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  1. I love this show It will be exciting if she is a guest or joins cooking with Oh Yoona Ah in a Fun Staurant I really enjoy watching her variety show in master in the house I hope she has time to join the variety show again.
  2. its a little sad her "the truth beneath" not included the Baeksang 52nd nominate, but its paying at another award, I am happy for her
  3. I hope they dont leave negative comments on his sns or sosial media that makes them uncomfortable friendship. If some people annoying about this, what will they do if BINJIN does another romance movie or drama with another actors/actress? BINJIN like us has a personal life. As a fan, we pray they have a stronger feeling for each other and not control their lives
  4. she could not go abroad to traveling cause this pandemic, so am glad to see that she really enjoy chatting with her besti. sosial distance rules make we could not see she and c7 take photo together, maybe next times we could see that she with another c7 members. oh Yoon-ah have a new house, perhaps we could see SYJ take photo with another Yoon (Oh Yoon ah and Song Min, her son)
  5. thank you @bin-jin The movie does not release yet but Cannes 2021 invited them...wow I think the movie will be great I curious about HB and HJM persona in their movie, HJM always make me surprise
  6. Look at the hairstyle of the jewel CF different from Ecovacs CF. I think the jewels CF did in the early year. Its cool I did hope the point men movie release before the BAA 2021 and HB was nominated for the best actor (movie), but it didn't happen. So I hope it will be at BAA 2022.
  7. if SYJ accept this role maybe the script about daily/problematic of women but I don't know about screenwriter cause not yet watching "encounter". I read the Nothing but Thirty summary, i was going to try watching it but it didn't work because the episodes were too long
  8. LMJ has a variety show or be guest? what is the name? wooow... it will be nice if see SYJ video at this event I never saw this paragliding photo before, lovely and lively i really like it, lovely and lively
  9. I am happy to see the Cinderella 7 relationship, I saw Lee Jung Hyun and Oh Yoon Ah skill in Fun Restaurant, so I excited to hear when they were cooking together. I only wish to see a video of them together while cooking. May I dream?
  10. Maybe some people really enjoy April Mop, but I think we have to think about the consequences. I am pretty sure that if the real BINJIN supporters, it will certainly not embarrass them with the news that we spread without a clear source. We only give support and prayers that their love will be stronger day by day. "have nice day"
  11. i didn't notice yes its disgraceful if she/he came here to do this. if the antis are bashing her one time, then I will pray for her happiness ten times. I like Yejin voted "I will not care too much about how others look at me, I think we should realize your own value, find out what you really feel happy about and try to achieve it" (SON YEJIN, 2021).
  12. its nice does HB make a difference in his role at CA2? its interesting But I am curious about his character in The Bargaining, he will be the iron man? anyone knows when it releases?
  13. Its mean they both at one fans meeting stage? wooow that's bold FOR ME, its ok if there's only HB/SYJ at fans meeting CAUSE I would like see them together in the aisle and tell the vow to each other. A hoping dream come true, lets praying
  14. I glad that she keeps greeting her fans Stay healthy and happy for Son Yejin Are there interviews in every CFs?
  15. Woow...she has a lot of CF She is smart, she could express many faces depending on the CF theme. Do you feel she has Yoon Seri persona in Valentino's CF? Does Valentino DiVa mean brand ambasador?
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