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Son Ye-Jin 손예진 [Drama “Thirty-Nine” (JTBC/NETFLIX)]


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After two years of marriage... again... 'Hyun Bin ♥' Son Ye-jin, a pure white goddess who is 'moving' around the world 






Actress Son Ye-jin caught everyone's attention by showing off her second wedding dress after marriage. 

On the 2nd, Son Ye-jin uploaded a recent photo of herself with the message, "I took a photo of beautiful sparkling jewelry today. Have a night that shines like a jewel." 

In her published photos, Son Ye-jin is wearing a pure white wedding dress and showing off her breathtaking beauty. Son Ye-jin's neat and lovely visuals, smiling brightly as she looks at the camera, arouse admiration for her. 




When Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin in March 2022, she attracted attention every day with her unique wedding dress. From immediately after the release of her pre-wedding photo shoot to the main wedding photo, all of the multiple wedding dresses worn by Son Ye-jin attracted the attention of fans around the world, demonstrating her extraordinary popularity. 

Son Ye-jin, who wore a wedding dress about two years after her wedding, showed off her unchanged body and aura. Even without her fancy lighting or stage set, Son Ye-jin's beautiful and elegant beauty, shining on her own, stood out. 



Netizens are responding with comments such as “She has the most beautiful wedding dress in the world,” “Why is she becoming more and more beautiful?”, “She exceeds the limit of prettyness,” and “I love her smile.” 

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, whom she met through the 2018 movie 'Negotiation', appeared in the 2020 drama 'Crash Landing on You' and developed into her official lover. The two, who married in March 2022, welcomed their son in November of that year. 



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[Pop-up Movie] Park Chan-wook's new work 'Axe' begins in August... Lee Byung-hun





Director Park Chan-wook's new film 'Axe' has begun auditions. 

Director Park Chan-wook's new film 'Axe' has started recruiting auditions with the goal of starting in August. 

'Axe' is based on Donald Westlake's novel 'Axe', and director Park Chan-wook attempted to film the work in Hollywood in 2017, but the production was canceled. 

Previously, in 2005, Spanish director Costa Gavras made a film titled 'Axe: A Dangerous Guide to Employment', and director Park Chan-wook plans to remake it. 

In particular, director Park Chan-wook expressed his determination in an open talk at the Busan International Film Festival with director Costa Gavras in 2019, saying, "This is my life's project," and "I definitely want to make it someday and make it my representative work." 

'Axe' tells the story of a middle-class man who becomes insanely obsessed with his coveted boss, loses his job, and kills potential competitors in various ways while failing to find a new job. 

Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin were cast as the male and female leads. 

Lee Byung-hun worked with director Park Chan-wook on 'Joint Security Area JSA', which was released in 2000, and this marks their first collaboration in about 20 years. 

In the case of Son Ye-jin, this will be her first time working with director Park Chan-wook. In particular, interest is being drawn because Son Ye-jin, who married actor Hyun Bin after the JTBC drama 'Thirty, Nine', which ended in March 2022, and has devoted herself to raising her child after giving birth, is returning to her main job. 

Anticipation is rising as director Park Chan-wook is working on his life's project in collaboration with Korea's best actors Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin.




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[INFO📝]<Тhe Ax> 도끼

Audition Plan & Schedule 

 Genre : Thriller 
 Production Company : Moho Film (Park Chan-wook’s own film production company) 
 Director: Park Chan-wook
▣ Starring: Lee Byunghun, Son Yejin

▣ Crank In : Mid August 2024

** waiting for confirmation from Son Yejin.











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“My life now revolves around my child & my home. I'm in a happy place” ~ Son Yejin





May 5th is Children's Day (어린이날) in South Korea.


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[2014/04/18 | MBN NEWS] “Pocari Sweat advertisements which us considered ‘gateway to stardom’ for new actors and, in addition to actress Son Yejin, who is engraved in the public's perception of Pocari Sweat, many other stars have written the genealogy of the brand’s model history and made their mark. we plan to continue.”








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"The Pocari Sweat model that remains in the memory of the publics as well as me is actress son yejin. in fact, the sales in 2001, when Son Yejin was hired as the model, broke the highest record sales since the release of pocari sweat in 1987." 







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 [INFO📝]<Тhe Ax> 도끼

Rumored cast: Son Yejin, Lee Byunghun, Lee Sungmin, Yeom Hyeran.
** waiting for confirmation from Son Yejin.






[Exclusive] Yeom Hye-ran, Director Park Chan-wook's new film...'Dream Team' with Son Ye-jin, Lee Byung-hun, and Lee Sung-min 





Actress Yeom Hye-ran meets director Park Chan-wook. 

According to OSEN's coverage on the 7th, Yeom Hye-ran recently received an offer to star in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is currently considering it. Accordingly, expectations are growing as Yeom Hye-ran is expected to join director Park Chan-wook's new film Dream Team. 

Director Park Chan-wook's new work has already garnered attention after the appearances of actors Son Ye-jin and Lee Byung-hun were announced. Because the copyright contract for the original work has not been completely finalized, even the title of the work has not been easily disclosed in the industry. However, it is raising expectations as it is a work known as a thriller that director Park Chan-wook has been attached to for a long time. 

In particular, the work attracted attention with the news that actors Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin appeared together. Both sides said they were ‘reviewing it.’ In addition, news of actor Lee Sung-min joining the cast was announced, heightening expectations. If Yeom Hye-ran also joins, a Korean film 'dream team' representing Chungmuro, from director to actor, will be formed. 

According to entertainment industry officials, Yeom Hye-ran was offered a significant lead female character by director Park Chan-wook. However, an official from her agency, Ace Factory, cautiously responded to OSEN, saying, "We are currently reviewing it." Previously, Yeom Hye-ran received favorable reviews for leaving a strong presence in Netflix original 'The Glory' and KBS 2TV drama 'When the Camellia Blooms'. Expectations are high whether she will show a similar performance in director Park Chan-wook's work.




[Exclusive] Lee Seong-min, the 'actor of 20 million people', joins the new work of 'master' Park Chan-wook... 'The Trust's Combination'





Actor Lee Sung-min is expected to join director Park Chan-wook's new film.According to Star News coverage on the 16th, Lee Sung-min has been offered a role in director Park Chan-wook's new film and is positively considering it. 

The new work is known to be based on the novel 'The Ax' written in 1997 by American novelist Donald Westlake. It tells the story of a middle-class man who, after losing his job overnight due to a company restructuring, becomes frustrated with reality and plans to kill other competitors in order to get re-employed. This new work is known to be a long-term project that director Park Chan-wook has been preparing for several years. Director Park Chan-wook attended an open talk event at the 24th Busan International Film Festival (2019 BIFF) in October 2019 and announced that it was "a life-long project." It was previously reported that actors Lee Byung-hun and Son Ye-jin also received offers to appear in this work.  Lee Sung-min has appeared in a number of movies and worked with many directors, but he has not yet had a working relationship with director Park Chan-wook. It is expected that movie fans' interest in the combination of a 'trustworthy' director and actor will increase.  

Lee Seong-min, who started his career as a theater actor in the 1980s, appeared in the movies 'Unfair Trade', 'The Attorney', 'The Wandering Blade', 'Kundo: The Age of Civil Rebellion', 'Big Match', 'The Guest', 'Robot, Sound', 'The Prosecutor's Abduction', and 'Sheriff'. Duke', 'Eyewitness', 'Namsan Managers', 'Remember', 'Confidential', drama 'Golden Time', 'Miss Korea', 'Incomplete Life', 'Memory', 'Money Game', 'Juvenile Trial', 'Criminal Record', 'The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family' In numerous works such as 'The Day of Misdiagnosis', he showed his presence with high-quality acting, regardless of whether he played a leading role. 

Recently, with the success of the movie 'Seoul Spring' in which he played the role of Chief of Staff Jeong Sang-ho, he once again earned the title of '10 million actor' following 'The Attorney'. He is scheduled to release the movie 'Handsome Guys' in collaboration with actor Lee Hee-jun this summer. 

Director Park Chan-wook is considered a world-renowned master who led the Korean film industry. Director Park Chan-wook, who debuted in 1992 with 'The Moon...A Dream the Sun Dreams', started with 'Joint Security Area', followed by 'Old Boy', 'Vengeance is Mine', 'Mr. Vengeance', 'The Bat', 'The Handmaiden', etc. He received great attention at home and abroad by presenting major works one after another. The film 'Decision to Break Up', released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his debut, achieved the feat of winning the Best Director Award at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. 

In addition, director Park Chan-wook was in charge of directing 'Sympathy', a 7-part series released on the US streaming service HBO Max on the 14th.





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Hyun Bin♥' Son Ye-jin, the happiest son's mother in front of food... Still the ‘lovely’ half-moon smile






Actress Son Ye-jin shared her peaceful daily life. 

On the 7th, Son Ye-jin posted a photo with the text “Great food with great company.” 

The released photo shows Son Ye-jin, who visited her restaurant, smiling brightly in front of her food. 

Son Ye-jin, who still boasts her innocence with her long straight hair, captures the attention of viewers by conveying her bright energy with her unique half-moon eye smile.


Son Ye-jin, who married Hyun Bin, an actor of the same age born in 1982, with whom she met through the movie 'Negotiation' and tvN's 'Crash Landing on You' in 2022, received many congratulations for the birth of her son in November of the same year. 

Since then, she has been communicating with netizens through SNS by sharing various aspects of her daily life, including news of her second wedding anniversary on March 31st. 

Recently, she met fans at a beauty brand event in Taiwan and shared her thoughts on how she changed after becoming a mother, saying, "I want to take on a role with strong maternal love because I can express my experience through acting." . 




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Hyun Bin ♥ Son Ye-jin, ‘good people and good food’ happy smile… “Creating additional pickled radish!”




Actress Son Ye-jin is attracting attention by posting several photos on her Instagram on the 7th with the caption, “Good people and good food.” 

On this day, Son Ye-jin wore a pearl tweed short-sleeved black dress, creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. 

She matched her simple earrings with a luxurious bracelet to complete her luxurious look, and her happy expression and lovely smile caught many people's attention.

This appearance of Son Ye-jin is an example of her recent active activity in the film industry. In particular, interest in her is increasing as news spread that she is positively considering appearing in a new project by famous director Park Chan-wook.






Public expectations are rising about what role Son Ye-jin will play in director Park Chan-wook's new film and how her acting transformation will unfold.

As photos of her daily life are released along with new news about Son Ye-jin, fans and the public are showing a lot of interest in the news of her new movie as well as her appearance that continues to shine even in her daily life.




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Past winners of Best New Actress for Film were shown on screen for the intro of the 2024 Baeksang Best New Fim Actress at 60th Baeksang Arts Awards held on June 7 at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. 

• 1987: Kim Hyesoo <Ggambo>
• 1990: Lee Miyeon <Happiness>
• 2003: Son Yejin <The Classic>
• 2012: Suzy <Architecture 101>
• 2016: Park Sodam <The Priests> 





Skip to 2:27 & 4:20 for Son Yejin.




















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