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Lee Da Il

(Here is what his fans said... :))






Daniel's actually coming back!!!


I still cant get used to see Choi Daniel without glasses.


#ChoiDaniel is back as a detective/private investigator with #KimWonHae as his side kick. A mix of thriller, suspense, horror, and sexiness from him♥️ i think this role really suits him!


Perfect smile


I’m loving him already 


I've already got thru first episode of the ghost detective and he already got me hooked!


I recently found out about the type of actor I like, which is tall, handsome, bearded and the most important is they steal my heart with their performance.


#ChoiDaniel is oozing with sexiness in his drama #TheGhostDetective His broad shoulders, hair style and his outfits. ON POINT.


So, I've watched the first 4 eps. I was impressed and of course, falling in love with #ChoiDaniel


I mean just look at his cheekbones




Choi daniel is so so sooo charming in this drama. I love to see him in the black shirt during the first few episodes before he changed to another outfit because he was more hotter in that outfit ? andddd in the last episode too where he wore a long coat with a turtle neck shirt inside ?


Daniel Choi is really hot in this series!!!


And did I mention Daniel Choi so handsome , I mean his transformation from Jugglers to this drama almost unrecognizable.


I'm amazed by how rich the emotions he acts at the ghost detective.



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Well... Being so busy these days but I can't miss my daily dose here for a long time! :) I wonder why he is so silent though... This is the perfect time for you to make another hit come back on K-dramaland boy!!! :D :heart: :wub: I miss you to the bits! Where are you..???! Please come back real soon for us! You know that we are desperately waiting for you!


And so glad to see dear @Heidi Seow chingu once in a while now here... :) And thanks a million for @triplem chingu for mentioning me on Daniel.. :mrgreen: :wub: Ha ha ha.... How come the whole world knows that I am totally mad for this handsome guy, anyway..??! Feeling so shy yet so lovely!! :D :) :heart: 


Sending hugs with Nam Chi Won style to you both lovelies here! In that case, I miss him more with eye-glasses now! No one rocks it like him.... Recalling sweet memories of Jugglers with him! :wub: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:




And for me, Lee Da Il style to fall in love... :D :wub: Gosh, you sexy beast! Ha ha ha.... Seriously, he is outstanding in any shade! 




And hope to see dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel friend soon here.... :) Ha ha ha... What style do you prefer, dear..?! Nam Chi Won style or Lee Da Il style..??! :D You already know mine is Lee Da Il style.... :wub:


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a new drama for choi daniel pls:wub: 

we miss him.

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