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I'm going to have to go back to that part on KB, because that's where the truth lies/lied, and I want to add more to it.


Most international and online people must have missed that part completely since it was only translated on Netflix, and no one talked about it at the time apart from us, or maybe some of them pretended not to hear it and decided to ignore it like they did.


Koreans sure mustn't. All of this is common/public knowledge over there either way.


If she went back to someone whom she claimed she would never see again, it's going to be another extremely hypocritical and embarrassing moment for her. But then again, it can't get any worse/lower than this whole fiasco.


If this is indeed the case, some day it will all catch up to her and it will blow up in her face and turn really ugly.


Soo-geun's master stroke was pure genius. He "liquidated" YoonA with "A bit hard to find your man in this life" (he might've known something, he's under SM after all) in one second and went straight ahead to someone like Seohyun who doesn't always get it and always has a smile on her face. Perfect choice, because it wouldn't have gone down well with the rest but with her, and they were all left hanging lol.


This is one way of getting the truth out of someone without the need of questioning. You make a direct/indirect remark and see how the person(s) react(s). It's not like they had any choice though. They can't argue with SG and with what he said. So much could be inferred from what he said that you wouldn't know what to say.


In this case, he hit the nail on the head. They were all trembling with fear.







Haha their expressions are priceless lol! Owned!


I feel the most sorry for Yuri because Yuri always teased YoonA with him, but here, she was caught so off guard and was so uncomfortable like the rest.


But let's talk about what happened in the following days. Now I'm not sure if this was an attempt by Sooyoung to "fix" what happened on KB by mentioning "Gang Sim Jang" two days later at their 10th anniversary fan meeting or if there was something more to it, but like I already said, they obviously all knew about WTWB. Two days after that on their V LIVE there was Yuri's "ID Deok is watching" (which could be about Donghae at this point) while at the same time she glanced and smirked at YoonA among the general laughter.


I think the reason why they may be so afraid/scared if D is truly involved here, is because they would've been all on it. All of them would be involved in this mess. All of them would've played a part, some more than others, and all of them would look extremely bad.


This is so much more clear to me now. I gained a perfect understanding of the situation back in 2017. I had already a pretty good understanding of it before, but with the added pieces of the puzzle, it's more clear now.

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After Soo-geun's remark, Yuri hesitantly tried to ask "why why" hahaha. Her expression and overall body language betraying the fact that she already knows the answer to that. As if she wouldn't know, she who was the last person to say his name.





Let's turn to Hyoyeon now.





#*@&#!*@&#&@* They're totally shi**ing themselves LOL! So tense and anxious.


That was nothing short of perfect. It was a sorry not so sorry moment.


Utterly destroyed.


If you think about it, other than the realization of SG knowing the truth and humiliating her and them, he just ruined her upcoming song, music video, and whatever else she had in mind lol.


He basically told her not to even try or think about it because it's not going to work. Ouch.

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"Love Together Promotion " ;-) LOL



Btw ... 1 years ago this day was airing the KB episode with LSG :-)


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