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Well, this "boldly leads the hesitant male character" ... just reminded me for my first impression of her in the first episode of SH, when the talk was about LSG "Ideal Type World Cup" ... the rest of history  ;-) LOL


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I re-watched the part on Mom's Diary when LSG was asked about his ideal type. Knowing for a fact that these two lied for months, maybe something close to a year even, having broken up behind the scenes but acting like they were still together in front of the cameras in the name of their private life, playing the hero, protecting one's image, and because they were waiting for the most appropriate time, one must learn to read and analyze their body language instead of listening to the nonsense they want to feed the fans and the public.


After he was asked the question, he sighed deeply and blinked 5 times. (Blinking is the most telling sign of all. Hyoyeon and Sooyoung blinked abnormally after SG blasted YoonA. YoonA did it once after she turned sideways. LSG did it twice after he was asked for the meaning of "And goodbye" when he said "there can be many interpretations", but not before when he was being his honest self and said "regret for the past or hope for the future".)


(Forgot to mention: Taeyeon also blinked and looked away after that.)


(150815: He blinked countless times in the futile act of trying to act unbothered.)


He started out stuttering. Felt like he was making things up on the spot and/or reading from a script.


You really can't expect honesty from these two.


After SG blasted her with the truth, she reacted with her blatantly fake and forced smile for all to see, and turned sideways with her arms crossed.















A partial arm cross gesture commonly observed is where one arm swings across the body and the hand of the barrier-creating arm holds the other arm. This gesture is mostly done by women.


The higher the hand grips the arm, the more defensive a person is feeling. It looks as if the person is hugging himself. 


When we were kids our parents used to hug us when we were sad or tense. As adults, we attempt to recreate those comfort feelings when we find ourselves in stressful situations.
Any gesture that involves moving one arm across to the other side of the body can be used for the purpose of creating a barrier.
She was also softly scratching her arm with her pinky. Another sign of extreme anxiety.
But the body language from the members was the most telling of course, as I've showed you before.
Blink, lowered gaze, blink, in one single moment.



All were caught.


It was like "Hey, let's turn to a serious and upright girl like Seohyun instead of wasting time with this one." lol.


Sweet justice.

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Even So Ji Sub (a 41 year old) had the decency to write to and address his fans through his agency after his dating news was released.


Keywords: Sorry. Worried. Afraid. Hard.



Let's see if LSG and YoonA whether together or separately will ever have the courage to do so, and more importantly, what kind of words they'll use.


10. [+71, -4] I think the couple and Dispatch came to an agreement on what they could release because Dispatch had stronger pictures... these do not seem like the original pictures ㅎ You can tell just from the angle and the way they're walking around freely with coffee ㅎㅎ


Some people wonder why YoonA is sticking with SM other than loyalty and other petty reasons. In the hypothesis that she's dating someone within the company, there's your reason why.




Article talks about an old February 9th 2013 episode of 'Radio Star' where Heechul and Shoo are talking about dating within the company.

Heechul: Lee Soo Man actively supports dating within the company.

Yoon Jong Shin: Do you guys date outside of the company? Don't most people avoid dating within the company?

Kim Gura: They probably date both inside and outside.

Shoo: The company actually supports dating within the company more.

MCs: They support that? Really? Seriously?

Heechul: Lee Soo Man tells us, "That's right, it's better to date within the company. It's more comfortable/easier for us to shield you guys when a scandal comes out."


But in such case, that would be the least of her problems.


Don't be naive to think that YoonA knows nothing of what people murmur about her and the rumors surrounding her.


She knows all.


In the past she didn't mind addressing meaningless rumors about her, but after Dispatch outed her and things started (apparently) going astray, she started talking less and less, amounting to nothing.


She's probably super controlled and protected.


This is someone who lets her manager speak on her behalf through IG and says nothing. Let's a lot of rumors about her pass by and says nothing. Makes a mess of her personal life and says nothing.


She knows she has no credibility. It has come to a point where her acting up is beyond ridiculous and stupid.

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  • Fast BlinkingEye blinking tends to increase as stress increases. This makes sense, because as we’ve learned, blinking is a protection mechanism and if the body is stressed, then the eyes respond. BE CAUTIOUS. Just because someone is blinking fast doesn’t mean they are lying. It means it is more probable that they are lying. In order to know whether they are lying, you’ll need to test your observation by forcing them into a situation where they have to lie and then watching the eye movement to know if it matches the situation where you observed rapid eye blinking. Additionally, observe the other body language cues that the other party is displaying. Have they turned their heads? Are they averting their vision? Are they squirming in their chair? Has their posture slumped? I think it’s important to note now that no body language signal should be viewed in isolation. You MUST observe the entire body to make a more accurate reading of the message that’s being communicated. This takes practice and a lot of role playing to get better at.

Eye blinking is a powerful body language signal to learn to master and identify. But, as I’ve said, you need to test your observations and view them in combination with other body language cues that are being given off.
















I feel like clarifying just in case someone is confused.


With what I've shown you above, the members would just be signalling and confirming the implication that YoonA is lying or is generally a liar. Knowing how sensitive Sooyoung is to these things, as shown in the screenshot above on Healing Camp, her rapid eye blinking done for 4/5 consecutive times (!) would be her subconscious or conscious reaction to that very fact.


She's rapidly blinking because she's extremely nervous by what SG just said, heavily implying that it's the truth, and is fearful of it. They're all fearful.


Of course in time we've come to know that it is indeed the truth, but SG had absolutely no way of knowing such thing at the time, he's only going by intuition because of how well and close he knows/is to LSG. Even with that alone, his half deduction/half hunch was correct.

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