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  1. Woah. He is so tall. Im in love with his role in high kick 2. The chemistry beetwen CD ssi and Hwang jung eum so natural
  2. Wow. Thank you so muchh. Many many thank for letting me know about his interview :3 wish he come back with a new drama soon
  3. He look so fresh in those pics. Hâhha. I am in love with his smile in the second picture :))))
  4. I am so sorry. Yesterday i am quite busy so i can rely you comment. In 2010 when i saw him on High kick 2 i am truly in love with his role who has most beautiful smile i ever know <3 Can you show me how to insert pictures in this topic :((
  5. Yessss. I am a big fan of him since 2010. Please update a lot information about this guy, plzzzz
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