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  1. Don't think I should quote any posts here to prevent a long thread. But thank you for those who posts those little moments! Regarding the "manner hands" in the previous page, it is definitely true! I can say for sure that a normal guy friend or even guy 'close friend' for the matter would not put their hands on a lady's shoulder because it is actually considered quite sensitive and intimate! So according to the previous posts on HB putting resting his hand on SYJ's shoulder or shoulder blades, it is pretty clear that they are okay with this tiny skinship!! I also remembered him holding SYJ's elbow to prevent her from tripping in TN and again!! OBVIOUS SIGNS OF SKINSHIP that a normal guy who is not interested towards the other party would definitely not do!!! PEACE ✌ & LOVE ❤️
  2. Hello!! Been a huge fan of them since CLOY started airing but sadly I wasn't able to sign back into Soompi because I forgot my password oops.. Anyway would just like to de-lurk and share something I found on YouTube (Not really sure if this has been posted before!). Note that this was posted in January 2019!! I really love this concept!! What do you guys think? And I would also like to add that this lil' community is so beautiful (filled with many nice and considerate shippers! I LOVE YOU GUYSSS<3)