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  1. Back to my normal ... ;-) I was puzzling ... since the news for me this mini rock concert in MITH looks like kind of a farewell ...
  2. Wondeing why this thread is going so popular in such times ?! ;-) lol Specially .... with all my respect for all of you ... when newbies come and told us, long time, activ shippers on this site what we should feel, think and say/write :-) No one wished any bad for the new cpl ... but this thread and me (can’t speak behalf others) still pro YoonGi and this likely will not change overnight for something else. I still wish them happiness if they are meant to be together, how could I wish anything unpleasent to my favorite singer, actor, entertainer just because his choice diff
  3. Exactly the what caughts my eyes and laugh hard ... even in a sad day like this ;-) lol Well, your thoughts are very valuable for me, your always more reasonable than myself ;-) so I’ll think about these ... might really “ Porrige is not eaten as hot as it is cooked!” as proverb says ... means the situation is not as bad as seems ;-)
  4. Well, time to say farewell ... it seems true ... as said confirmed ... (Ps.: looking her pictures may I say least his ideal type (main features) didn't change ;-)
  5. I've just watched RM live (even don't understand) ... and there YEH name was mentioned and showed the epic ears covering moment from Xman ... eagerly waiting for English subbed version tomorrow ;-)
  6. I guess this is the song you mentioned (unfortunately I couldn't watch her live because of time difference) lyrics in English ...
  7. Well, guys, I might be wrong, but I think both of them "waiting" for each other ... of course this is just my hunch ... and I'm still believing in them as long as one or both of them will not proof me wrong ... either with a public relationship with someone else or moreover a wedding announcement ;-)
  8. Agree with his mom, that's my question as well ;-) LOL It's one of the funniest part of the latest Mom's Diary episode ...
  9. Yes, we posted about that MITH episode, it's on page 676 ... that episode was in in 2019 September 1. ...
  10. Just watched Crazy recipe adventure and something caught my eyes ;-) https://www.instagram.com/p/COM9vZaJZ9D/?igshid=torczh22ve4v
  11. One of scene from the latest running man episode reminded me for X man times ;-) (and seems finally I could understand why that situation happened, likely YEH reenacted that cf moment, also I don't remember I've ever seen KJK with such wide and wild smile ;-) ) credit to owners, source RM, Xman, Chakra Chocolate cf.
  12. It would be perfect match ... while one of them is exercising in the gym, the other is cooking in the kitchen, than together they have a delicious dinner ;-) LOL
  13. This weekend was so eventful and I see already mentioned lots of interesting situation in MITH, DM ... I have something from RM ;-) SeChan might thought ... "Hyung, do you mean like this ?" ... It seems someone watched "Wild, wild quiz" ep. 11 ;-) LOL
  14. it looks like it made as it is and have never been 2-3 different MV ;-) lol
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