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9 hours ago, incoty said:





  • Fast BlinkingEye blinking tends to increase as stress increases. This makes sense, because as we’ve learned, blinking is a protection mechanism and if the body is stressed, then the eyes respond. BE CAUTIOUS. Just because someone is blinking fast doesn’t mean they are lying. It means it is more probable that they are lying. In order to know whether they are lying, you’ll need to test your observation by forcing them into a situation where they have to lie and then watching the eye movement to know if it matches the situation where you observed rapid eye blinking. Additionally, observe the other body language cues that the other party is displaying. Have they turned their heads? Are they averting their vision? Are they squirming in their chair? Has their posture slumped? I think it’s important to note now that no body language signal should be viewed in isolation. You MUST observe the entire body to make a more accurate reading of the message that’s being communicated. This takes practice and a lot of role playing to get better at.

Eye blinking is a powerful body language signal to learn to master and identify. But, as I’ve said, you need to test your observations and view them in combination with other body language cues that are being given off.


  Reveal hidden contents











  Reveal hidden contents



I feel like clarifying just in case someone is confused.


With what I've shown you above, the members would just be signalling and confirming the implication that YoonA is lying or is generally a liar. Knowing how sensitive Sooyoung is to these things, as shown in the screenshot above on Healing Camp, her rapid eye blinking done for 4/5 consecutive times (!) would be her subconscious or conscious reaction to that very fact.


She's rapidly blinking because she's extremely nervous by what SG just said, heavily implying that it's the truth, and is fearful of it. They're all fearful.


Of course in time we've come to know that it is indeed the truth, but SG had absolutely no way of knowing such thing at the time, he's only going by intuition because of how well and close he knows/is to LSG. Even with that alone, his half deduction/half hunch was correct.

Hi, i'm sorry to disturb you. but may I know what did sugeun actually told yoona in knowing brothers? I'm a silent shipper of them too.  I also heard some people said yoona is currently dating Hong jonghyun. Both of them frequently hangs out with a group of friends. Thank you :relaxed:

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Hi @haze lee. Netflix's translation has it as: "It's hard to find your man in this life."


I'm not sure how accurate it is or if it's a literal translation of what he said because they also translated Heechul's Seunggi pun a bit differently with "Girl's Generation really gained dominance over this one!"


But you get the gist of what he wanted to mean and how brutal it was based on how the members reacted to it.


They were rendered speechless and It took them a good few minutes to start smiling and laughing again normally.


Most of them were affected by it, but as you can see it seemed to affect Sooyoung (and Yuri) the most. She just couldn't hide it.


As I've said before, that could imply so many things, and SG could have meant a lot of things by it, but he probably said it in a way to mean he knows she's the one who broke off the relationship because she wanted to, as confirmed by WTWB a month later.


He said it so nonchalantly as if it was common knowledge.


Cue Sooyoung's "Gang Sim Jang" two days later at their 10th anniversary fan meeting. (Knowing Brothers was recorded two days earlier.)


I've no clue whether that was her way of "fixing" what happened on KB, or something else.


Some people like to think she dates all the guys she comes in contact with.


Mind you there may be or may have been some truth to some, it's unrealistic to think she only dated LSG, but I wouldn't say this is one of them.


There can be other various interpretations/reasons why they reacted the way they did.


If there was still something and they knew YoonA and LSG were going to contact/meet each other again, as she clearly states in WTWB Chinese version, it's understandable that what SG said as a very close friend of LSG may have threw them off and startled them.


They could have also reacted like that if they knew a certain other person (Donghae) was trying to rekindle a relationship with her and she's blatantly lying about it. There is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction. You understand how embarrassing for all involved that would be if indeed it turns out to be the case.

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Lee Seung Gi and Master Jung Do Hong, when they were watching LBH movie "Inside Men: The Original" together at the beginning of 2016 ... actress Lee Jung Hyun IG post back then ... 





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What a surprise.


If this is true then better pay special attention to it.



I really like the cover.




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LOL ... his picture is from the “White lie” MV (one of my most beloved  songs from him ;-) 



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