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  1. This is a nice story “behind the scene” of Twogether ;-)
  2. he had an interesting song choices ... ;-) I didn’t watch the whole program, just that part when JL asked “You’re my woman” song and he played ... well, during the song he had many interesting facial expressions ... some of them even reminded me for that concert in August 2015 ... Zico's "Summer Hate" reaction video (full) start with Yoona's part Seung Gi is really a lucky one .... lol Click the tweet for the end of the story ;-) Wondering what is this “slightly” mean exactly ?! ;-)
  3. It’s gonna be alright ... hope so ;-) It would be better with English sub ...
  4. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=28639569&memberNo=25425763&vType=VERTICAL
  5. Well, may I say somehow I expect this ?! ;-) lol
  6. Actually Jasper Liu commented Yoona's latest IG post as well ;-) (when she drinks coffee)
  7. "But how did u know seunggi?" ... good question ;-) LOL " ... saranghae ..." ;-) "LSG: Let's be friends forever. EH: Forever LSG/EH: Friends forever. LSG: I love you. EH: Thank you. (This is a word from wise friendship.)" /Translation cr. Rakuten Viki/ This part is something about Eunhyuk close to Twice ... but he much closer to GG ;-) LOL So that's what about Twice ... https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/06/eunhyuk-tells-a-story-about-lee-seung-gi-and-twice-when-they-met-in-the-army
  8. “Beast” Seung Gi ?! LOL Wondering Eunhyun’s comment referred for the military past or some other event in the past ? ;-) (in an other tweet under this tweet tread)
  9. Yoona updated her IG today, but I'm not sure can be post or not, because some new rule of Soompi showed up on my page (Update #4 new rule: "No more Instagram embedded post") :-(
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