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  1. LOL Letter writing. “gf” revealing, cooking and dating ;-) LOL “Are you awake now? I'm going to pick you up. Make up? Even without make up you're already pretty"
  2. Well, I like this promotion of BLACKYAK ... specially this peticular picture of the three ;-) lol
  3. “... special place ... like Jeju Island” ... as always :-) lol
  4. “... matter of trust ... “ it’s not the first time I heard this from him and I’m agree with it ... even that for me is hard to be like that ;-) It might means he would like to get the same trust from his significant other as well ;-)
  5. so the pictorial was taken on the same day than the bottlecap challenge ... how it seems from his outfit ...
  6. How looks like being splashed in RM ... ... and in MITH ;-) lol Wondering is it worth to make a collage ? ;-)
  7. Yoona added to her IG story again ... (cr. Yoongstagram twitter)
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