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Son Ye-Jin 손예진


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@welh11 yea I was surprised they mentioned Cross on her page. The site was having server crash a lot. So I haven't really taking a look again. I just noticed the typo of thriller genre though. I really hope they fix it.


Otherwise her headshots from Korean Actors 200






Son Ye Jin will also be on the cover of Glass Magazine's  China edition


Original Source:



London’s Glass Magazine Launches Chinese Edition

The launch issue of Glass China features Chinese actress Yao Chen, model Lina Zhang, and South Korean actress Son Ye-jin on the cover.



Yahoo Finance took from WWD:


Tianwei Zhang
Mon, March 15, 2021, 10:01 PM·2 min read

LONDON — London’s fashion quarterly Glass Magazine is launching a Chinese edition under a licensing partnership with Nifumodeng, a Beijing-based media company founded by Ciga Long and Liu Ke.


The magazine has tapped Kaioi Chu from Harper’s Bazaar China as executive editor in chief to lead the editorial operation. Long and Ke will oversee the editorial direction, and look for new media partnership opportunities. Nifumodeng also operates a local magazine called Neuf Mode.



Positioned to attract China’s intelligent and stylish women age between 25 to 40, the launch issue of the bimonthly Glass China, titled “Incredible Women,” features Chinese actress Yao Chen, who first appeared on the cover of Glass in 2011 when she first rose to fame as the most followed actress on Weibo; model Lina Zhang; and South Korean actress Son Ye-jin on the cover.


Highlights from the launch issue also include a designer profile of the Shanghai-based fashion label Shushu/Tong and a conversation with China’s visionary fashion stylist Lucia Liu.


While the first issue puts a heavy focus on the local industry, Chu said the magazine will approach its content from a global point of view for future issues and will launch its men’s offering, Glass Men, when the timing is right.


With almost 1 million followers on Instagram, Glass Magazine was founded by Nicola Kavanagh, Ben Slater and Tet Yap in 2009 as a platform where “stunning imagery could sit alongside intelligent content and enlightening social commentary.”


The publication stood from the competition at the beginning by consistently highlighting Asian actors and advocates in the Western media landscape. It later branched out to broader topics, and positioned itself as “a simple, honest, thought-provoking journal of curated modern culture, focusing on sustainable luxury.”



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It looks like they fixed some of the typos and issues on yejin's page now but the last I checked earlier today they spelled Crash wrong. Not sure why her page/write up had more issues than others. I am not sure if the site is fully working/running yet. Since there are some pages that arent working for me now and they were before. 

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@ElectricHearts The concept is noble, its execution is clumsy. I also think it was rushed to completion just a few weeks ago.


The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) is a state-supported, self-administered organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST)

It aims to promote and support Korean films both in Korea and abroad. Its primary objective is to promote and support the production of Korean films through funding, research, education and training. It also strives to further develop international markets for Korean films and to promote inter-cultural understanding through film-based cultural exchanges.
It also seems this new project is different than its past role as it focuses on individual actors and not Korean films or its film making capacity for foreign production companies.  In recent years, major studio/agencies have made connections with new content distributors like Netflix and Apple to globally sell Korean films and dramas. Netflix announced it is going to spend hundreds of millions of US Dollars in 2021 on original Korean content for its platform. I really don't think cold calling industry executives with a "yearbook" of 200 Korean actors is going to make a huge impact in directly getting them foreign film works.
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@welh11 yea I think it was rush in the end. They pushed from March 5 to March 15 site opening but I am not sure if they had been completed on time. Also before March 15 Korean time, a weibo account decided to "leak" who  was part of Korean Actors 200 a day ahead - it may have been correct in the end. I think their website got hacked or the person looked through their html codes as I am not sure how they figured out the information of who was even part of Korean 200 Actors before KOFIC announced themselves or more of kmedia. An account on twitter even posted shots of the website before it was up and knew who the first 20 actors would be that were going to be up. So sadly, they had a lot to go through I think. Due to weibo leak, the people working behind the scenes also had to remove and get rid of stuff.  Everyone who had noticed from weibo then posted about their actor online or people had figured out their pages of their actors in advanced. So people were even posting screenshots of what was on the page before they were even completed those pages too. I am not sure the exact details. However, since I use to work websites before, I knew the countdown clock was a placeholder page. They used it for the main site as they were working behind the scenes on the site. So I feel bad regardless as even from their initial press release in January you could tell it was a lot of work and they put a lot of time to get everything up. They didn't really want much of the actors to be revealed in advance or they would have shared the full 200 list ahead of time before the website release. However, they are posting 20 actors every week. It is just the moving trailers and show reels are not up yet. Apparently they had a moving reel for Ryu Seung Ryung before (i didn't look) - someone mentioned it to me and this was before their website was live. Korean Actors 200 is eventually suppose to have printed copies which they are going to send to international film circuit. 


Uhm Ji Won had also done a vlog in January on more details on her Korean 200 Actors photoshoot. . It was quite informative but they have been using that same wall for Cinema Today PDF last month. Just a more actors were shown on it. Only the YTN footage which mentions other actors gave more footage the day before but it was from the same wall.


This is cute. Son Ye Jin pic in episode 479 of Running Man from over 2 years ago




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As I said in the other thread, I wish they or SYJ, whoever made the picks, had also included a photo of her with her signature eye smile in the black and white photo series.  I think that is a very charismatic look of hers.  Think it would have been a great addition and contrast to the more soulful look she's going for here.  The smiling look in the video is still a bit restrained for me and doesn't show the full power and charm of her eye smiles imo.  The film clips chosen are fine.  The Incredibly Vigorous at the end was a bit strange lol.  


I wonder if they are rushing to release it in time for award season in Hollywood and capitalise on the interest in Minari etc.  In that case, an earlier start to properly prepare would have been advised.  Hope they proof read everything carefully!  Since most things are going to be virtual anyway, I hope they take the time to get it right.  Still, it's nice to see SYJ included in the first batch.  Interest might wane after a while if there are 200 actors to go through.  Hopefully more global industry people will know her through CLOY or her other works or this publicity.  


P.S. So I watched a few more of these videos and it seems like everyone is either Incredibly Vigorous or Extremely Exquisite lol.  SYJ's video is one of the better made ones imo, with scenes getting time to breathe.  I noticed some other actors had TV drama clips included as well, perhaps they had a shorter filmography or wanted to showcase their big drama hits.  CLOY would be one of the biggest hits internationally for SYJ and her most recent work.  Not sure if the choice was made to focus purely on her extensive film career, or they ran out of time to squeeze in one more work and fit in CLOY. 


If there was one scene from CLOY you would pick to be included in her highlight reel, what would it be? For me, it would probably be one of her crying scenes.  Or a comedic scene that could translate without dialogue.

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@Seriya another article that may answer some of your questions. It is part of the book that is being sent to international film circuit. I am sure the choices of which headshots to use was also chosen by SYJ and her team. They all took many photoshoots that day. Uhm Ji Won even had a personal photoshoot with her dog during Korean Actors 200. It is in her vlog on her Korean Actors 200 photoshoot.




The Korea Film Council has released a special web page for KOREAN ACTORS 200 that introduces 200 actors representing the present and future of Korean films to the global film industry.

200 Korean actors selected in consideration of whether to appear in Korean films, win film festivals, contribution to independent films, and participation in global projects over the past decade will be released every week through KoBiz, Kofic's overseas Korean film platform.

Actor Yoon Yeo-jung, who is considered a leading Academy nominee for his role in the winning film "Minari" in Week 1, Han Ye-ri, who won the 2021 Goldlist Best Actress Award for another lead role in "Minari," Ra Mi-ran and Yoo Tae-oh, who won Best New Actor at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Festival, will be released in late March.

Lee Jung-eun, the actor of Parasite, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Ha-nui, and Oh Jung-se, who rose to the top of the list through Extreme Job, Song Joong-ki of Space Sweepers, who released Netflix, and Lee Je-hoon, who showed his ability to digest all genres.

In addition, Lee Byung-hun, Ryu Seung-ryong, Moon So-ri, Son Ye-jin and So Ji Sub, who are at the center of the Korean film industry, were also unveiled in the first week.

On the KOREAN ACTORS 200 online special web page, you can check out detailed introductions of each actor, photos of the characteristics of the actor, and filmography videos of each actor. Every Monday, the exclusive images of 200 Korean film representatives will be released sequentially through the webpage.

Two photographers representing Korea, Kim Joong-man and Ahn Sung-jin, were in charge of filming characters that will delicately reveal the actor's personality. The ACTOR IS PRESENT, a book containing photos taken with their heart and soul, will be published in April and delivered to film officials around the world.



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The GLASS cover photograph is her best portrait in the past year. Nice profile.

My preference would have been having the art director make a tight, spring flower crown

instead of a messy look.

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Son Ye Jin on cover of Glass China Issue 1


She's also wearing Valentino in some of the photoshoots









Before the shooting, we met Son Yejin at her home in Seoul first where she’s been spending a lot of time recently. Talking about staying in, she’s quite content. “Happiness is to find one’s value and take efforts to realize it.” That’s what she’s been trying to do during this difficult time. At the end of the interview, Son Yejin asked us to foreword her blessing:

Wish everyone a good health.


















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Son Ye Jin updates!!








Lee Min Jung left a funny comment again. You need to repot your head/your head needs repotting lol..





One of the many articles lol


Lee Min Jung Savagely Jokes About The Flowers On Son Ye Jin’s Head In A Recent Post




She also updated on Glass China on her Red account and included music :) 








Some nice words from Glass China Executive Director





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On 3/14/2021 at 11:16 AM, Seriya said:

Haven't been able to find TAOS but I just finished watching Spellbound.  Hmm it actually wasn't as all out comedic as I expected, kind of melancholic in parts actually and then turned melo as well.  Even though I thought White Night didn't work well on a number of levels, I thought it was overall more interesting than Spellbound which was kind of meh for me. 


I was disappointed with Spellbound, because I think it's the rare movie that SYJ didn't have chemistry with the lead actor, and it's not SYJ's fault. The lead actor was just so wooden and stiff. It didn't do anything for me. Contrast that to WN and TN, in which SYJ didn't have a lot of actual screen time with her co-leads, but was still able to generate a lot of chemistry. 


I always say that because SYJ's acting talent is just on a different level, she can easily act circles around those who are inferior to her, and it's not like she's doing it intentionally. She's just that good. I felt that way watching Spellbound, and I also felt that way watching SITR. Sorry to JHI fans, but SYJ just acted circles around him in that series. 

On 3/6/2021 at 12:09 PM, SonBender said:

CLOY is well-written, so the funny parts--of which there are many--are truly funny. But it also has its share of violence, crime and heartache.


For me, the darkest elements of the series were the issues with mental health. It's more pronounced on YSR's side, but even RJH was dealing with it. They just dealt with depression a different way. RJH's reaction to depression (due to his brother's death) was to isolate himself from everyone, while YSR's reaction was more visceral - she attempted suicide. That's some dark stuff right there. I've always thought that bridge scene didn't make sense because when RJH asked YSR to take a picture of him and Seo Dan, they walked so far away from where they eventually took the picture. And I was like "Man, if I have to walk so far away to take a freaking stranger's picture, I would have said no. You're asking me a favor, and then asking me to go a long way away from where I was at????" But someone pointed out that it seemed RJH read the situation perfectly, and it was his way to divert YSR away from her suicidal thoughts, and eventually, her attempted suicide.


On 3/17/2021 at 10:50 AM, Seriya said:

If there was one scene from CLOY you would pick to be included in her highlight reel, what would it be? For me, it would probably be one of her crying scenes.  Or a comedic scene that could translate without dialogue



My favorite dramatic scene of hers was their reunion at the border. Her cry while running towards RJH was so guttural, you could tell it was all YSR in that moment and SYJ was totally gone. Just a masterclass in acting. 


(I am still bitter that Baeksang basically overlooked her work in CLOY because CLOY dealt with SK-NK issues and that her role wasn't 100% dramatic :rolleyes: )


My favorite comedic scene was when she was dressing up RJH and the store lady was flirting with him. She basically marked her territory while subtly pushing the lady away. And when the lady commented "I didn't know you were just dating, I thought you were already married!" - that facial expression of hers was something to behold. 


A close second was when her first attempt to escape NK got thwarted, and she was arguing with RJH at the dock. She was arguing that the kiss at the boat meant nothing to her, but was so insulted when it was RJH's turn to downplay it. 

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On 3/4/2021 at 9:13 AM, SonBender said:

White Night must have been a difficult role for Yejin. I had to watch it twice to figure out all the characters. And I still don't feel like I have a 100% understanding of the details. I heard a Korean say that the English subs sometimes do not capture the subtle nuances of a conversation. It certainly is a dark movie, although I thought Blood and Ties and The Truth Beneath were easier to follow in that genre.


While WN was also dark for me, I had an easier time following it than The Truth Beneath, because honestly, the latter was so furiously edited, and there were times I cannot follow the story anymore. WN had its own timeline issues (sometimes it was hard to follow whether they were in present time, or they were in the 15 years ago timeline), but the scenes had better flow because it wasn't as edited as TTB.


TTB was some pyscho stuff, but WN was another mindf*ck in a different level. SYJ's character asked GS to sexually assault her future stepdaughter, then later on comes in her room, naked and forcibly holds her, telling the teenager that when she remembers the attempted sexual assault, that she would also remember SYJ comforting her with her own naked body!!


WN gets talked a lot because of her sex scenes, but that scene above involved nudity with NO sex and it was the most disturbing part of the movie.

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EVENT: Tweak my oppa! COMPETITION - Win prizes! :love:


Now you have a chance to show us your photo editing skills and promote your oppa or favorite drama!

Tweak a picture of your oppa, a drama poster and/or a picture we Event Organizers have picked out for you.


You don't have to be a master of photoshopping in order to participate. There are lots of free SW and apps available to edit pictures, even on your phone. So don't be shy! :kiss_wink:

We have great prizes for the winners! :partyblob:


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl

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Son Ye-jin, the face of Valentino.Global Campaign













Actor Son Ye-jin was selected as Valentino's Divas and her global advertising campaign was unveiled on the 22nd.

This season, Piel Paolo Picholi is starting a new "DI."The VAs) campaign is an ideal and challenge that Valentino seeks. It includes accepting free self-expression in order to acknowledge differences and pursue truth, and an intellectual attitude that is romantic and empathic. The Divas campaign, which will be Valentino's inspiration and word, will be presented through each persona.

In this advertisement, Son Ye-jin drew attention by completing a global campaign with an elegant beauty and atmosphere in a place reminiscent of Itaewon's streets, as well as eyes full of charm. Son Ye-jin showed off the standard of luxury look, highlighting her bag and ballerina shoes with Roman stud details.

The global campaign will emphasize local values in Asia and implement Maison's values to become a true cultural ambassador and spread Valentino's values, which will be used for marketing in a variety of ways from March on and off-line.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin is busy with domestic and international advertising projects and is struggling to select her next film regardless of drama or film.











updated more added









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On 3/19/2021 at 9:07 PM, slowpoked said:

And I was like "Man, if I have to walk so far away to take a freaking stranger's picture, I would have said no. You're asking me a favor, and then asking me to go a long way away from where I was at????" But someone pointed out that it seemed RJH read the situation perfectly, and it was his way to divert YSR away from her suicidal thoughts, and eventually, her attempted suicide.

I've watched CLOY twice and my thoughts on the bridge scene are that RJH immediately knew she was contemplating suicide. The drama brings out that fate had connected them with each other. So he asked her to take the picture, knowing that her sense of propriety would cause her to agree, and then walked off the bridge. Many times when someone is contemplating suicide the goal is to get them somewhere else thinking about something else for a few minutes. In this case it worked, and allowed their meeting years later.


I found CLOY interesting and entertaining so it would be hard to choose certain scenes as "the best." Some good ones are when she left him standing on the land mine, when she complemented the other soldiers and ignored him, when he came to her rescue on the motorcycle, when she returned to her family in SK, when she met him at the border. I also liked several of the scenes with Seo Dan. So many great scenes--and it fits together so well.

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SMART Behind The Scenes - from her agency youtube






They posted on a lot of magazine accounts about SYJ and Valentino. It's same message. templae. Here is one post:


#Advertising Maison Valentino has unveiled a global ad campaign with actress Son Ye-jin! As a representative of Korea, Son Ye-jin, along with Guan Xiatong in China and Kōki in Japan, will be selected as a model for this campaign, emphasizing local values and realizing Maison's values to spread the brand's value as a true cultural ambassador. In this campaign, which is an ideal and challenge pursued by Valentino, we offer an attitude of freely accepting self-expression and an intellectual attitude that is romantic and empathic in order to acknowledge differences and pursue the truth. Meet the Divas campaign now, which will be Valentino's inspiration and word.




From Valentino account:





#ValentinoDiVas: a magnetic collection of personalities and stories, featuring Son Ye-Jin (@yejinhand).

Dressed in a bright pink look and under the lights of Seoul, the actress is the latest Valentino DiVa, photographed here for a new chapter of #ValentinoCollezioneMilano


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Son Ye Jin updated her RED account with Valentino




Valentino's Twitter post and they also put SYJ pics as their Twitter header






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