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  1. These "issues" are mainly based on CLOY. The marriage rumors are because certain fans are imagining a real life romantic relationship between SYJ and Hyun Bin, to the point where they are producing videos saying they are already married and other baseless gossip. The only story about pregnancy I've heard is that some fans thought that because of the ending of CLOY, the Yoon Se-ri character might have been pregnant. The director said that was nonsense. I'm sure if SYJ decides to enter a long term relationship, it will be announced by her agency and herself.
  2. Hi Seriya, Like you, at New Year I had never hear of SYJ. She was amazing in CLOY and thanks to the lockdown I'vewatched all her movies and dramas except for Sunhee and Jinhee for which I'm still looking for eng subs. Of her 21 movies, 2 are voice only which leaves 19. My favorites: The Classic A Moment to Remember Be With You The Negotiation The Truth Beneath I do not watch drama series, but for Yejin I did. My favorites: Crash Landing on You Shark Summer Scent Some thoughts on what I'd like to see her in next. I prefer movies, so I hope she does not get bogged down in doing CLOY season 2, CLOY season 3, etc. until she retires from acting However, with theaters closed due to the lockdowns, TV drama might be the only option for now. I'm not sure about that Hollywood move called the Cross. It seems to have had some false starts. The premise seems interesting. One reason I started watching CLOY was because of the culture and restrictions of a cross-border relationship. I think her English is improving so hopefully by the time of filming she'll have it mastered. Let's hope she doesn't get stuck in Hollywood, though. I think she does well in period acting such as Chi Hwa Seon (minor role), Daemang (about 3/4 of the series and dresses as a male trader), The Last Princess and The Pirates. So if she is going to do another period series it will be worth watching. I would like to see Yejin in something other than a pure romantic drama. CLOY was interesting because it had the romance, but there was also culture clash, politics, danger, business, comedy, gangsters, death, family strife and more. She has a large range of acting ability, and I'd like to see films use those abilities.
  3. The theatrical cut of AMTR is 117 minutes and the director's cut is 144, so nearly 30 minutes. I did not feel like there were any added scenes which added new material. Some of the scenes were longer. For example, the director's cut seemed to spend more time on the house that Chul-soo is building on the hill with his workers. There is also more time spent at the train station at the very beginning where they both appear talking with the homeless guy. If I were to recommend one or the other, it would be the theatrical cut. It seems to flow better and provide a more interesting focus in the first half.
  4. I just watched AMTR again, which is in my top five Yejin films. This time I watched the director's cut which is longer at 2:24. It feels different than the cinema version although the overall story is the same. Regardless, AMTR shows Yejin's ability to make a character come to life. Great acting by her costar Jung Woo-sung made for a great, albeit sad, story.
  5. I didn't know that either, although I just became a fan of Yejin this year. I've watched The Classic twice and it is great how easily she switches from the past to the present. She does it so well you forget that it is the same person playing both roles.
  6. YT is stuck at 289,934 views. I've seen it go up, and then it comes back down again. Nice CF, and I can see Ye-Jin has been working on her English.
  7. I first heard of SYJ this year while watching CLOY, and have since watched all 21 of her movies. She is a voice actor in two of the films. Crazy First Love seems weird to me, and I would put it as one of my least favorite SYJ films. It is difficult to figure out the overall story and character logic, which is why I watched it twice. Even the romance part of the film seems one-sided and unnatural. Regarding misogyny, this film probably requires knowing Korean cultural values. The main thing though is that this story is told from the boy's viewpoint of his first and only love. SYJ's character Il-mae only appears in scenes related to the boy's story. Even in one scene where she is alone with her father, it is to explain to her father how she feels about the boy. SYJ is more of a supporting character for the story than a main character, although she is, of course, the "first love." I watched this movie mainly because I was determined to watch and understand every SYJ movie. Otherwise, I can't recommend this movie. I like the play on "Seri's Choice." I use Smart when in the Philippines and retain my number, but don't have a Signature plan. I wonder what they'll say or do on August 3?
  8. I assume "Crazy Romance" is the same as "Crazy First Love." The movie is a little hard to understand. It starts as a comedy fantasy but is like a romance tragedy at the end. Probably helps to know Korean language and culture, and I don't. I've seen it twice and I'll give you my understanding of the ending.
  9. Glad the forum is online again. Sometimes forum crashes cause a lot of loss. I watched Lover's Concerto again.
  10. Totally agree with "discovering a great actress." She makes characters believable and scenes come alive. At least that discovery is a positive for 2020. Although my interest is in her professional work, it seems from the comments of others that she is a kind-hearted person in real life.
  11. The tension+ between SYJ and and KNG was strong to the last episode. SYJ said that she would follow him to hell if she could meet the real Yi Soo again, and she did. I felt that the ending was the only way it could be due to Yi Soo's feeling for sharks at the very beginning and that they could not stop swimming, plus his other statements on the video that SYJ made of him in high school. I also liked the dark mystery as the truth was gradually revealed. Then there was the tension of how to reveal the truth without destroying the lives of loved ones such as Yi Soo's little sister. I also liked the danger from criminals and the secondary love interests. SYJ (HaeWoo) never stopped loving her husband, but her insatiable quest for truth forced her to walk down that dangerous path with Yi Soo.
  12. Thanks for this thread on SYJ. I've lurked for a few weeks, but decided to sign up. I had never heard of SYJ until this year 2020, although I had been aware of a few of the Kpop groups for the past ten years. Crash Landing on You kept popping up on Netflix. I really don't like drama because I lose interest somewhere in the middle. Because of the intense lock down where I live, one fateful day I clicked on CLOY, primarily because the interaction between North and South Korea has always interested me. The story was fascinating and I watched an episode every day until the end. My respect for SYJ's acting grew tremendously. She is the reason I was able to make it through. How can anyone express so many emotions so easily through eye and facial expressions? I went on an SYJ binge and have now watched all 21 movies and 9 dramas (including the cameo in Secret Garden). Besides CLOY I liked The Classic, A Moment to Remember, Shark and Be With You. The copy of Daemang I watched was poor quality with some of the 60 episodes missing. So, I have one left: Sun-hee & Jin-hee. Anyone know where I might find that with eng subs?
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