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  1. Hi!! I came here as soon as i read ur tweet reply under my acc omg u're so sweet . Thank u @gm4queenfor always be here n updated bout his radio show today im so glad to know his wherebout nowadays im glad he's taking care of himself well n being handsome as usual ofc! XD Seem like he's must be miss to work on a project soon but bc of covid19 n such, he's enjoying his homeboy hehe. So myb we are not gonna see Daniel sooner right? Awwh miss him lots. Let pray for good project will come to him soon! Sorry guys, its been long time since i visited here as i forget my pswd n i just retrieved it today hehe. Some friends here even mentioned me too, thank u so much! Its such a pleasure to meet Daniel fan here. Im sorry for my bad social engagement but i tagged everyone here as well to say hii hope uguys always stay healthy n happy whenever u are.
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