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  1. Hi!!! It's been so long since I came on Soompi!!! HELLOOO I've watched some clips of Big Man with Daniel and that's about it! Loved his acting and his emotions!! But sadly, I am not very into the first lead...:(
  2. awww thanks for tagging @gm4queen LOOKS SO REAL! Hello from France!
  3. I might not be that active here for the upcoming weeks as I would be overseas! But I would definitely pop in from time to time to see for any updates! Keep me posted guys! YES! He's definitely more himself during GD's interviews and press con! Miss his fun and active self! HAHAHA let's hope! HEHEHE it is this thin frame glasses again! He makes me want to change my own glasses to such thin framed ones!
  4. Yes! I am a fan of them too! Hello!! HAHA i see that your location is the City of Light? Are you from Paris?
  5. I want to see him in a new drama too!!! How is one movie enough for the year?! Really hope that he can do a drama during the summer/autumn period!
  6. Yes!! I love it when he smiles like that!! That subtle and shy smile! OMO SO CUTE!! WOW Dear! Love the colour scheme and the layout of it!!!
  7. Nice collection! Thanks dear! I was looking for a photo of him to put as my home-screen HEHEH
  8. @Pyar @gm4queen @parkeunbinchoidaniel @Lawyerh Does anyone have some HD photos of Daniel? I can't seem to find it anywhere! There are no wallpapers of him too!
  9. HAHAAH the turtle and turtle's head part was HILARIOUS! He's really like a young child at heart! SO CUTE
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