even though WS may feel secure of what she feels for him, if he sees the bracelet through her belongings, he might think that HS still has feelings for Wook, I even think it might be WS who will break the bracelet. There may be two options of how he will discover the meaning of the bracelet, whether it be Yeon Hwa with the help of Chae Ryung, or Wook himself who does.

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7 hours ago, kdramawriter said:


The same person from Dramabeans answers this really well: KUDOS TO PATPAT WHOEVER YOU ARE

100 patpat October 12th, 2016 at 8:47 AM

I keep wondering about Soo’s premonitions even since eps 6 and so far most of them come true. I may overthink this but if the writer uses them as how I think he/she does, then he/she deserved loud applause.

So I rewatch eps 6, and apparently right after Soo collapsed from cutting her wrist, she had 4 premonitions and remembered that Gwangjong was the 4th king of Goryeo. I wonder why she got those ONLY RIGHT AFTER she cut her wrist. My theory is, by cutting her wrist she had caused something much, much bigger than just simply cancelling the marriage. If she got married to the king, it would cut her tie to Wook and So and everything that we see from eps 7 to eps 15 would not exist. By refusing to marry the king, she had triggered the chain of reaction that would eventually result in the events that she saw in her premonitions (King Taejo’s, Moo’s, Yo’s death, and Gwangjong with blurred face) and also result in Yo becoming the 3rd king, and So becoming the 4th king, instead of 3rd king like Jimong’s prediction and how the original history should have been. It explains why she remembered that Gwangjong was the 4th king ONLY AFTER she cut her wrist, because before that, the history shouldn’t have gone that way. That moment she cut her wrist is exactly the moment the whole history changed its course to the history that is now unfolding before our eyes.

On the rain ceremony, Soo got the same premonition of Gwangjong as before, only that this time he could see his face clearly. That’s because only on that precise moment where So succeeded bringing the rain that the future of So as Gwangjong was completely set, hence no more blurred face. So’s fate as Gwangjong had been sealed.

On Eun’s wedding, Soo got the premonition of SD lying dead and Eun being slaughtered by So. Their wedding was exactly what brought that tragic event to them. If Eun didn’t marry SD, then he would probably be slaughtered along with his family by the soldiers during Yo’s riot. SD wouldn’t have to die, and So wouldn’t have to kill Eun. That wedding pretty much sealed their fate and because of that, there Soo got the premonition.

The premonitions for King Taejo’s, Moo’s, and Yo’s death are pretty set up already, we’ve seen that two of them had happened exactly the same with her premonitions. But for the premonitions that involve So, which was her standing alone in front of the throne, we saw that So was actually standing with her in reality. And the premonition of So slaughtering Eun, from the preview we see that So doesn’t laugh frantically like he did in her premonition. The reality basically differs for these two.

IMO, these two premonitions show us how significant the change that Soo inflicted on him. The moment Soo saw these two premonitions, I believe So still had ambition for the throne. It was clear on the hell dinner with his mom, Yo, and Jung after Eun’s wedding that he did have his eyes on the throne, even if the reason was because everyone fought over it.

That version of So wouldn’t stand with Soo to defend Moo, and would happily slaughter Eun to get the throne, hence the premonitions come true. But from eps 10 to 15 we see how his feeling for Soo had been growing to the point that if he had to choose between Soo and throne, he would forsake the latter. He even became 0% interested with the throne. Therefore the premonitions don’t hold true anymore, and that’s why the reality differs. So stood with her in front of the throne, and he would still kill Eun but not with laughter, only horror and grief.

Soo’s wrist cutting basically changed the direction of the history, that is So to became the 4th king instead of 3rd, but he would still be the same ruthless Gwangjong who killed her brothers, nephew, and loyal subjects for the throne. It was her influence and love for So later that changed him in the way that instead of killing his brothers for the throne, he would become a king to protect them.

Such great insight and analysis! Whoever write this can be a script writer herself/himself! I have a question: 

Does HS have vision because she still has threats of connection with the future? That is, she is from the future, so her mind is still connected to the future. So whenever something is changed in Goryeo (because of her decisions and actions), her future-connect mind, holds whatever historical lessons she has taken up to the point where she drowned and was transported to the future should also change (because history was changed, so basically, he history lessons should have changed too) and that's why she gets those visions. It's like her future memory is also changed because she changed history. But then, why did JM not have visions anymore? If we assume that he was a kid from the future who was transported back to the past, shouldn't his knowledge of history change also? Or is it because he was a kid so he didn't have much historical lessons, so he can't "update" his memory like HS did? Or maybe the longer you stay in the past, the more "memory" and connection to the future is lost? When do people get back to the future? Only when they die (so HS will only go back when she dies, maybe during an eclipse). 

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6 minutes ago, irene123 said:

But then, why did JM not have visions anymore? If we assume that he was a kid from the future who was transported back to the past, shouldn't his knowledge of history change also? Or is it because he was a kid so he didn't have much historical lessons, so he can't "update" his memory like HS did? 

My understanding was that JM went to the future as a child, he told HS that when he returned, his mum said he spoke like an old man.

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58 minutes ago, trizha1 said:

Ahhh..it's like the best parts of Wang Wook died with Lady Hae too. Which, I cry, because I loved Wook too..and even now, even though he's cray cray it's like somebody you used to know going off on a downward spiral and you can't stop them. That's a heartbreak in of itself too.

Gosh, we've come so far from when Wook was the 'Romeo of Goryeo' and So was just the 'Wolf Dog' haven't we?





If Lady Hae hadn't died, probably Wook wouldn't have gone berserk like he did... She kept his dark side at bay. 

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7 hours ago, irene123 said:




WOW! Wonderful insight!!! I think things started from the point HS realized the good in WS from when he killed the monks (and then all her actions afterwards too, not marrying the king, getting WE & SD together, falling in love with WS, making WS love her to forsake his obsession with getting acceptance from other people (especially his evil mother), choosing to tell him instead of WW about the king's death (leading to him standing with her looking at the throne). WOW! This makes me think of the idea of parallel universe and how each of the choices we make leads to a different universe. That is also very scary, because very small kind actions (like HS trying to be understanding towards WS when he killed the monks and seeing his good nature) to big decisions (when she slit her wrist to not marry the king) can all alter the course of history and universe. So the moral of the story! Be good to people haha (if you see someone like WS when he was grieving from remorse after killing the monks and getting shoed by his mother once again), try to give comfort and have understanding rather than avoid them! Maybe you will meet a lo of WS in your life that you could have influenced but decided to feel walk away from disgust (like most people in HS's Goryeo had done!) hahah


Love your opinion :wub:. The ruthless Gwangjong that kills the brothers is the result from abused & unloved Child.

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15 hours ago, irene123 said:

Also, regarding HS's love for WS and how she changed history by making him into a loving person and a king who loves his person and came up with great policies like we know of Gwangjong today. I had this pang of pain and guilt when I think about HS's first encounters with WS, because I was thinking that if I were HS, I would have avoided WS (whom I know by now everyone has fallen deeply for) and probably lost him, had I run into him in the first few episodes.

I mean, this is obviously fiction, but if WS was in real life, how many of us could have been the HS that transformed him into the admiring person that he is in these latest episodes in the drama? How many of us who fell for his charms, character (and I know a lot of people fell for him him for his LJK's looks as well haha) in the later part of the drama would have offered him the same kind of kind words, show him your trust in his characters and comfort him, confirming to him that if he has remorse for killing those monks, he still does have a heart, just like HS was able to do? At that point, probably one of the darkest periods in his life, there was literally no one who stood beside him or actually believed in his character and good heart except for HS. I mean I think a lot of us would have shunned him like most of his family and people around him did and feel utterly disgusted at the blood stench coming from him, and avoided him for his violence and unpleasant words at the beginning of the episode? WS may seem too obsessed with HS but I think I can see why he is so loyal to her. You know, this might not be related, but I was reading articles that question whether companies who hire ex-convicts have a more loyal workforce because those employers trusted in their ability to build their life again and gave them hope, while everyone shuns them. 

My point is it's hard to find someone like WS in life because you have to give in order to receive something. That is, HS makes WS as he is now because she believes in him and he is forever grateful for her to see the real goodness in him. 

This leads to another point: that is HS' kindness, naivety and easy trust in people. She is very forgiving and tries to see the best in people. This is what makes her fall for the wrong guys (a few times before she reaches WS), but her weakness is also her strength, because of her forgiving and understanding nature, she was able to meet WS. If she was clever, more calculating and doesn't trust people easily, and followed Jung's belief that before she can love someone (or be good to them), that person needs to earn it first, she probably would not have be kind to WS when his was stinking of blood. Also this leads to another question: how do we deal with people? How can we decide whom to trust? How do we discover the real good in people (For HS, WS's crazy remorse was a sign of it, but in life, it's not always so clear. And even in the drama, no one else saw that or wanted to see past his scarred face and rough nature). How do we protect ourselves by getting hurt over and over again like HS does, but give our love and sacrifice to the right people who deserve it?

I really hope that in real life, we will be able to balance that.


Such a beautiful post. I think all of us have to look in the mirror and reflect ourselves. Do we actually guilty for reacting the same way as WS family?? Shunned him etc etc or do we reach out and give our hand to people like WS? 

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6 hours ago, devotee said:

As I'm re watching ep 14, I keep thinking how cute WS is when he's calling HS that night. I mean this is a guy who detests people calling him wolf-dog yet he's imitating the sound of a wolf no matter how unreal it may sound according to HS.  The fact that he's willing to embrace that wolf-dog image and show it in front of HS clearly expose his vulnerable side to HS and I find it super adorable, wolf-dog or not!  I mean, come on, he could just knock on the door and call HS out right? 





I really love this scene and how So said to Soo that he thought he sound like an animal that she won't recognise him and she replied that he is neither a wolf nor a dog. Very significant because every one called him a dog but only Soo denied this and said it to him.


I love how Iu described 4th prince's love toward HS because LJG kept saying 4th will be obsessed and possessive with HS but to an outsider including IU, we feel it as an intense love and a love that is like titantic, trying to find a living way out. Plus with all the theories states how Soo's love change So from a ruthless king to a good king. The tagline already starting to fulfill. Can Love change history?

I only read until page 1197. Loving all the theories. And I wish I can believe Eun won't died with SD but with So desvasating look and a crazy Yo. Unless General Park standby to save them and Soo's letter is about working together to save them so that Eun can fulfilled his dream of opening a novelty stall and lived peacefully with SD, I really don't know how they gonna survived. Unless preview trolled us again.


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Last night i spent like 3 hours trying to watch the international version of episode 15 (sometimes i hate internet connection!)... that spoilt the episode for me, thankfully i could download and watch SBS version with no problems, but it was so late at night and i was so sleepy i couldn't write here or read recaps...

it was a good episode... even if it was a little So lacking (especially international version) but right now i can't think about the episode, all i can think is about the new BTS vid (seriously how LJK can be so adorable? :wub:) and the kiss and bedscene for next week (please show don't decieve us!!!)

this drama is killing me, but i'm willing to die happily...

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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