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[OFFICIAL] ♡ Lee Seung Gi ♥ Im Yoona ♡ YoonGi


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Yoo Jae-suk is hosting the wedding. Great choice. Criticizing both LSG and YJS who have the cleanest and most favorable images is suicidal now lol.


This will be no small wedding.


I'm curious to see the invitees list. We'll be able to understand a lot in regards to whom LSG deems truly close to him.

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Since all of this started from tarot reading and fortune tellers, I wanted to update you on what some of them are saying.


This one seems highly respected by their viewers:



According to the comments, they won't last long and will get divorced.


Also, in the comments they're saying yet again that he has no eyes for women and that he's prone to getting gaslighted by everyone.


That's the general consensus.


For reminders sake, this is also what happened when he visited a chinese tarot reader in 2014.

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A lenghty and very insightful interview with GQ.


I don't see how can there be any doubts of any kind here.



GQ Korea Logo

Lee Seung-gi "In the end, I think hope blooms in despair"

Lee Seung-gi's words that he won't lose.
GQ A few days ago, you posted a piece of work by Maurizio Cattelan on social media. Do you know the name of the piece?
SG Not Afraid of Love.

GQ is right. 'I'm not afraid of love'. I also liked the title, so I took a picture of it. Looking back, I wonder if that was an allusion to today.
SG Ahahaha. I'm not that smart and meticulous.
GQ Then why was it that work?
SG I liked it enough to put it in the top 3. You have a wit. It's ironic that a large elephant who says "I'm not afraid" feels like it's actually very afraid. Me? There are similarities. Living as a celebrity, I had to be careful about expressing love, rights, and voices, which are natural for people to express. Self-restraint has become ingrained in my body, but now I'm coming out little by little.
Just a few hours before GQ, they suddenly announced their marriage. I will ask you as if you were a reporter for <Entertainment Weekly>. How are you feeling?
SG Calm and calm. It's been quite a while since I decided to get married. From the moment I decided to be with that friend, I felt very comfortable. He was a very dear friend who worked hard by my side. But when I was writing the letter, I was so nervous...
GQ How does love change Lee Seung-gi?
SG I have more courage and confidence. The fighting power is different. I have a clear reason for not backing down, and I feel more strongly about not giving up and trying to do it to the end.
GQ Originally, today's first greeting would have been "How are you?"
SG Hi, I'll try. He said he didn't say goodbye even in 2022. As the sun changes, my mind and mood change. The weight that used to be as heavy as a rock has become a little lighter. I'm trying to say goodbye, and I have a reason to say goodbye.
GQ In the meantime, there was an amazing event of donating 5 billion won.
SG Recently, I went abroad in economy class. Before, I often boarded the economy class when seats were not available. But people said, “Lee Seung-gi donates 5 billion won and gets an economy class, that’s great.” Ha ha ha ha ha. It was comforting to see people who weren't interested in me, or even didn't like me, cheering me on. It gave me strength to the point of crying. I feel like I'm not fighting a lonely battle alone. It was also interesting to visit each and every one of the
GQ donations and make a decision.
SGOne thing I would like to say is that all donations are good. However, this donation was a little different. That money is very precious to me. It's to the point where I feel like it's too clichéd to say money like blood. It is money that has replaced all the stress, pain, and despair of my youth. So I wanted to write more without loss. 

What is the highest level of happiness for GQ Lee Seung-gi?
SG Being born as one person and having a good influence on more people than one person. If 10 or more people can be happy and change something because of an individual, it's a wonderful thing. The reward I felt after donating this time was great. enough to surprise yourself. I felt like I had become a very cool person.
In GQ <Circle House>, I asked a guest who was immersed in stock investment, “Do I look rich?” He said that it is the little things that make him happy.
SG I don't think happiness lies in anything great. Even if you meet and talk with great wealthy people, they say that you are the happiest when you have a drink with people you like while eating delicious food. I'm a 'T' type. The happiness that would be given to me if I bought a building with the 5 billion I had earned did not shake me in the slightest. But is this money used for sick children? When I think of that (clasping my hands in front of my chest), there was an overwhelming feeling coming up from here. If so, that's it. I'm going to a place that makes my heart tingle more. It is not a problem that can be completed with arithmetic or mathematics.
At the moment of GQ, I saw a very happy face. I think I saw this face in the 'Table Concert' series on the YouTube channel that Seunggi runs himself.
SG that's right. Even then, I was really, really happy. If you ask me which broadcast I was happiest with last year, I would pick Table Concert.
GQ I once said that I learned solitude and maturity from management and moderation rather than freedom, but it seemed that Lee Seung-gi's freedom was finally there. There was also a definite echo from him.
SG I only chose songs I wanted to sing that I couldn't sing anywhere else. If you sing well, you want to be praised. At first, I planned to show it in a small way, but I gradually became greedy. So it cost a lot of money. It's a complete failure in terms of investment (laughs).

GQ Recently, in a variety show, you said that it would be nice if there was a subject called 'mind'.
SG Being a celebrity for the first time, it was very difficult to endure this world. It was difficult to communicate with adults, and I didn't know how to express my feelings. It was a mess. I thought then. I wish there was a class called 'Human Relations'. If there is such a class, people won't get angry because of misunderstanding, wouldn't it be possible to solve problems in a way that fights less? At least you won't have any unhappiness due to ignorance.
GQ I think you might want to ask if boldness is innate. what I feel for you
SG I think boldness is a matter of conviction, not inclination. If I feel that this is the path I have to go, I will go. However, I have to break through many fears until that belief settles down. You know there's a saying like that. When he asked God for courage, he gave him an insurmountable trial, and when he asked for happiness, he gave him despair. I was not a courageous person either. But I go with the mindset that this is not correct and that it needs to be corrected. As you go, more painful trials than expected follow. Isn't it easy to say that happiness comes at the end of hardship? But that's not what you expected. It's such a pain that I think I might die. I think I have the feeling of 'not being afraid' and boldness only when I overcome ordeals that make my heart drop 10 times a day.
GQ Did you learn hope from despair?
SGIn the end, I think hope blooms in despair. I don't think it stands out on the road. It's ironic. Good things are always given after seeking and enduring them.
GQ I think I'm infinitely weak, but do people see me as strong?
SG I think everyone is the same. I don't think there is anyone who goes through less trials and reaches a certain position. I'm sure of that. why? Because I experienced it and saw it around me. At least one person who has achieved something has overcome what others couldn't do and got there. Experienced people never underestimate the efforts of others.

How did you endure the sharp criticism from those around you that you heard from your debut at GQ ?
SG just... Because I have to, because I can't give up. Will you keep going or give up? If you are more afraid of giving up there, keep going. If you weigh it like that, the answer will come out. You will see the answer as you go along, but isn’t that cheating if you stand still and look for the answer?
GQ Did that give you strength?
SG Not necessarily. However, there are times when realization comes at a really unexpected timing. The more you build up, the more confident you become. I walk silently, waiting for the timing that may or may not come to
GQ .
SG I think people are deceived by the word “walking silently”. From afar, it looks silent, but that person never walks silently. You have to be insanely fierce. I think 'silently, without making excuses, without making excuses, I will do my best, and sweat to go' is the meaning included in the word "walking silently". Do you remember when the crystal of
GQ confidence was finally formed?
SG I am the most confident right now. There are people to protect, there is a company, and there are my crew. I think confidence is not being ashamed of what I do.
GQ10 years ago, I said, “The things I seem to know a little about are entertainment, and the things I still don’t know about are acting.” What about now?
SG I recently worked with Kim Yoon-seok for the first time while filming a movie called “Big Family”. It was really a dream. Since the genre is a drama, I had to go into the depths of my emotions, but watching the acting of the seniors, I had a lot of resonance. How to say, the position where he ignites his smoke is completely different. (Pointing to the waist) It pops out in places like this. I realized that acting is when the interpretation and play of an actor is embodied in the body and convinces the other person, rather than being cool or pretending. I guess I can understand acting as much as I do now. Art is hard on the body, but comfortable on the mind.
GQ is a great person who makes people laugh in a way that no one gets hurt.
SG I can't keep up with the sparkling wit and quickness of comedians. Instead, it just drives the program in the direction it needs to go in a fun way.
Are you a GQ best driver?
SG safety driver. It's not very thrilling, but it's comfortable and fun.
GQ What do you want to do best right now?
SG music. Next year is our 20th anniversary, so we're slowly getting started. We will do a lot of live performances, and we will do an Asian tour. Performance like one show! I don't know if the freedom I have now will bring many changes to my music.
With the wings of GQ freedom, finally at peak time.

SG From now on.




Lee Seung Gi has given a heartfelt interview with GQ Korea!


As the interview took place a few hours after Lee Seung Gi announced his upcoming marriage to Lee Da In through a handwritten letter, the interviewer joked that they had to pretend to be a reporter and ask the star how he was feeling. Lee Seung Gi responded, “I feel calm and serene. It’s been quite awhile since we decided to get married. From the moment I decided to be with her, I’ve felt incredibly comfortable.”

He added, “She’s someone I love so much who’s worked very hard by my side. But you have no idea how nervous I was when I was writing my letter…”

On how love changes him, Lee Seung Gi shared, “I gain more courage and confidence. My combat power is different. There’s a clear reason why I should not back down and I have a stronger desire to make it to the end and not give up.”


On his personal confidence, Lee Seung Gi revealed that he is currently the most confident. “I have a person, company, and crew that I have to protect,” he commented. “I think confidence is not feeling ashamed of the work I do.”




"I was very calm and nonchalant (when presenting my marriage news). It's been a long time since I decided to get married. I felt at ease from the moment I decided to marry her. She is someone who really put a lot of effort and gave me love, staying by my side. But I was really nervous when I was writing the letter (to announce his marriage)."


To be able to speak in such terms one has to be 100% convinced.


It's pretty clear she's able to give him what he was looking for, and most importantly, she proved it to him.


By contrast YoonA never did such thing, but the opposite.


Meanwhile, we're still waiting for YoonA to reveal her relationship, but she doesn't have the guts.


She knows she's past the point of no return and she'll get a ton of bad press, which will make it even worse when it gets revelead lol.

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On 8/25/2019 at 4:00 PM, incoty said:



Seunggi: Before, I thought getting married before age 40 was a given. However, now, there are so many things I want to do so I can’t answer that. Seeing the hyungs around me, I feel that I’ll slowly end up doing so without intending to. But I’m a bit skeptical about marrying as late as Lee Seojin hyung hahaha.






Lee Seung Gi, Yook Sungjae, And More Discuss Their Ideal Weddings On “Master In The House”


Lee Seung Gi talked about his own preferences and remarked, “Personally, I want a small wedding, and I want to invite the people I’m close to and contact on a regular basis to a special place. I’ll invite the ‘Master in the House’ members. I’ll invite some of the staff members through a raffle. We’d go on a trip to Jeju Island or somewhere like that.” He also said, “Marriage is like a mirage. People say I should be thinking of marriage at my age, but I don’t have anyone to marry and I’m unsure.”


It's good to keep a track record of their statements so in the future we'll see whether they were being truthful or not. Although these things can and do change quickly.


Today the complete opposite is happening.


So yeah, today we can conclude that these statements are just thrown out there with not much of a meaning.

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One more thing; Seunggi has a saviour-complex. This isn't the first time he mentioned protecting and sacrificing, but from what exactly no one knows.


No wonder he gets stepped on so easily.


If they break up later on, his tune will change yet again.

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Seunggi is bringing out all the big guns. 




[Exclusive] Lee Soo-geun, Lee Seung-gi ♥ Da-in wedding moderator... 2nd part following Yoo Jae-suk


Comedian Lee Soo-geun will host the second part of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in's wedding.

According to an entertainment official on the 1st, Lee Soo-geun will host the second part of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in's wedding. The society of Bonsik is Yoo Jae-seok.

The relationship between Lee Soo-geun and Lee Seung-gi continues for a long time from KBS2's '1 Night 2 Days'. Lee Soo-geun willingly accepted the second part of the society with a heart that blessed the future of Lee Seung-gi, who was like his own brother.


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The fact that someone needs to step in to explicitly say all this, feels wrong, and sad.


It's looking more and more like a show (why is there even a part 1 and a part 2? And let's be real, with YJS and LSG hosting, it'll be more gags) rather than an union between a man and a woman.


On March 3, actor Son Ji Chang was interviewed by Ilgan Sports. Son Ji Chang is a friend of the couple through the bride’s mother, Kyeon Mi Ri. According to the actor, he volunteered to help organize Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In‘s upcoming wedding.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In were so busy leading up to the wedding that I volunteered to help them organize the wedding as a wedding gift.

— Son Ji Chang

The actor also spoke about the Korean public’s negative reaction to the couple’s wedding. Ever since Lee Seung Gi made his announcement stating that the couple was getting married, the Korean public has criticized the star for marrying into a controversial family.

This is a marriage that should receive many blessings, but I think there are too many misunderstandings. Many people are helping make this a happy memory for the couple.

— Son Ji Chang

Son Ji Chang also spoke about why Kang Ho Dong isn’t hosting the wedding. Netizens were perplexed when it was announced that Yoo Jae Suk would be taking on hosting duties due to the fact that Lee Seung Gi is known to be closer to Kang Ho Dong.

No one will be officiating the wedding. To be honest, Lee Seung Gi asked Kang Ho Dong, who he has trusted and followed since their time together on KBS’ 2 Days & 1 Nightto host the ceremony, but he declined, stating he was too shy and said he would be congratulating the couple separately in his own way.

— Son Ji Chang


Previously it was announced that Yoo Jae Suk would be hosting the first part of the wedding, and long-time friend and former 2 Days & 1 Night castmate Lee Soo Geun would be hosting the second part of the wedding. Singer Lee Juck will also be performing at the wedding.

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Strong Heart is coming back! 




10 Years Later — SBS Variety Show “Strong Heart” Returns With Kang Ho Dong And Lee Seung Gi

SBS variety show Strong Heart is confirmed to return 10 years after ending.


According to an exclusive report from JTBC, SBS will relaunch its popular variety show Strong Heart, reuniting the original MCs of Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi. The show will be re-branded as Strong Heart League. The original show was hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi until Kang Ho Dong dropped out in 2010. Later, Shin Dong Yeop and Lee Dong Wook joined as hosts until the show’s ending 2013.


Strong Heart was popular due to its variety of guests and the stories that they would share, some highlighting their most vulnerable moments and others being simply hilarious. The show will be led by PD Kim Dong Wook, who has worked on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny and is scheduled to begin broadcast in May.

SBS has confirmed to Joy News24 that Strong Heart is indeed making a return.


We are preparing a new version of Strong Heart. Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi will be appearing in it.



KHD dropped out in 2011 not 2010.


It's safe to say YoonA is not going to get invited lol. 

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