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  1. some many her interviews in the past recently come up and I really like it. Always wish for her happiness
  2. They make my day blossom. All I can do to support them now (besides praying they always love each other) watching their CF or project from the right source. If I miss them, I repeated them in that source every time.
  3. Maybe its too late, but I really like these quotes
  4. I'am with you. Before they announce they're in a relationship, we believe with hope and pray their romantic feeling stronger day by day. Now we all know that HB and SYJ are in a relationship. They want us to give them warm supports. Starting is easier than taking cake of the relationship. So, all we can do is praying them, they have stronger feelings year after year, and even when storms coming, they face up together.
  5. I think SYJ known that she gains more fans after SITR and CLOY Drama, especially I-fans. The Kdrama can air in real-time overworlds, than the Kmovie, in some country have many month delays to watch it, and it makes the difference euphoria or famous/popular. Honesty, I like Kmovie more than Kdrama, because watch Kdrama has many efforts (times and feelings) . That why I like SYJ because she has many genres (Chungmuro), and I am satisfied she had done a thriller and action movie. For me, the truth beneath or the pirates are masterpieces. If now she takes time to relax, for me, it
  6. maybe HB sing this song to Yejin ssi, for me, when he at the APAN awards, he looked like he at Media Presscond TN on September 10, 2018, or TN era He makes me envy, his body is slimmer than at the KPCA award. What kind of exercise he did? Golf, swim, gym, or Pilates together? Mr. and Mrs. Kim, stay healthy, please
  7. I am glad he noted Yejinssi name, not only Yoon seri
  8. Look at her laugh and smile eyes always bring me happiness, make me smile like an idiot. for Yejin shi, I Always wish you joy and happiness in your life
  9. The expectation to see this couple in live is overwhelmed, so I hope we really value their privacy and support it. For me, if they won't come it doesn't matter, they are already an official couple, I just want and hope them both to get many awards because of the hard work they have put in during Cloy. But if just one attends the awards, I hope is Hyun Bin, I really one see HB than seeing Yejin. Why? Because I see Hyun Bin in his CF's always looks younger and thinner, while at KCPA awards, his face looks mature with a muscular body. So I'm really curious about what his face and bo
  10. I hope so, She had done 30 projects a year (spoken during the Master in the house program) in the past. Maybe now she will not take more than 1 movie or drama projects this year, not because of a personal relationship but because this pandemic makes her have to keep the body from fatigue. She ever takes to the hospital when cloy shooting, right?
  11. I am happy that SYJ's birthday and their love story received a positive response from Korean and international fans. Even the media keeps on reporting on them. Only a few Korean couples that I know do another couple get big attention from K-Media, like this? I hope that the news provide does not damage Binjin's privacy and does not burden them, especially for Yejin, because this is the first time she has open a personal relationship. I hope after they open a relationship, their more need each other more and stronger. All the good premonition about them make come true. For the APAN Award
  12. Happy Birthday, Son Eon-jin. I wish and pray the years ahead be filled with love and joy. I hope and pray you and your loved ones (Kim Tae-pyung) grow stronger love every passing year
  13. Happy birthday Son Eon-jin, I wish and pray a boatload of big dreams coming true and the years ahead be filled with love and joy
  14. For me, it's ok no dating picture. They confirm they're dating now and it's enough. I am curious HB fans reacted on HB the dating news, especially Sasaeng fans? I heard about Sasaeng fans at another IDOL, which makes me scared. I hope they don't ruin the couple daily. I wish HB-SYJ take care of each other at all costs. agree with you, knowing At the BA they are couple, that makes me happy. In a relationship we have to go to the future, and I hope and pray their relationship stronger day by day. for me at BA they are couple
  15. @ElectricHearts thank you for video but the full video unavailable. I love that there were many SYJ interviews in the old days now there are English sub. Pandemic make unpredictable way. I am pretty sure she has another plan.
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